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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Final Battle Decided

Vecransyh awakes at 11:35 as Rotom possesses his alarm clock again making a horrible screeching noise causing both he and Xylina to jump. After realizing that the awakening was nothing more then his 'son' Vecransyh casually takes Rotom's ball from his belt sitting on the nightstand near the spastic orange alarm clock and Rotom disappears into it leaving the room silent. After a few minutes of waking up, Vecransyh and Xylina head out of the room to the lobby where they find Kazamaru waiting impatiently and scowls as they walk down the stairs,
"Finally!! I've been waiting here for like an hour! We're gonna be late for the start of the heavyweight tournament if we don't hurry!" The three of them head out of the lobby and begin walking down the street towards the Pokemon stadium walking rather briskly towards their destination. Vecransyh turns to Kazamaru as they quickly walk,
"So how long do we have?"
"We'll get there just in time if we keep going this fast."
"Who's the first match?"
"Drake's fighting in the first match but his opponent is just some kid. Of course... age doesn't mean you'll win." Vecransyh laughs as he and Kazamaru close in on the double doors of the stadium,
"Oh come on, have more faith in him then that." Kaza, Vec and Xylina head into the stadium and they head to the stands before sitting down in their usual seats; looking out at the field the three of them see Drake standing across from another trainer. The boy across from Drake wears baggy sweatpants and a white tee-shirt. As always the announcer's voice is heard over the intercom,
"WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO THE HEAVYWEIGHT TOURNAMENT'S FIRST ROUND!! THESE COMPETITORS HAVE ALL CAME FOR THE SAME THING!! THE ULTIMA LEAGUE BADGE OF KANTO. BECAUSE OF THE VERY FEW COMPETITORS ONLY FIRST AND SECOND PLACE WILL BE AWARDED WITH THE BADGE INSTEAD OF THE USUAL THREE. THEREFORE THERE WILL BE NO MATCH FOR THIRD PLACE AND THERE WILL BE A TOTAL OF THREE BATTLES. WITHOUT FURTHER ADO OUR FIRST ROUND BATTLERS, DRAKE AND JEREMY, WILL BEGIN THEIR FIGHT FOR THE CROWN, BEGIN!!" Jeremy throws a pokeball releasing a golden Magikarp onto the field. Drake blinks as he watches the fish flop helplessly on the ground. In a ball throw and a flash of light Ren growls as he narrows his eyes and lowers his stance as he prepares to pounce on his opponent. He blinks and stands up as he looks at the golden fish. Ren looks back at Drake as the audience is almost in tears laughing,
"Is this seriously my opponent?" Drake looks unsure,
"I think it is... whatever. Easy first victory I suppose. Two more after this one so don't use too much energy." Ren nods as he turns back towards the Magikarp and pounces. The fish flaps its tail and avoids the attack leaving Ren looking towards it angrily,
"Stay still!!" The Magikarp responds by flailing its tail and bouncing all around Ren as he repeatedly tries to capture the fish like a cat to a pulled string. This goes on for a few minutes before the Magikarp flops onto Ren's back. At this point Jeremy throws his arm towards the fish,
"Go Magikarp!! Explosion now!!" Drake immediately turns his attention towards the boy,
"Say what?!" On the field the fish glows brightly as Ren tries to shake it off and before long the Magikarp explodes and a billowing black smoke fills the field, "Ren!!!" Jeremy takes out a pokeball and a beam flies into the cloud of smoke. He returns the ball to his belt and takes out a second,
"Your Pokemon has been defeated." As the smoke clears a very battered Ren stands where he was breathing heavily clearly barely able to stand. Drake takes out Ren's pokeball but Ren turns to him and shakes his head,
"I won't fall... I can't fail you." Drake shakes his head,
"Neither of us could expect that. I worry for your life if you continue. Who knows what else this kid has up his sleeve!" Ren bows and a beam flashes from the pokeball returning him to it. Drake takes a second ball off of his belt, releasing his Arcanine from his pokeball and the tiger growls at the small trainer,
"Bring it." Jeremy throws his second pokeball and in a flash of light a small blue coral appears on the field. Four small yellow legs and a head pop out of the five holes. The yellow worm tilts his head when he looks up at the huge tiger-striped dog. Arcanine looks down at the tiny turtle-worm and back at Drake,
"Is this guy serious?" Drake shakes his head,
"His last Pokemon took out Ren in one hit so be very careful." Arcanine blinks,
"Talk about power!" Arcanine turns and jumps out of the ways to avoid a flow of toxic waste that the tiny Shuckle releases from his mouth. Arcanine rams it with a Headbutt and the tiny Shuckle skids back leaving trail of toxic sludge as it slides. Arcanine leaps to the side as the Shuckle continues releasing large puddles of sludge onto the field. Jeremy grins,
"Now that the big kitty is poisoned whip up a nice big sandstorm Shuckle!!" The turtle-worm responds by retreating into his shell and releasing large amounts of sand then releases a gust of wind that covers the field in a vicious sandstorm. Arcanine blinks when he hears that he's been poisoned,
"What do you mean poisoned...?" Arcanine looks down to see his large foot in one of the puddles of slime and suddenly begins feeling a little sick as the poison enters his bloodstream slowly. Arcanine rushes the tiny Pokemon and Headbutts it again before using Extremespeed to dash behind the flying Pokemon and Headbutts it again sending it flying the other way. He repeats this again and again before letting the turtle flying into a wall. Arcanine drops to a pouncing position as he breathes heavily from the poison becoming stronger inside his body, "Dammit... feeling faint." Arcanine goes wide-eyed as he sees the small turtle fall from the dent in the wall it had made in its impact and scuttles over to him looking only slightly winded from the barrage of attacks. The turtle tilts his head as he looks at Arcanine intently smiling at his inevitable victory. Arcanine tries to take a step forward but collapses in front of the Shuckle. Drake looks on in disbelief as he returns Arcanine to his pokeball,
"This can't be..." Up in the stands Xylina puts her hand over her mouth,
"No way! Drake can't be losing!" Vecransyh and Kazamaru say nothing as they continue looking down at the field. Meanwhile, back on the field, Drake regains himself as his eyes turn to Jeremy who grins as the sandstorm subsides,
"Looks like this is it for you, Drakey!" Drake scowls angrily,
"Keep telling yourself that!!!" Drake raises his arm to the sky, "Latias, lets go!!" Vecransyh and Kazamaru look to the sky at the mention of the name and see the white and red dragon fly down and float near her love. She turns to him and nods before flying ahead of him to the Shuckle. Jeremy blinks as he looks at the incredibly rare dragon Pokemon,
"This had gotten interesting but you still only have her against my two." Drake narrows his eyes at the trainer,
"Don't underestimate her. Let's do this!!" Latias flies directly at the turtle and forms an orb of energy in her mouth before launching it at the unsuspecting turtle. Upon contact the ball explodes into a large pile of feathers that slash away at the Shuckle's shell scratching it as she controls them with her psychic powers. During this, Shuckle had retreated into his shell but is still taking heavy damage from the barrage of bladed feathers. After the attack ceases there is an odd silence as Shuckle doesn't appear from his shell. Jeremy takes a pokeball off of his belt and Shuckle disappears into it,
"Tell me something. Where did you capture a Latias?" Drake narrows his eyes,
"Nowhere that I'd disclose." Jeremy smiles and takes out his third pokeball,
"Fine, fine, but it's only a matter of time before she falls." Jeremy throws the pokeball and a huge, silver, four-clawed, Metagross stands roaring towards Latias. Latias flies backwards releasing a wave of purple energy that envelopes Metagross but the steel Pokemon shakes it off and responds with a hyper beam that Latias is barely able to avoid and she flies toward the Pokemon with a cry as she fires another Mist ball towards the Pokemon. The ball explodes again and begins slashing away the metal hull of Metagross as it simply stands taking the hits and fires a second hyper beam,
"Latias you can do it!!" Latias lets out a cry as she flies up into the air to avoid the beam and flies back down pulling up right before hitting the ground but at the same time landing hard on the ground creating a massive earthquake. Metagross wobbles a little bit and collapses onto the shattering ground before being pierced by the sharp earth underneath him. Metagross stands and immediately takes the impact of another dragon pulse. He shakes off the attack looking tired. Jeremy looks shocked as his Pokemon appears to be losing an incredibly good match up for his side. Drake grins and throws his hand toward the weakened Pokemon,
"Draco Meteor for the win!!" Latias throws her arms out as energy radiates from her. Clouds in the sky darken and part and before long huge meteorites fall from the sky toward Metagross and his entire side of the field. Metagross rushes Latias with one of its enormous claws glowing and punches her hard in the gut before she has time to react. Latias is sent flying backwards as Metagross looks up just in time to be blown into the earth by the falling meteors. Drake catches Latias as she flies backwards toward him and skids backwards skillfully as her weight is thrown against him. She looks at him with her yellow eyes and smiles lightly looking battered from the strike but not like she's in much pain. Jeremy takes out a pokeball and points it at the crater releasing a slim beam of red that returns his much fainted Metagross to its ball. Jeremy walks toward Drake as he and Latias walk, or in her case, float, over to him. Jeremy runs his hand through his dark brown hair,
"Damn, thought I had you... guess everyone has an ace up their sleeve." Jeremy extends his hand for a shake but Drake only stares at him,
"You mutate your Pokemon." Jeremy retracts his hand and shrugs,
"Just Magikarp."
"You're a sick person."
"Hey, don't be like that. I just did what I could to be a stronger trainer." Drake turns and walks away from the trainer toward the exit, "I just realized you didn't call Latias from a ball which means she isn't captured." Drake turns and narrows his eyes at the boy and looks in shock when he sees him holding a master ball in his hand, "Which means. SHE'S MINE!!!" Jeremy throws the ball toward Latias with a malicious smile on his face but stares in shock as he sees Drake grab the ball mid-flight and crush it in one motion before looking at the boy darkly,
"Your first mistake was dishonoring all trainers by mutating your Pokemon." Drake begins walking toward the boy, "The second was trying to capture Latias." Drake walks up to the boy and looks into his eyes, "What do you have to say for yourself?"
"You're not to hard to track. When you least expect it I'll catch her!!" Drake closes his eyes,
"Wrong answer." In an instant Jeremy is sent flying backwards as Drake retracts his fist from Jeremy's face. He then leaves through the exit of the arena followed closely by his love. The announcer speaks,
"WELL I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT LAST PART WAS ABOUT BUT THE FIRST MATCH OF THE HEAVYWEIGHT TOURNY HAS COME TO A CLOSE LEAVING DRAKE THE VICTOR AND JEREMY WITH A BRUISED FACE. THE NEXT MATCH WILL TAKE PLACE IN JUST ONE HOUR SO BE SURE NOT TO MISS IT!!!" The audience applauds and cheers as Kaza, Vec and Xylina head into the lobby where the find Drake talking with Latias who has changed back into her human form. Vecransyh approaches him and sees that his hand has a bandage on it,
"So what happened at the end there? Everything was too small to see." Drake turns to him looking serious,
"He tried to catch Latias." Kazamaru's eyes go wide as he looks over to Latias,
"No way!" Drake nods and takes Latias' hand in his,
"Hurt my hand when I crushed the master ball but then I walked up to him and gave him one chance to redeem himself but he threatened to trail me and capture her so I punched him." Xylina nods at the explanation,
"Sounds like he deserved it." Latias looks around at everyone,
"Yes but I'm a little worried about his threat." Jeremy then walks into the lobby and looks over to see the group talking and eyes Drake who returns his look. Jeremy disappears out of the stadium with a sly smile on his face,
"I'll get that Latias." The hour passes quickly and soon Drake, Latias, Vecransyh, Kazamaru and Xylina all sit in a line looking down to the field. Vecransyh grins in anticipation at seeing David battle for the first time. They look down to the field to see the laid back trainer sitting cross-legged in his trainer area as he waits for his opponent to show up. Xylina lies back in her chair as she looks at a clock projected on the electronic board above the field,
"Five minutes till the guy gets disqualified. There's going to be a lot of angry people if he doesn't show up." As if to answer her comment a figure walks onto the field wearing a dark brown cloak as he walks to his area and a black pokeball levitates next to him. The announcer speaks,
"NOW THAT THE OTHER COMPETITOR HAS ARRIVED THE SECOND BATTLE OF THE HEAVYWEIGHT TOURNAMENT WILL SOON BEGIN. THIS IS A BATTLE TO DECIDE WHO WILL FACE DRAKE IN THE FINAL MATCH. WILL IT BE DAVID? OR WILL IT BE..." The audience hears the shuffling of papers as the announcer mutters under his breathe, "What do you mean the other challenger didn't sign their name? What? No, that doesn't issue disqualification... we'll just have to start the battle... LADY'S AND GENTLEMEN SORRY FOR THE BRIEF INTERUPTION, THE MATCH BETWEEN DAVID AND THE MYSTERY TRAINER WILL NOW COMMENCE, BEGIN!!!" David stands and waves to his opponent,
"Sup bro! May the best trainer win!" The cloaked figure doesn't respond and the floating ball opens revealing a Charizard with strange markings on its body, "Hey man! Sweet Charizard!" David tosses a pokeball releasing the familiar Charizard onto the field, "Let's do this Fronz!!" The two orange dragons exchange roars as they rush each other and lock claws glaring at each other. Fronz throws his leg up and kicks the opposing Charizard in the stomach knocking it away. With another roar the marked Charizard flies towards Fronz and slashes his chest prompting a roar of pain and a return slash from him. The two dragons stand and glare at each other realizing that they are evenly matched and rush each other again dodging and slashing each other's claws. Fronz slams his wing into the other Charizard sending it spinning backwards to the ground. The two Charizards go into a frenzy of slashing and wing bashes knocking the other away over and over again until the two of them finally collapse at the same time from complete exhaustion.
David casually returns Fronz to his pokeball and takes out a second before grinning towards the cloaked figure, "Wow man, you've got some power in you." The black ball next to the cloaked figure opens and the marked Charizard disappears into it. The ball disappears and a second levitates next to the trainer before opening releasing a Blastoise onto the field. Once again, the Blastoise has strange markings on its body. David grins,
"Hey, cool man! But not a good match up for this little dude!" David tosses the ball and in a flash of light a huge Torterra stands glaring at the cannoned turtle, "Alright, this should be like a walk in the park. Let's go get 'em Dan!" Dan begins charging a Solarbeam and the Blastoise smirks as it lowers its cannons and they begin to glow brightly. Before long, Dan launches the powerful beam of light while Blastoise fires the Hydro Cannon attack. The two attacks collide and begin pushing each other back as they fight for success. After only a few seconds of this the Hydro Cannon starts to push back the Solarbeam and the two attacks explode when they make contact with Dan sending him skidding backwards. The Torterra shakes off the water-type attack and roars at the Blastoise before charging him. Blastoise fires a vicious blast of water but Dan dodges to the side avoiding the blast and Blastoise is snared in powerful green roots that smash against the turtle in a frenzy of blows. Dan looks confidently up at the Blastoise before it breaks out of the attack and uses the roots as a springboard to jump down landing a direct-hit Skull Bash into Dan's head knocking him out. The roots, still reacting on their own, reensnare Blastoise and resume the brutal beating before Blastoise falls unconscious and is dropped by the roots. The two Pokemon return to their respective ball and David takes out his third and final before seeing a smirk under the mystery trainer's hood, "Something funny?" He hears a voice that goes directly into his mind,
"I never thought a mere human could match my power." David shrugs and looks at the trainer with a smile,
"Just goes to show ya you can never be too nice to a Pokemon."
The figure nods and replaces the black ball levitating next to him with another. The ball opens and in a flash of light a Pikachu with markings similar to that of a Pichu stands in front of its master with electricity building in its cheeks. David tosses his pokeball releasing a huge brown bear onto the field in front of him, "I'd like you to meet my buddy Alfonso." The bear roars at the tiny yellow mouse Pokemon before striking a battle pose. Without warning, the Pikachu rushes at the Ursaring with its body encased in electricity but to its surprise the bear snatches up the Pikachu and hugs it tightly against his warm fur. The Pikachu struggles to get free and releases countless electric attacks but can not get free. David smiles and scratches his head, "Sorry, he likes hugs." Alfonso continues squeezing the little mouse as it struggles against the bear's intense grip. After a few moments the Pikachu passes out from lack of oxygen and Alfonso releases the little mouse from his massive arms. The Pikachu disappears into its ball as does Alfonso and the two walk to the center of the field. David hears the voice in his head again,
"Correction, I never thought a mere human could exceed my power." David holds out his hand,
"Good battle stranger." The figure reaches out and takes David's hand in a handshake. David notices that the figure's hand is grey and looks a little alien-like with its three fingers. David looks up into the hood and smiles as a tiny bit of light hits the trainer's face, "So that's who you are." He sees the figure smile and hears the voice again.
"No telling." In a flash the figure is gone and the announcer addresses the crowd,
"THAT WAS INDEED AN INCREDIBLE MATCH FROM BOTH SIDES BUT IN THE END DAVID WAS THE VICTOR WHICH MEANS HE AND DRAKE WILL COMPETE IN THE FINAL MATCH TO SEE WHO WILL BE CROWNED POKEMON LEAGUE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!!" The audience roars in applause as David lies down in the middle of the field and puts his arms behind his head like a makeshift pillow before falling asleep, "BE SURE TO BE HERE TOMORROW AT NOON WHERE THE END OF THE TOURNEMENT WILL BE DECIDED!!!!" The crowd releases another wave of cheering and begins filing out of the stadium. Vecransyh walks into the lobby with Xylina riding on his back as they're followed by the rest of the group. Drake stretches his arms and yawns,
"Looks like I'll be battling David tomorrow. Never thought I'd ever have to face that guy." David walks up to them having woken up a little earlier,
"Never thought I'd battle you either dude. Let's make it the best match we can." With a smile Drake and David shake hands,
"Don't disappoint me." David turns and walks out of the stadium waving as he goes. Kazamaru looks around at the people entering the lobby from the stadium and walking past them going about their business,
"I wonder where... Ah! Scarlet!" A girl who was just walking past them turns in the direction of the voice and smiles,
"Kaza!!" She runs over to him and embraces him tightly kissing him hard. After the kiss ends Kaza is bright red in the face and wobbles a little,
"Wow. Can never get used to those." Scarlet giggles,
"Ready to go, hun?" Kaza smiles,
"Yep." Vecransyh looks curious at his friend,
"We have a date tonight." Vecransyh nods,
"Ah." Kazamaru and his girlfriend walk hand in hand out of the stadium and down the street. Xylina hugs Vecransyh tighter as she kisses his neck. She whispers softly in his ear,
"Three weeks." Vecransyh is puzzled by this and thinks about why Xylina would say something so random. Then it hits him and his face turns a bright red. Latias giggles at what she must have said to him and notices the pendant around Xylina's neck for the first time,
"When did you get that amulet? It's so pretty!" Xylina turns her head and looks at Latias smiling as she holds Vecransyh tighter,
"This hunk of man bought it for me." Vecransyh blushes at the name,
"Aw, come on. Don't call me that!" Drake snickers and the two girls giggle. Drake takes off his hat and places it onto Latias' head making her blush lightly and smile at him,
"Well, see ya tomorrow Vec. Latias and I have some things to do before tomorrow." Vecransyh raises an eyebrow with a sly grin on his face,
"Does it have anything to do with last night?" Drake and Latias blush heavily and leave without another word leaving Vecransyh and Xylina alone in the stadium's lobby. Xylina hugs him tightly as she kisses his cheek,
"It's totally about what happened last night." The two exchange laughs and head back to the hotel. As always the two lovers fall asleep after a good-night kiss in the other's tender embrace and dream about the other and days to come knowing that very soon they would all be on their way to the Sinnoh region.
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