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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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(Prince.) Vecransyh's eyes slowly open and he looks around his room. In his arms sleeping peacefully are Xylina and Yakira and around the room sleep his other five Pokemon. The room is dark and has an ominous feel,
"Hello...?" Vecransyh speaks quietly so as not to wake the two girls. There is a long silence before the dark voice speaks into his mind a second time,
(Prince!) Vecransyh looks around nervously. The voice sounds familiar to him but he can't place it,
"Who... who's there? Where are you?" A long silence again,
(You are progressing well Prince.)
"Who are you?"
(My name is of no importance to you at this time. All you must do is continue on your path and we will meet.) Vecransyh is silent for a few moments,
"Then what?"
(You ask far to many questions Prince. No information I could disclose would be of any usefulness to you at this time. When the time comes you will make your decision.)
"What decision?" There is no response, "Hello...?" Vecransyh looks down, "Why was that voice... calling me 'Prince'?" Vecransyh closes his eyes but sleep will not come and after a few minutes he slips out of bed and slides on his shirt then his jacket before walking out the door. Vecransyh makes his way to the front of the deck where he rests his arms on the metal railing that meets in front of him looking off into the horizon, "Whatever, dwelling on something I know nothing about will just confuse me more."
"You know... something's been bugging me lately." Vecransyh jumps at the sudden voice and turns his head to the left to see Yakira sitting on the boat railing looking at him with a look of complete seriousness,
"What's up?"
"Well, it's about Damian. He said that he was going to go find the other two of the legendary four and then come back for me..." Vecransyh nods,
"Yeah? We already know how to beat Thanatos." Yakira sighs,
"The Kanto legend is the one that worries me the most... his power is much greater then that of Thanatos because he fights so recklessly."
"Tell me about the legends." Yakira nods,
"First there is me and I'm much stronger then I appear to be. The next is Thanatos the Typhlosion we fought a while ago... He's said to be the strongest because of his regenerating ability coupled with his power and skill at using it. The next... the legend of Kanto... the legend of Kanto is a Brutal, evil creature that killed hundreds of innocent people until he was finally defeated and sealed deep within the sea by the elite four of Kanto including Red. His name is Styx and he is a Kobutops." Vecransyh looks down,
"What are the chances of Damian getting to Styx?" Yakira shakes her head,
"Not good because of his location but it's not impossible. But Damian and Thanatos could possibly meet their ends to Styx if they were to fail in subduing him." Vecransyh looks at her curiously,
"So who's the fourth?"
"I don't know what Pokemon the Hoenn legend is but I know she travels constantly. She also dislikes fighting but when she's mad or has to avoid being captured she has incredible power."
"So the legends are a Typhlosion, a Kobutops, a Froslass and an unknown one." Yakira nods, "Do you know where the Hoenn legend is now?" Yakira thinks for a moment,
"It's an ongoing secret what Pokemon she is and everyone knows that. I believe I saw a television broadcast where they said that the Hoenn legend had been spotted in Sinnoh recently so we might run into her." Vecransyh takes in all of the information,
"What's the battle strategy for Styx?"
"He fights recklessly so his guard is hardly ever up. I believe just hitting him with enough force could take him out because he doesn't have Thanatos' ability to regenerate."
"So an all out assault would leave us victorious. Okay..." Yakira tilts her head,
"So what's going on Vec? You were talking for a little bit and then you just left the room. Is something wrong?" Vecransyh is silent for a few moments,
"I don't know what it was... it could have been a dream... did you hear the voice too?" Yakira shakes her head,
"Just you."
"I don't know, the voice sounded dark but I don't think whatever he was meant me any harm. I could be wrong though..." Yakira gives him a concerned look,
"What did he say?"
"Not much... he said that I'd meet him if I kept on my current path... and he kept calling me 'prince'. You know anything about that?" Yakira is silent, "Yakira...?" Yakira looks away from him,
"No... I don't know why he called you prince..."
"Yakira...? Are you sure you don't know anything about it? You and Xylina have both called me prince before..." Yakira looks at him with a wink,
"Probly cause you're so good with ghosts." Vecransyh smiles and blushes lightly,
"Are you speaking from experience?" Yakira runs her hand along his cheek as she hops off the railing with a lustful smile,
"Mmm, maybe." Vecransyh smiles and walks past her quickly lightly brushing her shoulder as he passes her,
"Hang on I'll be right back." Yakira leans back on the railing as she watches Vecransyh disappear below deck and looks up at the sky with a sad look,
"Come on... just leave him alone... please..." The deck is silent other then the sound of the ocean lightly hitting the boat as it speeds through the water and before long Vecransyh emerges with Xylina clinging to his back with a sleepy look on her face,
"So what're we... here for?" Vecransyh smiles and heads to the front of the ship,
"Just watch... any second now." Yakira smiles as she realizes what Vecransyh is talking about and looks in the direction he's looking. Xylina looks up and blinks her eyes before they go wide in amazement as the sun begins to appear over the horizon, the bright orange and purple cascaded against the lighting night sky is a breathtaking sight, "I've never seen a more perfect sunrise." Xylina embraces him tightly and rubs her cheek against his lovingly as she watches the sunrise,
"Thanks for getting me out of bed for this, love." Vecransyh smiles and takes a step over to Yakira picking her up into his arms and holding her close to him around the waist,
"Not every day you get to watch something like this with the ones you love." Vecransyh rests his head on top of Yakira's part way through the sunrise, "So, Yakira?" Yakira doesn't take her eyes off of the sunrise,
"You said the Hoenn legend was a girl, right?" She turns her head to look up at him the best she can,
"Yup. So?"
"You think we might be able to persuade her to join us? You know, like as a precaution against Damien?" Yakira giggles,
"Thinking of adding one more to the Harem?" Vecransyh blushes heavily,
"No! That's not what I meant! Besides, I don't know if I could handle more then two." Xylina hugs him tighter,
"Well, if we do find her I wouldn't be surprised if she fell for you; being the stud you are." Vecransyh chuckles,
"I doubt someone as powerful as a legend would have any interest in... okay, never mind. So all the leaked information about her is that she's a girl?" Yakira nods,
"Yup. She doesn't even have a name yet; just the name of her specie." Vecransyh scratches his head,
"I could name her if she'd want me to." Xylina shrugs and begins using her hands as puppets,
"Who knows? It could even end up like, 'Help me! Help me!' then you're all like, 'Don't worry! I'll save you!' and then you save her and then she's like, 'You're my hero! Now I want you inside me!" Vecransyh laughs,
"That's only how it happens in movies and books. Nothing like that happens in real life." Vecransyh lets out a loud yawn, "Well, I'm heading back to bed... you both coming?" The two girls nod and the three of them head back to the room and the two girls quickly fall asleep in Vecransyh's loving embrace.
Early into the afternoon the three wake up from the sound of a loud banging on their door followed by the voice of Kaza,
"Yo! Vec! Come on dude we're battling today!!" Vecransyh sits up still half asleep and looks into the sleepy faces of the others. The three of them take a few minutes to wake up fully and after those few minutes Vecransyh is fully dressed again standing next to the bed. He turns back towards the two girls,
"So since Xylina can't battle... then I'm short one Pokemon." Yakira smiles,
"Then we'll just have to fix that." Vec blinks,
"You?! Come on, I'm trying to be fair." Yakira giggles,
"I havn't battled since that one gym. Pleeeeeeeeeeease Vecy?" Vecransyh sighs,
"Okay, fine. But only as a last resort. Like Xylina." Yakira nods happily,
"Alrighty!" Xylina smiles,
"Kaza won't know what hit him." Vecransyh puts on his belt and takes the pokeballs off of it one at a time returning his Pokemon to them from various points around the room. The three head out the door to find Kaza walking towards them next to Scarlet,
"I'm not even kidding. It's this site called 34 and it has everything..." Kaza stops as he sees Vec, Xylina and Yakira, "Just coming by for a second wake-up call. Ready to go?" Vecransyh nods with a grin,
"I'm gonna win this time Kaza." Kaza returns the grin,
"Not if I have anything to say about it."
Before to long the group has gathered above-deck and Kaza and Vecransyh are standing across from one another with pokeballs in their hands, "Ready Vec?"
"Ready Kaza." The two throw their pokeballs releasing Rotom and Tankburger to the field. Rotom zips happily around his side of the field while Tankburger simply scratches his stomach and looks back to Kaza,
"So... you have me fighting a ghost type." Kaza lets out a big sigh,
"You need a bigger move set. Something more then fighting and normal moves." Kaza returns Tankburger and swaps out the pokeball before throwing it and releasing Tyranitar in a flash of light. Rotom begins preparing a shadow ball and Tyranitar grins as he rushes towards him with a sucker punch that smashes into the tiny Pokemon sending him flying into the wall behind Vec. Kaza grins, "One down." Vec narrows his eyes as he returns Rotom to his pokeball and swaps out for Banette who rises from his pokeball and unzips his mouth before letting out an insane laugh and rushing towards Tyranitar slamming him repeatedly with Shadow Balls and sucker punches whenever he tries to counterattack. Tyranitar falls quickly and Kaza scowls, "Well that ended badly." Kaza returns Tyranitar to his pokeball before he hears a snicker from Vecransyh,
"Five left for both of us. Looks like I might win this one if you can't beat Banette." Kaza laughs,
"Don't worry about that. I'll take him down then the others then finally Xylina." Vecransyh scratches his head,
"Sure you will." Vecransyh then proceeds to take down Kaza's next three Pokemon with Banette but then four of his are taken down by Aggron,
"Only one left Vec." Vecransyh scowls as he looks at Kaza,
"Not to late to give up!" Kaza laughs,
"Nothing you can do can stop Aggron so let's end this." Vec turns back to Yakira, who floats off to the side,
"You heard him Yakira!" Kazamaru looks stunned,
"Y-Yakira?! But you have to use Xylina!!" Vec grins,
"Xylina can't battle so per the rules of engagement in a fair fight I'm allowed to switch her out for any Pokemon that is willing to fight for me." Kaza blinks and looks over to Scarlet who is looking through the Pokemon battle handbook. She stops at a page and lays her finger on it,
"Yep! It's right here!" Kaza scowls,
"Fine." Yakira floats onto the field and looks over to Kazamaru as she sways lightly back and forth,
"Don't worry; I'll go easy on him." Kaza grins,
"I won't." Yakira raises her arm to the sky and clouds begin forming and soon after light hailstones begin falling onto the field. Kaza shivers, "I-it'll take m-more then t-that to b-beat A-Aggron!" Vecransyh laughs,
"You think this is cold? You havn't seen anything yet. Yakira? If you would." Yakira looks back at him with a wink,
"It would be my pleasure." Yakira closes her eyes and brings her hands to her chest and the hailstones begin swirling around her and a large amount of the falling ones turn to snowflakes. All at once Yakira throws out her arms and the entirety of the snow and hail slam into Aggron cutting and freezing him to the core. Kaza covers his face as the Blizzard rushes over him and when the blizzard finally subsides Aggron is frozen in a block of ice and Kaza looks like a very well-done snowman. Yakira then fires two ice beams from her hands that strike Aggron shattering the ice and making him fall to the ground. Vec grins as Yakira floats over to him and he puts his arm around her shoulders as she turns to face Kaza,
"Check mate bro." Kaza shakes himself off causing the encasing of snow to fall to the ground and he shivers as he shakily brings Aggron's pokeball up causing him to disappear into it. Kaza looks over to the others as his teeth chatter,
"A-anybody have something to warm m-me up w-with?" Stratos runs over to him,
"I've got ya uncle Kaza!" Kaza stares and shields himself as he takes a low-grade sacred fire. He sways a little bit and shakes his head before coughing and letting out a tiny puff of black smoke,
"I was thinking more along the lines of a blanket and some soup but that works too I guess." Vecransyh feels a hand on his shoulder and he turns towards it,
"What's up Xyl...?" Vecransyh stops as he looks into the face of a gorgeous woman in light blue robes trimmed in gold and on her head is a sort of crown that looks like a crescent moon split halfway down. Kaza blinks,
"Who the hell...?" Yakira tilts her head,
"Why are you here?" The woman ignores them both and looks into Vecransyh's eyes,
"Come with me. We need to talk." Yakira looks at her curiously,
"What for?" The woman glances at her,
"This only concerns him. Do not worry; no harm will come to your beloved." Vecransyh nods,
"Alright, but first, who are you?" The woman smiles lightly but speaks quietly,
"I am Cresselia." Vecransyh looks back to Yakira,
"I'll be back in a minute." He then follows the woman back to his room and sits on the bed as she stands in front of him, "So what's up?"
"You are the boy who trained under Darkrai correct?" Vec nods, "And he gave you the sword imbued with his power correct?"
"Yes, that's right." Cresselia gives him an odd look,
"I have few reasons not to trust you but I request that you reveal the sword to me as proof of your training." Vecransyh stands up and holds out his arm,
"Sword of nightmares! Come to me!" All at once a portal of darkness appears on the floor and a black hilt rises from it and the sword floats up into his hand. The blade is pitch black and reflects no light and radiates lightly with black aura. The sword itself is a katana,
"So then it is true. Please allow me to hold the sword for only a moment." Vecransyh takes a step back giving her a distrustful look,
"Because I wish to fuse my own power with it. With Darkrai and my power you will be able to reverse the nightmare effect if you so wish." Vecransyh spins the blade to backhand and he holds it out to her,
"Okay..." Cresselia takes the sword and closes her eyes and before long the sword begins to radiate with light countering the darkness of the blade. When the light fades the sword has become double-edged and is a brilliant white along with the same pitch-black but neither side radiates an aura. Cresselia hands the sword back to Vecransyh and he looks it over with a bright smile, "So how do I summon it now?"
"You call out its new name. Eclipse blade." Vecransyh banishes the blade back into the portal and looks up at Cresselia,
"Thank you." He blinks, "Oh yeah, you're the Lunar Pokemon right?" Cresselia nods,
"It is as you say."
"Is there any way to sustain the effect of the full moon?" Cresselia gives him an odd look,
"You mean for forever?" Vecransyh nods,
"Or as long as possible..." Cresselia sighs,
"You seek to allow your beloved Xylina to switch between her human form and her natural form whenever she wishes? I am sorry; it is beyond my power to generate the power of the full moon although your wish is not ungrantable." Vecransyh is stunned,
"Really?!" Cresselia nods,
"But there is only one who could possibly fulfill your request. And that is the creator of existence himself. Continue your journey and you may cross paths with him but it will be only a single time if it does happen. That is when you must make your request although there is a possibility you will be denied, prince." Vecransyh is shocked,
"I heard that name this morning. A voice was calling me that. Why are you calling me that too?!" Cresselia looks down,
"There is only one who has the right to reveal that to you but sadly it is not me."
"At least tell me who..." Only silence and Vecransyh looks up to find Cresselia gone, "Fine. I'll continue on my path and I will find him and the answers I want." Vecransyh heaves a big sigh as he walks over to the door and opens it but stops when he sees Yakira looking concerned,
"Are you okay?" Vecransyh nods,
"Yeah, I'm fine. Cresselia is gone now." Yakira nods,
"What did she say?" Vecransyh shakes his head,
"Nothing important... where can I find Arceus?" Yakira looks stunned out of pure disbelief,
"Why would you ever need to find him?!" Vecransyh smiles,
"Because Cresselia told me that he's the only one who could allow Xylina to change forms whenever she wants." Yakira nods,
"I don't know where we could find him. We could ask around and maybe we'd find something but let's not get out hopes up. We're talking about finding the god of the universe after all." Vecransyh nods,
"You're right. Anyway, let's return to the others." Yakira suddenly locks him into a passionate kiss and Vecransyh blinks, "What was that?"
"Not to long until tonight, love." Vecransyh smiles,
"Not long at all." Vecransyh and Yakira both head back to the deck and find everyone conversing with one another. They all stop as they see Vec emerge and they all walk over to him and Kaza pokes him in the shoulder,
"Okay, spill it, who was that?" Scarlet giggles,
"What's the matter Kaza, jealous?" Kaza turns bright red,
"That's not what I meant!!!" Everyone laughs before Vec speaks,
"That was Cresselia. She didn't say anything I can disclose to anyone though." Xylina smiles,
"We're glad you're okay. A random person showing up tends to have bad results." Vecransyh scratches his head,
"Don't worry, that won't happen again." Latias looks over to Scarlet,
"Hey, what time is the boat going to make port?" Scarlet thinks for a moment,
"About noon tomorrow. I misread the schedule." Vecransyh looks over to Xylina and Yakira, who are standing next to each other,
"Looks like we get another night here." Xylina looks over to Yakira then back to Vecransyh who smiles softly at them both. Xylina smiles as she winks,
"Have fun." The rest of the day is fairly uneventful on the tiny ship and night soon arrives.
Yakira walks into the room behind Vecransyh and closes the door behind him,
"Listen, love." Vecransyh turns around with a curious look,
"What's up?" Yakira floats over to him and puts her arms around his neck as she lays her forehead on his,
"I want to have your child too." Vecransyh blinks,
"O-okay...?" Yakira smiles as she kisses him lightly,
"Don't worry though, it won't be straight away though. Froslass are fairly difficult to breed so odds are it will take a few tries." She winks, "And I'm fine with that." She then slides her hand up and slides her mask up off of her face and lets it fall lightly to the floor. She looks into Vecransyh's eyes and can't help but laugh slightly at his small nosebleed. She taps her nose as she giggles, "You've got a little something..." Vecransyh snaps back to his senses and wipes the blood from his nose as he smiles as her with a bright blush,
"Uh... sorry." Yakira smiles and kisses him lightly as she strips off his shirt,
"Don't be, I consider it a complement." She then leads him over to the bed and Vec sits down facing her,
"So how are we going to do it this time?" The Froslass smiles as she drifts over to him locking him into a passionate kiss as her hands quickly strip off his pants and undergarments. She hears a light moan from her love as she lightly runs her hand over his member and she smiles kissing him lightly,
"Oh, you like that?" Her hand lightly wraps around his member as she lightly runs her hand up and down the shaft as her other hand caresses his face as she kisses him. Yakira then slowly pulls away from the kiss and begins moving downwards slowly kissing his bare chest as she moves. When she reaches his member Vecransyh looks down at her as she continues stroking it,
"Yakira...?" She simply smiles lightly as she runs her tongue over it prompting a shudder of pleasure from the boy. All at once Yakira slides her mouth over it until she can go no further and lightly bobs her head as she sucks lightly. Vecransyh closes his eyes as his mouth opens slightly when he lets out a short moan and he falls backwards onto the bed. Yakira continues to suck lightly as she softly fondles her breast through her dress and soon her hand moves down to her womanhood as she becomes more aroused. This continues for only a few moments before Yakira feels a surge of sweet life nectar gush into her mouth and she runs her tongue over his member cleaning off every drop of his seed. She moves her mouth off of him slowly and runs her hand lightly around her mouth cleaning off any that might have come out and swallows thoroughly as she gets up on the bed lightly stroking him again as she lays next to him. The two join in a passionate kiss and their tongues intertwine. Once the kiss ends Yakira sits up and reaches her hands behind her to her bow and smiles lightly as the red ribbon lightly falls to the floor followed by Yakira's dress,
"You ready for round two?" Vecransyh scans her body with another light nosebleed before he looks down at his shrunken member,
"I think we have to wait..." Yakira smiles and guides his hand to her breast,
"That's okay. Just play with me a little." Vecransyh smiles and Yakira closes her eyes expecting a kiss but instead feels warmth cover her nipple as the other is massaged expertly. A light sucking feeling follows along with Vec's other hand sliding down her bare stomach to her womanhood and she gasps as he feels his fingers enter her and lightly push in and out deeply. The combination of the three feelings causes her to gasp and moan as she holds Vecransyh's head to her breast as he continues to lightly suckle, "P-please more!!" She moans as his fingers slide deeper into her and she begins to feel a steady pressure building as the immense pleasure continues to fill her body. Her eyes shoot open as his fingers brush against her ultimate source of pleasure followed by a powerful orgasm that covers Vec's hand in her juices. Yakira smiles lightly as she lets out a moan and her lips meet her love before their tongues touch and swim with each other. Yakira then lets out a soft moan as she feels Vecransyh slide easily into her and slowly begin to thrust. His hands gripping and massaging her breasts, his tongue with hers and his member drifting easily in and out of her womanhood Yakira is in pure ecstasy as the two lovers make love. Yakira becomes lost in the pure bliss filling her body and releases several more orgasms before she feels Vecransyh's warmth erupt into her womb. As the two lie there exhausted they join in a passionate kiss before drifting off into a deep, peaceful sleep.
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