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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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A Day Off.

The group meets down in the lobby of the hotel at noon. Xylina is riding on Vecransyh's back as he walks down the stairs to join the others. Kazamaru takes one look at Vecransyh and raises an eyebrow,
"So did I miss something? Why are you carrying Xylina is she hurt or something?" Xylina floats off of Vecransyh and puts her face super close to Kazamaru's looking angry. Kazamaru starts to sweat as Xylina yells in a happy tone,
"HE'S MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!" Kazamaru falls down from the sudden yell and brushes off his pants as he stands back up. He tilts his head to one side,
"Who's what now?" Vecransyh smiles at his friend, his face red,
"We're together now." Kazamaru stares in shock as he looks back and forth between the two,
"When did?! Why did!? Whe gebleh?! Huh?" Vecransyh raises an eyebrow,
"But she's a Pokemon!!" Latias shrugs,
"So am I. Doesn't matter as long as there's love." Kazamaru looks to Latias still in shock,
"What?! You're not a Pokemon!!" Latias sighs and changes into her true form in a flash of blinding light staring at him,
"See?" Kazamaru faints and falls to the ground unconscious. Latias changes back into her human form and walks over to him as do the other three. Drake kicks him lightly in the side,
"Well I think he took it rather well." A few minutes later Kazamaru wakes up and has calmed down,
"Okay I got it now. Drake and Vecransyh are both boyfriend and girlfriend with Pokemon." The group nods, "Which means..." Kazamaru hangs his head, "I'm the only one without a girl..." Vecransyh sits next to him on the bench they had set him on and puts his arm around him,
"Don't worry, you'll find someone. What about that girl from the tournament who kissed you?" Kazamaru shrugs as he continues to look at the floor,
"She'd never go for a guy like me... She's smart and absolutely gorgeous while I'm just..." Suddenly a voice is heard in front of them,
"Do you mean that?" Kazamaru looks up at the owner of the female voice and sees Scarlet standing there. Kazamaru's face glows a bright red as he stutters. Scarlet giggles as she blushes lightly. Drake looks over to her,
"What are you doing here?"
"Well... I was up in my room when I heard yelling so I came downstairs to investigate. That's when I heard Kaza say those things about me..." She turns her attention back to Kazamaru who is looking down at the floor a bright red, "Did you mean it?" Vecransyh, Drake, Xylina and Latias all decide to leave Kazamaru alone with Scarlet and walk out the front door of the hotel into the street. Kazamaru stays looking down at the floor,
"Are you mad...?" Scarlet shakes her head,
"No one's ever said anything so nice about me before..." Kazamaru looks up at her,
"Yeah I meant it." She embraces him smiling,
"Thank you Kazamaru."
"Uhh..." Meanwhile the group outside discusses what to do for their day off. Xylina is riding on Vecransyh's back as usual as Latias and Drake stand opposite him. Xylina tilts her head to the side,
"So what's the plan for today?" Drake shrugs,
"Anyone registered in the Pokemon league gets huge discounts on everything so me and Latias were going to do some shopping today." Xylina grins,
"Oooo! Like jewelry and everything like that?!" Upon hearing this Vecransyh lets out a groan as he feels his wallet. Drake smiles,
"Everything. But jewelry is still pretty pricey." Xylina squeals as she holds Vecransyh tighter,
"Can we go to a store please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please?!?!" Vecransyh gags,
"Only if you stop chocking me!!" Xylina blushes and loosens her grip,
"Sorry..." Drake and Latias head off in their own direction as Xylina and Vecransyh browse various shops along the strip. Xylina yells as they come to a jewelry store,
"There it is! Lets goooo!!!" Vecransyh groans as he walks into the store,
"This is going to hurt my funds..." Xylina flies off of Vecransyh's back and begins browsing the glass cases. The store manager raises his eyebrow as he sees the ghost,
"HEY!!" Vecransyh walks over to him,
"She's with me." The owner nods,
"Sorry for the outburst. A couple wild Pokemon have come in here and stolen things so I need to be careful." Vecransyh tilts his head,
"Does that happen often?"
"What's a busy place without thieves?" Vecransyh smiles,
"Well I guess that's true." He walks over to Xylina, who is still browsing the cases,
"Find anything Xylina?" She looks back at him and looks a little disappointed,
"Nothing yet..." She floats to another case and her eyes grow wide as she sees a black chain holding a large black stone framed in gold with tiny black stones around the ring, "It's beautiful." Vecransyh looks at the necklace and sighs,
"THAT is what you want?!" The store owner walks over to them and takes the necklace out of the case,
"I made this not to long ago. It's made from a Dusk stone with the trim of fine gold. The chain is also Dusk. My best work I must admit." Vecransyh's eye twitches,
"How much is it..." The store owner looks at him and scans his appearance,
"Ah, you're Vecransyh, the boy in the finals of the lightweight tournament right?" Vecransyh nods,
"Yeah...? Why?" The owner smiles,
"Well. Since you're in the tournament and you're buying this for a girl I'm sure you and I can settle on a good price." Vecransyh smiles but still looks slightly suspicious,
"Okay but how much are we talking?" The owner thinks for a moment before speaking,
"Umm... 65?" Xylina pokes Vecransyh in the arm while looking at him with nothing but hope in her eyes,
"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssse?" Vecransyh sighs and takes out his wallet. He takes sixty-five dollars out of it leaving only a few more bills left,
"Fine..." The owner takes the money and hands him the necklace,
"Pleasure doing business with you." He walks over to the register as Vecransyh turns to Xylina. He undoes the bind on the back of the chain and puts his arms around her neck connecting the binds. He takes a step back and looks at Xylina with a smile,
"Looking good Xylina!" The ghost turns around and looks at herself in a full-body mirror. She freezes,
"I love it!!" She embraces him tightly, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!" Xylina heads outside and Vecransyh is stopped by the owner of the jewelry store as he tries to walk,
"Good luck." Vecransyh gives the man a strange look,
"What?" The man only laughs and walks into the back room of the shop. Vecransyh tilts his head but then shrugs as he joins Xylina and the two begin walking down the street again before stopping at a restaurant and sitting down at a table. Vecransyh looks over his menu to see Xylina looking at him with a soft smile on her face,
"What?" Xylina covers her blushing face with her menu as she smiles,
"Oh, nothing..." Vecransyh raises an eyebrow and looks back at the menu,
"Everything looks good. What looks good to you?"
"I'm not really hungry. Something light like a salad would be nice." A waitress walks over to them and takes their order before walking back into the kitchen and disappearing from view. Vecransyh glances back at Xylina who has the same look as before,
"What?!" Xylina giggles,
"You're so cute when you're clueless!" Vecransyh blushes and is about to say something when a burger and fries are places in front of him and a salad in front of Xylina. The waitress smiles as she walks away,
"Enjoy!" Vecransyh takes a large bite out of the burger and begins to drool from all of the flavors,
"This is by far the greatest thing I've ever tasted." Xylina smiles as she tries to pick up the fork but having such little practice with her hands drops it, "Let me help you" Vecransyh lays his hand on hers and curls her fingers with his so she grips the fork. Xylina blushes as she picks it up,
"Thanks." The two of them eat their food and are soon back on the strip looking around at all of the shops they pass as they walk,
"So what do you want to do now?" Xylina, who is riding on his back with her arms around his neck, shrugs,
"I don't know. What do you want to do Vecy?" Vecransyh blushes as he hears the nickname,
"I don't know. The day's almost up and the sun's gonna set in about an hour."
"Hold on."
"What...?" Xylina lifts Vecransyh and flies over top of the buildings with him Vecransyh had a look of pure horror on his face but it quickly vanishes as Xylina holds him as she flies. He looks up at her, "Where are we going?"
"You'll see." The two of them fly for a few minutes before landing on top of a large cliff. Vecransyh tilts his head,
"Where are we?" Xylina sits down in the soft grass and points towards the ocean. Vecransyh turns around to see the sun setting casting an orange glow on the surface of the water. He sits down and Xylina leans her head against him watching the sunset, "It's beautiful." Xylina moves herself in front of him so she sits in his lap looking out at the water. She leans back against his chest and takes off her large purple hat setting it on the ground next to them,
"Yeah it is." Vecransyh blinks,
"You can take off your hat?" Xylina lines up the top of her head with his chin and giggles softly,
"Of course, something that big could get in the way of you seeing the sunset so I took it off. I never take off my hat unless it's for a good reason." Vecransyh runs his hand through her long purple hair making her close her eyes from his touch,
"Is it just me or are you looking more like a human then you usually do?" Xylina looks at him. Her face resembles that of a young girl with purple skin. She gives Vecransyh a soft smile,
"This necklace must have some kind of power so I'm guessing I'll change back to normal tomorrow morning." She softly kisses him and looks into his eyes, "Do I look bad...?" Vecransyh shakes his head,
"You'll always be my princess of the night no matter what you look like." She presses her lips against his as the full moon rises behind them,
"And I always will be, prince of ghosts." The two passionately kiss again and embrace each other as the moon rises into the sky. The two lay there in each others arms for a few minutes just enjoying each other's embrace, "Ready to head back?" Xylina floats off of him and floats near him as Vecransyh stands. He looks out at the ocean as a breeze blows both of their hair back. Xylina picks up her hat securing it back on her head,
"Yeah, I'm ready to go." Xylina flies Vecransyh back to the hotel entrance and the two walk into the lobby holding hands. They see Kazamaru standing in the middle of the lobby waiting for them,
"Finally! What have you two... two...?" Kazamaru looks at Xylina and blinks, "Umm..." Xylina giggles,
"I have this necklace." She picks the necklace off of her chest and holds it out, "From what I can guess, this happens every full moon when I'm wearing it." Kazamaru smiles,
"That's pretty cool." Vecransyh looks around,
"So how did things go with Scarlet?" Kazamaru grins,
"Things went well. Me and her spent the day together on one big date and she just went up to bed." Kazamaru lets out a loud yawn, "I was waiting here to make sure you guys got back here all right and now that you're here I'm heading off to bed." Vecransyh and Xylina wave as Kazamaru disappears up the stairs. Soon after Kazamaru leaves, Xylina and Vecransyh walk up to their room. Vecransyh walks into the dark room a falls onto the bed. He shifts up to where his head lies on the pillow. Xylina climbs in with him and they embrace each other. Vecransyh falls asleep fairly quickly as Xylina holds him.
Late into the night Vecransyh wakes up but doesn't feel Xylina next to him. He sits up and looks around the room finding her on the balcony staring out at the sleeping town. Out the window Vecransyh sees the moon is in the middle of the sky signaling that it is midnight. After another look at Xylina, Vecransyh notices that she has slender purple legs and looks like a normal human girl with purple skin with her back to him. She turns around and walks into the room blushing heavily even visible in the dark room. Vecransyh moves to the side of the bed with his feet hanging down as Xylina walks over to him and stands in front off him,
"Vecransyh..." He looks up at her as she slides her cloak off revealing her naked body. Vecransyh blinks at he looks at her human body in the moonlight and a tiny drop of blood falls from his nose,
"Xylina...? What are you...?" His sentence is interrupted when she suddenly kisses him lying on top of him on the bed. Vecransyh, who always slept with his shirt off, feels Xylina's warm breasts press against his chest and feels a slight stiffness begin to form in his pants. She looks into his eyes wearing nothing but the Dusk stone amulet,
"I love you Vecransyh... I love you so much... today was the greatest day of my life and I want to give you something..." Vecransyh, still in complete disbelief of what is happening manages to say,
"Me. I want you to take me." Vecransyh closes his eyes,
(What's going on?! I love Xylina but she wants this?! I didn't know she loved me that much... a dream? This must be a dream.) "Xylina... this is what you want?" Xylina leans up and kisses him, tears running down her face, (I guess if this is a dream then there's no harm in going along with it.) Vecransyh hesitates but reassures himself that he's in a dream and reaches his hand up cupping Xylina's breast and slowly massaging it as his tongue twists with hers in a passionate kiss. Xylina moves her hands down and undoes his belt before sliding his pants and boxers down his legs to the floor. Xylina slides down a short ways and gasps as she feels something long and hard touch her womanhood. The two move further up on the bed and Xylina straddles Vecransyh a close to connecting with him. Vecransyh looks at her. Xylina's body shining in the moonlight as she stares into his eyes smiling as she lowers herself onto him slowly but stops short, "W-what's wrong...?" Xylina shifts a little bit then slams down onto Vecransyh letting out a slight cry of pain. She starts to move up and down slowly as nothing but pure pleasure fills her body. She lays down on him still moving her hips as her tongue swirls with Vecransyh's. His hands softly massage her breasts as she moves adding to the already intense pleasure. Xylina starts to move faster as the pleasure in her body continues to rise. She cries out as she kisses him again,
"Yes!! Yes!! Ahh!!"
(Ergh... if this is a dream then why does it feel so real?!) Xylina screams his name as she has her first orgasm soaking the sheets of the bed with her fluid. She rides Vecransyh for a few more seconds before feeling warmth shoot up inside her. Xylina collapses to the side of him as Vecransyh breathes heavily as fatigue sets in. Xylina opens her eyes and smiles softly,
"I love you Vecransyh..." Vecransyh kisses Xylina softly,
"I love you too Xylina." The two embrace each other before falling asleep from their lack of energy.
The next morning Vecransyh wakes up and finds Xylina sleeping peacefully now back in her normal Mismagius form with her long purple hair. Vecransyh smiles and moves a little feeling a wet spot near him. He looks down to find himself naked and looks over at Xylina, (Guess it wasn't a dream...) after putting his clothes back on Vecransyh locks the four pokeballs to his belt. He looks over to see Xylina, still naked, looking at him lovingly,
"Morning, love." Vecransyh smiles,
(Oh well. Not like anything bad will happen.) "Morning, ready to head to the stadium?" Xylina floats up and puts her cloak back on along with her hat before floating over to Vecransyh and kissing him lightly on the cheek,
"Ready!" Xylina disappears into her ball as Vecransyh heads downstairs to the lobby and meets up with the group. Vecransyh waves as he walks up to them,
"Sup guys?" Latias yawns and stretches,
"We were just waiting for you so we can all head to the stadium together." Vecransyh nods,
"Well let's head out!" The four walk out into the street and head towards the stadium. As they walk by the Pokemon center, a nurse motions for Vecransyh to come over, "Hang on guys I'll be right back." Vecransyh walks over to the nurse, "Sup?" The nurse smiles at Vecransyh,
"Just wanted to wish you luck in the battle today. And one more thing; Xylina isn't fully recovered from her injuries so try to not push her to hard." Vecransyh smiles at her,
"Okay, thanks." She waves as he walks back to join the others. The group of four makes it quickly to the stadium and Vecransyh heads into the archway to the field as the other three wish him luck. Latias, Kaza and Drake all head into the stands and sit in their normal seats leaving one space open between them and the three female Lucario. Asia looks over to Drake and tilts her head,
"Hey mister? Where's the boy who usually site by me?" Drake looks over to the white Lucario and smiles,
"He's battling Neo soon." Asia has a big smile on her face,
"Mister Vecransyh is battling master Neo?! Oh boy!" Allie turns to her sister,
"Asia, stop bothering him." Drake pats the little Lucario on the head,
"It's perfectly all right. My name is Drake." The little Lucario smiles,
"I'm Asia!"
"Allie." The Lucario with the notebook waves her hand while she writes,
"K.C." Drake turns his attention to the field as Vecransyh walks onto it and takes his spot across the field from Neo who has his back to Vecransyh talking to his Pokemon. The announcer comes over the loudspeaker,
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