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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Vec Vs. Jyro

Vecransyh wakes up the next morning and smiles as he sees Xylina sleeping peacefully next to him smiling softly. He touches her arm prompting her to wake up and look at him sleepily,
"What...?" Vecransyh sits up picking his shirt up off the floor and sliding it over his head,
"Time to wake up, the match is going to start soon." Xylina rubs her sleepy eyes,
"Mmkay..." She yawns loudly and floats up off the bed, "We're battling Jyro today right?" Vecransyh keeps looking down as he ties the laces on his shoes,
"Yeah, it should be a good battle. The match-up is in my favor but who knows what other attacks Jyro's Pokemon can use against you guys." Vecransyh takes four pokeballs from his nightstand and returns the Pokemon randomly strewn around the room to their respective ball. Vecransyh turns and embraces Xylina causing her to blush, "Just be careful out there." Xylina smiles as she looks into his eyes and gives him a quick kiss,
"Don't worry, I'll be fine." Vecransyh returns Xylina to her ball and walks to the door attaching the pokeball to his belt with the other four, "Alright Jyro, watch out." Vecransyh walks downstairs and heads into the continental breakfast room. After grabbing a cup of orange juice and a bowl of oatmeal he sits down at a table occupied by Drake, Latias and Kazamaru. Kazamaru grins as Vecransyh sits down,
"Feelin' pumped? Hope you prepared for your fight." Vecransyh grins,
"Don't worry about me. If I lose I can still get third place. You should worry about your fight with Neo. How do you plan to pull that one off?" Kazamaru shrugs as he takes a large bite out of a piece of toast,
"Fight my hardest. Win or lose I can still get a prize if I win the third place battle. Don't worry too much about your battle dude. You have type advantage after all." Vecransyh finishes his food as Drake turns to Kaza,
"You might be able to pull off a win against Neo if you had fighting moves. Lucario and Absol would both take massive damage." Kazamaru grins,
"I've thought of that and I think I have a strategy that should work." Latias nods,
"Well just pick your moves carefully because the Pokemon Neo has with him are at a whole new level. I'm actually surprised that he's not in the heavy-weight tournament." Kazamaru nods in acknowledgement,
"True but I still think I have a chance. All I have to do is use the right Pokemon at the right time." Dorian walks over to their table and takes a chair from a nearby table before sitting backwards in it. He still wears the pirate hat from before,
"I can't believe I lost to that guy... Aw well, Kaza."
"Neo doesn't shout orders to his Pokemon so you'll have to predict his moves and counter them before he succeeds. I don't know if you're strong enough to beat him but I'll be rooting for you." Dorian turns his head to look at Vecransyh,
"Hey Vec. Good luck against Jyro today. I've got a twenty dollar bet with Salina that Jyro beats you." Vecransyh scowls at the comment,
"Gee, thanks for your support." Dorian shrugs,
"Eh, Jyro is kinda annoying but he has some good battle tactics..." Dorian looks up at the clock, "You should head to the arena. The next match is starting in ten minutes." Vecransyh looks at the clock in shock and bolts out the door waving to the others as he does so. The others stand and begin walking towards the stadium, "So, Drake. What do you think of Neo?" Drake glances at Dorian with an odd look,
"What do I think of him? I haven't even really met the guy but he has enough trust for the Pokemon that battle for him to let them do what they want. He said that stuff about considering Pokemon as equals to himself. That's what I believe to so he must be a good guy." The group enters the stands at the arena and they sit down in a row once again. Kazamaru looks down at the field as he sees Vecransyh walk out and enter his spot. Opposite him is Jyro looking confident with his arms crossed. Down on the field Vecransyh glares at Jyro as he takes a pokeball from his belt,
"So, little Vecransyh wants to play in the big leagues? Well don't expect me to go easy on you ghost boy." Vecransyh grins as he takes a ball from his belt,
"Wasn't counting on it." The announcer's voice is heard over the loudspeakers,
"WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO THE START OF THE SECOND ROUND OF THE POKEMON LEAGUE LIGHTWEIGHT TOURNAMENT!! WITHOUT FURTHER ADO LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!!" Jyro throws his pokeball and in a flash of light a large pile of purple sludge with eyes and a gaping dark mouth appears. Vecransyh throws his ball releasing Gengar to the field. Gengar grins evilly at his opponent,
"Time to test out my new power." Jyro looks shocked as he looks at the Gengar in front of him,
"When the hell did you get a Gengar?!" Vecransyh cackles,
"You can thank Salina for that." Jyro thinks back and remembers Vecransyh trading Pokemon with Salina for a brief second therefore evolving his haunter into a Gengar and increasing his power drastically. Up in the stands Salina grins as she sees the new ghost Pokemon stick his tongue out at the pile of sludge,
"I knew he was up to something." She turns her head to Dorian, who is sitting next to her with his arms crossed, "Care to reconsider the bet?" Dorian grins,
"One measly Gengar can't beat Jyro. You should know that." Salina shrugs,
"I witnessed first hand the power that kid has and I know that this won't end well for Jyro." Back on the field Vecransyh's Gengar Is dodging balls of sludge fired from Muk as he continues moving closer to it. Gengar jumps onto Muk as it continues firing sludge bombs. Vecransyh yells to Gengar,
"Spite and thunder!" Gengar fires a black needle into Muk and explodes in electricity electrocuting Muk. Gengar jumps off of it and stands in a battle pose glaring at Muk,
"WHAT NOW?!?!" Jyro glares at the cocky ghost,
"I'll show you 'what now'!!! Muk!! Gunk shot!!" Muk fills up with acid as it inhales deeply. Gengar grins,
"Come on stinky; show me what you can do!!" In response Gengar is blasted by what seems to be a hyper beam attack made of pure acidic sludge. Gengar shakes his body as he stands up feeling like he had possibly swallowed some of the sludge he was blasted with, "That was uncalled for!" Gengar throws out his arms sending psychic waves that strike Muk repeatedly until he falls unconscious. Jyro returns Muk to his pokeball and looks over to Vecransyh,
"Seems I underestimated you Vecransyh. But now you will be defeated." Jyro tosses a pokeball releasing a second Gengar onto the field. The two Gengars look exactly the same except Jyro's has a scare down his left eye, "Now the real battle begins." The two Gengars jump back and throw shadow balls that collide and explode filling the stage with black smoke. The smoke is this but the sound of fighting is loud as there are more explosions. The smoke finally clears after a few minutes revealing the two Gengar on one knee looking tired out. Suddenly Vecransyh's Gengar collapses as the other stands looking ready for more. Vecransyh returns Gengar to his ball then to his belt as he takes out his second pokeball,
"You did a good job Gengar but I'm going to need more firepower if I'm going to beat this guy..." Vecransyh throws his pokeball releasing what looks like a purple hot air balloon with eyes and a cloud on his head, "Spite Gengar now!!" Drifblim fires a shower of needles at Gengar who dodges all but a few then tries to charge a shadow ball which fizzles and dissipates. He lands back on his feet as Drifblim floats happily in front of him. The Gengar rushes Drifblim and begins slashing it repeatedly with Shadow claw attacks that appear to just bounce off the balloon Pokemon. Drifblim blasts Gengar away with a powerful gust of shiny purple wind as it deflates and re-inflates itself. Gengar glares at the balloon as he drops to his knee. Jyro yells to him,
"Come on you can't let this thing beat you!! Get up and use thunder!!" Gengar jumps to his feet and rushes at Drifblim his body covered in electricity. Drifblim takes the entirety of the attack and seems unfazed by it as Gengar resumes slashing it with Shadow claws. Vecransyh laughs at the Gengar trying to defeat Drifblim,
"He has quite a lot of stamina so he stays fighting for quite some time." Drifloon starts to lower to the ground as it takes the beating from Gengar, "Drifblim! Use destiny bond now!" Drifblim releases a ring of energy that floats under Gengar and rises locking itself against his body. As Drifblim falls to the ground deflated black energy explodes from the ring making Gengar fall unconscious immediately. Jyro and Vecransyh return their Pokemon to their respective pokeballs and they each take their third and final Pokemon from their belts. Jyro tosses the pokeball up and catches it back in his hand,
"So Vecransyh. It has come down to this: My last Pokemon, versus your last Pokemon. Winner takes all." Vecransyh grins as he releases Xylina onto the field in a flash of light,
"Let's end this Jyro." Jyro throws his last pokeball releasing a large roaring dinosaur with a huge multi-colored flower on his back,
"I was thinking the same thing." Xylina turns to Vecransyh and grins,
"I'm pretty sure I can take a Venusaur." Xylina rushes at Venusaur and fires a show ball at him. Venusaur leaps to the side avoiding the blast and makes a large crack in the ground when he lands. Venusaur roars to the sky as it begins charging energy into the flower on his back. Xylina is surprised by the agility of the huge dinosaur and throws waves of psychic energy at him but he still jumps out of the way as he fires the massive Solarbeam at her. The Mismagius stares wide-eyed as she dashes out of the way with the side of her hat being singed by the blast. (Why is it so fast?! Come on, focus. Vecransyh is counting on me to beat this thing and I can't let him down!) Xylina fires Shadow ball after Shadow ball and finally connects with one making a large explosion erupt from Venusaur's back leg causing him to crash down on his side from the avoidance jump. Xylina continues throwing Shadow balls at Venusaur even through the smoke is so thick that Venusaur can't even be seen. Suddenly a huge blast of light fires from the smoke directly hitting Xylina and causing her to fly across the arena landing near Vecransyh,
"Xylina!! Are you okay?!" Xylina floats up off the ground heavily bruised from the blast,
"Of course! I can't... ow... be beaten by such a little attack!" Xylina flies back at Venusaur and continues launching Shadow balls at him,
(She acts like she's not hurt but if she takes another Solarbeam that's it. She could even die from the hit she's so weak right now...) Xylina stops her onslaught and meets eyes with Vecransyh. The look in her eye says clearly: I'll win this for you. Vecransyh smiles as Xylina backs away from the cloud of smoke while floating left and right to avoid a possible Solarbeam. As the smoke clears a heavily injured Venusaur lies passed out on the ground. Jyro stares in disbelief at his fainted Venusaur and returns him to his pokeball. Vecransyh walks to the middle of the field where Xylina is to see her looking at him weakly,
"I won..." She falls and Vecransyh catches her in his arms. He returns her to her pokeball as Jyro approaches him,
"You've sure come far to have beaten me. You might even be a match for Dorian now." Vecransyh grins, "Nah, just kidding. You're good but not THAT good yet. But you have some serious potential." Up in the stands Dorian stares in disbelief as he hands Salina twenty dollars,
"That kid. Never would have guessed he was a match for Jyro." Salina giggles,
"It was a really close match. Xylina fainted as Vecransyh walked over to her. Any earlier then that would have resulted in a tie." The announcer's voice appears over the loudspeakers,
"WHAT A SPECTACULAR MATCH!!! THE WINNER, VECRANSYH WILL BE MOVING ON TO THE FINAL MATCH, AND JYRO WILL BE BATTLING THE LOSER OF OUR NEXT MATCH!!! THERE WILL NOW BE A ONE HOUR INTERMISSION BEFORE THE START OF THE NEXT MATCH!!!" Jyro and Vecransyh shake hands as they part ways leaving the stadium. Kazamaru looks around the lobby for Vecransyh but doesn't see him anywhere,
"Yo, where's Vec?" Drake runs his hand through his silver hair,
"He rushed out of here right after the end of his match. He probably went to a Pokemon center. His Pokemon were pretty banged up including Xylina." Kazamaru nods in agreement,
"True. That was a really close match but in the end Xylina managed to pull it off." Dorian and Salina walk over to the group and Salina smiles brightly,
"Bet against Jyro and I got twenty bucks from this guy." She motions to Dorian who scowls. Kazamaru tilts his head,
"Where'd Jyro disappear to?" Dorian tries to hold back laughter but fails and falls to the ground laughing. Salina giggles,
"Him and Vecransyh made a bet sometime before the competition. The bet was that if Jyro won then Vecransyh would have to give him the third place prize if he won third... And if Vecransyh won then..." She tries to stop herself from laughing and barely succeeds, "Then Jyro would have to take a shower!" Kazamaru's eyes go wide,
"No way. The poison guy has to bathe?! HAHAHA!!!" Dorian pulls himself together and stands up adjusting the pirate hat on his head,
"So Kaza, you should prepare for your match against Neo." Kazamaru nods as Dorian and Salina wave goodbye as they leave in the direction of the hotel. Vecransyh walks through the doors into the lobby and approaches the group looking a little depressed and relieved,
"When Xylina took that Solarbeam it did far more damage then I could have realized..." Drake looks at him in shock,
"Is she going to be okay?!" Vecransyh smiles lightly,
"Yeah but she has to stay in the Pokemon center overnight to get back to full health." Drake lets out a slight sigh of relief,
"Well that's good."
"Tell me about it. They told me that if she had taken another attack they might not have been able to do anything... Just thinking about it..." Vecransyh looks up and smiles, "But everything is going to be fine!" Kazamaru looks off to the side of the arena and sees Neo, four lucario with different coat colors, the Gliscor and the Absol,
"I'll be right back you guys..." Kazamaru walks over to Neo who doesn't notice him, "Hey Neo; that was a good match last round huh?" Neo turns to Kazamaru; his face is still completely darkened by his hood,
"Ah, you must be my next opponent. Kazamaru was it?"
"Yup, that's me." The white Lucario moves to the side of Kazamaru looking him up and down,
"You look like you cherish your Pokemon." Kazamaru kneels down so he's eye level with the white dog,
"I do, more then anything."
"But you were not always this way. Your heart has only recently been opened to your allies." Kazamaru nods,
"I went into the mountains and trained with my Pokemon for a year. We all developed a close bond." Neo grins, his teeth being the only thing visible under his hood,
"Good. Since your heart is with your Pokemon you may have a chance to defeat me." Neo and the six Pokemon then disappear through an archway as Neo raises his hand, "See ya." Kazamaru walks back over to the group and Drake turns to him,
"So how was your chat with Neo?" Kazamaru shrugs,
"He's a little odd but he's alright. He said I have a chance to beat him because of the bond I have with my Pokemon." Vecransyh smiles,
"That's cool. If you beat him then it's me and you in the finals!" Kazamaru and Vecransyh high-five, "I'm going to go check on Xylina. I'll be back before the next round starts." With that Vecransyh walks out of the stadium lobby and down the street to the Pokemon center. He walks in and through the double doors to the hospital rooms. Only a few of them hold Pokemon and Vecransyh quickly finds Xylina's room. He walks in and smiles when he sees Xylina sleeping peacefully in the bed. He walks over to her and sits in a chair by the bed. The nurse walks in and sees Vecransyh,
"Visiting your Pokemon Vecransyh?" Vecransyh nods,
"Is she doing any better?" The nurse smiles softly,
"Well we thought we were going to lose her when we started the healing process but she pulled through and she's going to be just fine." The nurse tilts her head as she looks at Vecransyh, "Something odd though. She kept muttering during the surgery. I don't remember much but one thing she said was 'I can't die. I won't leave my love.' " Vecransyh takes Xylina's hand in his and smiles lightly as he looks at her, "It takes a very strong bond to cheat death like she did." Vecransyh turns his head to look at the nurse,
"Cheat death?" The nurse nods,
"Her situation went critical early into the procedure but her vital signs stayed incredibly strong as if her soul was mending her body. Quite spectacular if I do say so myself; don't worry about the competition though, she'll be 100% in a few days. You can take her back to the hotel with you tonight." Vecransyh smiles with small tears in his eyes,
"Thank you." The nurse smiles and walks out of the room. Vecransyh turns back towards Xylina and cups her hand in between his, "I'm so glad you're going to be okay..." Xylina opens an eye and looks at him smiling softly,
"I'm not going anywhere." Vecransyh stands up and leans over the bed kissing Xylina softly. When they break the kiss she gives him a loving smile, "What I could really use right now is recover. That would make battles so much easier for me." Vecransyh lets out a small laugh,
"You'll just have to stay in bed like all the other Pokemon who can't do that." Xylina smiles,
"Well fine, I'll just lay here while Kaza and Neo have it out in the stadium." Vecransyh runs his hand through her long purple hair. She sighs in pleasure as he strokes her hair,
"Don't worry. You just focus on getting better and you'll be out of bed in no time. I'm so glad you have this hair. It's so soft and pretty." Xylina has her eyes closed enjoying Vecransyh's touch,
"Yeah... me... too..." She sighs,
"Well I should be going. I don't want to miss the battle." Vecransyh gives her a loving smile as he disappears out of the room,
"What I wouldn't give to hear you tell me those three words..." Vecransyh gets to the Stadium and sits in a seat saved for him next to Drake. Once again the three Lucario sit to Vecransyh's left intently watching the starting battle. Vecransyh yawns and leans back in his seat looking out at the field. Kazamaru stands opposite Neo and his three Pokemon, Blizzard, Aster and Alex. The announcer's voice appears over the intercom as usual,
"All right Neo!! Let's do this!!" Kazamaru throws his pokeball releasing Swampert in a flash of light.
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