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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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The Moon and the Stars

Kazamaru walks with the group with a bright smile still wearing the Sinnoh crown on his head. Scarlet holds his hand and giggles lightly as the group walks down the bridge to Sunnyshore city,
"I still can't believe you won that battle against Stratos." Kazamaru chuckles as he spins a pokeball on his finger,
"Well it was a team effort and... a lucky shot." Stratos looks back grinning as he walks next to Luna with Neo on his other side,
"I'll say. You made a good move with those focus bands Kaza." Kazamaru grins and the group continues down the bridge. When they arrive at the Pokemon center the doors slide open revealing Ash looking at them all,
"Have you seen the news?!" Everyone shakes their head and Ash leads everyone inside to a television set up in the lobby with a few people around it. On the TV is a woman dressed as a reporter in pink and she sits in a studio with a picture of Mt. Coronet to the left of her, "Listen..."

"If you're just tuning in Team Galactic has been spotted near the vicinity of Mt. Coronet. Their intentions are unknown at this point but from past reports of Galactic activity at the summit it cannot be anything good..."

Vecransyh tilts his head slightly,
"So you think we should do something about them?" Ash nods,
"You're all the most capable and I can't go since I have to be heading back to Pallet on the next boat." Luna cracks her knuckles as she smiles brightly,
"From what I've seen of Team Galactic their not tough at all." After the group leaves the Pokemon center on their route to Mt. Coronet Luna turns her head looking at Stratos as she smiles blushing lightly, "You know Stratos..." Stratos looks at her curiously,
"What's up?"
"You won the bet Stratos. We get to go out on a date today." Stratos looks at her a bit shocked,
"T-Today!? But we're going to Mt. Coronet!" Luna leans over and gives him a soft kiss on his cheek,
"How about you and me run ahead and just enjoy the day together?" Luna looks away from the heavily blushing Lucario to look at Neo, "That's okay with you, right dad?" Neo nods,
"Sure thing. Go have fun you two." Luna giggles happily and grabs Stratos' paw taking off to get away from the group. As they all continue walking Drake stares at the ground knowing exactly what to expect at Mt. Coronet. Latias nudges his shoulder as she looks at him with a rather concerned look,
"You okay Drakey?" Drake looks up at her and forces a sincere smile,
"Yeah I'm fine. I was just thinking about Team Galactic... I have something to tell everyone once we arrive in Hearthome." Latias looks at him with a little greater of concern,
"Is it about something you saw when you were Neptune?" Drake nods,

Luna runs alongside Stratos glancing at him every so often and the two meet eyes smiling at each other. The two of them run for nearly an hour before they arrive in Hearthome city and Stratos sits down on a bench in the park leaning his head back breathing heavily from running so far so fast. Luna sits down next to him and giggles looking at him before she gazes out at all of the flowers,
"Come on Stratos. You can beat me but you can't handle a little running?" Stratos waves his paw at her a little bit as he slows his breathing,
"Just... needed... a little breather." Luna smiles softly as she looks back to him seeing the Lucario lean his head back up straight and he looks at her,
"You never told me how you managed to make me level to you." Stratos gives her a sly grin as he scratches his head,
"It was fairly difficult to come up with a way to do that actually... I had Neo spar with me till I got it right though." He holds up his paw and it radiates blue with shreds of black, "You see, near the start of the battle I threw an Aura Sphere at you made of this kind of Aura. It's a more densely concentrated kind that gives the target a 'normal Pokemon' status. Meaning no regeneration and stuff like that. It negates all abilities but also negates my own as well. It brings us to equal power and since you weren't used to being that way I was able to beat you." Luna punches him hard in the arm,
"I gotta admit you put a lot of research into finding a weakness in me. That was a smart move putting Doom Desire on me at the end. If you hadn't of done that you would have been done." Stratos lets out a laugh as he leans back on the bench,
"Tell me about it. I was a little worried that it wouldn't have kicked in at the right moment. I got lucky I suppose. Still would have never expected that you would turn into a freaking Aggron." Stratos rubs his shoulder lightly where Luna punched it and the two return to looking out at the park,
"So what would you like to do?" Stratos looks at her blankly,
"Well this is a date. We can't just sit here the whole time talking; we should go do something."
"So what should we do?" Luna shrugs as her gaze meets Stratos' red hues,
"That's your choice since you're the one who won the bet." Stratos thinks for a moment bringing his paw to his chin running through things to do in Hearthome,
"You want to enter a contest? That ribbon Xylina got looked pretty cool." Luna smiles brightly,
"And then can we get ice cream?" Stratos nods,
"Sure. As long as it's not too late; contests last a while." Stratos and Luna stand and begin walking to the edge of the park and Luna takes Stratos' paw in hers as the two walk through the transfer building to the city.

A lone Zangoose stands atop a large cliff. His markings are black instead of red and are reversed from a normal Zangoose connecting to his right ear instead of his left. He watches the group continue their way towards Hearthome city and his gaze drifts to Mt. Coronet in the far distance. Down at the bottom of the cliff Latias senses a presence and looks up to see the Zangoose staring off in the opposite direction. And the Zangoose senses her gaze and turns back locking his eyes with hers. Latias gave him a soft smile but he returns her expression with a simple nod before he disappears in a shimmer of silver sparkles.

The Zangoose reappears under the stands in the contest stadium in Hearthome and watches as Stratos fights a trainer's Absol trying to show off as much as he can during the fight for extra points with the judges,
"Shadow Force... Judgment... You are almost complete..." The Zangoose sits down observing the battle but he feels a tap on his shoulder making him unsheathe his claws and he puts them up to Luna's neck, "WHO ARE YOU?!" Luna gulps as her eyes lock with the Zangoose's,
"My name is Luna..." The Zangoose goes wide-eyed and returns his claws to his paws taking a step back,
"You are not an enemy..." Luna nods slowly,
"No... I'm not. Who are you though?" The Zangoose lets out a sigh as his eyes slowly close,
"My name is of no importance at this time. We will meet again young one." The Zangoose turns into a silver silhouette and is gone. Luna is silent and heads back out sitting in the stands watching Stratos in his competition.
When the Absol falls to the ground unconscious the crowd bursts into applause and Stratos looks over to Luna and the two smile to one another as the judges hold up their scores for Stratos: two tens and a nine point nine. About an hour passed before the other competitors in the competition were finished but none could compare to Stratos' score and he was awarded with the 'Cool' Master rank medal. Stratos walks into the lobby shaking a few people's hands as they congratulated him and suddenly felt Luna hugging him tightly,
"Congratulations Stratos! You blew everyone away you were so good!" Stratos blushes lightly putting his arms around the Umbreon as he smiles,
"You're up in the next competition, you'd better get ready." Luna releases him and smiles heading into another room and Stratos walks into the stadium sitting down in the stands waiting for the lights to dim and the competitors to be introduced. Once they did Stratos could see the darkened figures walking onto the arena floor and as the spotlights hit the six competitors Stratos smiled seeing Luna in a long red dress instead of her cloak. Once the six were introduced and five of them had done their performances the lights dimmed as a cold mist flowed across the floor freezing the ground into a thin layer of ice. Luna steps out onto the ice now a Glaceon and changes back to her Umbreon form as she approaches the center of the floor. Luna closes her eyes and looks down before a soft music begins to play. Luna parts her legs and slowly begins moving about the ice spinning on occasion and skating across the ice on one leg drifting to one side and back as she smiles. Her performance keeps the entire crowd in silence and awe as the Umbreon girl entrances them all with her beautiful movements across the ice. As her timer begins to count down to zero Luna slides gracefully to the middle and looks down at the ground as the spotlight on her dims leaving the arena in darkness just as the buzzer goes off. As the lights turn on the judges are all holding up tens and the crowd stands up in a roar of applause. Luna looks up to see Stratos clapping as he smiles softly at her. After Luna was presented with her ribbon she leaves the room and Stratos smiles as she approaches him in the lobby now wearing her cloak again,
"Was... was I good?" Stratos brings a rose up from behind his back as he smiles,
"Words can't describe how beautiful of a performance you put on." Luna blushes taking the rose from his paw and she lets the scent drift into her nose as she smells it and their eyes meet before the two of them put their arms around each other in a warm embrace. Luna is congratulated by many of the people who were in the stands before she and Stratos head out of the contest hall. A few minutes later the two of them sit down on the same bench in the park with a single ice cream in each of their paws and Stratos runs his tongue up the chocolate sphere on top enjoying the flavor never having tried ice cream before. Luna's eyes stay on Stratos as she eats her ice cream with a smile on her face. After around fifteen minutes Stratos points forward breaking Luna's concentration and she follows his paw to look at the setting sun painting the sky with beautiful purples and pinks with some oranges in small strips; a beautiful sunset without a doubt. As the sun hits its halfway mark Luna finishes off her ice cream swallowing the remainder of the cone and she lets her body slide across the bench as her paws take Stratos' arm and she puts his arm around her shoulders. As she leans on him watching the sunset she kisses Stratos softly on his cheek snuggling into his side with a soft blush painting her cheeks. Stratos moves his paw to her waist and he lays his head on hers closing his eyes as his other paw sits on her hand. Luna slowly closes her eyes just enjoying the feeling of his body against hers and after a few moments she opens her eyes slowly looking up at him blushing a little more. She opens her mouth to speak but she can't find the words to say as Stratos turns to her and she sees his soft, kind, red eyes silhouetted against his starry fur and the two move very slowly together into a kiss.

Drake and the rest of the group enter Hearthome's Pokemon center and get their rooms before everyone sits down on the couches having been called there by Drake,
"Where's Stratos?" Latias looks at Drake smiling lightly,
"He and Luna left together this morning." Drake nods looking around at everyone,
"Okay. Everyone... I need to tell you what Team Galactic is going to do at the Spear Pillar." No-one says anything as they all look at Drake intently, "During the time I was in Team Galactic I was forced to collect DNA samples of every final evolution of all Pokemon including the legendaries. I never learned what we created was capable of but I know that it has been named Armageddon... There was one DNA that we never obtained though which was a crucial one in giving Armageddon unsurpassable power: Arceus. Team Galactic is heading to the top of Mt. Coronet to summon Arceus and kill him to take his DNA." Kazamaru shakes his head in shock,
"Kill Arceus!? Impossible!" Drake shakes his head heaving a large sigh,
"Armageddon has the power to do it though... how it fights though... I have no clue since all it looks like is a black sphere of black energy sparking with electricity. What we need to do is destroy Armageddon before it's able to make contact with Arceus. Team Galactic's admins and leader are incredibly smart so they would know not to try climbing the mountain at night. They will begin climbing tomorrow and we will also." Vecransyh looks down,
"Is Armageddon really that big of a threat?" Drake narrows his eyes at Vecransyh,
"Why would Galactic have bothered naming it Armageddon if it was harmless?" Vecransyh nods,
"So tomorrow we will climb Mt. Coronet and put a stop to Armageddon and Team Galactic once and for all." After that the group disperses heading to their own rooms.

Stratos and Luna break the kiss after nearly a minute and simply look into each other's eyes,
"I don't want to leave you tonight... At night... when I'm in bed by myself... I get so..." Tears form in her eyes and one slowly drifts down her cheeks as she looks down, "During my life I started to believe that no-one would view me as anything more then a monster... a demon... but... you saw past all that and saw me for who I am..." Stratos lifts her face slowly with his paw and his eyes meet hers as he smiles,
"You'll never feel that way again Luna. I promise." Stratos' paw wipes the tears from her eyes as he looks at her, "So no more tears, okay?" Luna begins shedding tears of joy as she throws her arms around Stratos holding him closely,
"As long as I'm with you... I'll never cry again." Stratos puts his arms around her holding her closely and after a few moments Luna shifts so that she sits sideways in his lap, "Will you carry me to the Pokemon center? I'm feeling kinda tired now..." Stratos puts his paws under her body as he stand up and smiles as he starts walking to the Pokemon center. The doors of the Pokemon center slide open and the Lucario walks in and up the stairs to the room originally reserved for Luna and he sets her on the ground turning the knob and the door opens letting the empty room fall into view, "See...? It was like this every night so... I'm glad you'll be with me tonight." Stratos watches as Luna walks over to the bed and climbs in and Stratos closes the door behind himself walking over to the bed and he lies down next to Luna and the Umbreon brings the blanket over them before she snuggles into his chest smiling softly, "Better then a pillow..." Stratos slowly closes his eyes as he brings his paw up and softly strokes her hair and ears as she drifts off to sleep embracing him. Stratos falls asleep a few minutes later letting his paw drift to her back when he loses control of it drifting from consciousness into peaceful sleep.

Luna opens her eyes slowly a few minutes later and she looks down at herself blushing a little seeing that she still wears her cloak. She sits up slowly letting Stratos' paw slide off her body and she stands up sliding down the zipper on the front of it letting it fall down her shoulders and it touches the floor a moment later. Luna stands with her bare back to Stratos who remains fast asleep in the bed and she blushes running her paw over her bare chest, (I wonder how he'd react seeing me like this...? Or...) She turns slowly looking at the sleeping Lucario with a soft smile and she takes a few steps forward laying her right knee onto the bed before she climbs back in sliding under the blanket and she closes her eyes laying her lips against Stratos' as she snuggles up to him pushing her breasts against his chest, (Or... like this?) her body moves back slightly and Luna runs her paw down Stratos' front blushing heavily as her paw, as if on its own, continues moving down his body and she moves her paw around his waist under the top of his shorts. Stratos slowly opens his eyes and looks at Luna completely unaware of her current lack of clothing under the blanket. His paw moves to the paw about an inch under the waistband of his shorts making Luna jump,
"Luna...? What are you doing?" Luna stares at the curious-looking Lucario with a blank look on her red face as she tries to come up with a good enough excuse. She speaks only a few seconds later saying the only thing she can think of immediately,
"Uhm... I was... well, I thought you might get hot while you slept so..." Stratos simply looks at her blankly not really knowing what to think at this moment,
"Uhm..." Luna looks at him with a slight shame in her eyes,
"Sorry... you don't have to I just..." Stratos shrugs,
"It just seemed kinda odd that's all. So you want me to take off my shorts?" A bead of sweat runs down Luna's face as she gulps nodding. Stratos looks at her not saying anything for a moment before he smiles lightly,
"Well you're fur against mine is hotter then I'm used to..." (No sexual reference intended) "So I don't think it would be a problem... no looking okay...?" Luna sees the shy, hesitant look on Stratos' face and she nods slowly and watches as Stratos gets out of the bed and turns his back to her sliding his shorts off slowly and Luna, despite her agreeing to what Stratos said finds herself unable to look away from him,
(This feeling... I feel... hot...) Luna's paw slides down slowly to her virgin lips and one of her fingers slides across the opening forcing a silent moan from the Umbreon. Luna recovers from her moment and looks up seeing Stratos looking at her with a heavy blush on his face,
"You're right... this is better..." Luna smiles softly and lays her lips against Stratos' kissing him but she feels a certain passion in the kiss and her paw touches Stratos' and she brings it to her chest and she lets out a sigh of pleasure when she feels his paw tense squeezing lightly. Stratos breaks the kiss looking at her as he withdraws his paw from her chest looking at her with an embarrassed look, "Sorry... should I not have done that?" Luna shakes her head slowly,
"No... it's fine." Stratos gulps as he slowly moves his paw to her breast squeezing lightly and he blushes harder when he realizes it's her bare breast meaning she's naked, (So soft... it feels so good...) A soft moan slips from Luna's lips and Stratos slowly moves his other paw to her other breast squeezing some while he kisses her softly,
"Sorry... I'm not very good at this..." Luna manages to open her eyes and she smiles looking into Stratos',
"It's my first time too. It feels really good so far though..." Luna stops talking as her words are replaces with another moan when Stratos rubs her nipples experimentally with a single finger each while he squeezes them, "But... it's feeling better every second..." Stratos looks at her hesitantly,
"I feel... weird." Luna kisses him pushing her chest into his paws and her paw slides down his front as she smiles leaving her forehead against his as both of their eyes stay closed,
"I think I know... what to do." Her hand slides down farther then before and she stops when she feels something long and hard come in contact with her hand. Luna recognizes it after a moment and she runs her hand up the shaft to the tip as Stratos flinches,
"That's my...!" Stratos grits his teeth as Luna rubs the tip slowly as she looks at him and she smiles lightly when she hears a moan slip from his mouth. Stratos remains motionless lost in the moment for a little while before his blush darkens and his paws continue massaging Luna's chest, "It feels good..." Luna runs her hand up and down his shaft experimentally to test what feelings it gives him and she kisses him hearing a longer moan from him. Luna's other paw runs up and down her slit slowly and she lets out a long moan as her fingers become more and more moist with each second. Luna moves her paw away from herself and she moves her waist forward slowly releasing the length in her other paw and her wetness caresses his tip. Stratos lets out a short moan and he instinctively pushes forward sliding into her about an inch or so letting out a long moan at the same time as Luna. Luna wraps her arms around Stratos as she kisses him passionately moaning loudly as she feels herself take in even more of him. Stratos stops as his tip meets her virginity and Luna opens her eyes slowly looking up at him and she meets his hesitant gaze,
"Keep going... push hard." Stratos nods and he pushes hard breaking through her virginity thus ending both of theirs and Stratos continues into her till he hilts fully inside of her body. Luna flinches when her hymen breaks but she feels almost no pain and the two move into a kiss opening their mouths slightly and letting their tongues mingle and caress one another. The kiss lasts for nearly a minute and Stratos looks into Luna's eyes blushing heavily,
"Now... what?" Luna closes her eyes embracing him still feeling him massaging her breasts,
"Move out some... but not all the way and... go back in... then keep... doing that." Luna lets out a loud moan as she feels the length slide out of her a good deal and she embraces him tighter feeling him slide back into her and start a slow rhythm pumping into her body slowly but fully. Luna feels the heat in her body increase with a steadily rising pressure and suddenly she screams out a loud moan as she orgasms pulsing and tightening around Stratos who lets out a moan pushing into her as he continues even with barely enough room to move. Luna lets out long moans feeling Stratos start to pick up a little bit of speed still moving into her fully and she moans long and loud before she hears Stratos' voice sounding strained,
"I feel... some kind of pressure...!" Luna feels her own pressure start to build for her second orgasm and she grips Stratos tightly,
"Let it out!" Luna's inner walls clamp down as she orgasms a second time and Luna begins breathing heavily before she feels Stratos hilt into her and she feels a hot burst inside her coating her insides with hot liquid. Luna and Stratos let out simultaneous long moans and Luna feels herself be filled with Stratos' cum and her lips join with his and their tongues caress one another. The kiss breaks a minute later and Luna smiles softly looking into the kind, red eyes she knows so well, "I love you." Stratos' paw joins with her cheek and his fingers slowly slide through the black fur as he returns her smile,
"I love you too." Luna lays her head on her new lover's chest closing her eyes as a tear of joy slides down her cheek and into Stratos' fur,
"I want to be with you forever..." Stratos softly strokes the back of her head caressing the thin fur in his fingers as he smiles,
"I promise; I'll never leave you Luna." The two fall asleep in each other's embrace knowing that they will never be apart again.
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