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A Typhlosion and Tyranitar both have some quality time together.

Story Notes:

Well, if you can't tell, this is actually a story version of Tensor's "Flash Experiment." I saw that no one had done a story on it and I was up for it. I have no way of communicating with Tensor, and therefore do not know if he would actually want this up or not. If you read this and do want it taken down, I will do so as soon as possible.It's kind of short and not enough story for me, but I was trying to stay original to the flash where possible. I could have added a back story, but eh. I really hope it's not too smutish =/ My last story was a lot better than this, but this is postable. Someone is bound to like it.Thanks to Buizel61393 for beta reading this for me. He helped a lot, lol.All publically recognized characters, settings, etc. are trademarked by Nintendo and the Pokemon Company. The main plot and characters in the story are property of Tensor. The story is trademarked of me.

  1. Fic Experiment (1372 words)

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