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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Final Battle

Neo spins around and points to Vecransyh as Aster runs past him onto the field,
"I will defeat you Vecransyh." In a flash of light Gengar is standing in front of Vecransyh and both of them have their arms crossed smiling,
"I didn't come this far to lose now!!" Neo flashes a smile under his dark hood as tiny clouds of darkness begin to form around his body. The clouds are very small and Vecransyh fails to notice them,
"We'll see what power you have..." Aster flies at Gengar with his bladed claws slashing away at the ghost. Gengar uses his agility to avoid the attacks and lands a vicious shadow claw sending Aster flying backwards. Aster flaps his wings bringing himself off the ground with a little patch of blood near his mouth from the attack,
"Lucky shot!!!" Gengar begins intercepting the poisonous needles fired by Aster's claw with his own shadow balls as the two close in on each other. Aster rushes Gengar and the two begin slashing and punching away at each other neither one backing down an inch before the two pull back with their left arms and punch each other in the face. The recoil sending them both flying backwards passed out. Vecransyh leans down and Gengar disappears into his pokeball,
"Good job Gengar." Neo picks up Aster and tosses him next to the other Pokemon. He points to Alex and throws his hand towards Vecransyh,
"Go." Alex nods and jumps out onto the field growling as Vecransyh throws his second pokeball releasing Duskull onto the field. Duskull throws a shadow ball at Alex who intercepts it with his horn and cuts it in two sending it flying behind him and the orb explodes in two halves. Alex glares at Duskull and the two rush each other Duskull throwing shadow balls and Alex slashing with his horn. Duskull dodges as the shadow balls continue to connect with Alex's body. Alex continues slashing at Duskull rapidly,
"WHY... WON'T... YOU... GET... HIT!!!!" Duskull shrugs and hits Alex with another shadow ball causing him to jump away,
"Because I'm faster!" Alex stares infuriated at the small ghost before smiling darkly,
"We'll see..." Alex disappears in a flash and appears behind Duskull,
"PEEK A BOO!!!" Duskull spins around and blasts Alex with another powerful shadow ball sending him flying back,
"I see you." Alex rushes the irritating ghost blind with rage as he ignores the pain from the barrage of shadow balls and slashes Duskull sending him to the ground,
"Got you, you little cretin!!" Duskull floats up and brushes himself off,
"Indeed. Well. Anger caused you to go into a blind rage and attack me without thinking about your own well being and while I am on the verge of collapse myself you will inevitably follow once your adrenaline rush ends." Alex looks at him curiously,
"What?" Alex falls over unconscious,
"Just like that." Duskull floats over to Vecransyh and bows, "Pardon master but I'm afraid I lack the energy to continue fighting." Vecransyh takes out his pokeball,
"Not a problem. You did your best." Duskull disappears into the ball and Vecransyh takes out his third. Meanwhile Blizzard walks onto the field and picks up Alex carrying him over to Neo whose dark clouds have slightly intensified. Alex looks up at him with an exhausted look,
"Master Neo... I'm sorry. I did my best." Neo doesn't look at the Absol,
"You failed. Blizzard, don't you dare fail me like these two." Blizzard walks over to Aster and Lays Alex next to him. Blizzard walks past Neo onto the field,
"I will not fail you." Vecransyh throws his final pokeball releasing Xylina onto the field. She gives him a happy look before turning her attention to the white Lucario, "I must defeat you." Xylina smiles,
"Well then you'd better be as good a fighter as I think you are." Blizzard nods,
(What's wrong with Neo?! He isn't acting like himself... And he called Aster and Alex... failures?) Blizzard shakes his head, (I can't lose this fight!!) Blizzard strikes a battle pose, "Let's do this!!" Xylina flips her hair and grins,
"Don't disappoint me." Blizzard runs at her charging an Aura Sphere and throws is at her but the ball is intercepted by a shadow ball and the two collide making an explosion. Blizzard runs at Xylina throwing strike after strike but Xylina dodges them and releases a powerful gust of slightly purple-tinted wind that knocks him away. Blizzard becomes enraged,
"Stop toying with me!!!" A light blue spike spears on his chest as a blue aura forms around his body. His hands begin to smoke lightly as they appear to have become incredibly cold. Blizzard rushes Xylina once again at a much faster speed that she has difficulty keeping up with. Blizzard takes another shadow ball as he gets blasted into the air but catches himself and turns toward her throwing an aura sphere, "RAAAAAHH!!!!!!" Xylina dodges to the side barely avoiding the huge explosion caused by the sphere as it hits the ground. Blizzard lands on the ground and goes into his fighting pose. He rushes Xylina again and punches at her but Xylina intercepts the punch with her own shadow punch blasting both of them backward having just taken a large amount of damage. Neo, back on the sidelines, is now surging with darkness as he yells out to his Pokemon in a voice that sounds more demonic,
"YOU WILL NOT FAIL ME. DESTROY HER IF THAT IS WHAT IT TAKES." Blizzard turns around wide-eyed,
"But I..." Blizzard then sees Neo's red eyes under his hood,
"BLIZZARD. FLASH FREEZE!!!" Blizzard hesitates as Xylina throws another shadow ball and he jumps back to avoid the explosion. His arms behind him, Blizzard begins charging his aura sphere but it becomes a light blue color and grows bigger, "YES!!! DESTROY!!!" Blizzard closes his eyes as the ball grows bigger. Xylina suddenly feels herself unable to move as she's held in place by Blizzard's psychic. Watching this Vecransyh thinks back to what the nurse had said before he had came to the stadium,
(She still isn't at one hundred percent so don't push her to hard.) Vecransyh looks on in horror as the Lucario's attack reaches its throwing point. Blizzard is in a mental battle with himself as he prepares to throw the attack which would no doubt kill Xylina on contact,
(What do I do?! I... I don't know if I should...) Blizzard hears Neo's dark voice behind him,
"WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? DESTROY THAT PATHETIC EXCUSE OF AN OPPONENT!!!" Blizzard looks back to the struggling Xylina and doesn't notice as Vecransyh dashes onto the field after several failed attempts to return Xylina to her ball. Blizzard's eyes meet hers,
"I...I'm sorry!!!" Blizzard throws the huge icy sphere towards Xylina and she closes her eyes awaiting the death sure to meet her in only a moment. The audience falls silent as and explosion followed by an incredibly large black smoke fill the arena. Xylina opens her eyes as she feels the cold wind around her,
"I'm... okay?" She then feels cold arms around her torso and looks down to see a frozen Vecransyh with his eyes closed and his teeth clenched. Xylina feels the tears roll down her faces as the smoke begins to clear. Neo's voice is heard through the dispersing fog,
"I WIN..." As Blizzard comes into view a look of horror appears on his face and he rushes over to them shattering the ice encasing Vecransyh. As Neo sees this he grips his head as if entering an intense mental battle,
"GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!! NEVER!!!!! GRAAAAHH!!!!!" All of the darkness explodes out of Neo leaving him on his knees restored to his former self, "What have I done?" Vecransyh, now lying on his back with the same expression on his face lies lifeless on the field as the medical team rushes over to him and put his body onto a stretcher. Xylina bursts into tears covering her face with her hands. Blizzard takes a knee in front of her and bows his head looking shamefully to the ground,
"I know there are no words that would cause you to forgive the brutality that just happened but I just want you to know how deeply sorry I am for this..." Xylina wipes her face and looks at him shaking her head,
"No... you didn't know that he was going to run out and save me..." Blizzard stands still looking towards the ground,
"But still... I knew that that attack would have killed you and I used it anyway... my judgment was clouded and I couldn't think straight... I would never take an innocent life." Xylina embraces him crying loudly onto his shoulder,
"Just tell me he's going to be okay!!! Please!! At least give me that!!" Blizzard puts his arms on Xylina's shoulders as she moves away from him looking at him with teary eyes,
"I looked at his aura signs before he was carried away. It was faint but he's alive." Neo walks over to Blizzard and looks down at the Lucario,
"I lost control... And that trainer paid for it with his life." Xylina shakes her head as he looks angrily at Neo,
"He's still alive." Neo looks shocked under his hood,
"H-he survived?!" Xylina nods as Neo walks over to her hanging his head, "You must hate me." Xylina looks up at him and suddenly blasts him with a shadow ball causing him to fly backwards. She then leaves the arena in the way the medics went. Blizzard runs over to Neo,
"Are you alright?" Neo stands up and brushes off his black coat,
"I'm fine..." Neo revives his two passed out Pokemon and apologizes for his behavior before they leave the arena. The audience is silent as the field becomes empty. Drake turns to the three Lucario's to find them crying. He says nothing as he turns back towards Kazamaru and Latias,
"Come on. We need to go see if Vec is going to be alright." The three of them head out of the arena as the announcers voice comes over the loudspeaker again,
"What is there to say in a moment like this...? This is a dark day that will surely live in the history of the Pokemon league. Due to intense injury Vecransyh will be awarded second place leaving Neo the victor and winner of the tournament. Right now our hearts and prayers go out to that brave trainer who defended his Pokemon from a deadly attack... The award ceremony will be postponed until further notice." There is a silence from the audience as people begin to slowly file out of the stadium.
At the Pokemon center Xylina sits in the waiting room for a few hours before one of the nurses walks out of the double doors and approaches her. Xylina look up at her sadly,
"Is he okay...?"
"He'll be fine. He just needs to rest for about two weeks as he gets his strength back." Xylina's face lights up,
"Really!?" The nurse smiles,
"You can go in and see him if you want but be quiet because he needs his rest." The nurse leads Xylina into Vecransyh's room and she floats over to the bed,
"So what was the damage?" The nurse looks down,
"A large amount of his organs were encrusted with ice but his body seemed to be fighting against it. We didn't have to operate once we knew what was going on inside him. All we needed to do was place hot pads on every part of his body to raise his temperature back up." Xylina looks over to Vecransyh who looks like he's sleeping peacefully under and electric blanket. Xylina smiles as she kisses his cheek,
"Thank you... Vecransyh..." Tears form in her eyes as she begins crying on the bed. The nurse walks out of the room as she hears more people come in. She appears a moment later with Drake, Latias and Kazamaru in tow. They all stand in the doorway as they watch Xylina weep. Drake walks forward and puts a hand on her shoulder,
"What did the nurse say?" Xylina looks up at Vecransyh and wipes her eyes,
"He survived out of pure willpower to live..." Latias walks over and kneels next to Xylina putting her arms around her,
"You must feel lucky to have a guy like him." Xylina looks up at Latias and smiles,
"I am. I'm the luckiest girl in the world." Kazamaru walks over and sits down in a chair next to his bed,
"He can't die till we battle again." Vecransyh opens an eye and looks over at him,
"Y-you're... not gonna... beat me next... time." Kazamaru grins as Xylina lets out a happy screech and hugs him tightly, "Are... you okay Xylina?" She kisses him,
"I'm fine... all because of you." Suddenly a dark voice is heard from outside. It's completely unfamiliar to any of them,
"Weak Pokemon don't deserve life." Everyone looks towards the voice but no-one is there. Kazamaru looks around at everyone,
"You heard that, right?" They all looks at him and nod. After a few minutes Latias, Kaza and Drake all leave Xylina to care for her lover,
"Xylina... I'm sorry if I made you worry..." Xylina smiles with a few tears rolling down her cheeks,
"If you hadn't done that I wouldn't be here right now. I owe you everything Vecy." Vecransyh lightly blushes as he smiles,
"I couldn't bare the thought of losing you so suddenly... so I did the only thing I could and I intercepted the attack... where is Blizzard anyway?" Xylina lightly shrugs and shakes her head,
"Don't blame Blizzard. Neo wasn't himself and he projected his evil intentions onto him clouding his judgment... blame Neo." Neo's voice is heard from the doorway,
"Yes. Blame me..." Neo walks in and sits in the chair facing Vecransyh on the opposite side of the room. Xylina looks angrily at him,
"What are you doing here?" Neo looks up at Vecransyh with his darkened face,
"I am a cursed being. I have the side that you see now and I also have darkness. When I am my other self I have absolutely no control over my actions and I strive to achieve my current goal no matter what the cost." Neo looks down, "I want to say that I am deeply sorry for what happened to you and I take full responsibility for my actions. I am relieved that you managed to survive the attack though..." Vecransyh looks to Xylina then back to Neo,
"You know that I'm not going to be able to trust you for a long time." Neo stands up and nods,
"I know but before I disappear I would like to do something." Neo walks over to the bed and Xylina prepares a shadow ball but stops when Vecransyh raises his hand to stop her. Neo places his hands on Vecransyh's blanket and a glow begins to radiate from him. Xylina growls,
"What are you doing to him?!" Neo takes his hands off of Vecransyh and walks to the doorway,
"You should recover much faster now. See you at the award ceremony Vec." With that he disappears into the hallway and is gone. Xylina looks back to Vecransyh, who is now sitting up,
"What happened?"
"I don't know but I feel a lot better now. Still pretty sore though and I'm pretty drained as far as energy goes..." Vecransyh lies back down in the bed, "Yep, now I'm tired again." Xylina giggles,
"Just get some rest and I'll be back tomorrow to check on you, love." Vecransyh smiles as Xylina gives him a wink before disappearing into the hallway. Vecransyh pulls the electric blanket up over his chest and falls asleep. Meanwhile Neo walks into his room and strips off his black cloak falling onto the bed. His voice is muffled by the blanket,
"Augh... I can't believe I lost control to that thing again!!" K.C., who is in the corner of the room writing in her notebook, looks up at him,
"Well at least you didn't kill anyone." Neo looks up at her,
"I guess so..." A small shiny Buneary hops up onto the bed and nuzzles him,
"Don't worry master Neo everything will be okay!" A female, humanoid, Houndoom emerges from the shadows and walks over to him,
"So what did you go see him about?" Neo sits up on the bed and falls back looking at the ceiling,
"I did the most I could do. I sped up his healing process." The Buneary smiles as she hops around on the bed,
"So can I come to the award ceremony? Can I, can I, can I, can I, can I??" A humanoid Empoleon walks out of the bathroom with a towel around her slender body,
"We'd all like to go." Neo looks around at them all and sighs,
"I don't know..." A female humanoid Luxray walks over to him and sits down on the bed near him,
"Come on Neo. We've been in this room the entire tournament! Sky and Misty are driving us all insane and they've got out more times then we can count!" Neo grins as he thinks about the two Glameows, who terrorize everyone with their pranks,
"Alright you can all come... Where're Blizzard and the other girls?" The humanoid Pokemon all shrug and K.C. raises her hand,
"Blizzard left about thirty minutes ago and Allie and Asia followed him. They should be back soon though." Neo looks down,
"What am I going to say to him? He didn't talk to me the whole walk back here. The last thing he said to me was when he asked me if I was alright after getting blasted by that shadow ball." Meanwhile Blizzard is sitting in the middle of a large hot spring meditating on the past events. Allie and Asia are watching him from a nearby tree,
"I know you're there, sisters." The two Lucario climb out of the tree and walk over to the edge of the water before sitting down submerging their feet. Blizzard continues to meditate with his back to them, "Why did you follow me?" Allie sighs,
"We knew you must have been feeling bad to go off by yourself without telling anyone."
"Maybe I wanted to be alone." Blizzard stands on top of the water projecting psychic energy from his feet as water drips off of his fur and lays a hand on his spike-less chest, "Why did I attack?" Asia looks down,
"Come on brother. Everything turned out okay in the end." Blizzard releases the energy from his feet and plunges into the hot water. His head emerges after a little while facing the two girls,
"I guess but... I shouldn't of attacked. We'd have been at the award ceremony earlier and now... because of me... Vecransyh is hurt and could die..." Allie forces a slight smile,
"Come on, think positive. Neo probably knows more then we do right now. Let's head back to the room. Come on Bliz." Blizzard floats to the edge of the water and climbs out. He shakes most of the water off of his fur and smiles lightly at his sisters,
"Alright. Let's go back." Meanwhile back at Neo's hotel room Neo is pacing near the bed and looks over as the door opens revealing the two female Lucario trailed by Blizzard. Blizzard walks forward and looks into his master's uncovered face. To his surprise Neo drops to his knees and embraces the small dog,
"Bliz... I'm sorry." Blizzard puts his arms across Neo's back,
"What happened to Vecransyh?" Neo moves back and sits on the bed smiling,
"He's going to make a full recovery." Blizzard gives a big smile,
"I feel a lot better knowing that." Asia walks over to him and pokes his shoulder,
"See? Told you everything would be okay."
Back at the hospital Vecransyh wakes up from the intense heat of the electric blankets and takes off a few,
"Augh... looks like I'm thawed out."
"You should have let her die." Vecransyh looks around the room and his eyes rest on a black cloaked figure,
"What did you say?!"
"Tell me. Why did you save that weak ghost?" Vecransyh glares angrily at the shadowed figure,
"Who are you?"
"Answer." Vecransyh looks down,
"Because I love her." The figure cackles darkly,
"You love your Pokemon. I almost feel sorry for trainers like you." Vecransyh clenches his fists,
"What did you say?!"
"Don't worry, I pity you. Really I do. You take up valuable time to form a bond with your Pokemon only to have them fail you again and again." Vecransyh tilts his head,
"Neo...?" The figure laughs again,
"That pathetic weakling couldn't hold a candle to my power. When you think yourself strong then seek me out and we shall do battle; then I will show you how weak and pitiful your efforts are. Pokemon are tools of war and once they fear you they will become stronger then even the mightiest can wield. Drop your pathetic excuses for allies and start over." Vecransyh glares at the figure,
"Never." The figure nods,
"Very well but you will wish you had heeded my words Vecransyh." Vecransyh blinks and the figure is gone. He lies his head back on his pillow and looks up at the ceiling,
"Who was that guy...?"
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