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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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The roaring of the crowds of people in the stands fills the stadium as both Lucario and Human stare at one another with pokeball in hand awaiting the signal to begin. Stratos spins the Couple's ball on his finger as he grins, "Hey Kaza. Who could have predicted this one?" Kazamaru chuckles tossing his ball into the air before catching it again,
"I don't think anyone could have Stratos. I've wanted a rematch ever since Drake beat me senseless when we first met and since you have his team now I finally get my chance." Latias smirks and lays an arm on Stratos' shoulder,
"Yep, the whole gang is here. I remember that day; it was pretty hard to suppress a laugh when all the Pokemon you had back then got one-hitted." Kazamaru rolls his eyes running his empty hand through his hair,
"Yeah, yeah... I'm a lot stronger then I was back then ya know." Stratos clicks a button on the ball before he smirks,
"I already know this is going to be an awesome battle." The announcer's voice booms over the crowd and the cheering dies down a bit,
"Hey wait there's no second or third place prizes?!"
"NOPE, JUST FOR THE WINNER." Stratos shrugs looking back over to Kazamaru with a grin,
"That prize is mine!" Kazamaru chuckles as Tyranitar appears from his ball followed by Kazamaru folding his arms,
"Like hell it is! I've come too far to lose now!!" Ren appears on the field and crouches growling as Stratos folds his arms,
"Then let's do this."

Ren sparks brightly with electricity rushing towards Tyranitar with a powerful roar. Tyranitar slams his foot into the ground causing sharp rocks to jut from the earth around them. Ren charges electricity into the bottom of his paws and hovers off the ground watching as the rocks speed past him before he unleashes an intense blast of Thunder into Tyranitar. The powerful dinosaur Pokemon cringes from the charged hit but shakes it off forming glowing rings around himself. They suddenly split into hundreds of tiny dagger-like stones and fly forward slashing and cutting Ren on their way past him. Ren flinches from the pain and unleashes another Thunder as he continues getting closer and closer to Tyranitar. The giant green Pokemon roars powerfully, causing black thunderbolts to come from his fangs and blast Ren sending him nearly twenty feet away skidding across the ground.
Mere moments pass before Ren is back on his feet surging with dark brown sparks and in a burst of speed he runs forward slamming into Tyranitar's chest with the Superpower attack knocking him off of his feet and to the ground on his back. He stands briefly atop the pseudo-legendary before blasting him a final time with Thunder for the knockout. Ren leaps back over to his side of the field and goes into a pouncing position as he waits for Kazamaru to call his next Pokemon.
The Luxray sweats slightly from the extremely high amount of energy he just expelled from his body but having this early lead is well worth it. Kazamaru takes out Tyranitar's pokeball and returns him to it taking his second from his belt with a smirk. Moments later Rhyperior appears on the field and immediately brings a boulder into both of his palms before he begins throwing them one after another without rest. Ren's eyes grow wide and he begins dashing from left to right trying as best he can to get around the hurled rocks. He suddenly looks up exactly in time to see a boulder impact the side of his head sending him skidding across the field and into another boulder as another boulder hits it. Ren cries out, roaring in pain before hitting the ground and falling out of consciousness.
Rhyperior's boulders turn to dust and blow away in the wind leaving the field empty as Stratos returns the bloodied and battered Ren to his ball.

Roze was sent out to the field as Rhyperior stood growling as he flexed his fingers. The Floatzel appears in a bright flash of light and the two Pokemon stared at one another. Roze took a short glance at her opponent then gave a small smirk looking back to Stratos with a look of confidence about her type advantage.
Without waiting for any more time to pass Roze planted her foot into the ground before springing forward into a dash towards Rhyperior. Before Rhyperior realized it he was suddenly struck in the chest by a potent Brick Break attack leaving him stunned momentarily. Roze, taking advantage of Rhyperior's momentary stop coats her body in surging water and blasts it into the huge Pokemon making him stumble backwards.
As Rhyperior righted himself his eyes quickly scanned the field seemingly trying to predict Roze's movements. Roze smirked as she rushes Rhyperior again leaping with another Brick Break ready but her eyes suddenly go wide when Rhyperior raises a hand and blasts her in the gut with an enormous rock that sends her flying across the field landing around forty feet away on her back.
Roze stands up quickly and glares angrily at the dinosaur-like Pokemon before rushing him again. Rhyperior, being a little drained from the attack lets out a growl of pain as another Waterfall attack hits him in the stomach. Roze lands back on her feet only momentarily before springing forward and slamming Rhyperior with another Brick Break. Rhyperior lets out a mighty roar and Roze throws up her arms as another boulder impacts her body but makes her skid across the ground on her back instead of being launched.
Rhyperior smirks as he walks over to her and brings up his foot throwing it down into her gut and Roze lets out a cry of pain as the massive stone foot hits her, (I... I have to win...) She suddenly blasts another Waterfall from her body and sends Rhyperior stumbling away from her a few feet but she growls to see the massive Pokemon still standing even after her ruthless chain of attacks, "Dammit! Why won't you just fall!!" She growls when Rhyperior only grins darkly and his palms begin to glow. Now full of rage the moisture in the ground began to surface and all at once a massive tidal wave of water flew up from the ground crashing over the field rushing towards Rhyperior just as he fires his final Rock Wrecker attack. Roze gags as the boulder slams into her and as the wave disappears back into the ground she watches as Rhyperior hits the ground defeated with a loud thud. Roze stood letting out strained breathes as she looked back at Stratos and a moment later she disappeared back into her ball along with the fallen rock Pokemon.

The two pokeballs open in bright flashes of light and moments later Swampert stands cracking her knuckles looking directly at her opponent, Tankburger.
Swampert slams her fist into the ground causing an Earthquake that juts sharp rocks into Tankburger's feet causing the bear to groan in pain and he suddenly begins rushing forward roaring loudly just as Swampert begins to charge her Focus Punch. Tankburger leaps into the air for a Body Slam and Swampert throws her fist upwards but her eyes widen as the rolls of stomach fat suck up her fist and she's crushed under the weight of the Snorlax.
Moments later light snoring can be heard from him as he lays on top of Swampert and around a minute later a large blue hand comes out from under the mound of fur and grips the ground followed by another and then Swampert's head. She finally frees herself and takes in a deep breath of air before turning around and sending a Hammer Arm attack directly across Tankburger's gut. He continues sleeping throughout Swampert's barrage of attacks as she gets more and more angry but finally she pauses and slaps herself in the head for not realizing it before, she had knocked him out during the barrage as he slept.
Kazamaru also face-palms as Tankburger is recalled to his ball and he draws his fourth from his belt releasing Ollie the Garchomp to the field in a brilliant flash of light. Instead of speaking he only growls menacingly and goes into a crouch as Swampert does the same thing. Suddenly the two take off toward one another and deadlock when Ollie throws shining wings down at her only to be intercepted by her hands grabbing onto them. The two stay deadlocked for mere moments before Swampert unleashes Hydro Cannon from her mouth at the same time that Ollie unleashes Hyper Beam. The two attacks collide and push their host backward ending the deadlock and the two Pokemon plant their hands and feet into the ground putting more and more of their energy into the attacks leaving them once again in a deadlock. Mere moments pass before Ollie's Hyper Beam pushes the massive blast of water all the way back to Swampert causing both attacks to impact and knock her unconscious as she hits the ground.

Stratos threw his next pokeball releasing Arcanine to the field in a flash of light. Ollie grinned before opening his mouth and sending a large shockwave forward causing Arcanine to dash to the side before circling the land shark and unleashing a blast of flames. Ollie then slammed his claw into the ground using earthquake, knocking Arcanine into the air while also bringing a wall of earth effectively protecting him from the flames. He then looked into the air as the sun began shining brightly while the clouds cleared away. Moments later Ollie heard something strike the rock wall before him before it crumbled away as a pale green blast blew through it blasting him back. Ollie sat up and shook his head before quickly jumping high into the air to dodge another Solarbeam. He then held out his arms while his wings glowed brightly before diving down towards the large dog while Arcanine opened his mouth and let loose another blast of flames engulfing the land shark. Ollie flew straight into the flames but quickly emerged slamming Arcanine to the ground with his dragon rush attack before quickly smashing the ground with an earthquake followed by a dragon pulse blasting Arcanine far across the battlefield. Arcanine slowly stood before letting out a howl and blowing flames around itself creating a wide ring of flames which quickly engulfed the dog. Moments later, the flames blew in every direction while Arcanine stood glowing brightly while flames swirled around him. He then started running around the battlefield creating a ring of fire to surround both him and Ollie. Arcanine then dashed forward knocking Ollie back into the wall of flames and unleashed a Solarbeam holding him in place. When the beam of light finally stopped Ollie dropped to the ground covered in burns. He then slowly stood and held his hands into the air causing multiple meteors to begin forming in the sky. Arcanine looked up in horror before growling as the flames on his body began to intensify. He then opened his mouth which was glowing bright red before unleashing a giant blast of flames completely engulfing Ollie and the rest of the battlefield just as the meteors began slamming down on him. As the two attacks hit their mark, the entire battlefield was covered in a huge blast of smoke keeping anyone from seeing what had happened. Eventually, the dust cleared, and both Ollie and Arcanine were still standing, but a second later, both sides fell to the ground unconscious and returned to their pokeballs moments later. Stratos looks over to Latias and nods before she flies out onto the field followed by a flash of light as a pokeball on Kazamaru's side of the field opens revealing a female Flygon.

Latias and Flygon both stand or, in Latias' case, float in front of each other both eager to begin their fight. The two dragons smirk at one another as they plot their own moves. Latias' eyes slowly scan the dragonfly-like Pokemon and in a sudden burst Flygon rockets towards her, her claws ablaze with the purple energy of Dragon Claw. Latias evades soaring off to the left and fires multiple Dragon Pulses at her. Flygon growls as the attacks impact her body but she quickly shakes off the pain and slams her tail into the ground kicking up a fierce sandstorm that rages across the battlefield. Latias cringes as she's buffeted by the small and sharp pieces of sand, (Stronger then I though..) is the only thing to pass through her mind as her eyes, half closed to avoid getting sand in them, scan the sandy field in search of the dragon.
Latias suddenly lets out a shriek as a sudden burst of sand accompanied by a powerful blast of Sonicboom strikes her hard. Latias shakes it off simply glad that the sandstorm has passed and she rushes forward unleashing a powerful Psywave that impacts the dragon type doing little damage but still messes up her vision a little. Flygon forms glowing rings that split into many small, sharp stones and suddenly fly forward while Latias attempts to evade them flying upwards and a bit to the side but it proves to be no good as Flygon had planned for an evasive tactic and had sent them into random locations.
Latias hits the ground hard but pulls herself up quickly pulling one of the stones from her side and she looks at the bloody tip before dropping it to the ground with a growl. Flygon races forward charging another double Dragon Claw in her claws and Latias smirks releasing another Dragon Pulse but her eyes widen in surprise when Flygon easily avoids the attack and runs into her sending the fiery claws down her front in a diagonal pattern and the other claw towards her side but Latias forms her own Dragon Claw attacks and slams them into Flygon's chest and left arm making her recoil in pain before getting blasted by another Dragon Pulse sending her flying backwards across the field to land on her back.
Latias lets out a few tired breathes as she watches Flygon slowly begin getting to her feet. To her surprise Flygon begins forming a powerful Hyper Beam in her mouth and Latias throws her claws upwards creating a rift above them, (She's going with me.) Latias knows that she isn't fast enough in this state to avoid that kind of attack for very long and the blast is fired at the same time that the meteors begin falling from the special rift. Latias screams in pain as the powerful beam of energy impacts her while on the other side of the field Flygon takes a meteor to the side of her head being knocked out instantly upon impact. Both Pokemon hit the ground unconscious and Kazamaru returns her to her ball before placing it onto his belt. Stratos walks out onto the field picking up his adoptive mother and takes her back over to his area. The Lucario turns unlatching his belt of pokeballs and lays his hat on the ground before walking out onto the field just as Aggron rises from his pokeball in a powerfully bright flash of light roaring down at the star-furred Pokemon.

Without waiting a moment Aggron charges forward throwing his claws downward towards Stratos. He leaps out of the way forming a Sphere of Sacred Fire in his paws but gags as Aggron's second fist slams him directly in the stomach sending him a good twenty yards away where he hits the ground hard. He shakes his head a few times and stands up holding his stomach. Aggron takes a moment to smirk before rushing him and Stratos growls running forward forming aura into his hands. Aggron throws a wide swing and Stratos ducks underneath it thrusting his palms into the gut of the armored Pokemon making him skid backwards a few feet from the sheer power of the blast. Stratos throws an Aura Sphere from each hand and Aggron grabs them in his claws crushing the spheres of energy as he lets out a roar. Stratos stomps his foot down hard and the ground forms a hairline crack that travels rapidly towards Aggron, little splashes of lava coming from it and Aggron roars jumping up and slamming his full force down into the ground making a powerful earthquake. Stratos struggles to keep his balance and suddenly Aggron roars as he's impacted by an Aura Sphere to his face.
Stratos throws his arm out making a giant fist of energy and grabs Aggron before throwing him up into the air. Stratos slams his foot into the ground again and the lava begins forming around the field before it shoots up towards Aggron forming a mighty tornado of fire. Aggron roars as the attack heats up his steel body to boiling temperatures. Aggron cringes in pain as the tornado begins to recede and he begins to fall. Stratos leaps back from the impact zone knowing Aggron can't help but fall and he sweats slightly, his breathing a little heavier from the extreme output of power. Stratos takes in a deep breath and lets out a powerful roar of wind. Aggron has steadied himself as he falls and lets out his own roar stopping the Aeroblast in its tracks much to the surprise of the Lucario.
Aggron hits the ground feet first with an earth-shattering boom, his armored body is now a bright reddish-orange from the heat and he glares at Stratos as a silvery aura envelopes him. Stratos takes a step back as the Metal Burst is unleashed, the mighty attack having absorbed almost everything that Stratos had thrown at Aggron throughout the entire fight. As it rocketed towards him the ground it touched tore up as if it were being hit by an extreme force. Stratos' eyes flash before he throws up his arms and the attack hits him causing an explosion of silver that pulses out from the impact zone. Aggron lets out a tired breath as his armor cools down but on the other side of the field Stratos, burned and bruised begins to weakly stand. Aggron's eyes go wide at the sheer amount of fighting spirit in the small (to him) Pokemon and he suddenly groans as the Doom Desire that was just placed on him pulses against his body making him stumble.
Aggron regains his footing however and opens his mouth as an orange colored ball begins forming and Stratos falls to a knee too weak to do much more of anything. As the blast rockets towards him the black Lucario lets out a chuckle remembering the last time they had fought each other, "I'll beat you next time." Stratos is lost from view in the Hyper Beam attack and is knocked out losing what little strength he still has. Aggron himself lets out a tired groan as he holds the plates on his front. The blast fades revealing the unconscious Stratos and a shocked silence fills the normally loud arena. The only voice heard is the announcer's,
"And in... a stunning turn of events... Kazamaru has defeated Stratos the Lucario! THE UNDERDOG HAS WON THE SINNOH POKEMON LEAGUE TOURNAMENT!!!!" A roaring applause echoes throughout the entire stadium and back on the field Aggron returns to his ball before Kazamaru holds it high above his head closing his eyes as he listens to the cheering around him.

An hour later the crowd roars in applause as fifteen people stand atop a stage put in the middle of the field. Moments later a woman walks out of the archway across from the stage and approaches the top fifteen with a small case in her right hand. She has long, flowing blonde hair with four dreadlocks. She wears a low-cut, long, black jacket with fur at the bottom around her ankles and the wrists of the coat also have the fur. She looks upon the set of trainers with a smile as she approaches them and walks up the stairs to stand on the wooden boards. She turns her back to them and waves to the crowd prompting loud cheering from them all, "Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the award ceremony! These trainers are here to receive their Ultima badges from me and the first place finisher will receive an extra prize." Cynthia, the champion of Sinnoh turns to the trainers and walks to her left stopping in front of Drake who is standing next to Jinx, "Well you just barely made it didn't you?" Drake chuckles as the champion hands him a badge,
"Yeah I did. Thank you very much Cynthia." She gives him a wink before taking a step to her right to stand in front of Jinx. She moves down the line distributing the badges one after another and then she stops in front of Kazamaru, "I was watching as you battled. You're a very powerful trainer Kazamaru." He takes the badge and nods to her,
"Thank you very much Cynthia." The champion smiles as she undoes the locks on the case and opens it revealing a gold and blue crown. She takes it out and Kazamaru grins as she places it on his head,
"Congratulations Kazamaru." Kaza reaches up and touches the crown,
"I love it thank you!" Cynthia nods as she smiles and turns her back, once again, to the trainers,
"Ladies and gentlemen your top fifteen!" The crowd bursts into loud applause and cheering and Cynthia waves to the trainers folding her hands behind her waist as she walks down the stairs and out of the stadium, "May we meet again."
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