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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Stratos blinks his eyes sleepily as he hears the door to the room open in the middle of the night. His ears twitch as he begins to hear a familiar voice along with the voice of his mother, who he hears first,
"Y-you're back?!" The voice sounds warn-out and tired,
"Then he must be alive!" There is a long silence in the room before the familiar voice breaks it,
"No... Drake lives to more... I'm sorry." The two voices stay silent for a long time,
"It hurts... but I know you did all you could..."
"Yes... Heatran is dead and will never claim another innocent life."
"You're back at least but... your eye..."
"I can still see the same out of it so it simply remains as a reminder of the past. On a lighter note, how is Stratos doing as a trainer?"
"He just managed to earn his second badge which puts him at six."
"I always knew he would be a good trainer. It's good to be back."
"It's good to see you again Arcanine." Stratos turns over in bed looking towards a large figure sitting in front of Latias mostly invisible in the darkness,
"So... daddy is really gone?" Arcanine nods,
"I'm sorry Stratos... but yes." Stratos looks down at the blanket covering his lower body having just had his first experience of death in his life. He lays a paw in his temple as his emotions mix and he doesn't know how to feel, "Stratos... you shouldn't be sad... he died potentially saving the lives of hundreds. His sacrifice was not in vain." Stratos looks over to the shadowed dog and smiles softly,
"Okay... I'll be strong for daddy..." The faintest smile on the canine's face is visible through the blackness,
"And I'll be by your side battling as hard as I can." Stratos hops out of the bed and walks over to Arcanine before embracing him tightly pushing himself into the soft fur of the Pokemon,
"And I'll try to be the best trainer I can be." Arcanine then looks up at Latias,
"I'm going downstairs to get into a room. The trip took a lot out of me and I wasn't able to heal fully." Latias nods,
"Go do that. We'll see you in the morning." Arcanine nods and wraps a paw around Stratos embracing him,
"See you tomorrow Stratos." The two release the other and Stratos takes a step back smiling up at him,
"Sleep good Arcanine." With that Arcanine disappears out the door and Stratos and Latias head back over to the bed falling asleep after a few minutes.
The next morning everyone is assembled as usual in the lobby and Stratos swings his arms back and forth lightly as he looks towards the door to the back room. Yakira tilts her head,
"What're you doing Stratos?" Stratos gives her a happy grin,
"Waiting." Xylina blinks,
"For...?" Stratos giggles,
"I don't wanna ruin the surprise!" At this comment everyone looks over to the doors to the back room and after a few minutes Arcanine pushes his way through the door and sits in front of them all. Arcanine looks like he did originally except for a large scar running from the top of his left eye to the bottom in the middle,
"Hello everyone." Everyone stands in stunned silence for a long time before Vecransyh breaks it,
"We thought you were dead!!" Arcanine shakes his head,
"Drake is the reason I live although he could not be so fortunate..." Xylina looks at him sadly,
"Could you tell us the story...?" Arcanine nods,
"Everyone take a seat." The group does as instructed and they all sit around a table. Arcanine sits down in front of the table and is silent for a moment as he gathers his thoughts.

The inside of Stark Mountain is dark and dusty. The smell of sulfur fills the air as heat radiates from the walls of the volcano. Latias, Drake, and the other three trainers run down a long hallway as tiny rocks fall from the ceiling. Drake begins to fall behind the much faster trainers and suddenly the ceiling shatters and Latias looks back to see Drake be lost from view,
"DRAKE!!!" The other trainers stop and rush back to the rock slide. One of the two males rushes up to the rocks and presses his ear to one of the creases,
"Can you hear me Drake?!" There is a grunt from behind the wall and Drake's hat along with his belt of pokeballs and badges flies out from behind the rockslide,
"I'm sorry guys... I'm not going to make it there's to much blood... Go!! You have to get out of here!! Latias... give Stratos my Pokemon and tell him to continue for me... I love you..." Latias punches the boulders blocking their way tears streaming down her face,
"NO!!! I WON'T LEAVE YOU!!!" The other male trainer picks up his pokeballs and his hat and nods towards the other male,
"He's right... there's no way we can save him and even if we could we'd all get killed in the process when this place finally erupts." Latias ignores them still striking the rocks as she screams in sheer agony at the thought of Drake dying. After a moment the male who does not hold Drake's belongings wraps his arm around Latias' waist and picks her up as he and the other two run for the exit.
Drake looks up towards Arcanine, who walks up to him,
"With me to the end eh buddy?" Arcanine smiles,
"I'd have it no other way." Drake stands, the right side of his torso is covered in blood along with his right arm and he weakly looks towards the canine,
"Ready to go down fighting?" Arcanine nods and he and Drake walk back the way they came for a few minutes before arriving in a huge open area with a long strip of land and a lake of lava covering the rest of the floor. In the center of the room is the legendary Pokemon Heatran, who roars as he sees the trainer and the canine knowing that they were there to challenge him. Drake pats Arcanine on the side as he leans back against the wall of the cavern,
"Just... do your best... the others already weakened him so he shouldn't... be... too hard to kill." Arcanine nods,
"I won't fail my last battle..." Arcanine runs towards Heatran and leaps to the side to avoid a pillar of flames fired towards him from the Pokemon's mouth. Arcanine retaliates by barreling into Heatran at maximum speed knocking him into the lava. Heatran quickly regains himself and releases a silver pulse of energy that barely clips Arcanine's leg as he dodges making him skid along the bed of flames and come to a halt near the wall. Arcanine glares towards the Pokemon and rushes back towards him before suddenly breaking to the right and then begins circling him at an incredible speed. Heatran continually strikes Arcanine with fire blasts but the canine Pokemon endures the hits as he continues his own attack. Arcanine finally leaps out of his circle as the ring forms into a massive tornado of flames that picks up a large portion of the lave off of the ground and Heatran is lost from view as he is swallowed by the flames. The blast burn dies down after a while leaving a heavily singed Heatran glaring angrily at Arcanine. The two Pokemon run towards each other and release powerful burst of fire that explode recoiling both Pokemon. Arcanine brings out his claws before running back towards the Pokemon and begins biting and slashing against the mighty Pokemon slowly but surely causing his body to give way. Heatran endures a large amount of the pain and blasts Arcanine in the face with Flash cannon before roaring up towards the roof of the cavern sending rocks falling from it. Arcanine shakes his head from the attack looks up as his face makes contact with one of the falling rocks. A spray of blood comes from Arcanine as he ducks to the side and looks back towards Heatran in pure rage. Arcanine roars powerfully as he releases a fire blast followed by his slashing and biting with fire cloaked fangs and claws. Heatran slowly but surely is reduced to nothing but a bloodied mass on the ground and Arcanine walks back over to his trainer victorious. Drake has collapsed to the floor leaning up against the rock wall coughing up blood. He looks up towards his starting Pokemon with a grateful smile,
"It's over... hundreds will live because of you Arcanine." Arcanine looks at him tearfully,
"So this is really the end...?" Drake shakes his head lightly,
"Not for you... there's another exit from this room that I saw last time we were here." Drake points with his left arm to an almost unseeable cavern at the back of the room. Arcanine looks towards it then back to Drake quickly,
"We can get out!!" Drake shakes his head,
"I'm going to die in a few moments... when you get out... I want you so go back to everyone and... help Stratos get all of the badges..." Arcanine looks at him sadly and bows to his side nuzzling him,
"I'll never forget you Drake..." Drake smiles as he strokes Arcanine's face,
"I'm not one for long goodbyes buddy. You've got to get out of here before this place falls." Arcanine nods as he stands up again,
"Alright... goodbye." Drake nods as he closes his eyes,
"Goodbye." Arcanine turns sadly and runs towards the back exit heading into the small cave,
(If I was full size I could never get through this thing...) The trip takes Arcanine a few days and before long he bursts out of a thin layer of rock behind Stark Mountain and looks around through his good eye, "Now I've got to find them... Drake... I survived... thank you."

"And that's how everything happened." Everyone is silent, "It was only after I made it down the mountain that the volcano finally erupted..." Kaza sighs,
"So then it's official. Drake is dead." Everyone is silent for a while before Onym breaks the silence as he walks down the stairs,
"Hey everybody!" Molly walks closely by him as always. Arcanine turns towards the unfamiliar voice,
"And you are...?" Onym blinks and grins widely,
"Dude! Nice battle scar!! I'm Onym and this is Molly. I met these guys last night." Kaza and Scarlet look at each other. After a few minutes Onym is introduced more thoroughly to everyone and he sits at the table, "So the guy who won the Kanto tourney died? Shame... real shame. Anyway, we're headed off to Snowpoint. Hope to see you guys there!" With that Onym disappears out the front door of the Pokemon center followed closely by Molly.
The remaining days of the group's stay in Canalave go by uneventfully and Stratos' first birthday arrives. Everyone is gathered in the Pokemon center and Stratos looks oddly at the cake in front of him with a single candle burning in the center,
"So... what am I supposed to do now?" Latias smiles,
"You blow out the candle after you make a wish. But you can't tell anyone your wish or it won't come true." Stratos grins and takes a deep breath before letting it out slowly and the flame on the candle ceases from the light breeze,
"I did it!!" Everyone claps and after the cake is cut everyone begins eating their slice of chocolate cake. Vecransyh looks over at Kaza as he eats,
"So... why didn't we have to get him presents again?"
"No one knew what to get him. Little guy is so happy all the time I couldn't think of anything he might want." Stratos' ear twitches as he hears them and turns around in his seat smiling happily,
"Don't worry I don't need anything as long as I have my family!" Everyone in the group smiles warmly at the comment.
Stratos' birthday goes smoothly and the next day everyone boards the boat to Snowpoint and heads to their own individual cabins to get settled before they all head to the dining room and sit at a large table. Yakira looks around at everyone nervously before looking down,
"How long is the boat ride?" Scarlet looks at a boat schedule,
"A day." Yakira sighs,
"Alright..." Vecransyh looks around the room,
"So... are we the only one's here?" Kaza nods,
"Yeah, lucky huh? We get the boat to ourselves! The boats small anyway so even if there is anyone else it won't be more then one or two people." Everyone orders their meals and converse amongst themselves before their food arrives and everyone begins eating. Vecransyh looks over to the other tables at all of the Pokemon in groups at their own tables the groups being the lineup of the trainer's team. He then looks over at Xylina who simply picks at her food only actually eating a small amount of it. Xylina suddenly gets up and floats out of the room. Vecransyh looks to his right to Yakira,
"Hey Yakira? Could you try to find out what's wrong with Xylina?" Yakira looks off in the direction Xylina went,
"Yeah, I've been noticing she's been acting a bit strange lately." After dinner Yakira slips into her, Xylina's and Vecransyh's room and finds her sitting on the edge of the bed facing away from the door looking at the wall. Yakira moves a little closer,
"You okay...?" Xylina turns and looks at Yakira,
"There's something I really want to tell Vecransyh but... I just can't find the words." Yakira floats around the bed and sits down next to Xylina,
"Maybe I could tell him for you?" Xylina is silent for a moment,
"No... I want to be the one to tell him." Yakira nods,
"Okay then. What is it that you want to tell him anyway? Don't worry I'm good at keeping secrets." Xylina is silent for a long time as she looks down,
"I'm pregnant." Yakira blinks,
"Really?" Xylina looks at her and nods with a light smile,
"Yeah." Yakira smiles brightly,
"Well that's great!! Guess Pokemon and humans are compatible after all huh?" Xylina nods,
"Yeah, but why is telling him so difficult?" Yakira thinks for a moment,
"Probably because you don't know what his reaction will be. Don't worry though. Vec's the kind of guy that would never leave you." Xylina smiles,
"You're right. I'll tell him tonight." Yakira embraces her tightly before leaving the room. She wanders around before going above deck and finds Vecransyh at the front of the ship looking off into the distance. She floats up to him and moves under his arm. Vecransyh looks over to her and puts his arm around her shoulder,
"Did Xylina tell you what's going on?" Yakira nods as she looks at Vecransyh,
"Yeah, and she said she'll tell you tonight." Vecransyh nods,
"Alright. So what's so bad about you returning to your homeland?" Yakira sighs,
"Nothing against the place itself but... there's just too many bad memories there..." Vecransyh kisses her passionately for a few seconds and when he moves his face away he looks at Yakira with a soft smile as she looks at him in a slightly dreamy state,
"But I'm with you this time." Yakira embraces him tightly locking him into another kiss. Their tongues swirl around each other as the two lovers kiss and softly embrace one another,
"Having fun?" Their eyes snap open as the moment is shattered like a pickaxe into butter and they look over to see Kaza and Scarlet. Vecransyh doesn't look the slightest bit amused,
"Well we were..." Kaza scratches his head,
"My bad." Yakira looks at him oddly,
"Did you want something?" Kaza thinks for a moment,
"Well, since we'll be on this boat for the entire next chapter why don't we have a battle?" Vecransyh blinks,
"What did you say?"
"I said that since we're gonna be on a boat for all of tomorrow why don't we have a battle?" Vecransyh grins,
"I've been wanting to battle you again for a while now. Hell yea we can go at it." Kaza grins,
"Great! Tomorrow on the back deck. I love how all of these ships have places for battles." Vec nods,
Later in the room Vecransyh sits on the bed next to Xylina as Yakira leans up against the wall, "So what is it?" Xylina looks up at him and hesitates. Vecransyh sees the look in her eyes and his lips meet hers. Xylina becomes lost in the moment and their tongues begin intertwining around each other before Yakira coughs loudly. The two snap back to reality,
"Vec... I..." She hesitates and then her eyes meet his loving gaze, "I'm pregnant." Vecransyh blinks as her words fail to register in his mind,
"I'm pregnant." Vecransyh is silence for a few minutes before he silently wraps his arms around Xylina holding her close to him, "Vecransyh...?" She looks up at him to see his same loving gaze and his eyes lightly streaked with tears,
"I'm so happy... Xylina." The two lovers join in a passionate kiss. Yakira smiles as she floats over to them and sits on the bed. Once the kiss ends she lays a hand on Vecransyh's shoulder,
"So... does this make the sex rule nullified?" Vecransyh looks back to Xylina,
"Umm... what do you think?" Xylina smiles brightly,
"I don't think it would be fair for Yakira if you had to wait for 8 months." Vecransyh raises an eyebrow,
"I thought Pokemon laid eggs." Xylina nods,
"Usually that's true but when the Pokemon has a human somewhere in their family tree they become... what's the word... mammals? No eggs." Vecransyh nods,
"I guess that makes sense."
"And to answer your question, yeah I guess it does nullify it because I doubt Yakira would wait until the day after the next time we do it for you." Yakira smiles lustfully,
"You got that right." Xylina smiles brightly,
"But just not all the time." Vecransyh nods,
"Yeah I got it." Yakira embraces him from behind,
"You hear that? You're mine tomorrow night!" Vecransyh looks at her blushing heavily,
"Say what?" The two girls tackle him down onto the bed and begin kissing him passionately as Vecransyh holds his arm upwards struggling for air, "Can't... breathe!" The two girls get off of him and Vecransyh takes a deep breath as he looks at them. He moves to the back of the bed and leans against it before he motions to them, "Okay." The two girls look at each other and grin before embracing him tightly and kissing him again.
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