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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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The Award Ceremony

Seven days have passed since Vecransyh's injury in the Pokemon league. Over his recovery period he told no one about the mysterious figure who he had spoken to on the first night. Xylina floats into his room to find him standing on the floor sliding his shirt on over his head,
"Well, looks like you're all better." Vecransyh's head pops through the hole and he smiles,
"Yeah I feel great! One hundred percent back on my feet." Xylina kisses him and giggles,
"You're so cute!!" The two walk into the Pokemon center's waiting room to find Kaza sitting in one of the chairs asleep,
"Looks like Kazamaru was here late again. Doesn't he have a girlfriend now or something?" Xylina shrugs,
"Him and Scarlet have gone out a few times so I don't know it they're officially together yet." Kazamaru snorts and springs out of the chair,
"43!!!" Vecransyh and Xylina both raise and eyebrow and speak at the same time,
"What?" Kaza looks at them and blushes,
"I uhh... I used to do that in school. I was actually right about 90% of the time which was pretty weird considering that I was in calculus." Kazamaru blinks as he sees Vecransyh, "Oh! You're up and about! Finally, was starting to get worried you were gonna be bedridden." Vec laughs,
"Come on, have more faith then that." Kazamaru grins,
"Hehe, sorry; whatever, I'm going to head to the stadium and tell them to hold the award ceremony today." Without another word Kazamaru bolts out the door and is gone. Xylina wraps her arms around Vecransyh's neck from the back and holds onto him as he walks,
"Aww... I missed this so much."
"I did too. It feels good to be out of that bed finally." Vecransyh grins as he walks into the hotel lobby and is greeted by Latias and Drake,
"Sup guys?" Latias smiles as he approaches them,
"Glad to see you out of bed Vecransyh." Vecransyh smiles as Drake walks up to him laying a hand on his shoulder,
"Vecransyh I have something very important to show you." Vecransyh gives him a puzzled look and looks back at Xylina who shrugs as they walk up the stairs and into the hallway before stopping in front of Vec's room, "Don't be too startled..." Drake slides the card key into the automatic lock and opens the door. Vecransyh's jaw drops and he rubs his eyes before walking into the room; inside the room are hundreds of 'get well soon' cards and balloons, gift baskets and empty pokeballs. Xylina and Vec speak at the same time,
"Wow." Drake grins and lets out a chuckle,
"Looks to me like you guys have some fans!" The two look back at Drake grinning. A few minutes later the four are on their way to the stadium. Vecransyh, who is walking next to Xylina a little behind Drake and Latias, turns his head to look at her,
"Hey Xylina?" She turns her head and smiles,
"What's up?"
"When's the next full moon?" Xylina blushes heavily,
"In four weeks; hehehe... looking forward to it?" Vecransyh gives a nervous laugh,
"Yeah... that night has been on my mind for the past week and I never told you... umm..." She tilts her head,
"Well I thought it was a dream." Xylina looks upwards,
"Well that makes sense." Vecransyh blushes,
"W-what?" She looks over to him and gives a plotting smile,
"You didn't put much effort into it." She kisses him on the cheek, "Don't worry though; I forgive you, love." Vecransyh smiles as the group makes it to the front doors of the Pokemon league stadium. Before they walk in Drake turns to Vecransyh,
"You wanna see why I fly under the radar?" Vecransyh gulps when he realizes what's behind the large doors. Drake grips the handle of the door and opens it slowly before peering in. He turns back to Vecransyh and gives him a thumb's up, "Looks like the coast is clear. Let's just casually walk through and get to the field." As they begin walking Xylina taps Vecransyh on the shoulder,
"So what're you so nervous about?" Vecransyh sighs,
"Fangirls." Xylina stares at him wide-eyed,
"Oh... I see. Well lets get you to the field." Vecransyh makes it to the archway leading onto the arena grounds. He peers around the edge and sees a few steps in front of him leading up to a large wooden stage. He looks up to the stands to find them empty and sees the crowd on the field in front of the stage cheering. Suddenly Vecransyh feels a tap on his shoulder and he turns around looking into the face of one of the guards,
"YOU!!!!" Vecransyh begins to sweat,
"Can I have your autograph for my little girl? She's almost 18 and said that she'd never ask me for another thing if I could get her the autograph of 'Vecransyh the magnificent'." Vecransyh smiles up at the man as he gives him a notebook. Vecransyh looks over at Xylina,
"This isn't so bad. At least it's not an army of girls." Xylina cackles,
"Yet." Vecransyh signs his name in the notebook and shakes the hand on the guard before walking up the stairs and sitting in a chair next to Kazamaru near the podium and microphone. On the other side of the podium is Neo surrounded by four Lucario, a Gliscor, and Absol, an off-color Buneary, and a humanoid Empoleon, Rapidash, Houndoom, Luxray, Staraptor and two Glameows. All of which are female with the exception of Alex, Blizzard, the Staraptor, and Aster. Vecransyh looks ahead of him and sees a sea of screaming girls waving banners and flags that all have something about him on them,
"I see what you mean." Xylina sits in the chair next to him nearest to the podium,
"Just wait till you have to say something into the microphone. I promise not to get jealous, love." A few minutes later a man in a tuxedo walks up to the podium and speaks in the same voice as the announcer,
"Now then. Before we begin I would just like to welcome back our second place finisher Vecransyh!" Suddenly there is a roar of screaming from the crowd yelling Vecransyh's name,
"VEEEEECCCRRRRRRAAAAANNSSSSYYYYHH!!!!!!!" Vecransyh blushes as he waves to the crowd. The announcer speaks again as the cheering dies down,
"Okay, okay, settle down girls. Now then, our third place finisher goes by the name of Kazamaru and he's a very good friend to Vecransyh so he may be able to help some of you." Vecransyh and Kazamaru both roll their eyes as Xylina giggles and the crowd cheers, "Would you come up here please Kazamaru?" Kaza stands up and walks over to the podium as he's handed a large golden trophy with a master ball attached to the top. Kaza smiles as he takes the trophy,
"Thank you very much." Kazamaru walks back over to his seat and sits down. Vecransyh looks over at the trophy,
"Damn dude!" Kaza grins as he takes the master ball off of the top of the trophy and twirls it on his finger,
"I'm fine with third place." Vecransyh and Kazamaru laugh as the announcer turns to him,
"Would you please come up here Vecransyh?" Vecransyh stands up and the crowd cheers and screams his name as he walks to the podium. The announcer hands him a gold and silver pokeball with a black trim and 'PL' printed on the top. Vecransyh takes the ball and grins,
"Thank you!" Suddenly the crowd begins chanting 'SPEECH!' over and over again. Vecransyh sighs and looks back at Xylina who can not stop laughing as the announcer moves out of the way for Vecransyh to take the podium. He looks nervously out at all of the faces fully directed on him and raises his hand, "Uhh... hi!" The crowd cheers for a few moments before it dies down again and Vecransyh gathers his thoughts before speaking again, "One week ago you all witnessed me selflessly sacrifice myself for the wellbeing of one of my Pokemon. Some of you may think this foolish and some of you may think that I'm the greatest person to walk the planet..." There is a large cheer from the crowd and Vecransyh raises his hand to silence them, "Whatever you feel for me I want you all to know that I did what I did out of the love I have for my friends and allies. I would die for them and if I learned anything from my week of recovery it's that no sacrifice is to big to save a loved one, even yourself. I'm not standing here telling you to start jumping in front of attacks when you battle..." The crowd lets out a hushed laugh, "But to value your Pokemon as you value yourselves because you don't have to be human to be a person. That said I would like to ask you all too please let go of any negativity you may hold toward my opponent in that battle because I forgive him. Thank you." Blizzard and Neo exchange looks before Neo looks over to Vecransyh,
"He... forgives me?" There is a roar of applause and clapping from the crowd as Vecransyh walks back to his seat and sits down next to Xylina and Kazamaru,
"Augh... how was that?" Vecransyh turns his head toward Xylina to see a lustful look in her eyes,
"You have no idea how much I love you right now." Vecransyh blushes and smiles as the announcer takes the podium again,
"And now for the first place prize that I'm sure you are all waiting to find out about. The winner of this prize is none other then Mr. Neo Eon!" The crowd bursts into applause as Neo stands and walks to the podium with his hood still covering his face. Neo tilts his head when he walks up to the announcer,
"So what's my prize?" The announcer grins widely,
"A battle." Neo looks puzzled under his hood,
"With...?" Suddenly there is a voice behind them as a figure appears in the archway,
"Me." Neo turns around to see none other then the greatest trainer in the world known only as Red. There is a dead silence in the crowd as Red walks slowly up the steps and stands before Neo; He is followed by a small Pikachu that scurries up his back and rests on his shoulder, "Up for it?" Neo takes a step back,
"I... uhh... of-of course!" Red takes a few steps forward and stands in front of the podium,
"Would everyone please move off to the side of the arena please so Neo and I can start?" The crowd disperses to the sides of the field revealing the battle arena. Red hops down from the stage and walks over to one side as Neo and all of his Pokemon head over to the side nearest the podium. The announcer walks to the side between them,
"THIS IS A BATTLE BETWEEN NEO AND RED!!!!" Neo looks over to Red,
"So how're we gonna do this?" Red runs his hand through his black hair and kneels down to his Pikachu. After a few moments he stands back up and Pikachu runs out onto the field with electricity sparking from his red cheeks,
"You use the three Pokemon you had for the tourney and I'll use my little buddy here." Blizzard, Aster, and Alex walk ahead of Neo and strike battle poses as Neo smirks under his hood even though Red can't see it,
"Three against one? That hardly seems fair!" Red smiles,
"I'm sure you'll still have your hands full. Let's go Pikachu!"
"Right!" Blizzard, Aster and Alex all run in different directions with Blizzard running straight forward, Aster going off to the right and Alex off to the left. Pikachu stands his ground as he watches the Pokemon maneuver around him. Blizzard throws an Aura Sphere at the yellow mouse as Alex and Aster rush him. Pikachu dashes forward and jumps into the air spinning and slamming his glowing silver tail into the Aura sphere sending it flying back towards Blizzard. Pikachu lands a vicious lightning-covered Headbutt into Alex and rebounds using his head to fly up above Aster and forms electricity under his feet using it as a springboard to jump down to Aster using Skull Bash to knock him out cold before he even realizes what's happening. Pikachu lands in front of the two unconscious Pokemon and directs his attention to Blizzard who had ducked to the side to avoid his returned attack. Blizzard looks up in disbelief at his fallen allies and stands up as a light blue spike appears on his chest,
"Let's end this!" He rushes at Pikachu charging his flash freeze as Pikachu rushes him with a Volt tackle,
"My thoughts exactly!!" Blizzard throws his arm out with a triumphant yell as Pikachu leaps toward him. The two attacks collide into a large explosion. Neo looks on as the smoke begins to clear,
"That must have done it... wha?!" The smoke clears enough to see Blizzard lying unconscious in front of the small yellow mouse, "No way!!!" The crowd cheers loudly as the Pikachu runs back to Red climbing up onto him and sitting on top of his head. Red gives Neo a peace sign,
"Good battle Neo!" Neo and Red walk towards each other and Neo picks up his previously unconscious Pokemon as he walks. Red holds out his hand and Neo takes it smiling lightly,
"Now I know why you're the strongest." Red reaches up and pats his Pikachu on the head,
"Yeah well. You won't go far if you don't treat your Pokemon as equals. Pikachu here was my first Pokemon actually." Neo blinks,
"Wow. No wonder he flattened them so fast." Blizzard looks up at Neo,
"Hey, I wouldn't say 'flattened', I tried my best..." Neo pats his friend on the head,
"Yeah, I know you did." Red smiles,
"You're on your way kid." Red turns around and waves as he walks to the exit, his long red cape flowing behind him,
"Later!" He disappears through the archway as the crowd cheers. A few minutes pass and everyone is back to watching the podium as the announcer talks,
"That was certainly an impressive show of power from Red! Let's have another round of applause for the challenger Neo!!" The crowd applauds and cheers, "Now then, on to business. The heavy-weight tournament will begin in two days so everyone be sure to visit the local shops and get yourselves some nice souvenirs to take home after the tournament!" The crowd roars in applause as the announcer looks down to his left at Kaza and Vec, "You boys might want to get ready." Kaza and Vec give him puzzled looks and speak at the same time,
"What?" The announcer turns back to the crowd and smiles widely,
"Well now that the award ceremony is over I think I'll leave you all and go eat lunch; till next time!" The announcer walks off of the podium and then leaves through the exit. Neo and his Pokemon follow shortly after leaving Vecransyh and Kazamaru alone with a sea of fangirls. Vecransyh speaks first and he is followed by Kazamaru,
"Crap." The stage is rushed by hundreds of squealing girls and Vecransyh and Kazamaru are lost from view as Xylina floats back towards the exit,
"I'll be back at the hotel!!" A thumb's-up appears from inside the pile and Xylina leaves on her way back to their room. Hours pass before there is a loud quick banging sound on the door to Vec's room. Xylina puts down a book she had found and started reading and gets off the bed floating over to the door,
"LET US IN!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!! THEY'RE COMING!!!!!!!" Xylina throws open the door and the two boys dash inside and slam the door before collapsing against the wall and sliding down. Soon afterwards they hear loud stomping as a flood of girls run by the room. Vecransyh and Kaza's clothes are torn in multiple places and their faces are covered in lipstick kisses. Both of them are breathing heavily. Xylina laughs at their appearance,
"You two look like you've been through hell and back. Only if hell were girls." The two boys nod as they stand up. Xylina looks down and notices that Kazamaru is missing his shoes, "Where are your shoes...?" Kaza groans,
"I threw them at the girls and they started fighting over who would get to sell them on Ebay. That's how we managed to get somewhat away from them. We've been running non-stop for three hours." Kazamaru walks over to the couch on the other side of the room and collapses onto it, "I won't stay here tonight just let me..." Kazamaru falls asleep on the couch. Xylina sighs as she helps the exhausted Vecransyh to the bed and lays him down after stripping off his shirt and placing the gold and silver pokeball onto the nightstand from his belt. She floats over to Kaza and jabs him in the side with her hand,
"Come on! Get your own room!" Kazamaru reluctantly gets off the couch and grumbles as he walks to the door and leaves. Xylina sighs as she floats back over to the bed climbing in next to Vecransyh and embraces him softly, "Still awake?"
"Yeah... I'm almost about to pass out though." Xylina smiles as she kisses his cheek,
"So what was in that pokeball you got at the ceremony?" Vecransyh musters up enough energy to shrug,
"I havn't looked yet... Let's wait till tomorrow though." Xylina nods as she hugs him tighter from the back. Vecransyh turns over to face Xylina and kisses her softly,
"Good night, princess of the night."
"Night, prince of ghosts." As the two fall asleep the pokeball on the nightstand begins to shake slightly and before long opens releasing a small orange Pokemon that looks around as it flails its lightning-bolt arms. Its eyes rest on the alarm block near the bed and it smiles largely before flying toward it and disappearing. The alarm goes off at around five in the morning and Vecransyh blinks his sleepy eyes,
"I didn't set the alarm... ugh..." Vecransyh turns over and faces the alarm clock that glows orange and has a happy face on it as two lightning-bolt hands move towards him, "What the hell..." The tiny Rotom flies out of the alarm clock and floats near his face grinning widely. Vecransyh blinks as he looks off to the side at the open pokeball, "Okay. You're the Pokemon I got at the ceremony but what are you...?" The Rotom screeches in a loud voice,
"@YR$&I*%$#!!!!!!" Xylina opens her eyes and looks at the tiny Pokemon sleepily,
"We should teach that thing how to speak tomorrow... I do not want it to come with us if it can't." Vecransyh takes the decorative pokeball off of the night stand and Rotom disappears into it. The two of them sigh as they embrace each other again and fall back to sleep.
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