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Galactic Blockade

Stratos slowly opens his eyes the next morning hearing the door to the room open. He turns as he hears a voice behind him,
"Hey guys I was just coming in to tell you to..." Kazamaru freezes as he sees how they are in the bed, "OH GOD!! OH MY GOD!!" Kazamaru faints falling to the ground after letting out a girlish shriek. By this time Luna has sat up lightly holding the blanket over herself as she blinks,
"Uhm... that was weird." Just then Scarlet walks into the room and looks down at the unconscious Kazamaru on the ground,
"What happened...?" Stratos shrugs,
"I don't know. He just walked in and looked at us. Next thing we knew he was down." Scarlet looks at them and blushes slightly as she giggles,
"Well he overreacts to a lot of things. I suppose he reacted this way since he's never walked in on another couple especially one that's two Pokemon." Luna smiles as she slides out of the bed taking her coat into her paw,
"So what did he come in here to tell us anyway?" Scarlet takes a step so she's standing to Kazamaru's side and she kicks him,
"We're leaving for Mt. Coronet in a little while so he got sent to wake you guys up. I followed him since I go everywhere with him. No-one actually knows about you two sleeping together so I'll just keep it between us." She winks taking Kazamaru's arm and she drags him out of the room closing the door behind her. Stratos reaches to the floor picking up his shorts and he slides out of the bed putting them on making a light snapping noise as the band attaches to his waist. Luna sighs walking around to the other side of the bed and she puts her arms around Stratos' waist kissing him on the neck as she smiles,
"Ready to go love?" Stratos blushes and smiles touching her paws with his own,

Scarlet smacks Kazamaru across the face and he wakes up in shock, "What?! Wha...? Where am I?" Kazamaru looks around now in the lobby sitting on one of the many couches seeing the rest of the group around him. Scarlet smiles sitting down next to him,
"You fell asleep so I went upstairs and got Stratos and Luna woken up." Kazamaru rubs his head as he looks to the stairs watching the Lucario and Umbreon in question walk down the stairs,
"I had the weirdest dream..." Scarlet smiles,
"You can tell me all about it later." She looks over to Drake and Latias, "We're leaving now, right Drake?" Drake nods and stands up,
"Yeah, let's get to Mt. Coronet and end Team Galactic once and for all!" Tara looks around at everyone looking slightly embarrassed,
"Hey everyone...?" Tara immediately becomes the center of attention and she looks down, "I'm actually going to be saying goodbye here. I have this really bad feeling that something big is going to happen soon and... I just don't know if I can handle it. I'm going to be heading home to see my family since it's been around four years since my last visit." Tara stands up and smiles looking around at everyone, "So..." Onym nods leaning back with his arm around Molly,
"We get it. I have that feeling too. No-one's going to blame you for being scared so go, be with your family." Tara nods,
"Okay... goodbye everyone." With that Tara and Umbreon leave the Pokemon Center and Tara returns Umbreon to his ball before she sends out Altaria and jumps onto her back taking off into the sky.

The group leaves the Pokemon center moments later and they start down the road towards the entrance to the tunnel. Drake and Latias lead followed by Kazamaru and Scarlet. Following them is Vecransyh, Xylina, Yakira and Victoria, who all walk in a line, behind them is Onym and Molly, who trots next to Onym with a happy smile on her face. And at the back of the line are Neo, Allie, Stratos and Luna. A few minutes of walking later the group is approached by a girl. She wears a black, long sleeve shirt with a few white stars outlined in pink on the front. The skirt she wears is fairly short but a decent length and is trimmed in squares of white. She wears long brown stockings up her legs leaving only a few inches of skin to be seen and her shoes are black with white toes and a single strap on the front along with a zipper. Around her neck is a pink scarf. Her hair is a solid black color with almost half the length of her hair in blonde tips. She looks at them with her light blue hues as she smiles,
"You all saw the newest news broadcast? They say a group of trainers is going to climb Mt. Coronet and stop Galactic at the summit. That must be you guys." Latias floats up to her and smiles,
"Yes that would be our little group. Were you hoping to join?" The girl grins smiling brightly,
"Definitely! I'm Emi. I know all your names already. I meant to find you guys after the tournament but you were gone so quickly I didn't get the chance." After a few minutes of talking the group starts down the road again and Emi stands next to Vecransyh looking at him and after a few moments she pokes his cheek, "So Vec... I was watching one of your battles... I think it was against Salina; the girl with the Bibarel?" Vecransyh nods as he twitches when Emi pokes him,
"Yeah...?" Emi smiles brightly,
"That was really funny what you said." Vecransyh blinks looking at her,
"I never did get the joke." Emi replies blatantly as she pokes him again,
"The word 'Beaver' is another word for the female reproductive organs so when you said 'let's stick it to this beaver' you said..." Vecransyh chuckles,
"I get it, it was a sex joke." During the walk Emi makes her way steadily through the group having little chats with everyone and eventually she reaches Stratos. She takes his arm and lifts it examining his fur texture and look,
"Interesting... your fur completely repels light except in those few spots." Stratos nods as his arm is released and he lets it fall back to his side,
"Umm yeah... It's been that way since I was a Riolu." Emi walks next to him with her hands joined behind her back,
"Huh. Maybe it signifies something? Anyway... what's our plan for when we get to the mountain?" Neo looks over at her,
"We're going to fight our way through the admins and grunts till we all make it to the Spear Pillar. Once we're there we'll take down Armageddon and stop Galactic once and for all." Vecransyh turns back towards them and nods with a serious look,
"Everything ends today. I just hope we have enough power to take down whatever the hell that thing is." As the group approaches the mountain a figure comes into view and the Team Galactic admin wears a dark smile on her face. Drake stops walking as he sees her forcing the entire group to cease movement,
"Jupiter." Jupiter grins taking two pokeballs from her belt,
"Looks like you ended up choosing the losing side Neptune. Before the day is over Armageddon will have enough power to end this wretched world to make way for the glorious new world of Team Galactic!!" Drake narrows his eyes as he growls,
"My name is Drake!!" Jupiter simply laughs,
"Whatever. None of you are even going to make it past me so you should just give up now!" Drake takes a pokeball from his belt and takes a step forward but feels an arm press against his chest. He looks over to see Emi with two pokeballs in her hands,
"You all go on ahead. I'll take care of this one." Drake looks at her a little uncertain,
"Are you sure you can handle her? Team Galactic admins are..." Emi cuts him off with a serious look,
"Do you want to stay here and fight her? You're clearly one of the powerhouses in this group so if you're out this soon then you all might not even be able to make it to the top! Go! I'll beat her and meet up with you guys in a little bit!" Jupiter snickers,
"My, my, little girl you certainly do have a spine. Let's see what tricks you have!!" The rest of the group passes Jupiter and enters the cave. They quickly begin making their way through the cave meeting only weak grunts that steadily begin to grow stronger as they climb higher. After around twenty minutes of climbing another figure bars their path and Kazamaru immediately steps forward with a grin,
"Hey there. You get a less lame name yet?" Saturn narrows his eyes taking two pokeballs into his hands,
"You think of a better name for that ultimate attack of yours?" Kazamaru laughs,
"At least it's better then your name dude! You guys go on ahead. I've got this clown." Everyone nods and they all continue as Kazamaru and Saturn throw their pokeballs. The group continues taking down all the grunts in their way as they continue and when they get to the exit of the cave leading to the snowy part leading to the Spear Pillar a girl steps out of the shadows with her eyes locked on Drake,
"I heard that you were with these guys from the other admins and to be honest; I didn't believe it till I saw it Nep... sorry, Drake." Drake takes a pokeball from his belt and everyone takes the hint continuing on with the intention of stopping at the entrance to the Spear Pillar to wait for everyone to catch up,
"Mars..." She smiles as she looks at him,
"You're just as I remember you just... with different clothes. I finally understand what you meant when you said that it was my hair that attracted you to me." Drake nods,
"Yeah... I'm sorry that I used you." Mars shakes her head,
"No it's fine. To have a love that strong and have it torn away from you by something to small as a contract... I would have done the same thing you did." Mars looks down, "I never thought the day would come where we were enemies though..." Drake looks down closing his eyes,
"Mars..." Mars looks back up looking darkly at him,
"It doesn't matter though. This is the path you chose so I have no choice but to take you down for Master Cyrus!"

Emi smiles as the Solarbeam and Flamethrower merge into a single beam of power and explode on contact knocking out Jupiter's Golbat and Skuntank at the same time. As the smoke clears Jupiter is passed out and Emi walks passed her accompanied by her Flareon and her Cherrim, who sits on her shoulder,
"That's why you don't mess with Pokemon."

Kazamaru snickers as Flygon returns to her ball and Saturn looks up at him with disgust,
"You'll never win... Armageddon is never going to be destroyed." Kazamaru shakes his head,
"See, that's where you're wrong. It really doesn't matter how strong something is, it always has a weakness. What are you guys here for anyway? Why the Spear Pillar?" Saturn chuckles and gives Kazamaru a dark look,
"Why are you asking me? You think I'd tell you anything?" Kaza responds by tossing a pokeball and in a flash of light Tankburger is standing in front of him scratching his stomach,
"You sure you don't know?" Saturn shrugs,
"Nope, I've got no idea." Kaza nods and looks up at Tankburger,
"You heard him big guy. He said he wants you to sit on him." Saturn's smirk fades as he watches the bear begin walking towards him,

Mars lets her arm fall to her side as the pokeball in it falls to the ground, "I can't fight you Drake..." He watches as the admin falls to her hands on knees in a sort of bow, "There's no way I can even come close to matching you in battle..." She looks up at him, "Drake... just go." Drake puts his pokeball back on his belt as he sighs,
"Mars... I..." Drake falls silent for a number of minutes and walks over to Mars, "Join our side. Armageddon is going to fall today and when he does do you really want to be on the losing side?" He holds out his hand to her and his gaze meets hers,
"D-Drake..." He smiles,
"You know the phrase: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em?" Mars shakes her head as a smile spreads across her face,
"My path is my own. Drake, I'm part of Team Galactic. I have no business being a part of your group and I never will. Now go; your friends need you." Drake's smile fades and the two look at each other for a minute before he nods and walks past her.

Meanwhile near the top of the mountain everyone is together as they look up the staircase to see a bright light meaning the exit of the cave and the entrance of the Spear Pillar. Everyone has a serious expression and Vecransyh speaks,
"Beyond that doorway... there's no going back." Suddenly the wall next to them cracks and Kazamaru and Aggron burst from an explosion of rocks and dust,
"Screw the rules! My Pokemon knows Dig!" Drake appears, walking up the rock staircase and he smiles at them,
"Miss me?"
After a few more minutes the entire group, with the exception of Emi who is nowhere to be found, is standing in front of the staircase to the Spear Pillar, "Let's go."
Three figures, one with fire in a ring around his neck and one with blades shining in the blinding sunlight at the top of the staircase come into view and begin walking towards them slowly,
"Actually none of you are going to make it to the Spear Pillar." Damian comes into view and both Thanatos and Styx are by his side radiating with black auras, "Since I saw you all last my two legends have unlocked their final impacts which has given me the power I need to take Yakira and Victoria with me once and for all." Vecransyh glares at Damian as a pokeball enlarges in his hand,
"You've lost so many times Damian. You're against all of us now. There's no way you'll win." Yakira looks down as she lowers Vecransyh's hand back to his waist,
"Vecransyh... he's telling the truth. Even with me in my impact state I couldn't even fend off one of them for more then a few seconds." Yakira motions to Victoria as she walks forward ahead of the group and Victoria joins her with a confused look. Vecransyh clenches his fists as he simply watches,
"Yakira what are you doing?!" Damian can't help but laugh as he stops walking down the stairs around twenty feet away from them all,
"It seems they've realized that it's futile and they've decided to come with me and spare you your demise." Damian takes out two black pokeballs and grins as he holds them out, "Come girls, your new homes await." Victoria just looks at Yakira who's looking down at the ground. The Froslass stands for a few minutes of awkward silence before she speaks,
"Thanatos... All that time you spent with Damian chasing after me... you're a legend Thanatos; pokeballs cannot confine you." Thanatos' flames begin to die down as he listens to Yakira's words, "So why did you do it? Follow the orders of a power-hungry boy only searching for personal gain with your power when you could have left him at any time?" No-one says a thing as Damian lowers the pokeballs looking from Thanatos to Styx as he listens, "You fought so hard for him just to capture me and make me go with him..." She looks into the eyes of the black Typhlosion, "It was because you wanted to end my suffering. It... it was because you cared about me Thanatos. As I look into your eyes now I see pain... pain because you know what you'll have to do if I refuse to go with your master now. But... would you really kill me if you had a choice?" Tears begin forming in Yakira's eyes as she closes them yelling to the ground, "You have a choice Thanatos!! Both you and Styx have a choice! How many innocent Pokemon did you have to harm before you finally unlocked your power?! Just for the sake of pleasing him?!" Damian narrows his eyes and turns to Thanatos yelling at him,
"You don't believe this crap do you?! Attack! Both of you attack them right now!!" Thanatos has his eyes closed as he looks down,
"Let her finish..."
"What did you say!?" Thanatos' flames flare up as he growls at Damian,
"Let her finish!!" Yakira opens her eyes again as she looks up at Thanatos,
"You love me, don't you?" All eyes turn to the angry Typhlosion and as he hears the words his flames die down and he looks back to Yakira in silence, "Thanatos... we need you with us when we fight this battle... please... come with us." The moment is cut short by Damian's laughter filling the air and his arm goes around Thanatos as he continues,
"I gotta say, those last words were pretty moving. Hehe, it doesn't matter what either one of them feel because you see, they're bound to me. They are my Pokemon and I'll do with them as I wish! No petty words are going to sway their loyalty to me now go!! Thanatos! Bring them to me conscious or not!" Thanatos closes his eyes not moving or saying anything for a few moments before Damian knocks on his head making him open his eyes, "Hello?! I said go attack them you brain-dead tank!!" Thanatos takes a step forward letting Damian's arm fall back to his side as he grins, "Ata boy." Yakira's eyes widen as Thanatos begins walking towards everyone and Vecransyh summons his sword heading to the front of the group before Yakira turns to him and shakes her head, her face tear-streaked,
"No... stay back Vecransyh. This..." her voice becomes quiet, "This is when he makes his choice." Vecransyh's sword disappears as he nods in silence as the black Typhlosion reaches the bottom of the stairs and looks down at Yakira. She looks up into his eyes and the two simply look at each other for a very long five minutes before Thanatos finally speaks,
"Can you forgive me for all I've put you through?" Yakira smiles up at him and nods before the two embrace each other for a few moments before Thanatos turns and faces Damian, "I've switched sides." Damian smirks and takes out a black pokeball,
"The hell you have!!" The beam flies towards him and a second later his flames ignite and his roar shakes the cave, Damian looking in shock as the pokeball in his hand shatters and he falls over, "What the hell?!"
"You no longer have control over me Damian. When I first met you, you were simply a boy starting on his Pokemon journey but once you had a taste for power you craved more. You changed and you've lost."
"I still have Styx!" Styx, in question, has been simply standing next to Damian the entire time without moving and his gaze turns to the boy,
"Once you had the means to gather the four legends under your control but now your darkness has led three to turn against you." The final pokeball on Damian's waist shatters as he takes a step away from the Kobutops,
"W-what are you saying Styx?!"
"There is no hope for you Damian. Three turned against you has turned to four now run. Run in failure and defeat. Wallow in your misery and despair. You are not fit to wield the power of even a single legend and so... with all the mercy I am able to muster I am telling you to run before I lose control of myself and kill you where you stand you miserable excuse for a master." Damian stands still paralyzed in fear staring with wide eyes at the legend of Kanto before he bolts up the staircase and disappears into the light of the Spear Pillar. Silence fills the air as Styx begins descending the stairs and stops staring at Vecransyh, "Prince.. I offer you my services. Wield my strength against your enemies so we may slay them together. You have my scythes." Thanatos turns and looks at him,
"And my fire." Yakira giggles,
"And my ice." Victoria smiles as she looks at the other three,
"And my steel." Vecransyh grins as he looks around at the four legends and his friends,
"Come on everyone. It's time to end this." All together they begin their ascent to the Spear Pillar the light of the tunnel becoming brighter with every step.
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