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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Happy Birthday

Kaza heads out of the gym along with Vecransyh but they return a few minutes later with their Pokemon healed just as Candice directs her attention to the two who havn't battled her yet,
"So, who's next? The little Lucario or the pink haired girl?" Stratos and Scarlet turn to one another and Stratos simply gives her a bow,
"You may go first Ms. Scarlet." Scarlet smiles and pats Stratos on the head before walking past him onto the field. Scarlet releases Gallade in a flash of light and he cracks his neck before crossing his arms and looking over to the ice leader. Candice releases Weavile to the field and both Pokemon glare at each other as if waiting for the other to make the first move. Finally the two break towards each other and the much faster Weavile begins firing a barrage of shadow balls but Gallade cuts through them with his arm blades as he continues making his way towards his assailant. He begins closing in with a focus blast charged in one of his hands before one of the shadow balls penetrate his guard and send him flying onto his back having taken incredibly high damage from the attack. Gallade shakes it off and stands up with a grunt before running towards the Pokemon and slamming his foot into the ground jumping above her and throwing a blade of psychic energy at the Pokemon. Weavile easily brushes off the psychic attack and looks back towards Gallade with a cackle but quickly looks around when he's gone,
"Behind you." Before Weavile can turn around she feels a focus punch slam into her back sending intense pain through her whole body from the double type advantage. Gallade leaps back over to Scarlet as he watches Candice return Weavile to her ball and switch it out for another before Piloswine roars towards Gallade with a cold wind. Gallade crushes a few shards of ice from his shoulder before he runs towards Piloswine and slams his fist into her causing a shockwave from the impact. Gallade smirks but leaps back in a futile effort to avoid a sheer cold that freezes him into a block of ice while he's still airborne and when the ice hits the ground it shatters leaving Gallade on his back unconscious. Candice giggles happily,
"Yeah! One down three to go!!" Scarlet returns Gallade to his ball and looks down at it,
"You did your best. Don't worry, we're not out now." Scarlet releases Medicham and the Pokemon begins going to town on the ice type slamming her with powerful punches and picks along with blasts of psychic energy while avoiding potentially fatal sheer colds and the occasional earthquake. Before long the mammoth finally falls leaving Medicham the victor and he crosses his arms with a smile. Candice returns her Piloswine with a happy smile on her face and releases Abomasnow in a flash of light. Medicham shields his face as Abomasnow roars casting an icy wind towards him. Medicham bursts from the pile of snow covering him from the wind attack runs towards Abomasnow punching him in the gut before jumping up and karate chopping him on top of the head. When Medicham touches down and continues his assault on the Pokemon Abomasnow looks down at him,
"Why don't you learn that close-range fighting will result badly?" Medicham looks up confused and looks directly into a sheer cold that freezes him on the spot before shattering leaving him knocked out. Scarlet returns Medicham to his pokeball and releases her Gardevoir in another flash. Gardevoir begins attack long-range with psychic blades and pulses of energy allowing her to easily avoid the sheer colds and various other attacks thrown by the Abomasnow. Abomasnow returns to his pokeball after quickly falling to the powerful psychic attacks. Scarlet and Gardevoir both let out simultaneous deep breathe as they watch Candice return Abomasnow to his ball,
"Here comes the real challenge... Gardevoir! Focus!" Gardevoir turns her head and gives her a light smile,
"Don't worry about it. Even if I can't do it you've got Dane." Scarlet ands and Gardevoir takes a battle stance when Filomenia rises from her pokeball and looks towards her opponent,
"Good luck to you." Gardevoir nods,
"As to you." Gardevoir pulses psychic energy as Filomenia throws shadow balls and the two run around the outside of the arena keeping their distance from one another as they continue their onslaught of attacks. The two begin to tire after many minutes of continuous strikes and all at once Filomenia takes a blast of psychic energy along with Gardevoir taking a pulse of dark energy. The two are enveloped in the attacks and the two stand up and look at each other with serious expressions before Gardevoir falls. Scarlet looks down as Gardevoir turns into a red silhouette before returning to her ball. The balls are swapped and Dane rises from the bright light spinning his spoon between his fingers like a drumstick as he looks across at the Froslass. He leaps to the side avoiding a sheer cold and slips across the icy floor hitting the wall. Filomenia laughs,
"Slip n' slides are fun eh?" Dane stands up and looks at her looking very unimpressed rubbing his backside,
"Slip n' slide? Should be called slip n' bleed." Dane's eyes glow brightly then fade back to his normal eyes before he runs towards Filomenia and releases a dark pulse coupled with a psychic blast. The two attack spiral around each other and Filomenia leaps up to avoid it but Dane throws his arm up controlling the attack's trajectory and it slams into her exploding in a blast of dark purple and black energy. Before Filomenia can recover from the hit Dane electrifies his body and jumps up at her laying a hand on her back above him and pulsing electricity through her body effectively paralyzing her. He then wraps his arms around her waist and goes into a spin slamming her into the ground and he jumps back looking at the small crater of ice, "Never give your opponent an opening. They might take it." Filomenia floats up from the crater looking exhausted and smiles lightly,
"Good fight kid. But you still lose." Dane goes wide-eyed,
"Say what?!" He then watches as a dark light moves over to him instantly and he feels somehow connected to Filomenia, "Destiny bond. Pretty good." Filomenia smiles,
"You did your best." Dane shakes his head,
"Nah, I win. You can barely stand and it's true if you were to fall now then I would indeed meet the same fate but..." The Kadabra's eyes glow brightly and Filomenia feels a pulse of psychic energy shoot through her. The destiny bond fades as Filomenia falls forward unconscious. Candice blinks and looks towards Dane in disbelief,
"H-how did you stop destiny bond?!" Dane spins the spoon in his hand as he grins,
"Future sight. Hits them without me having to do anything therefore, it cancels out Destiny bond. I simply made conversation while I waited for it to take effect." Candice returns Filomenia to her pokeball and Dane walks over to Scarlet bowing slightly, "Take my advice. These gym battles are just gonna get harder from here. Get another Pokemon. Maybe a nice girl?" Scarlet smiles,
"What's the matter Dane? Not feeling the love?" Dane shrugs,
"That's not what I meant. It's the fact that your team is a sausage fest besides that beauty, Gardevoir. " Scarlet nods with a slightly embarrassed look,
"Wow, you're right." Dane turns into a red silhouette as he disappears into his ball.
After Scarlet retrieves her badge from Candice and Candice heals her Pokemon, Stratos is standing across from her looking determined. Candice smiles at the Lucario,
"Well aren't you just the cutest thing!!" Stratos grins,
"So why don't you send out a Pokemon and we'll get started?" Stratos shakes his head as he undoes his belt and slides off Drake's hat,
"Actually, I'll be the one who fights you. I haven't battled recently and I don't wanna get rusty." Candice nods,
"Uhh... okay?" Weavile rises from her pokeball and cracks her neck,
"Alright, four losses in one day... not gonna happen!" Stratos and Weavile run at each other in equal speed and both throw punches recoiling from their own attacks and as Stratos is pushed back he throws an aura sphere that explodes in a pulse of aura. Weavile dodges to the side and looks up towards her opponent before getting smashed in the face by a second aura sphere knocking her out.
"Guess it IS gonna happen." Weavile returns to her ball and Piloswine rises from the second with a powerful roar of icy wind. Stratos runs forward and leaps high into the air glowing red and forms a large aura sphere before mixing it with the power of sacred fire. He then throws his arms forward and fires an aura mixed pillar of flames that engulf the mammoth taking her out instantly. Stratos lands on his side of the field away from the Piloswine and Candice looks on in disbelief as her Abomasnow is taken down in the same way even after multiple failed attempts at freezing him with sheer cold,
"Geez! You're really fast little guy!" Stratos nods with a smile,
"I've gotta be fast so I can dodge attacks and strike early into a match for an early lead." Filomenia rises from her ball with a confident smile,
"Really? What happens if you're up against someone who's faster?" Stratos nods,
"In life there is always someone who is stronger then you. This is what drives me to become stronger. If you are stronger then me then I must defeat you." Filomenia smiles,
"Hey, little guy?" Stratos blinks,
"What?" Filomenia winks,
"Don't leave yourself open." Stratos then goes wide-eyed as he freezes into a block of ice that then shatters leaving him on a knee with his paw on the ground,
"Cheap... shot..." Filomenia laughs,
"All's fair in love and war and battles are no exception." Stratos still looks down,
"Well then..." He then uppercuts her knocking her into the air,
"Take your own advice!" He then releases a pulse of dark energy that sends her into a deep sleep before he blasts her with a pillar of sacred flames. Filomenia hits the ground with a thud and Stratos walks over to her releasing her from her sleeping state, "Game, set, match." He then holds out a paw, "Good fight." Filomenia takes the offered paw and floats up with a smile,
"I don't even know what happened you did it so quickly." Stratos laughs,
"Well, I uppercutted you before putting you to sleep with Dark void then I hit you with sacred fire for the knock out." Filomenia nods,
"To be honest I'm having trouble staying conscious. See ya later little guy." With those final words Filomenia turns into a red silhouette and disappears into her pokeball.

Over the next month and a half Stratos trained with Candice and various other trainers and Pokemon to further his own strength. Xylina had begun to show small signs of bulging in her stomach as her pregnancy continued. Yakira remained in the Pokemon center for a good portion of the time along with spending time with her mother in the Snowpoint gym and temple. Vecransyh and the rest of his Pokemon continued their training and often trained with Stratos and the others. Latias would often go off by herself to a cliff overlooking the battle frontier to the most north-eastern part of the city. Scarlet found and managed to catch a light tan Spoink with a black pearl on her head and she quickly proved herself more then worthy in battle against the others in the team. Gardevoir and Gallade had a baby male Ralts that they named Banodyne or Bane for short. Ren and Roze had a baby Male Buizel colored in the same way as his father that they named Azura and finally, Kazamaru spent his days incredibly bored whenever he didn't feel like battling but still spent much of his time with Scarlet. Everyone's ability to sleep till noon let the days pass by slightly faster then they would have if any of them would wake up like normal people.

Forty-five days after their gym battle everyone including all of their Pokemon are lazily sitting on couches and chairs positioned around one another in a circle and Kazamaru is nowhere to be found. Everything is fairly silent except for the soft strumming of Stratos' guitar he had received on his second birthday on his own request. Scarlet lets out a long sigh as she looks around the room,
"Where's Kaza?! Did he forget it's his birthday or something?" Vecransyh shrugs as he sits on a couch with his two lovers,
"He's pretty forgetful. All these days we haven't been doing many things other then training and stuff so I'm not surprised he lost track of what day it was." Scarlet turns her head and looks over at Stratos,
"You think you could play 'Happy Birthday' on that thing?" Stratos thinks for a moment and adjusts his grip on his guitar before he plays a few notes of the requested song and looks over at her with a smile,
"Yeah, I can play it." Stratos begins practicing the song playing it through a few times before he returns to his previous strumming and random tunes and occasionally mumbling the words to songs, "So... now we... fly... and we're... free..." Vecransyh blinks when he hears the mumbling from the canine,
"Isn't that one like... a really, really hard song?" Stratos shrugs,
"I'll never be that good but anything is playable if you slow it down enough." Vecransyh nods a little bit a few times in agreement with the statement and lays a hand on Xylina's stomach rubbing lightly prompting a smile from the ghost,
"Do we know the gender yet?" Xylina shakes her head lightly,
"I kinda want it to be a surprise." Vec nods,
"Yeah, I like that idea." Xylina tilts her head as she looks to Yakira then back to Vecransyh,
"So what about you and Yakira? Any luck yet?" Yakira lets out a sad sigh,
"Nope, we've tried a few more times but still nothing. I'm starting to think that maybe since I've suffered so much injury to my body over the last nine years that maybe I can't get pregnant..." Xylina blinks,
"You know that you could just go to the nurse and have them check and see if that's true or not." Yakira gives her a dumbfounded look,
"Wow... I never thought of that." She lightly slaps herself on the forehead, "Nice Yakira... nice. I'll get checked out tomorrow." After around ten more minutes of random conversation Kazamaru walks down the stairs yawning loudly, this immediately gets everyone's attention. He stops as he walks over to them and opens his eyes to find everyone staring at him,
"Umm... hi?" Vecransyh lets out a sigh,
"It's your birthday dude." Kaza blinks and thinks for a moment,
"No way... we've really been here for forty-five days? Seems a lot longer then that I thought you all just forgot and it passed." Kaza smiles brightly, "Looks like I was wrong eh?" After a few minutes a cake with eighteen candles is placed on a wooden table at the center of the couch circle and Kaza grins as everyone begins singing,

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday Kazamaru,
Happy birthday to you!

Once the song is finished Kazamaru makes a wish as he blows out the candles on his cake. After everyone in the room is served a piece of cake they begin conversing amongst each other as they eat. The rest of the day goes by uneventfully and before long the nigh comes. Kaza walks up the stairs to his room still wide awake with a smile on his face from the events that unfolded today and he opens the door to his room when he reaches it and walks in, "Man Scarlet, today was so much f..." Kaza stops dead in his tracks when he looks across the room to find his girlfriend looking at him with her usual loving smile but her eyes are full of lust. Now her clothing on the other hand is not the least bit usual. She sits on the edge of the bed wearing nothing but black, frilly, lingerie panties and a large red bow covering her breasts. The two stand there in silence for a few moments before Scarlet stands up and walks over to Kaza finding him to have an incredible nosebleed. She strips off his clothing as she leads him over to the bed leaving his undergarments on but his stiffness is clearly visible through them. Scarlet lays him on the bed and straddles him before frowning slightly,
"Kaza, this won't really be enjoyable if you have that look of shock on your face the whole time." She then flicks his chest snapping him back to reality and he looks around quickly,
"What happened?" He then looks back up to Scarlet as she slowly pulls on the bowstrings slowly making the loops decrease in size,
"You basically fainted, had a huge nosebleed and..." she looks down, "I'm sure you can guess." Kaza looks down and blushes heavily and turns a darker red and he sees the loops on the bow disappear and the ribbon fall away from her easily D cup breasts, "I'm yours." Kaza sits up embracing her tightly rubbing his face against her soft globes,
"They're... so soft..." Scarlet giggles,
"I take good care of my body love." Her hand slides down and under his undergarments and her fingers wrap around his hardness before she begins lightly stroking him, "And it looks like you do too." Kaza flinches from the feeling and watches as Scarlet slides them down letting his member pop up straight and she continues stroking him, "Be gentle though. It's my first time too." Kaza nods and he lies back down with his arms still around her causing her to come down on him and the two lock into a passionate kiss as their tongues intertwine. Kaza's hands guide themselves to Scarlet's breasts where they softly squeeze and massage. Scarlet lets out a soft sigh of pleasure and begins moving her body against him as her arousal increases from the gentleness of his hands. As the kiss ends Scarlet slides her hands down her body sliding off her panties and she lightly ribs against him as she smiles,
"Ready?" Kaza nods with a hesitant gulp and watches as Scarlet raises herself above him and slowly slides him inside of her all the while letting out a moan as her own hand squeezes her breast harder the deeper inside he goes until, around half-way in, she feels the decent end. Not wanting to end her string of pleasure Scarlet raises herself up slightly and slams down before gritting her teeth in pain and letting out a small cry. Kaza looks up at her in confusion about what could've just happened but she falls down upon him locking him into a passionate kiss as she begins moving on him. She moves slowly keeping him as deep inside her as she can get him but starts to go faster as she becomes wetter and wanting even more from her love. Kazamaru, meanwhile, feels like he's on the verge of dying from all of the raw pleasure surging through him and grunts as he releases up into her prompting a scream of pleasure from Scarlet as she wraps her arms around his neck kissing him passionately as she continues moving on his spent member. Kaza looks up at her looking out of breathe,
"S-sorry..." Scarlet kisses him again,
"Don't be. You're still new to this like me. But I know next time you'll last long enough to make me come too." Kaza smiles as his eyes meet hers,
"I promise." They lock into another passionate kiss and after a few short moments fall asleep from fatigue.
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