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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Another Day Off

Vecransyh stands in a large open area. In all directions is nothing but pure darkness but suddenly the darkness begins to lift and he finds himself in a forest clearing. The trees around him are a sinister purple dying color and as he scans the ground he sees all of his Pokemon and friends strewn about the area battered, bloody and dead but he doesn't see Xylina with them. Vecransyh drops to his knees tears rolling down his face as he looks at the gruesome sight,
"Why...? Who would do this?" He suddenly hears a familiar female voice behind him,
"Vecransyh! Help me!!" Vecransyh jumps to his feet and turns around to see a colossal black figure with black clawed wings holding Xylina by the head within them,
"Xylina!!" Vecransyh takes a step forward and the creature speaks in an otherworldly evil voice,
"Do not move, prince of ghosts." Vecransyh stops immediately and looks up towards the shrouded face of the creature, "Looks like you can be obedient."
"Why did you kill them?!" The creature lets out a sinister cackle,
"Because you foolishly let them fight against me and now, they have died because of you." Vecransyh looks back to his deceased allies and more tears run down his face, "Now you will listen to my request or this one will join them." Vecransyh looks up to Xylina to see her eyes closed crying. Vecransyh's fists clench as he looks back to the creatures face,
"I'll do anything..."
"This, what you are seeing right now, is what will happen in the future is you defy this request. You will meet me in due time and when that time comes I want you to release your ties to them all and join me. Command my power and together we can rule the world." Vecransyh closes his eyes and looks down,
"And if I don't then they will all die...?"
"Correct. And after they are dead you will still join me. If you truly care for them let them go at our meeting and they will not die by my hand." Vecransyh looks up to Xylina who meets eyes will him with a look of sheer horror and fear on her face. Vecransyh looks back to the figure and takes a knight's stance looking at the ground,
"I will serve you just please... let Xylina go..." Vecransyh hears a bone-chilling crack as Xylina's body falls from the wing's grip and lands in front of him, her neck broken, she dies immediately.
Vecransyh begins screaming as he jerks up in his bed and the memory of the dream begins to leave him. Breathing heavily he turns to look at Xylina, who is giving him a scared look,
"Are you okay?!" By now the memory of the dream is locked into Vecransyh's subconscious and he can't recall any of it and he catches his breath and smiles lightly at Xylina,
"Must've... been a nightmare; can't remember it now." Xylina smiles as she embraces him,
"Don't worry about it. I was just worried that something was wrong with you. Don't scare me like that..." Vecransyh puts his arms around her,
"Sorry..." Vecransyh stands up and pulls his shirt over his head before locking his belt and pokeballs into place. He takes the custom pokeball and releases Rotom into the room. It happily zips around the room before embracing his face, "So what is this thing?" Xylina giggles,
"I don't know but it's apparent that it likes you." Vecransyh looks to Xylina with a smile and pulls Rotom off of his face letting him float in front of him,
"Hopefully it's smart enough to speak."
"SPEAK!!" The Rotom's voice sounds like one would hear from a computer speak function,
"Well I guess he's smart." Xylina giggles at the small orange Pokemon,
"He's really cute!" Vecransyh smiles and gets a dictionary from the bookcase near the bed. A few hours pass before Vecransyh closes the book having finished teaching Rotom every word,
"YAY I CAN SPEAK NOW!! THANK YOU DADDY!!" Vecransyh blushes as the little Pokemon embraces his face,
"Daddy...?" Xylina smiles as she floats over to him,
"Looks like you have a kid now Vecy." Vecransyh runs his hand through his hair and pats his son on the head,
"Welcome to the team little buddy." Rotom, Xylina and Vecransyh all head down into the lobby where they find Drake, Kaza and Latias. Latias smiles as she sees Rotom,
"Oh my god that's so cute!!!" Rotom flies over to her and smiles happily as he flails his arms,
"Hi!!! I'm Rotom!! What's your name?! Do you know daddy?" Kaza looks over to Vecransyh with a puzzled look,
"That's what he calls me." Xylina giggles as Rotom flies around to each of them introducing himself. Drakes smiles as Rotom flies around his head,
"So you got a Rotom? He's a legendary dude." Vecransyh blinks in disbelief,
"No way!!" Rotom flies over to Vecransyh and looks at him curiously,
"Daddy what's 'legendary' mean?" Vecransyh smiles as he pats his son on the head,
"It means you're very special." Rotom flails his arms in excitement,
"Yay!!" Vecransyh turns to Drake,
"So what's on the agenda for today?" Drake shrugs as he looks at everyone,
"Nothing." Vecransyh smiles as he twirls a pokeball on his finger,
"Then how about a warm-up for tomorrow?" Drake grins,
"I've been waiting for the day you challenged me." Soon after the challenge is issued Vecransyh and Drake are standing opposite each other in the street with a crowd of people around them, "So how do you want to do this?" Xylina floats ahead of Vecransyh and he throws a pokeball releasing Gengar onto the field,
"Two on two." Drake grins,
"Time for these two to get some battle experience." Drake throws a pokeball releasing Luxray and Floatzel from it, "Meet Ren and Roze." The lion and the twin-tailed weasel exchange looks and strike battle poses. Vecransyh looks curiously at Drake,
"You have them in the same ball?" Drake twirls the heart-covered ball on his finger,
"This is a little invention of mine. It's called a couple's ball and it only works on two Pokemon that have an unbreakable bond. Ready, guys?" Roze looks to Ren and speaks in a female voice,
"Ready, Ren?" Ren growls and speaks in a deep male voice,
"Always ready, Roze." Xylina and Gengar throw shadow balls and Ren and Roze dodge them. Ren fires an electricity covered energy ball as Roze fires an Ice beam. Gengar and Xylina dodge and rush the two Pokemon slashing away with Shadow claw attacks and Ren and Roze return with Thunder fang and Ice fang. Gengar and Xylina dodge until Gengar is bit in the arm by Roze causing it to be encased in ice. Gengar and Xylina leap back and make a direct hit with a double shadow ball on the two Pokemon. Ren becomes encased in electricity as he dashes at and extreme speed and head butts Xylina in the gut as Roze strikes Gengar with an ice beam.
Gengar falls from the intense attack leaving Xylina to fight alone against the two Sinnoh Pokemon. Xylina dodges back as the two rush her and she hits Roze with a direct blast of Thunder causing her to fly backwards. Ren growls at Xylina and charges her with another Volt tackle. Xylina throws a shadow ball that explodes on contact with Ren's head causing a black smoke to appear. Xylina scans the cloud and in an instant Ren leaps from it and pounces onto Xylina pinning her to the ground, "Check mate." Xylina looks up at the lion with a coy smile,
"Why Mr. Ren you don't have to be so forward with me." The Luxray blushes as he leaps off of Xylina,
"I did not know you were a female. My apologies miss." Xylina giggles as Roze walks over to Ren and leans on him for support,
"He's always been a big softy." Vecransyh recalls his fainted Gengar and he and Drake walk to the center of the area and shake hands,
"You got close Vec." Vecransyh grins as he puts his arm around Xylina pulling her close,
"Couldn't have done it without this little lady!" The crowd around them applauds the battle and disperses. Xylina blushes as Ren and Roze laugh. The two Pokemon walk over and stand on either side of Drake. Ren looks up at the two,
"Looks like love can be found in unexpected places." Roze looks over to him with a loving smile,
"Oh come on, you know they look cute together." Ren blushes as he looks to Roze,
"Well, yeah, they do." Drake returns the two Pokemon to the couples ball and puts it on his belt,
"Just like me and Latias those two have transcended differences to find love." Vecransyh smiles as Xylina kisses him on the cheek,
"Hey Drake? Could you tell me more about Rotom?" Drake smiles as he sits on a nearby bench and Latias sits by him,
"Rotom. Yeah, I know everything about him which isn't much. There's only a few in the world and they're exceedingly rare. They can possess anything and control it making it move and so on and they're also pretty powerful." Vecransyh grins,
"Sweet!" Kazamaru walk up behind Vecransyh and lets out a loud yawn,
"Well looks like you lost." Vecransyh turns and shrugs,
"Well yeah but at least I was able to get an attack in." Kazamaru scowls,
"So what's going on with you and Scarlet? You guys hook up yet?" Kazamaru thinks for a moment,
"We've gone on a few dates so I guess we're a couple." They hear a female voice behind them,
"You guess?" Scarlet walks over to Kaza and wraps her arms around him, "Come on, you know we're together." Vecransyh laughs when he sees that Kazamaru is a head shorter then Scarlet so when she hugs him his face goes right into her chest,
"Scarlet? How old are you?" The pink-haired girl looks over to him,
"18. Why?" Kazamaru looks up at her,
"I'm happy." They all laugh and Vecransyh heads back towards the hotel with Xylina in tow. As he walks down the street he's approached by a group of three girls who gasp and giggle as they see him,
"OMG its Vecransyh!!!"
"He's so hot!!" One of the girls turn back to the other two and turns back towards Vecransyh,
"Sorry about them... we umm..." Vecransyh smiles,
"Autograph?" The girl smiles and nods,
"If it wouldn't be any trouble." Xylina floats over and scans the girl,
"She doesn't look armed. Definitely just a normal fan." The girl turns to the ghost,
"You can talk?" Xylina grins as she floats back over to Vecransyh,
"Of course I can." The girl shrugs,
"Fair enough." Vecransyh signs a small notebook that the girl hands him and two more for the squealing fangirls behind her. After she stores the notebook the girl blushes as she looks at him,
"Umm... if I'm not being to forward... feel free to say no to this but it would make me the most popular girl in school." Vecransyh tilts his head,
"Can I kiss you?" Vecransyh blinks as Xylina giggles,
"Go ahead Vecy, make her day." Vecransyh looks back at Xylina unsure,
"Are you sure?" Xylina grins,
"Come on. I won't get jealous. If I can deal with a huge tidal wave of obsessed fans kissing you and potentially violating you then I can deal with this." Vecransyh sighs and turns back toward the girl,
"Fine." The girl grins happily as Vecransyh gives her a light kiss making her faint immediately, "There." Xylina laughs at the girl's reaction,
"Nice. Now one for me." Vecransyh turns and kisses Xylina softly. As he pulls away he grins,
"There ya go." Xylina latches herself to Vecransyh's back and the two head into the hotel leaving the two fangirls to care for their fallen friend. As they walk into the room Vecransyh releases all of his Pokemon from their balls and blinks when instead of Duskull he sees a much larger grey Dusclopse standing before him,
"When did you evolve?" Dusclopse shrugs,
"I think it was after that battle with the Absol, Master Vecransyh." A small Shuppet floats over to Vecransyh and tilts his head,
"When do I get to battle?" Vecransyh sighs as he looks at the tiny Pokemon,
"Sorry I havn't used you yet. I promise to let you battle next time..." Vecransyh is interrupted by a knock on his door. Vecransyh walks over and opens the door grinning widely, "Grandma!" An elderly woman walks into the room and looks around at all of the ghosts,
"Well, looks like you have quite a collection little Vecransyh. You made Grammy Agatha proud as I watched you battle." Vecransyh hugs her and sits down on the bed,
"So where have you been if you knew I was here?"
"Sorry for not meeting up with you till now but being one of the Elite Four causes me to get whisked away at some of the most inconvenient times." Xylina floats over and sits on the bed next to Vecransyh,
"I didn't know your grandma was I member of the elite four of Kanto!" Agatha smiles at the Mismagius,
"Little Vecransyh has some pretty powerful family throughout the different regions. Training ghost Pokemon has been in our family for generations and Vecransyh was gifted with the ghost-speak." Xylina smiles,
"That's really cool."
"So, from what I've heard you must be Xylina." Xylina nods happily,
"That's me!" She turns and looks happily at Vecransyh,
"She's such a nice girl. I knew you'd find a girl like her to be your girlfriend." Vecransyh blinks,
"You know?"
"Well of course. You don't throw yourself in front of deadly attacks unless it's to protect a loved one dear. I could see right away that you loved her a tad more then your other Pokemon." Vecransyh looks over at Xylina and the two smile, "Well I must be going. Stuff to do, people to see."
"Bye Grandma!" Agatha looks back and waves as she disappears out of the room. Xylina kisses Vecransyh and smiles as she looks into his eyes,
"She seems like a nice woman."
"You should see the rest of my family." Suddenly a thought flashes into Vecransyh's head, "Hey, did that egg that Drake had ever hatch?" Xylina shrugs and Vecransyh stand up, "Let's go see." Xylina smiles as she hangs onto his back as he walks to the door and out into the hallway. Vec and Xylina walk up a few floors before they get to the top floor and head to the end of the hallway to a door at the end. Vecransyh knocks and there's a silence for a few moments before the door opens and the two see Drake standing in the doorway with only his pants on,
"Sup guys?" Vecransyh tilts his head as he looks at Drake,
"Something hit we a little while ago. Did that egg you had ever hatch?" Drake ponders for a moment,
"No, I believe that Latias still has it in that case. Must be close to hatching by now we've had it for so long. Must be something rare." Xylina giggles,
"You could just take it to a Pokemon center to see what's in it." Drake shakes his head,
"Nah, don't wanna ruin the surprise. So is that all you guys wanted to know?" They all hear a voice behind him,
"Draaaaaaake! Come back to bed!" Drake's face turns bright red,
"Umm... well. I uhh..." Xylina gives him a sly smile,
"Making babies are we Drakey?"
"If you'll... excuse me I have to go!" Drake closes the door and Vecransyh and Xylina look at each other before laughing. After the two head back to the room Vecransyh walks back over to the door,
"I'm gonna step outside for some air and get a bite to eat." Xylina smiles and nods,
"Okay love; just be back before to late." Vecransyh waves as he disappears through the door and heads into the lobby. After leaving the hotel Vecransyh walks down the strip of shops and looks around at the darkened buildings only seeing a few open,
"Hard to think that in just a few days I'll be heading towards Sinnoh." Vecransyh walks into an open shop and sits down at a table after buying a large bowl of ramen. He eats slowly as he thinks about all the possibilities of Sinnoh and loses track of time.
After walking around for a few hours with his thoughts Vecransyh wanders into the Stadium and sits down in one of the many seats overlooking the arena. He looks up towards the sky and marvels at the hundreds of stars in the sky and the moon shining brightly among them, "Wish I could remember that nightmare... why was I so freaked out? Oh well... not like it's not in my brain somewhere. I'll remember eventually." Vecransyh hears the faint sound of fighting on the field below and jumps over seats as he descends closer towards it. The fighting becomes louder as he moves closer and when he's close enough he sees a black figure fighting with a white Lucario, Blizzard. The figure throws shadow balls as the Lucario dodges them and rushes the figure with physical blows. After a few minutes of watching the sparring match Blizzard is struck sending him flying backwards onto the floor. He stands and walks over to the figure with a happy look on his face and the two shake hands,
"Looks like I still can't beat you." The figure speaks in a voice identical to Neo's,
"Don't worry. You'll win someday just keep training." Vecransyh hops down onto the field and the two notice him and turn. Blizzard glares at Vecransyh as he approaches,
"Who is that?"
"It's me, Vecransyh." Neo dashes behind Blizzard and Vecransyh watches the silhouette as he puts his hood back up shrouding his face along with the darkness of night time,
"Vecransyh. What are you doing out so late?" Vecransyh shrugs,
"Just came to get some fresh air." Blizzard stretches,
"Well I suppose this would be a good place to do it. Quiet, secluded pretty ideal if you ask me." Neo turns toward Vecransyh and takes a few steps toward him,
"What did you see?" Vecransyh blinks as he looks into the infinite void of blackness that is Neo's hood,
"You threw some shadow balls but that's about it. You had your hood down but I couldn't make out anything. To dark." Neo nods,
"It is better that way." Vecransyh tries to resist but he asks,
"I'm curious. What do you look like under that hood?" Blizzard looks to Neo who looks straight into Vecransyh's eyes,
"Some things should never be seen..." Vecransyh looks disappointed,
"Aww... that's fine I guess; must be pretty cool if you go through so much to hide yourself." Neo shakes his head and turns his back to Vecransyh,
"I'll make you a deal. If you ever defeat me then I will show you my face and answer any questions you may have... for now I must bid farewell as I am leaving Kanto." Vecransyh tilts his head,
"You're leaving? You don't want to watch the heavyweight tournament?" Neo shakes his head,
"I've drawn to much attention to myself by winning the tournament so I'm going to Sinnoh to meet up with some old friends... Vecransyh." Neo turns back towards him, "Do you really forgive me?" Vecransyh nods,
"Of course; you can't be held responsible for the actions of your dark self." Neo looks to the side,
"Thank you..." Vecransyh lets out a chuckle,
"Just no almost killing me next time we battle." Neo looks back up at Vecransyh,
"Promise." Neo and Blizzard disappear through the exit and Vecransyh, having been out much too long, heads back to the hotel room. He sits down on the bed and strips off his shoes and his shirt before embracing the already sleeping Xylina,
"Tomorrow the next tourney begins..." Without another thought Vecransyh drifts into his normal happy sleep holding his lover in his arms as he dreams of days to come in the Sinnoh region.
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