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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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A Dream Made Real

Froslass sits up finding herself in a vast field of flowers spanning into the distance in all directions. She looks to her left to see Vecransyh propped back on his hands looking up at the sky with a soft smile on his face. The sun shines brightly on the flowers fully illuminating the entire expanse except for the ground under the giant tree Frosslass and Vecransyh sit under at the top of a small hill. Frosslass blinks as Vecransyh looks at her with the same soft smile,
"Isn't this place great?" Frosslass gives him a puzzled look and nods slightly,
"I suppose it's nice."
"Remember when I promised that I would protect you? Well, now you don't have to worry about anything else ever again because we're together." Vecransyh looks down, "Hey... there's something... I've been meaning to tell you." Frosslass gives him a puzzled look,
"What is it...?" Vecransyh blushes as he looks at her and tries to get the words out,
"I... well... hmm. Can I just show you what I'm talking about?" Vecransyh shifts a little closer to her as he looks at her lovingly. Frosslass sees the look in his eyes and nods slightly,
"Well... okay as long as... mmph!" Frosslass is cut of as Vecransyh kisses her streaming intense passion through her body. The sensation is new and sudden but after a moment she moves into the kiss and the two embrace each other as their tongues intertwine exploring the other's mouth. The two dance in pure passion and before long Frosslass gasps as Vecransyh slides his hand between the fold in her dress and lays it on her breast softly squeezing it prompting a pleasurable moan from the ghost. The two lie down in the soft, shady grass and look into each other's eyes as Vecransyh's hand continues its exploration, "I love you Frosslass." Frosslass smiles softly still letting out soft moans,
"I... lo... ahh.. Love you too..." The two lovers join again into a passionate kiss as their tongues dance and Frosslass embraces Vecransyh tightly pinning his hand to her as the pleasure fills her body. Her womanhood begins to drip from sheer pleasure as Frosslass holds onto him tightly pressing her body up against his. After a moment she mover her hand downwards to the bulge in his pants and circles her hand around it before sliding down the zipper and navigating her hand around his undergarments to his member before running her hand over it wanting more then anything to feel it inside her as soon as possible. The two lovers pull apart for a moment and Vecransyh strips off his clothing. Frosslass looks down to his hardened member before looking into his loving eyes, (Those eyes... that's why I love him...) After the words pass through her mind she moves her hands to her head and slides her mask from her face letting her dark purple hair fall down to her waist as she undoes the bow holding her dress closed and slides it off revealing her pale white body that looks like that of a well-developed human girl. She smiles softly as she sees Vecransyh's look of amazement as he looks at her unclothed body and face. After a moment he lies down and Frosslass positions herself over his member knowing that in only a few seconds she would be joined with the boy she knew she loved more then anything. As she lowers herself onto him she shudders at the feeling of intense pleasure filling her body as she slides onto him. But then she stops halfway as if there's something blocking the way and she slides up before pushing down hard moving his member fully into herself and gritting her teeth in pain. Vecransyh gives her a worried look,
"Are you okay?!" Frosslass smiles softly as she starts moving slowly still feeling a slight sting,
"I'm fine... ahh... it only happens once." As she continues moving on him the pain dies down and is replaced by an intense pleasure that fills her whole body and she feels herself grip her breasts out of sheer instinct adding to the intense pleasure as she starts to move faster on him. Frosslass falls forward joining lips with the boys she loves as she continues moving her hips to continue the rhythm and their tongues slide around each other as Vecransyh reaches up and softly squeezes and massages her breast as her own hand works the other. The pleasure-filled minutes go on for what seems to be hours until Frosslass feels an intense pressure of pure ecstasy building from her womanhood and she lets out a high-pitched moan as she has her very first orgasm. Only a few seconds pass before Frosslass feels the warmth of Vecransyh's seed as it fires into her womb leaving the two lovers spent and Frosslass lying down on top of him as the two breathe heavily from exhaustion and ecstasy. They look into the other's eyes before closing them as they join into a passionate kiss knowing that they would be together for the rest of their lives.

Frosslass smiles in her sleep as her hand softly explores her womanhood and she slowly opens her eyes looking over to the wall of Vecransyh's room moving her hand away and closing her dress as she closes her eyes, (I need to tell him... I need to tell someone at least...)
Two hours pass before the rest of the group wakes up, Drake and Latias wake up on the couch, Kaza and Scarlet wake up on the floor in front of the couch in a two-person sleeping bag. Drake walks into the kitchen to see Vec at the stove, shirtless, cooking bacon,
"Dude. What're you doing?" Vecransyh shrugs,
"Cooking bacon with my shirt off. I'm making breakfast this morning cuz mom already left for work before anyone woke up." Drake raises his eyebrow as he sits down at the table and Latias sits down next to him after entering the room,
"Isn't it like... bad to cook bacon with your shirt off?" Vecransyh turns his head giving him an odd look,
"Why would it be a bad..." suddenly a small drop of grease flies off the pan and strikes his bare chest, "Fuck!!!" As everyone else enters the room to watch Vecransyh horribly burn himself out of pure stubbornness they laugh and count how many times he says the word 'fuck'. Vecransyh finally turns off the stove having completed his painful mission along with having sworn over 200 times and serves bacon and eggs to everyone. Vecransyh blinks as he sees Frosslass giving him the tiniest of smiles instead of her usual cold glare, "Well, looks like you're finally smiling." Frosslass looks quickly to her plate and lifts a glass of milk to her lips as she turns her expression to a cold one,
"No I wasn't..." Drake watches this and turns to Latias whispering in her ear. Her eyes go wide and she looks at him to have him nod. She looks back and forth between him and Frosslass before nodding quickly. Frosslass, who sees none of this, continues eating her food.
After everyone finishes eating they all set out to the gym at the north-eastern most part of the city and walk in the door having the sliding doors close behind them as they do in every gym. A man approaches them with a large belt covered in flashlights,
"Welcome to Hearthome gym. This gym consists of two rooms before you arrive in the gym leader's room. How many of you are going to take the challenge?" Drake, Vecransyh, Kazamaru and Scarlet raise their hands and the man hands each of them a flashlight, "Alright. What you need to do in the rooms past this door is find a blue square somewhere on the floor and memorize the shape on it. Then go to the end of the room and there will be 3 doors to choose from. Choose the right one and you will advance to room two. Choose the wrong one and you will end up back here. The second room is the same as the first but it is much bigger and there are five doors. Good luck."
After completing the first room rather easily the group finds themselves in a vast room of pitch-blackness slightly illuminated by the red eyes all around them forming a sort of maze through the room. Kaza sighs,
"Oh boy... okay. Drake, Latias, Stratos, you go left, Vec, Xylina and Frosslass go right and me and Scarlet will go straight. We gotta find that mat." Everyone does as instructed and Vecransyh walks through the maze trailed by the two girls with his hands in his pockets,
"Been a long time since I was in here but I think Drake is the one who'll find the mat." Not even a second after Vecransyh finishes his sentence everyone hears Drakes voice from his part of the room,
"Found the mat!!! Everyone head for the red mat with a star on it!!" In just a few moments the group gathers in front of a door with a star marked mat lying in front of it. Kaza lets out a deep breathe before he opens the door and walks through followed by the others and a grinning Vecransyh. The next room is dark with no light and the eight stand there for a moment before a spotlight suddenly turns on over them and a woman's voice speaks along with a French accent,
"Ello' worthy challengars I am the leadare of theese gym. My name iz Fantina!" The room illuminates and a tall woman with a four-way bun strikes a pose with her arm out towards them. She stands in a long, flowing, purple, strapless dress that complements her purple hair and shimmers in the light. She gasps as she sees Vecransyh leaning on the wall with Xylina and Frosslass on either side of him, "Iz zat you Vecransyh?!" Vecransyh grins,
"Hi, Mom." There is a sudden silence in the room during which everyone turns to face Vecransyh out of sheer disbelief. Kaza blinks,
"Dude, she's your mom?!" Vecransyh stands there grinning,
"Yup, my mom is the gym leader of Hearthome city and now you guys all have to battle her including myself." Fantina looks almost like she's about to cry,
"You have come so far little Vecransyh I knew we'd battle at zome point." Vecransyh nods with a happy smile,
"I've come for your badge mom and I know it won't be easy." Fantina giggles,
"You've got that right. So, vou must all be my Vecransyh's friends. Introductions will be after you all try to earn your badges though so let's get vese battles undervay." Everyone decides what order they want to battle Fantina in and Vecransyh sits out to battle her last to not have their match rushed by any means. Drake steps forward and releases Roze in a brief flash of light. She growls as Fantina releases a large cycloptic ghost with a demonic red eye and what looks like a face and mouth on her stomach. Roze rushes at Dusknoir and leaps to the side barely avoiding a shock wave of dark energy that barely grazes her left foot causing her to lose her aerial balance and hit the ground with a thud. Roze shakes off the impact and leaps at Dusknoir gripping Dusknoir's arm in her teeth covered in a dark mist-like substance. The ghost roars and Roze's eyes widen as the mouth on her stomach opens blasting Roze with a shadow ball point blank and sending her flying backwards. Roze catches the ground with her hands and vaults backwards doing a double-back flip before landing on her feet and, using the pressure from the landing, she sprints forward and fires a powerful hydro-pump that barrels into Dusknoir before she even realizes what's happening and the Pokemon flies backwards as the pillar of water hits her pinning her to the wall behind Fantina. A moment later the water subsides and Dusknoir falls to the ground unconscious and soaking wet. Fantina returns her to her pokeball and takes out a second, "Your Floatzel has quite a bit of power." Roze grins,
"Thanks!" Fantina smiles and throws her second pokeball and a Gengar stands in front of her. The Gengar looks slightly feminine compared to the tough look of Vecransyh's. The female Gengar grins charging electricity in her body,
"Bye, bye sweetie." Roze goes wide-eyed as she avoids a giant blast of electricity by leaping to the side. Roze fires a second hydro pump that Gengar counters with a thunderbolt that travels down the pillar of water fully electrocuting Roze from the conduction. Roze falls backwards as tiny flickers of electricity appear all around her body and she looks back at Drake weakly before waving her arms a little creating a small cloud above the arena that starts a soft rain that falls on the arena. Drake grins knowing what Roze means by this and returns her to her ball and clicks a button on it before throwing it again releasing Ren who flickers with electricity as he feels the rain fall on him,
"I'm not going easy on you just because you're a girl." The Gengar grins,
"I was just about to say the same thing." Back near the wall Kazamaru yells,
"BURN!!!!" Ren grins as he goes down into a pouncing position,
"Then let's go." Ren dashes to the side easily avoiding a shadow ball and appears to the side of Gengar before barreling into her with an electrified Headbutt sending her skidding backwards only to retaliate with a shadow ball that Ren jumps up to avoid, "Gotta be quicker then that!" He roars upwards raining down thunder from the cloud that strikes the Gengar repeatedly. Gengar shakes off the incredibly powerful attack and strikes Ren with a barrage of shadow balls that he moves his body in timing to avoid each one before widening his eyes as one slams into him and explodes sending him shooting backwards into the wall and to the floor, "Dammit..." Ren stands weakly looking at the heavily damaged Gengar and he dashes into another Volt Tackle sending the Gengar into the wall both of them falling unconscious on impact and the two fighters return to their pokeballs. Arcanine rises from his pokeball howling to the sky as he's released and looks down at the leader as she releases her final Pokemon. Arcanine blinks as he sees what appears to be Xylina in front of him and he looks back to the wall seeing the ghost also standing there. He shakes his head clearing his mind making sure that he isn't fighting a member of the group and looks back to the Mismagius that looks darkly at him,
"Mismagius! Attract!" The ghost's expression turns to a loving one as her psychic powers mess with Arcanine's judgment making him fall in love with her and sway slightly as he looks at her, "Captivate!" The Mismagius sways her body in a tantalizing way causing Arcanine to simply look at her with a dazed expression. He suddenly snaps out of it as a yell pierces his mind,
"Arcanine!" Arcanine shakes his head rapidly and fires a flamethrower that hits Mismagius but that ghost simply floats there and after the attack stops she floats there giggling as she rains shadow balls that slowly but surely take down that giant dog after a few minutes. Drake returns Arcanine to his pokeball and looks back to Latias and his son before taking out his fourth Pokemon. He releases Swampert in a flash of light and she roars at the ghost,
"Perfect. Anozare male! Attract!" Mismagius repeats her earlier movements only to take a hydro pump to her entire body making her have a similar fate to that of Dusknoir. Swampert wipes off her mouth and scowls at Fantina,
"I'm a chick. And you have lost." Fantina lets out a sigh as her Mismagius disappears into her pokeball as does Swampert. Drake and Fantina walk to the center of the arena and she hands him a badge with a smile,
"I misjudged your last Pokemon and it cost me the match. This Relic Badge is for you." Drake takes the badge and smiles,
"Thank you. My name's Drake. I've been traveling with Vecransyh for a little over a year."
"I've heard a little about you. You led my son to the Pokemon league and I couldn't be more grateful to you." Drake grins,
"His abilities were what guided him there I just gave him a jump-start." After a quick healing process and a few minutes Scarlet stands across from Fantina with her Gallade standing battle-ready with his arms folded staring at the Dusknoir that he has to defeat. Gallade runs towards Dusknoir and slides under a dark pulse before slashing the giant ghost with psychic energy-covered blade causing her to roar in pain before blasting Gallade back with a powerful shadow ball from the mouth on her stomach. Gallade lands on his back and gets up to a knee before standing and going back to his battle pose. He leaps to the side in a frontward roll to avoid a shadow ball and dashes back and forth avoiding the rapid firing of them until he lands another psycho-cut and being blasted again by another shadow ball that leaves Gallade on the ground heavily weakened by the potency of the attack. He stands up looking weakly at his opponent as another shadow ball flies towards him. Gallade focuses all of his remaining energy into his arm and his arm becomes covered in a semi-large shield. He runs towards the shadow ball and swings his arm covering the ball in his own psychic energy and sends it flying back towards a surprised Dusknoir that collapses from the intense power of the attack followed shortly by an energy-expended Gallade. Gardevoir rises majestically from her pokeball and looks across at Gengar. She releases a blast of psychic energy that hits a shockwave of dark energy from her opponent and the two attacks collide creating a huge explosion. Gardevoir rushes towards Gengar and teleports behind her laying her hand on the Gengars head and releasing a pulse of psychic energy into her causing incredible damage from the raw power of the attack leaving the Gengar unconscious on the floor before she returns to her pokeball. Fantina releases her Mismagius and Gardevoir teleports behind it for a second instant finisher but her eyes widen as she sees the ghost already facing her and takes a point blank pulse of dark energy delivered in a similar way to her last attack leaving the Gardevoir instantly on the floor before returning to her pokeball. Scarlet takes out her third pokeball and Releases Medicham who balances on one foot as he looks at his opponent before releasing a psychic blast that the Mismagius dodges and throws a barrage of shadow balls that mostly hit leaving Medicham fairly weakened by the rapid succession. Medicham rushes forward avoiding one of the dark spheres and slamming his fist into Mismagius releasing a pulse of psychic energy on contact but receiving a pointblank shadow ball in return knocking him out as he collides with the floor after skidding backwards in front of Scarlet. Scarlet takes out a pokeball and Medicham returns to it. Scarlet looks down as she holds her last pokeball in her hand,
"Let's do this Dane!" She throws the pokeball releasing the shiny Abra, who stands and looks at his opponent,
"Well this sucks." He teleports avoiding a shadow ball and appears sitting on top of the Mismagius' hat, "Almost got me on that one." He then teleports in front of her face with a slight smile, "Hi there!" Without warning he blasts her with a potent shadow ball causing her to be blasted backwards. Dane grins at his victory, "Yeah, enjoy that; put that in your mouth." He then bows as he turns himself into a red silhouette returning to his ball. Scarlet walks to the center of the arena with Fantina,
"Wow that was a close one!" The leader smiles,
"Yes it was. Here is your Relic badge." She hands her a badge,
"Thank you. My name is Scarlet, I met Vecransyh in the Pokemon league and..." Fantina smiles,
"Ah! You must be the girlfriend he was speaking of." Scarlet shakes her head,
"No, actually I'm Kazamaru's girlfriend."
"Oh, alright then. Well, send the dear over and we can have our battle." Fantina turns to the healing machine she had installed in her room for multiple challengers and heals her Pokemon before turning back towards Kazamaru standing across from her next to his Tyranitar and the two have their arms folded smiling. Fantina sends out her Dusknoir and it begins assaulting Tyranitar with shadow balls. Tyranitar, meanwhile, is simply walking through the blasts and looks down at the Pokemon before opening his darkness-coated jaws and clamps down on the ghosts head as she flails about as the darkness surges through her body and she falls unconscious. Tyranitar leaps back as Gengar is released and she rushes at him slashing him with her shadowy claws causing him to roar in pain before he glares down at the tiny, for his size, Pokemon and punts her into a wall knocking her out on impact. He roars to the sky as Gengar is recalled. Fantina hopelessly sends out her Mismagius only to have her meet the same fate as her other Pokemon and she puts them into the healing machine as Kazamaru recalls Tyranitar and the two walk to the center of the arena and Fantina gives him an impressed look, "Your Pokemon is incredibly strong!" Kaza grins,
"He's only got a few weakness' to him. I trained up his defenses more then anything so he's like an armored truck" Fantina hands him the Relic badge, "Thanks, I'm Kazamaru. I'm sure Vec's told you about me." Fantina nods,
"He's told me about you. You've been his friend for a while now." She looks over Kazamaru's shoulder to her son, "Now then; Vecransyh? Vould you please come over here so we can battle and you can show me how much you've grown?" Vecransyh grins as he turns to Xylina,
"Ready?" Xylina gives him a happy smile,
"I was born ready." The two head onto the field and Vecransyh looks back to Frosslass giving her a thumb's-up. Vecransyh sends out Drifblim as his mother releases her Dusknoir to the field and the two begin firing shadow balls back and forth at each other all of which collide with the other's and they explode in constant recoil covering the field in a thick black fog. Dusknoir looks around but can't see anything,
"Where are you...?" Dusknoir's eyes go wide as Drifblim bursts from the smoke in front of her and she takes a powerful aerial ace to her torso making her groan in pain before returning the attack with a shadow ball but Drifblim releases air from himself softening the impact and suddenly refills with air releasing the shadow ball back at Dusknoir causing a huge explosion that takes down both Pokemon from the recoil. As the smoke clears the two trainers take out pokeballs and their fainted Pokemon disappear into them. Fantina sends out her Gengar and Vecransyh grins as he sends out his own. The two Pokemon look at each other with serious expressions before rushing each other sending dark pulses that collide causing an explosion and then the two go at each other with shadow claw attacks pushing the other back until they both throw a shadow ball and the two attacks collide recoiling on the two ghosts sending them backwards skidding across the ground. The two Gengars stand up looking equally as tired and they rush each other again each wanting the other to fall to prove that they are the stronger of the two. This stalemate goes on for a little under twenty minutes before the two Pokemon fall from complete exhaustion and return to their pokeballs. A few moments later the two Mismagius float in front of each other each waiting for the other to make the first move. The Mismagius looks at Xylina with great interest,
"How come you look so much different then I do?" Xylina shrugs,
"I think something might have gone wrong in the evolution process. I like this form though." Xylina launches a shadow ball thus beginning the battle and the opposing Mismagius catches it in her hand and spins around redirecting it back towards Xylina who looks on in shock as she dashes out of the way of the oncoming attack. Mismagius then begins firing shadow balls and Xylina recovers from her dodge and returns fire. As the two ghosts dodge their opposing shadow balls they go at each other with shadowy claws extended and begin parrying each other's attacks as they continue to fight with all of their strength to overpower the other. Meanwhile back on the wall Kaza turns to Scarlet as he watches the two put all of their energy into their fighting,
"You know, watching this is kinda like watching a sibling rivalry." Scarlet giggles,
"You know, they do seem to be giving it their all." Xylina slashes Mismagius across the torso and shadow punches her away before throwing a shadow ball at her. Mismagius recovers from the hit and her eyes widen as she's blasted by a shadow ball that explodes on contact. Xylina floats over and holds out her hand,
"Need a hand?" The Mismagius takes the offered hand and Xylina pulls her up,
"Looks like you finally beat me Mismagius." Xylina shakes her head,
"My name is Xylina now actually." Mismagius smiles,
"That name suits you well sister." Xylina smiles,
"Well, my love gave me the name." Mismagius looks over Xylina's shoulder to watch Vecransyh start to approach them,
"Is he...?" Xylina nods, "But you know about the teachings!" Xylina smiles softly,
"During my travels I discovered that humans and Pokemon are just as compatible as with their own kind." Mismagius looks back to Vecransyh,
"Well, I gotta admit he's pretty dang cute... and... those... eyes..." Mismagius seems to go into a dream-like state and Xylina snaps her fingers making her shake her head, "Uhh... sorry. But you know what father would say!" Xylina looks down sadly,
"I know and... I am willing to fight him for my life with him if that's what it takes. Who knows? Maybe he'll just accept my decision after I explain everything to him." Mismagius nods,
"Alright. Just be careful when you see him. It's great to see you again." Xylina smiles,
"It's great to see you too." Mismagius then turns into a red silhouette as she disappears into her pokeball with a soft smile. Vecransyh walks up to Xylina and looks at her,
"What was that about? Do you know each other?" Xylina smiles at him happily,
"Yeah, she's my sister." Vecransyh's eyes go wide,
"Y-your sister?!"
"Yeah. I have a family too you know. I just left them behind when I left. My sister disappeared a few months before I was gone. She was the only one who was ever nice to me and once she was gone I had no one. But at least I know she's alive." The two look over to see Vecransyh's mother walking over to them and she claps lightly as she approaches her son,
"Well, it looks like you beat your own mother." Vecransyh grins,
"Looks like I'm the strongest in the family now." Fantina smiles lightly,
"If only your father could have seen this day... anyway, you told me you had a girlfriend? Where is she?" Vecransyh looks to his left at Xylina and takes her hand,
"She's right here actually." Fantina looks at Xylina then back to her son,
"Vecransyh..." there is a silence for a few moments, "She's adorable!!" Vecransyh jumps at the sudden outburst and Fantina suddenly embraces Xylina tightly. After a minute Fantina lets go of Xylina leaving her winded from the tightness of the hug,
"Her name is Xylina and we've been together for a little over a year now but we didn't become boyfriend and girlfriend until about a mon..." he looks at Xylina with slight shock, "Tomorrow is our one month anniversary." Xylina looks at him with the same surprise and the two smile as they embrace each other,
"That's so nice. I'm happy for you Vecransyh." Vecransyh grins as he takes the badge from his mother and slides it into his pocket with a happy grin,
"Thanks mom. We're gonna explore the city for a while." Fantina nods,
"Alright hun, I'll have dinner ready at seven." With that the group heads out of the gym. Kazamaru looks to the right as they pass a large stadium,
"What's that place?" Drake looks at the city map he had picked up at the Pokemon center before they all had gone to Vecransyh's house for the night,
"That's called the Pokemon contest hall. Wanna go check it out?" Drake looks around at everyone when he says this and his eyes set on Latias. No one has any complaints except Frosslass,
"No thanks, Pokemon contests would draw to much attention to me so I'm just gonna walk around for a bit." Latias smiles,
"Okay, I'll accompany you." Frosslass blinks not expecting this,
(What would she say if I told her...? Might be my only chance.) Frosslass nods, "Okay then." Drake waves to the two girls,
"Alright, meet us out front in a couple hours!" With that the rest of the group disappears into the contest hall. Latias and Frosslass walk/float around in a silence for a while until they arrive in a vast park at the top of the city. The two eventually come to a bench surrounded by water with a bridge on either side of them and they sit down to rest. Frosslass stares at the ground while Latias looks up at the sky lightly kicking her legs back and forth under the bench. Around them are a large pond and many trees randomly around the park. Behind them is a large hillside with a few ruined buildings on it. The two sit in silence for a long time before Frosslass finally speaks,
"How do you know... when you're in love?" Latias looks over to Frosslass to see her looking straight at the ground,
"You think you might be in love with someone?" Frosslass says nothing, "Is it Vecransyh?" Frosslass nods slightly as a few tears fall from her eyes, "I won't tell him. I promise." Frosslass looks up with a few tears rolling down her cheeks,
"Really...?" Latias nods and gives her a comforting smile,
"I promise. You can tell me anything and it'll stay between us." Frosslass looks down nodding her head as the tears fall slower before they stop and she wipes her eyes with her arm,
"Okay... I had a dream... a couple nights ago. He saved me from being captured and held me in his arms. I've never felt safer in my life but then... he told me he loved me and then... he kissed me. That's when I woke up..." Latias takes all this in and lays a hand on her shoulder,
"Maybe you should tell Xylina this." Frosslass looks up at Latias with confusion,
"W-why?" Latias smiles,
"Because if you love Vecransyh and she loves Vecransyh then there could be some problems..." Frosslass ponders this for a moment,
"I guess you're right. But what if she gets mad at me...?" Latias gives her a slightly sad look,
"Well, that might happen... you'll never know until you tell her though." Frosslass looks towards the ground again,
"But... I'm scared... this is the first time I've loved anyone and I don't know what rejection feels like yet... does it hurt...?" Latias gives Frosslass a look like she had just dug into her mind and removed a painful memory,
"It hurts more then anything that could ever happen to anyone... but..." She smiles, "Then you find love again and all of the loss and sadness fades away." Frosslass gives her a sad look,
"Okay... I'll tell Xylina..." Latias smiles and embraces her tightly,
"Don't let go of your dreams. You've had to hard a life to fail now. Everything will work out for you in the end..." Frosslass looks at her,
"Really...?" Latias smiles lightly,
"Well, I think you've built up enough good karma over your lifetime." Frosslass smiles,
"Thank you."
"Just let me know when you want to talk to her alone and I'll set it up for you."
"Okay, I'll do that." Time passes fairly quickly while Frosslass and Latias talk about whatever they feel like talking about and soon they rejoin the group in front of the contest hall. Kaza walks next to Xylina who is wearing a large gold ribbon,
"I still can't believe you got a master rank beauty ribbon!" Xylina raises her eyebrow at Kazamaru,
"Are you saying I'm ugly?" Kaza shakes his head as he starts to sweat,
"No! You're not ugly!"
"Say I'm the prettiest thing you've ever seen!"
"Ahh! You're the prettiest thing I've ever seen!" Xylina turns back to face Scarlet,
"Hey! Kazamaru is hitting on me!" Kazamaru looks at her in shock before yelling up to the sky. Scarlet giggles having listened to the entire block Xylina had put Kazamaru under and walks over to him and gives him a little kiss on the cheek,
"Don't worry, love. I know you were saying she was the prettiest Pokemon you'd ever seen. Right?" Kazamaru nods rapidly,
"Yeah! That's what I meant!" Meanwhile Drake and Vecransyh have not stopped laughing and after a short walk they approach Frosslass and Latias. Drake smiles lightly as he sees them,
"I trust you found your trip enjoyable?" Latias smiles and nods,
"Yeah! We had a great time. Right Frosslass?" She looks at the ground,
"Yeah." She then looks up and whispers to Latias. She gives her a look,
"Now?" Frosslass nods, "Uhh... okay. Hey! Xylina!" Xylina directs her attention to the one, who had called her name,
"Sup?" Latias walks over to Xylina and leans in close speaking quietly,
"Frosslass wants to talk to you about something real quick. Got a minute or... ten?" Xylina nods,
"Umm... sure." Latias turns to face the rest of the group,
"Almost seven guys, let's head to Vec's house for some grub!!" The boys all raise their hands and speak in unison,
"HUZZAH!!" The rest of the group leaves Frosslass and Xylina alone and Xylina follows Frosslass as she floats back to the park. After a few minutes of complete silence after they had reached the park bench on the island Xylina finally breaks the silence,
"So... what did you need to talk about?" Frosslass says nothing for a number of minutes,
"I..." Xylina looks at her interested as she finally had said something, "I... I love him." Xylina blinks,
"Who?" Frosslass is silent for a moment as she looks at the ground,
"Vecransyh." The two sit in silence for a few minutes before Xylina gets off of the bench looking at the ground,
"I need a minute..." Frosslass then starts to softly weep into her hands and continues until Xylina comes back after five minutes, "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Frosslass doesn't look at her,
"I didn't know until a few days ago... it was after I had a dream and in the dream he told me he loved me and then he kissed me... I didn't tell you because... I didn't want you to hate me... you've been like a sister to me since we met... you were always there for me and once I knew that I loved Vecransyh I didn't want to hurt you..." Xylina is silent intently listening to her, "You probably hate me now... fine... just do me a favor then... I want you to kill me." Xylina smiles lightly,
"Frosslass... you don't understand..." Frosslass looks up at her with hurt in her eyes,
"I had a feeling that you had started to fall for him a long time ago." Frosslass looks at her in shock through her tear streaked eyes,
"W-what?!" Xylina nods,
"I told myself that I was going to wait for you to tell me before I said anything. Now that you have I have something to tell you."
"What... is it?"
"Me and you have a similar past. And it's only natural that you would come to love him after he saved you from your old life. And... well, I've always thought of you like a sister too." Xylina shrugs, "I see no reason why we can't both be with him." Frosslass looks at her in utter disbelief,
"A-are you serious?!?!" Xylina nods,
"There are two conditions though." Frosslass flinches,
"The first is that he needs to be okay with it." Frosslass nods at the completely logical request, "And the second... is that you wait until the day after tomorrow to become one with him." Frosslass blinks,
"Become one...?" Xylina smiles and winks,
"Use your imagination." Frosslass blushes under her mask knowing exactly what she means,
"O-okay... I can do that." Xylina smiles,
"Good. I'll let you talk to him before I go into the room tonight so you have him alone when you tell him." Frosslass suddenly embraces her tightly crying over her shoulder,
"Thank you!! Thank you so much!!!" Xylina says nothing but puts her arms around the crying ghost as she smiles softly. The two stay in their embrace for a number of minutes before they finally leave the park to go to Vecransyh's home for his mother's cooking.
Dinner is delicious and bountiful as everyone eats their fill of the various French cuisine and a few hours after dinner Frosslass and Xylina walk down the hallway towards Vecransyh's room. Xylina turns her head towards Frosslass as they walk to see her looking nervously at the ground as her blush is slightly visible under her mask,
"Ready...?" Frosslass gives her an unsure look,
"I don't know... what if he says no...?" Xylina smiles softly,
"Was that what you were thinking before you told me?" Frosslass looks down,
"Yeah... but..."
"Don't worry about it. Whatever happens I'm sure that he'll develop feelings for you eventually so in the worst possible scenario you'll have to wait a while." Frosslass looks at her in amazement,
"How do you know that?!" Xylina grins,
"I got him to reveal harbored feelings for me so I'm sure he has some in him for you." Frosslass smiles,
"Thanks... I feel better now." Shortly after she ends her sentence the two of them reach Vecransyh's room and Xylina gives her a reassuring smile,
"Don't worry; I'll guard the door so you won't be bothered." Frosslass nods and opens the door floating in.
Vecransyh is sitting on the bed looking at the floor and looks up to see Frosslass enter the room,
"Hey Frosslass where's..." Frosslass says nothing as she closes the door behind herself looking down at the ground then looks up at him with fear, confusion, and love in her eyes, "Uhh... you okay...?" Frosslass floats over to him and looks into his eyes to see his usual soft, kind, loving gaze mixed with a slight confusion as he tilts his head. Frosslass floats in front of him for a number of minutes while the both of them remain completely quiet,
"Vecransyh... I... " Vecransyh looks at her curiously, "I... I..."
(Come on!!! Just say it!!) "I love you." Vecransyh's expression goes blank as he looks at Frosslass, who is looking off to the side with a visible blush on her face,
"You... love me?" Vecransyh looks down overwhelmed by what he had heard, "What would Xylina think?" Frosslass looks at him,
(No going back now.) "Actually... I told her already." Vecransyh gives her a shocked look,
"What?!" Frosslass nods with her newfound courage,
"She said that since our pasts were so similar that she has nothing against us both being with you... loving you equally..." Vecransyh tilts his head slightly,
"She's okay with it?" Frosslass nods and a second later the two meet eyes and Vecransyh stands up,
"Well..." Frosslass sighs,
"It's okay... I..." She's cut off by Vecransyh's embrace,
"I told you that you didn't need to be afraid anymore... and if you have finally found love then I can't deny you what you've never had." Frosslass looks into his eyes with her eyes filled with tears,
"R... really...?" She's cut off again but this time it's with the first and most passionate kiss she has ever felt. The kiss lasts for a minute before the two slowly move apart still in each other's embrace, "Please call me by my name." Vecransyh smiles softly as his eyes meet her loving gaze,
"Yakira." Yakira smiles happily as she buries her face into his chest. Xylina floats into the room and smiles lightly,
"Sounds like everything went alright." Vecransyh smiles,
"Yeah, everything's fine."
"We should get to bed though. Long day tomorrow..." She gives him a lustful gaze, "And a long night to boot." Vecransyh blushes lightly as he smiles. A few minutes pass before the three lovers are fast asleep Yakira and Xylina both have their hands on the man they love and Vecransyh has an arm around each of them holding them close to him as the three lovers sleep peacefully.
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