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Kanto North

Chapter 8: Escalation


"Knew this was going to happ--" the battered Thaddeus Grayquill gave a loud hacking cough before spitting out bloody saliva to join a few of his teeth on the metal floor of the dimly lit interrogation room, all five of the nidoking's limbs frost burned and pinned to the wall by thick layers of ice. Barely able to open one of his swollen eyes, he saw the blurred image of a much larger nidoking, all dressed up in his black and silver Executive's jacket. Thaddeus was a pitiful mess by this point: chest plates cracked, slowly oozing blood down his bare form and the floor below with his right ear missing entirely.

The other nidoking was just standing just under the shadowy light of the lamp on the ceiling, swishing his tail back and forth a bit. "It has been a good day, but I don't feel like dragging this out much longer."

"Really now? You're no--" he gave another wheezing cough, blinking his one usable eye, "Not going to give the send off you seem so fond of giving us Grayquills? Huh...not pretty enough for you?"

The beast shook his head. "No, Head Justice. I am not going to outright incriminate myself in such a painfully obvious way; your miserable carcass needs to be found in a few days. Also," the other nido licked at his bloodied claws, "What makes you think you're worthy enough to receive *me*, lowborn filth? We of house Bloodquill have a bit more taste than that whore mate of yours."

Thaddeus managed to give a leer attack in response to this, his swollen and bloodshot green eye flaring with a blue light. "Gideon, that insult is unforgivable."

To that, the other nido looked right into Thaddeus' glowing eye and flashed the him a wide-eyed grin. "It's true. Theodore isn't yours."

"I've always known that," he said, glow fading from his eye while the strength in his voice faltered, becoming a hoarse whisper. "Don't you think this will be investigated?"

The monster shrugged, his sensitive ears easily picking up the fading voice. "Nah...I made sure I have your replacement in my paws. You know that I was the one who planned the takeover of Kanto and Johto: taking things is what I do. Soon enough, I'll have your mate." With that, Gideon took a couple of paces back toward the dimly lit outline of the exit at the far wall.

Stopping, he raised two open paws parallel to each other. The room went dark, then bright, bulb flickering intermittently as a low buzzing filled the air around Gideon. Then, the nido closed his eyes as the room was filled with a blinding white light, a dazzling hyper beam crossing the room almost instantly to connect with the helpless Thaddeus.

Keeping his eyes shut, Gideon could hear a hoarse roar over the whoosh of displaced air and the crackle of the beam. Once the light faded, he slowly opened his eyes to spot a nearly unrecognizable mass crumpled down on the floor, ice restraints destroyed. Pacing over, he found some of the wall plating itself melted into glowing slag on the floor. He then heard his victim was still breathing, looking down at the now blinded Thaddeus. The maimed nido's purple hide was almost entirely charred with his bleeding chest cauterized, but still heaving hard as his one burned ear swiveled to where it heard Gideon.

Blinking a few times, Gideon then turned around and made his way back to the door. "I have to get ready to host some guests in a few days. Bye." Opening it, the large nido stepped out and passed a glance to a female rattata guard. "Get that dumped off at Mt. Silver tomorrow morning."


In the early morning a few days later, Edward was making his way down a hall almost identical to one from his own headquarters. Dressed up in his officer's coat, mustache and beard neatly groomed with several yellow envelopes folded under an arm, he arrived at a large pair of steel double doors to his left. Pushing them open, he stepped into a meeting room that also matched his own, with the exception of a large black tapestry covering the far wall, a capital R insignia woven into it, banded in gold.

Looking around, he found that the rest of the 13 member council of Rocket leaders were already here, sitting around the table with an additional mightyena male at the far end dressed up in a crimson business suit. Edward recalled that he was Team Magma's ambassador to them. The meeting was headed by a large nidoqueen, Grayquill herself, at the far end. The normally blue scales of her species had a gray tint to them. The first chair to the right of her was empty and to the left sat a female absol, followed by a row consisting of a tall rhydon male, a female raticate, a somewhat small male clefable, a female ninetales dressed a black judge gown of an Inquisitor and lastly a sharp-beaked female pidgeot.

Edward took his seat on the other side, passing by a very tall nidoking, his coat bearing a pair of metallic red roses on each side of its collar, followed by a female furret, a gaunt-looking weavile male and a pale-furred espeon male. Having looked everyone over, he placed his envelopes down on the table before pouring himself a glass of water from a pitcher. This was probably going to be a long one. He submitted his budget proposal last night to the nidoking. Hopefully, the patriarch of the second most powerful Rocket family would approve.

"Good," spoke the gray nidoqueen in a rather deep and crisp tone of voice, looking to Edward for a second. "Now that everyone is here, I'd like to begin this emergency summit with an outline of recent developments in the region of Sinnoh and the repercussions it may have for our organization and our allies to the south, who are represented here today by Ambassador Darius." She motioned with an open paw to the mightyena sitting across the table from her. "I would like to give thanks to Executive Bloodquill for hosting in his headquarters as well. Now, please begin," she nodded to the nidoking.

"Of course, Lady Grayquill," he tapped his papers against the table and cleared his throat before he began his prepared speech, "As you're all aware, our intelligence reports that the Galactic Organization has managed to subvert Sinnoh's governing body-- appearing to have closely followed the subtle model we used. Namely, bribery, coercion where needed and gradually replacing the highest echelons of the military with our members. It was a very long game as any one of us Executives could attest to." The large nidoking took a moment to breathe before he continued, "The oddity here is the Galactic Organization, or Team Galactic, is an upstart where our Team has a proud dynastic history stemming from house..." he chewed over his words a bit, finding them rather disgusting, "Grayquill centuries back." The nidoqueen matching the name gave him a warning stare.

"But there is no way this group is an upstart," said the nidoqueen calmly, "I'm certain they've been working at this for as long as we have. Another thing our spies have reported is they have rather grandiose goals to, in their words, 'make a better world'. Please continue, Executive Gideon."

"Yes, my Lady," he took another deep breath before he spoke, "We've known that this coup would happen-- having had infiltrators within the Galactic ranks for a few years now and it is what prompted the founding of the Northern Kanto Division, headed by the ever reliable Executive Edward. While understaffed and under supplied at the moment, I wholeheartedly, accept the budget extension he proposed last night if the Lady does." He smiled to the alakazam for a second.

"Thank you, Executive Bloodquill," replied Edward with a small bow of his head, "Your words are too kind-- I am merely fulfilling the need for Exec-level leadership at Kanto North."

"Not at all," the nidoking complimented, "You raised three of the future heads of the team and you are now holding one of the key places if we need to stop the Galactics from trying to 'make a better' us."

"I thank you again, fellow Executive," Edward replied while angling his muzzle down a bit, glasses reflecting pure white to onlookers in an attempt to obscure his eyes as they took a very faint blue light. Mind reading was a gambit for sure. If the nido felt static in his head, it would alert him. But would he keep silent if he did so, not wanting to risk offending Lady Grayquill by insulting her most trusted Executive? No. The glow faded but not before he earned a quick glance from the espeon sitting next to him.

"I'll have to read the proposal myself," said Lady Grayquill, "If Executive Bloodquill retains his approval of this by next meeting, I'll be very inclined to approve it as well."

The alakazam then sat through roughly an hour of the other Executives giving their dull status reports, until it wrapped around the table to arrive at the absol: Executive Yeva. "Everything is going fine in my intelligence branch," she said plainly, "Of course, you are all free to read what I've written up." Her head scythe glinted a bit as she looked Edward in his eyes, "It seems that I will have to be the one in the room to draw attention to something the new Head Justice glossed over."

The nidoqueen, having nearly finished the pitcher of water between her and Edward, spoke up, sounding a bit fatigued by this point. "And that would be?"

"Executive Edward is currently hosting an Inquisitor," dropped the absol in the same blunt tone. The alakazam didn't react at all to this being revealed.

However, the ninetales sharply turned her head to Yeva before anyone else got a chance to speak up. "It is a standard inspection," she said sharply, "My branch does not suspect Executive Edward or his subordinates of any unacceptable behaviors. And, for the record, it was an assignment given by the quite recently deceased Head Justice Thaddeus."

"I'm already aware of this," said Grayquill, the nidoqueen taking a hard tone while eying Yeva.

The absol shrugged. "I was just throwing out an important detail my fellow Executive decided to neglect."

"Omitting the unimportant," responded Grayquill before she scanned over the key points of her report for a second. "And as for my report-- everything within Central Command has been going smoothly and our approval rating with the common population of our regions is starting to become more solid. I'm sure you will all read my actual report." She took a sip from a water glass before finishing, "To close, I will now give the floor to the Team Magma Ambassador."

"Thank you, Lady Grayquill," said the red-clad mightyena male with a small bow of his head, "I am happy to say that our efforts against the opposing Aqua faction are at last showing results. Attacks on our interests and property have dropped significantly since we entered into an alliance with your organization. While many of my comrades
find some tactics utilized by a few of your representatives questionable-- I can guarantee you will have our full backing against the Galactics if need be."

The nidoking's ears swiveled at that last line from the mightyena. "Questionable tactics?" asked Bloodquill, his voice tinged with a bit of disdain.

"Yes, in particular the protests are for the agents that are under your command," replied Darius.

The few spines on Gideon's back not pressed down by his chair flicked up. "Do they want results, or are these protesting voices content to keep up their stalemated struggle with Team Aqua? That is by far a bloodier path in the long run."

The mightyena raised open paws, shaking his head a bit. "No, no. Like I was saying, because of your help, I guarantee you'll have our backing if these upstarts try to make a move on you."

"And that's what I need to know, Ambassador," said Bloodquill, cracking a small smile, "That you have our backs."

Grayquill glanced up to a clock above the door. "It has been a an hour and we've accomplished all I wanted in this first meeting," she commented, "So I am going to call it for the day."


That evening, Edward was sitting in Bloodquill's office. Once again, it was almost a mirror of his own besides the walls featuring dignified paintings of the last few Bloodquill patriarchs. As he watched the large nidoking pour himself a glass of brandy, the alakazam spoke up. "So, what is it going to take for you to continue your endorsement of my budget extension, Gideon?"

The nidoking took a sip of his drink before motioning to the psychic pokemon with the glass. "Well...your headquarters is a very interesting place, Edward. The source of moonstone, a key defensive point and I've heard rumors about some other secrets that the mountain keeps."

"What do you mean?" replied Edward, maintaining a perfectly neutral expression.

"I want to know what you are in on," said Bloodquill, giving the alakazam a large grin, "Rumors have been floating around since you founded Kanto North and that increase in budget you are proposing rings of a side project."

The alakazam blinked a few times, adjusting his glasses. "I don't know what you're talking about." It was time to shut him up. Eyes taking a faint blue glow, he was sure to angle the lenses just right to obscure them as he tried to enter the nido's mind.

"No," said the nidoking flatly, a faint grayish aura radiating from his purple hide. "You forget the hidden power of the Bloodquill line, it seems."

The alakazam was just starting to follow the nidoking's thoughts, only to feel them twist and turn in a million directions at once, becoming utterly incomprehensible to the psychic pokemon. That was right, descendants of Bloodquill all bore a dark hidden power with the Grayquills bearing a psychic one. "Can't pull a fast one on you, can I?"

The nidoking slowly shook his head. "No, but while we're on this topic...there is someone you've often pulled the strings of before. Now, I'd like you to pull some for me."

Edward's eyes widened as he heard that. "What? You don't mean that you want me to--"

He was cut off by the large nido. "House Bloodquill needs to become the head of the Team if we are to survive any real conflict," he revealed, taking another small sip off his glass, "Supposedly, I can't make you do it, being 'equals' in rank and all. However, being head of what is...currently the second most powerful family in the Team gives me enough power to deny you funding and therein cripple whatever side projects you have."

The alakazam grit his teeth for a second, not managing to form a reply to that. It figured the power lusting loon was going to try and capitalize on this weak point in his plans in order to obtain some favor. Of course, the Alakazam could probably find some use for him.

"My family really is the better one," the nidoking continued, setting his glass onto the desktop.

"It is not," said Edward, "Don't delude yourself into thinking that for a moment or the curse will soon claim you-- if you haven't embraced it already." The nido was seeking more and more power. Such a common flaw, the alakazam remembered how many good Team members were lost to it over the years.

Bloodquill shrugged off the alakazam's warning. "Your personal opinion aside, am I going to have your help with this? If not, then I will not approve your funding."

"But denying it weakens us against the potential enemy," replied Edward.

"Which I'm sure is in neither of our interests," said the nido with a small grin as he finished his drink.

Edward's eyes narrowed a bit. "You are seriously willing risk all that we have accomplished over the past two decades over a vendetta?"

The nido shook his head while placing the glass and bottle back under his desk. "I'm not the one risking it, Edward. The choice is yours: make matriarch Grayquill mine or possibly ruin all of our work. If you refuse, I'll be forced to continue my warpath."

The alakazam raised an eye ridge at that last sentence. "You're the one who offed Thaddeus, didn't you?"

"He was of lowborn stock," the nidoking said to Edward dismissively, "his only redeeming feature was Grayquill taking him as a mate. You clearly didn't respect him too much-- happily siring a bastard with her behind his back. In fact, me reminding him of that was one of the last things he heard."

"I'm assuming you did this to be able to legitimately be able to mate to Grayquill?"

"Mate to?" said the nido with a hint of disgust, "No, it was just to leave a less capable head in the Inquisitorial branch as I make my move. Now...are you going to help me?"

"I will," said Edward with a small nod, finding his options in dealing with Bloodquill limited. This was sure to kick up a massive political storm, but maybe he could work it to his advantage.

"Good," Bloodquill's grin became a fanged smile, "Maybe you'll let me in on your pet project next."


At this time, Theodore and Abigail were still locked up in Kanto North's holding area, the pair of them appearing to be better off by this point. The nidoking even managed to stand and cross the cell to sit next to the zangoose.

"So," said Theo seriously as he seated himself, tail wrapping lightly around hers, "Can I ask why you decided to charge in after me? That was really reckless...and it may be arrogant to say, but I'm guessing that I am by far a better fighter than you."

Abby rubbed over one of her bandaged paws with the other while looking up into the lightly-built nido's eyes. "I don't know," she winked, "you look kinda frail for a nidoking. I really thought you needed the help."

He chuckled a little bit at her comment. "I suppose that's true enough. Still, there was nothing either of us could have done."

"Don't worry, I've been in far, far worse scrapes than that one. I just wasn't counting on her being able to use protect," she said. "I want to get a rematch with her sometime."

"All I'm saying is don't be reckless. I've lost some good agents from actions like yours."

She made a half smile. "I work for you now-- that means I need to protect you with my life. Still...I'm under the impression you're keeping me around you for the novelty of it; guess it's the story of my career: taking the shot for and servicing others."

Theo blinked a few times, "Sounds like you've been working under some unsavory fellows. I don't want subordinates willing to sacrifice themselves for me."

The zangoose gave a little chuckle. "Again, the story of my life. You're a highborn: raised since birth to serve the Team. I was conscripted into service. That makes me disposable to the team." She looked down to her broken claws, "Yes...waking up one morning only to be taken because I did too well on the mandated combat testing."

"It's what we require of the people for maintaining the peace," responded Theodore. "But where are you getting the idea that I consider you expendable?"

"You probably do," she simply replied, pressing up to a shoulder as she did, "You go from threatening, to recruiting me, to threatening again, to fucking me. It's just so inconsistent."

Theo slowly shook his head at that, voice becoming agitated. "Why are saying all of this to me, a judge of the Team? Criticism like that can be interpreted as a capital offense by some of my more harsh colleges."

"And you just threatened me again," she said calmly, "I think that means you're finding this uncomfortable."

"No threat. I've said it before, I have some freedom to interpret the laws. After being subjected to some of what the Reeducation and Enforcement branches are capable of, it has tended to make me a little bit lenient if I can...rather than just handing poor souls to them," he explained. "Have you ever had the privilege of working under the former of those branches?"

"Didn't answer my question. I'm not going to be making any more progress, am I?" she asked him with a blank stare.

"You're not...not for awhile, anyway. I'm curious what *you* actually are. Sure, you threw on the charm with your little attract trick, but don't think that's the only reason I recruited you." He paused for a moment before blowing softly down her neck. "Your profile is blank, dear. That is suspect."

"No information on me?" The zangoose glanced her red eyes to the side after shuddering for a second at the breath down her neck. "Didn't know that...kinda odd. On your last question...well, one agent I was working under a few years ago worked for those guys. So I'm guilty by proxy, I suppose."

"Was it that farfetch'd?"

Her eyes narrowed a little bit, grin remaining on her muzzle. "How did you know?"

"Blind guess," he said, shrugging at her sarcasm. "Also helps that he has a blank profile, too. Found it out when I was looking up who is stationed here."

"Hah..." she blinked a few times, "Blank profiles."

Theo slid an arm over her shoulders, pressing closer to her. "I'll have to figure out who did it-- pulling of something like that is a capital offense and requires intimate knowledge of our systems or extremely high clearance. You looked to be a data officer, but I have no real idea what you are."

"There is no way I would have authorization to delete files from the central databases," she denied, "Plus, I have no idea how to bypass any of the security systems; I was just dropped into the job when Datan got bored with me."

"Don't worry, you're not the one I suspect of such actions," he said, licking over the edge of one of her ears, "I think I have a good idea of someone who could pull such a thing off."


At this time, Grayquill was dressed up in a large white nightgown, sitting on the couch in her guest room while she flipped through the pages of Edward's budget proposal. Hearing a knock on her door, the nidoqueen looked up for a second. "Please enter," she said, seeing Edward step in a second later. "Hello," she said, nodding to him, "Take a seat if you want."

"No, but thank you," said the alakazam, removing his glasses as he pulled a case from his open coat and put them inside of it. "I have good news: I'm guaranteed to have Bloodquill's approval on the proposal."

The nidoqueen set the papers on the coffee table, looking up to him as she did. "Oh? That is good. While this seems excessive in some respects, the security of our regions cannot afford to be compromised by our neighbors. I like to feel that I can trust your judgment, Ed."

"Yes," Edward nodded in response while putting the case back inside of his coat, slow to look back up to her eyes. "But I also have some less fortunate news as well: he wanted something for his approval."

"And that would be?" she said, climbing up to her feet as she did, back spines rising up from the hole in the back of her sleepwear.

"I'm sorry."
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