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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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The group is woken early into the afternoon from the sound of their room's intercoms turning on and the sound of the captain's voice coming over them,
"The ship will be docking in Snowpoint port within the hour. Make sure you have your belongings with you during your departure." Kazamaru sits up with a loud yawn and runs his hand through Scarlet's long, pink hair prompting her to smile lightly as she opens her eyes,
"Morning, Kaza." Kazamaru smiles as his eyes meet her loving gaze,
"Morning, Scarlet" Kazamaru turns over in bed and pats one of the steel plates of Aggron who is sleeping next to his bed, "Time to get up, buddy." Aggron growls slightly at the awakening as he sleepily opens his eyes and stands up,
"Good morning to you master. I trust you slept well?" Kazamaru nods,
"Yeah, I slept fine... don't call me master though please, it makes me feel like I'm your superior." Aggron nods in agreement before he turns into a red silhouette and disappears into his ball.
Around twenty minutes later the group has gathered on the deck and Kazamaru stands next to Vecransyh who looks at the ground clearly deep in thought and Kaza's attention is on Yakira and Xylina who are both talking to each other but are to far away to be heard. Kazamaru raises his eyebrow when he watches Yakira hold up eight fingers prompting Xylina to look back and forth between her and Vecransyh with a look of disbelief on her face. After watching this Kazamaru looks over to Vecransyh with a suspicious look on his face,
"Any idea what they're talking about...?" Vecransyh says nothing as he continues look down towards the ground, "VEC!!" Vecransyh jumps and blinks a few times as he looks up at Kazamaru,
"What?" Kazamaru doesn't take his eyes off of Vecransyh as he points back to the two giggling girls,
"Any idea what they're talking about?" Vecransyh looks over to his lovers and simply watches for a few moments before looking back towards Kazamaru with a light blush on his face,
"Umm..." Kazamaru raises his eyebrow,
"What?" Vecransyh is silent for a moment and he looks slightly away form Kazamaru towards the ground,
"They're talking about each of the times I've had sex with them..." Kazamaru looks back to the two girls and then back to Vecransyh before he sighs,
"Isn't that like... illegal?" Vecransyh looks up at him with a light smile on his face still blushing heavily,
"I'm seventeen anyway but no, it's not illegal. There are no age restrictions on Pokemon because so few people find love with them." Kazamaru looks over to Xylina and Yakira,
"So... Yakira did this thing earlier where she held up eight fingers. What was that?" Vecransyh thinks for a moment before he looks directly at Kazamaru,
"This conversation is over."
"But..." Kazamaru stops short as Vecransyh walks away from him over to Yakira and Xylina. Kazamaru looks down as he sighs,
"Please Arceus... make these next two months go by quickly..." Meanwhile Vecransyh folds his arms with a smile as he stands in front of the girls,
"Swapping stories?" The two girls jump having not noticed him standing there and they both turn to him with light blushes although Yakira's is invisible under her mask. They both smile after a moment of guilty looks as Vecransyh wraps his arms around both of them smiling. A moment later everyone looks to the front of the boat when they hear Latias call out and she floats there with a big smile on her face in her true form,
"Land ho!!!" Everyone rushes to the front of the boat and they all hold onto the railing looking into the distance at the large, white patch of land in the distance. As if in response to her call snow begins falling on the boat and Stratos leaps back to the portion of the boat not yet snowed upon,
"What's happening?!" Everyone bursts into laughter as the small Lucario begins firing various attacks upwards at the falling snow effectively preventing any of it from hitting him. The captain's voice comes over the intercom on the deck a moment later,
"The deck is hazardous and slippery in the snow. It is recommended for all passengers to go below deck to avoid possible injury." Fully ignoring the request everyone, besides Stratos, stays on the deck throwing snowballs at one another. A second twenty minutes pass before the boat pulls into Snowpoint port and the group, and a very reluctant Stratos, get off of the boat with their bags on their backs and begin walking through the snow into the small city making loud crunching noises as they step. After a short amount of convincing Stratos walks closely by Latias shaking falling snow from his head as they walk. Vecransyh looks to his left noticing Yakira with her gaze fixed on looking left to a large path leading away from the city,
"That's where it is isn't it...?" Yakira nods slightly,
"Yes. My presence here should remain unknown if we simply stay away from the lake." Vecransyh nods patting her on the shoulder,
"Don't worry about it. They might not even remember you it's been what..."
"Nine years." Vecransyh scratches his head,
"Right, nine years... so, is there anyone you DO want to see while we're here?" Yakira nods,
"My mother but that's it..." Vecransyh is about to speak before Scarlet, holding the boat schedule turns around and stops everyone,
"Guys... we have a problem." Kazamaru, who was walking next to her turns to her with a puzzled look on his face,
"What's up?" She holds the schedule out for him,
"The next boat from here is to Sunnyshore... look at the date though." Everyone is silent as they watch Kaza's eyes go wide in shock,
"ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT WE'RE ALL STUCK HERE FOR TWO MONTHS?!?!?!" Kazamaru then looks up and narrows his eyes speaking so no one could hear him, "That's not what I meant..." Yakira rushes over to Scarlet snatching the schedule from her hands and looking it over,
"It's true..." Stratos tilts his head,
"So I'm going to be three by the time we leave?" Latias nods as she pats his head,
"That's right. You should spend your time here training and strengthening Arcanine and the others." Stratos grins happily,
"Of course! We're almost to the Pokemon league after all." After the group heads to the Pokemon and they all get settled for their extended stay in their rooms they meet in the lobby sitting on couches positioned around one another. Vecransyh turns to Kaza,
"I just realized something dude." Kazamaru tilts his head as he looks over towards Vecransyh,
"What's on your mind?"
"We kinda stopped our Johto league challenge so I could go get a Gastly then we just kinda forgot about it. Then we completed the Kanto challenge and now we're heading off to get our seventh badge from Sinnoh. Are we going back...?" Kazamaru shrugs after thinking about it for a minute,
"Do you want to?" Vec shrugs,
"Not really, seems more in the past now." Kazamaru nods,
"Maybe if we ever decide to go for Ultima league. Speaking of which... Latias, winning in this Pokemon league would make Stratos have all four Ultima badges right?" Latias nods,
"That's right but the Ultima league is only held every four years so it's not for a while; a little over a year actually." Stratos begins counting on his paws for a moment before he looks up at his mother,
"So how old would I be then?" Latias smiles,
"A year from now you'll be 16." Kazamaru raises an eyebrow,
"Dang, he'll be older then all of us before long." Latias giggles lightly,
"Older then you guys at least." Kazamaru blinks,
"How old are you?" Latias thinks for a moment,
"I lost track after a while but if I had to guess it would be around 600. It doesn't matter though; since I'm immortal I stay in my prime my whole life." Kazamaru nods satisfied with the answer, "So let's head out and go get this badge!" With that the group heads out of the Pokemon center and after a short trek through the snow they arrive in Snowpoint Gym. The inside of the gym is completely made from large panels of ice including the large arena in the middle. Around the arena are a few snowmen and large boulders of snow. Upon walking in they are almost immediately approached by a girl wearing a white blouse with a large blue bow above her chest. She wears an incredibly short miniskirt and has a blue sweatshirt tied around her waist. Her soft-looking legs are half visible with her blue and white striped socks almost going over her knees and on her feet are light brown slippers. Her hair is jet black and resides in two ponytails that jut out to the side as if defying gravity completely and a portion of hair hanging to the right above her face,
"I got word from Maylene about you all. My name is Candice and I'm the gym leader. So who wants to go first?" Vecransyh steps forward with a smile,
"I'd like to go first." He turns his head, "That okay with everyone?" No one objects and soon Vecransyh is standing across from Candice with Yakira floating next to him in place of Xylina who leans against the wall with the rest of the group. Vecransyh spins a pokeball on his finger as he looks over to the gym leader,
"Ready?!" Candice giggles and throws a pokeball into the air and catches it,
"Are you?" The two trainers throw the pokeballs simultaneously and a Weavile rises from Candice's. From Vecransyh's rises Dusknoir, the evolution of Dusclopse. Yakira looks over at Vecransyh,
"When did you evolve him?!" Vecransyh simply smiles,
"When no one was looking." Yakira shrugs and Vecransyh points dramatically, "Just like we practiced!" Dusknoir nods and rushes towards Weavile and Weavile snickers as it runs forward preparing a sucker punch but the attack misses Dusknoir as he suddenly strikes himself and lets out a slight groan of pain. Weavile shakes her head as the curse begins to take effect on her body and blinks before dodging out of the way of a large amount of toxic sludge that pours over the space she previously occupied. Weavile looks unimpressed and runs towards Dusknoir slashing him across the torso with her claws radiating with dark energy. But the attack is not without consequence as immediately after contact Dusknoir's stomach opens pouring out toxic sludge that seeps into Weavile causing her to wobble and start to become weakened as she begins to sway. Weavile shakes her head and runs towards Dusknoir slamming into a force field that sends her flying backwards. This continues until both the curse and the poison take full effect causing Weavile to pass out and return to her pokeball. Vecransyh grins, "One down." Candice smiles brightly as she takes out her second pokeball,
"Wow! That was a great combo!" Vecransyh blinks,
"Uhh... thanks...?" The second pokeball opens in a flash of light and a large Piloswine roars towards Dusknoir. Dusknoir swiftly flies towards Piloswine infecting her with the toxic poison. He then jumps back avoiding a powerful ice beam and looks back at Vecransyh as he lays a second curse thus knocking himself out,
"The rest is up to you." Before Dusknoir hits the ground he returns to his ball and Vecransyh spins the two pokeballs in his hand rotating them in place and reattaches Dusknoir's to his belt,
"You did more then enough Dusk." Vecransyh releases Gengar from his ball and he tilts his head to the side avoiding an ice beam from Piloswine and he raises his hand brushing against the beam encasing his own hand in ice and Gengar runs towards Piloswine dodging sharp rocks flying up from the ice summoned by the mammoth and he shatters the encasing of ice on his hand on the Pokemon's forehead. He plants his feet on the Pokemon's forehead as he does this and jumps into the air firing a barrage of shadow balls that all make contact with the Pokemon. The combination of the vicious onslaught of attacks, the poison and the curse make Piloswine fall incredibly quickly and Gengar grins as Piloswine disappears into his pokeball,
"Two down." Candice simply grins,
"Wow! You're really strong! But I still might win!" Gengar and Vecransyh both look dumbfounded by the leader upbeat reaction to her Pokemon being taken down. Candice tosses her third pokeball and a giant white abominable snowman rises form it with a roar and a powerful stomp to the ground that makes Gengar stumble slightly before he cackles. Gengar then feels something strike his head and he looks up to find a cloud formed over the arena and fairly large hailstones falling down around all of them. Gengar blinks as he watches Candice waving to him, "Bye-bye Mr. Gengar!!!" Suspecting the worst Gengar lays a curse on Abomasnow before he shrieks in pain as he becomes completely frozen in a block of ice that then shatters letting the ghost fall to the ground with a thud. Vecransyh grits his teeth and returns Gengar to his ball,
"I wasn't expecting sheer cold... Drifblim!!" Vecransyh releases the balloon Pokemon form his pokeball and he puffs up angrily before flying towards Abomasnow. He suddenly inflates himself avoiding a sheer cold and comes down hard spinning rapidly and slashing against Abomasnow's thick body and the Pokemon winces in the pain as the curse continues eating away at his life force. Drifblim increases in speed causing more and more damage as friction builds against the Pokemon's body until finally Abomasnow shakes off the attack and blasts Drifblim with a point-blank sheer cold knocking him out and following shortly afterwards hitting the ground with a loud thud. The two Pokemon return to their balls and Vecransyh swaps out for his next before Yakira lays a hand on his hand clutching the pokeball, "Yakira...?" She gives him a soft smile,
"Your others wouldn't stand a chance against her final. It's my turn now." Vecransyh smiles and nods in approval. Yakira floats out in front of Vecransyh and closes her eyes letting out a slow breath as she looks ahead at the gym leader. Candice throws her final pokeball and in a flash of light a second Froslass emerges onto the field. The two Pokemon simply look at each other before releasing simultaneous beams of ice that collide and form a large boulder of ice that hits the ground cracking it with a thud. Yakira smiles as she holds a shadow ball in her hand. And the two Pokemon rush each other releasing the same attacks at the same time causing small explosions on the various impacts. After a few minutes of equal attacking the two Froslass raise their hands and the hail and snow begin swirling around them before they both throw their arms forward releasing blizzards at one another and the storms are so thick both are lost from view. The sound of clashing and exploding attacks rings through the intense howling of the blizzard and before long both Froslass float an equal distance from each other looking winded from the amount of energy put into their attacks. The Froslass straightens her posture and looks across at Yakira,
"Well, I dare say you put up a good fight but here's where I win." Yakira's eyes go wide as she sees her opponent charge a sheer cold. Yakira charges her own and the two attacks are released, clash against the other and then pass one another freezing the other into a block of ice that then shatters. There is a silence as Vecransyh takes a step onto the field but stops as Yakira gets up and brushes some of the ice from her dress,
"Focus band. Gotta love it." Yakira floats over to the fallen Froslass and holds out her hand, "Looks like I beat you." The Froslass looks up with a slightly puzzled look,
"How... how can you use sheer cold...?" Yakira smiles,
"I'm back." The Froslass' puzzled look disappears and she weakly gets up and looks towards Yakira,
"You are... you are my daughter. Aren't you?" Yakira nods,
"My name is Yakira now." The two Froslass embrace each other with tears in their eyes prompting an 'Aww' from everyone,
"Where have you been all this time...?" The embrace ends slowly and Yakira looks sadly at her mother,
"I'm sorry for leaving without saying anything but I couldn't stay here knowing that I was doomed to fight anyone who had ever heard of me for my entire life and avoid capture." The Froslass smiles,
"You had a good reason for leaving. I see you have a trainer now." Yakira looks back to Vecransyh, "I have a lot to tell you Filomenia. But for now you have some more battles." Filomenia smiles,
"Alright, we'll catch up later." She then returns to her ball and Candice quickly heals her four Pokemon before turning back around finding Kazamaru now standing across from her with a devious smile on his face. Candice raises an eyebrow as she looks across at him,
"Something funny?" Kazamaru lets out a chuckle,
"Steel type wrecks your whole team." With that Kazamaru releases Aggron and the blue triceratops roars to the sky. Candice smiles,
"Well that's true but ya know. Type advantage isn't everything." Aggron takes down Weavile and Piloswine with multiple steel attacks and Aggron and Abomasnow roar at each other from close range for a long time until they both stop simultaneously. Aggron throws a punch and his eyes go wide as he is blasted point-blank by the 1-Hit KO attack that freezes him into a block of ice that then shatters but instead of falling Aggron is standing with a metal burst charging in his hand,
"That hurt... a lot. This will hurt..." The blast grows bigger and turns a light blue color, "...much more." Aggron runs towards Abomasnow who releases a second sheer cold that Aggron absorbs into his metal burst and Abomasnow goes wide-eyed as he is slammed in the gut by the double-powered instant knock out attack sending him flying back against the wall and effectively being frozen to it before the ice shatters into sharp shards and return to Abomasnow taking him down thoroughly. Aggron breathes heavily as he barely stands, "N-next...?" Candice returns Abomasnow to her pokeball and switches out for Filomenia who rises gracefully form her pokeball and looks across at Aggron with a smile,
"My, my, you look like you're about to collapse." Aggron glares,
"I'm weakened but I'm not down yet..." Kazamaru calls out to Aggron,
"Hey buddy, you sure you can keep going?" Aggron looks back at Kaza,
"Give me a minute." Kaza nods and returns Aggron to his pokeball and he begins switching out for all of his other Pokemon that all are almost instantly taken down by the incredibly powerful Froslass who doesn't take a single hit from any of the Pokemon and successfully sheer cold's them all. Kaza looks down at Aggron's pokeball,
(Pull through for me buddy...) Candice giggles,
"You should concede and try again after your Pokemon get some rest." Kazamaru releases Aggron from his ball and the steel triceratops looks towards Filomenia with determination,
"I shall not fail you." Aggron rushes Filomenia and begins taking ice beams, shadow balls and anything else in a Froslass' move set but does not fall. Filomenia leaps back and smiles,
"You have an impressive amount of stamina but I'm afraid this is it for you!!" With that Filomenia releases a close-range sheer cold and Aggron closes his eyes as he takes a deep breath. As the attack closes in Aggron lets out an incredibly loud roar that negates the attack's movement and redirects it back at Filomenia who looks on in disbelief as her body is frozen solid followed by the shattering of the ice. Aggron looks back at Kazamaru and nods as he disappears back into his pokeball. Filomenia returns to her pokeball and Kazamaru catches the Icicle badge thrown to him by the happy girl,
"Good job!! That was really impressive!!" Kazamaru nods with a smile,
"Thank you Candice."
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