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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Third Place

Blizzard looks at Swampert with a confident smirk,
"Don't hold back." The Swampert smiles,
"I don't plan to." Swampert rushes the white Lucario at high speed and smashes his arms down cracking the ground. Blizzard barely jumps out of the way and looks at the Swampert with a grin,
"Looks like you'll be even more a challenge for me then that Steelix. Very well," Blizzard takes a battle stance, "Come!" The two Pokemon rush each other and begin trading strikes as small flashes of light appear from each strike from the speed. Up in the stands the three Lucario are cheering for Blizzard. As Vecransyh watches them the Lucario closest to him turns and gives him an exciting smile. She speaks in a female voice and looks similar to Blizzard except for her chest fur is silver,
"Hi! I'm Asia! Are you enjoying watching our brother fight?!" Vecransyh blinks at the forwardness of the Lucario and smiles,
"Yeah. This is going to be a good fight" The Lucario next to Asia turns to her. The Lucario's fur pattern is brown and black and her hand spikes are yellow,
"Asia watch the fight! Blizzard is giving it his all against this guy!"
"Okay Allie!" The two Lucario turn their attention back to the fight. Vecransyh looks past the first two Lucario and sees third female Lucario except this one is solid black with white paws and red hand spikes. She holds a notebook in her paws and is writing occasionally glancing up at the fight. Vecransyh notices that all three of them including Blizzard do not have the chest spike usually found on Lucario but returns his direction to the fight as he finds it potentially hazardous to ask. Down on the field Blizzard and Swampert are still slamming away at each other both heavily bruised from the constant impacts to their bodies. The two of them blast apart and Blizzard takes a knee panting and sweating as Swampert stands on all fours also breathing heavily. Under his black hood Neo smiles as he thinks to himself,
(This guy has so much faith in his Pokemon he rarely gives them commands.)
"Now Swampert! Finish it with Hammer arm!!!" Swampert lunges at Blizzard and the two trade blows again before Swampert catches both of Blizzards arms in a low swing of his left arm spinning Blizzard around and bringing his right arm down hard on his back slamming him to the floor and making him fall unconscious. Kazamaru throws his arm into the air with an excited smile,
"Yeah Swampert!! You did it!!!" Neo walks onto the field and hoists Blizzard onto his shoulder carrying him back over to his side and sitting him up near the other two. Aster, the Gliscor flies out onto the field,
"You got lucky when you beat Blizzard now I'm gonna bring you down!!!!!!" Swampert smirks confidently,
"Not likely..." Swampert lunges at Aster and is intercepted by the glowing claws of the bat-scorpion,
"Aww, did Blizzard tire you out? Well you can take a rest now!!!" Aster slashes Swampert with both of his claws in an 'X' move sending the large Pokemon toppling over backwards and become knocked out. Kazamaru returns Swampert to his pokeball and takes out a second,
"I had a hunch you were using the same team you used against Dorian so I prepared my team against it!" Kazamaru throws a pokeball releasing a large brown mammoth. Aster looks serious at him before going into a battle pose and screeching loudly,
"Bring it on!!!!!" Aster flies recklessly at Piloswine and is intercepted by a direct hit ice beam freezing him solid and crashes to the ground breaking the ice and leaving Aster out cold. Neo walks over to Aster and picks him up smiling at Kazamaru,
"Don't get sloppy now and you could actually win this!" As he walks back to his side the Absol, Alex, walks onto the field and looks up at the mammoth,
"Well. This isn't anything more then an obstacle." Alex jumps to the side avoiding an ice beam attack and lands near Piloswine's face, "Now that wasn't very nice." Alex disappears suddenly and quick slashes appear all over Piloswine who then falls onto his side and is recalled into his pokeball. Kazamaru grins as he takes out his third Pokemon,
"Now for the grand finale!!" He throws the pokeball releasing his Aggron from it. The giant, steel-plated, blue triceratops stares down at the small dog through his red eyes; Absol rushes him but is punched hard sending him a small distance away. Alex prepares to pounce as he thinks of a plan,
(Aggron... great... If I can land a hit I can take him down so I have to be fast!) Alex jumps connecting the horn on his head with Aggron's arm as he blocks the attack. Alex spins around as he hits the ground landing on his feet directly under Aggron, (Now or never!) The Absol glows brilliant silver and rams Aggron in the gut sending him flying over backwards onto his back. Aggron stands up and brushes himself off glaring at the Absol. He holds out his hand and energy begins forming in it and the energy turns to a light brown color. Kazamaru grins,
"Aggron!! Metal burst!!!" Aggron rushes at the Absol and throws his fist at him. Alex leaps to the side away from the hit lightening a good portion of the potential damage from it. He lands back on his feet and rushes Aggron again glowing bright silver. With a Headbutt Aggron is sent toppling over and lies on the ground in front of Kazamaru knocked out. Kazamaru returns the blue triceratops to his ball and puts it on his belt. The announcer comes over the loudspeaker again,
"That was really close! If that had made full contact I would've been out like a light!" Kazamaru grins,
"Glad to have given you a run for your money. What attack were you using anyway?" Alex grins at the question,
"Just a little something I picked up. Most famously used by the Regis I can use the attack Superpower which is why Aggron took as much damage as he did from those attacks." Neo reaches out with his gloved hand,
"That was a great match Kaza." Kazamaru shakes his hand and grins,
"I just wish I had won..." Neo grins under his hood and pats Kazamaru on the back,
"Don't sweat it. You should take your Pokemon to be healed before your match against the one with the poison." Kazamaru nods and watches Neo turn and walk away followed closely by his Pokemon then Kazamaru walks toward the exit heading straight to the Pokemon center. Vecransyh walks into the lobby with Drake and Latias and Neo walks over to them followed by the four Lucario, the Gliscor and the Absol. Neo looks at Latias,
"How have you been Latias?" Latias smiles,
"I've been good. You're looking like you're in top form as usual. Been a while since I last saw you. How've you been?" Neo's smile appears under his hood,
"Can't complain. Aren't you supposed to be guarding the soul dew in Altomare with your brother?" Latias looks down,
"My brother died a long time ago when the city was invaded by team rocket... The Soul dew has new guardians now." Neo looks down,
"I see. That's a shame; he was such a bundle of fun." Drake looks back and forth between Neo and Latias,
"Umm... you know each other...?" Latias smiles as she looks at Drake,
"We're old friends." Neo smiles,
"So why did you leave Altomare?"
"Well after my brother died things just didn't feel the same. One day Drake here stumbled upon the garden and after he convinced me that he was not after the soul dew and that he had gotten lost in the streets that he had found the garden by accident we quickly became good friends." Drake blushes lightly at Latias bringing up his failed attempt to navigate the city,
"Come on I wasn't THAT lost!" Latias giggles and Neo nods to Drake,
"And you became boyfriend and girlfriend after that. I'm happy for you Latias..." Blizzard walks up next to Neo and whispers in his ear, "Ah yes, there is something I need to take care of and I must be going. Take care Latias!" With that Neo disappears through the doors of the stadium. Drake raises an eyebrow as he looks back to Latias,
"What happened between you guys?" Latias smiles as she kisses him lightly,
"You know I'd tell you if there was anyone before you. Neo is an old childhood friend. He used to visit me and Latios in Altomare and we would play in the garden. You know you're the only guy for me." Vecransyh smiles as he watches the two and thinks back to Xylina in the Pokemon center,
"Hey guys I'm heading to the Pokemon center. I'll be back later." Latias smiles at him,
"Bye-bye Vec." Vecransyh makes it to the Pokemon center and heads to Xylina's room to find her using psychic to turn the sides of a rubix cube occasionally muttering swear words under her breath as she tries to solve it. Vecransyh knocks on the open door and Xylina jumps at the noise dropping the cube onto her stomach. She looks over at Vecransyh and smiles softly as he walks over to the bed sitting down on the side. He takes the cube off of her stomach and begins fiddling with the colored squares,
"I hate these things. They make you feel stupid until you complete them." Xylina smiles,
"I've been trying to do that things since you left. Got one side a few times but I always have to undo it to continue... whoever made those is a sick person." Vecransyh laughs as he lies down on the bed setting his head on Xylina's pillow with her still playing with the cube, "So who won the fight?"
"Neo but it was incredibly close." Xylina looks up at the bright lights above her and looks over to Vecransyh,
"Could you turn off the lights? It so bright in here I can't think." Vecransyh lets out a small laugh as he stands up and switches off the lights. He then drops the blinds and closes the door causing the room to only have a small amount of light in it,
"Better?" Vecransyh walks back over to Xylina and lays back down on the bed turned toward her with a smile in the faint light,
"Much better, thanks." Xylina embraces Vecransyh and kisses him softly. Vecransyh places the cube on the nightstand and embraces Xylina. The two of them lay in the dark just enjoying each other's embrace. After a few minutes the two hear voices outside the room that sounds like Kazamaru and Vecransyh stands up walking to the door. He opens it slightly and pokes his head out the door looking at Kazamaru,
"Sup Kaza?" Kazamaru shrugs and tries to look past Vecransyh,
"I was going to check on Xylina while my Pokemon got healed... why is it so dark in there? You guys having sex or something?" Xylina's voice is heard from inside the room. Her tone sounds like she's trying not to laugh,
"Vecransyh! Come back to bed!" Vecransyh turns a bright red as he looks at Kazamaru,
"Uhh..." Kazamaru and Vecransyh walk into the room and Kaza turns on the lights to see Xylina trying to solve the rubix cube again and grinning,
"Just kidding!" She laughs as she looks at the two blushing boys. Vecransyh folds his arms,
"Not funny..." Xylina laughs and lets the cube fall into her hand,
"The look on your face is so priceless it's like a Mastercard commercial!" She coughs from laughing and takes a deep breath, "So what's up Kaza?" Kazamaru shrugs,
"Just came by to check on you but I've got to be going back to the stadium now for my match." Kazamaru dashes out of the room as Vecransyh site back on the bed as Xylina continues with the puzzle,
"Come on you know it was funny." Vecransyh sighs and smiles as he gets up and turns the lights back off then returns to the bed,
"Okay, I suppose it was kind of funny..." She embraces him laying her head on his chest with a sigh,
"Xylina?" She doesn't look up at him,
"How do you feel about me?" Vecransyh looks down at her with a puzzled look,
"I cherish you like I do all of my Pokemon." She hugs him tighter,
"I mean do you feel any different about me then your other Pokemon?" Vecransyh moves his hand under her arms and picks her up laying her on top of him with his face close to hers. He smiles softly as he looks into her eyes,
"I think I see what you're saying... and yes, I am starting to develop some feelings for you Xylina." Xylina looks into his eyes hopefully,
(Please say it!)
"And I might even be starting to fall for you." Vecransyh gives her a passionate kiss before sliding out from under her and standing up. Xylina watches him as he walks to the door. He opens it slightly and turns his head looking into her eyes, "I love you." Xylina's heart jumps as her face glows from her smile. With a last smile Vecransyh disappears into the hallway and starts heading to the stadium. Xylina rolls from her side to her back and looks up at the ceiling blushing heavily,
(He said it! He loves me!) Back at the stadium Vecransyh finds his seat between Drake and the three Lucario, Neo, Blizzard, Aster and Alex in that order. He turns toward Asia,
"You three always sit here don't you?" Asia looks at him with an excited smile,
"This is the perfect seating! It's right in the middle and it's down low so we can watch the battle!" Vecransyh smiles as he pets the little Lucario girl on the head. She smiles and turns back towards the arena. Kazamaru and Jyro have taken the field and both hold their first pokeball in their hands. Jyro looks at Kazamaru with a smirk on his face,
"Never thought I'd battle you." Kazamaru nods as he throws his pokeball sending out his Aggron,
"Never thought I'd battle you either but I'm going to make sure I win." Jyro shakes his head as he sends out Muk,
"Nah man the Master Ball is mine." Kazamaru scowls,
"We'll see about that!" The announcer comes over the loudspeaker,
"NOW THAT THE INTERMISSION IS OVER IT'S TIME FOR THE BATTLE FOR THIRD PLACE IN THE POKEMON LEAGUE LIGHTWEIGHT BATTLE TOURNAMENT!!! WITHOUT ANY FURTHER ADO LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!!!" Muk fires a sludge bomb at Aggron as the blue triceratops rushes him. Aggron punches the ball of sludge causing it to explode into black smoke and slime. As the smoke clears Aggron stands in front of Muk with what looks like a smile through his steel jaw. In his hand is a shining purple ball of energy that he slams down into Muk causing the pile of sludge to explode,
"One down. Good job Aggron!" Aggron turns to Vecransyh and gives him what seems to be a thumb's-up. Jyro returns the splattered pieces of Muk to his pokeball and takes out a second,
"Okay... not the best choice to fight a steel-type." He throws the pokeball releasing a large blue dinosaur with a flower covering most of his back. The Venusaur and Aggron roar at each other as Aggron rushes him. Venusaur fires a Solarbeam at Aggron who dodges to the side and shoulder bashes Venusaur sending him skidding away. Venusaur glares at Aggron and sends hundreds of razor-sharp leaves flying at Aggron. The large triceratops braces himself as the leaves slash at his metal body making black marks all over him. Aggron throws his arms out and stares wide-eyed as he sees a huge beam of sunlight flying at him. He says in his native tongue,
"Oh crap." Aggron throws his arms back up over his face as he's blasted fully by the Solarbeam. Aggron coughs as his coat of steel is now covered in black soot from the intensity of the fiery blast. Aggron then begins to charge a metal burst in his hand as he walks toward the Venusaur looking like he's about to pass out. Aggron dodges another Solarbeam as he continues towards Venusaur. As he reaches the dinosaur Aggron pulls back and throws all of his remaining energy into a punch to Venusaur's face. After the impact the two Pokemon collapse and return to their pokeballs. Jyro scowls,
"Wow. That Aggron has some serious power. He took out two of my Pokemon so now I'm probably going to lose." Kazamaru grins as he reaches for his second pokeball,
"Don't feel bad Jyro, that's why they call it Shmoople!" Jyro stares confused at what Kazamaru just said,
"What the hell are you talking about?!" Kazamaru laughs and shrugs as he throws the pokeball releasing Swampert,
"Honestly I have no idea." Jyro throws his third pokeball and sends out Gengar in a flash of light,
"Whatever, you chose a water type to fight a Gengar. Not a wise decision! Gengar! Thunder!" Gengar's body becomes encased in electricity and he launches it at Swampert who just stands there and takes the hit. The electricity quickly wears off and Swampert smiles,
"You should learn your Pokemon." Kazamaru grins,
"Swampert! Hydro cannon!" Gengar jumps and throws a shadow ball as Swampert releases a huge blast of water. The two attacks collide and explode raining down black water. Swampert rushes Gengar who continues barraging him with shadow balls. Swampert dodges all of them and gets his face right up to Gengar's.
"You almost hit me with that last one." Gengar has a sad look on his face, "Yep, you know what's coming." Swampert blasts Gengar point-blank with a Hydro Cannon sending the ghost flying backwards and landing on his back knocked out. Kazamaru walks up to his Swampert and pats him on the back,
"You did great buddy." Swampert turns and grins as he disappears into his ball. Jyro returns his fainted ghost and walks over to Kazamaru looking irritated,
"Well that went fabulously." Kazamaru gives him a childish grin,
"It did, didn't it!" Jyro lightly punches him in the shoulder and they shake hands,
"Just don't think you'll win next time." The announcer's voice comes over the loudspeaker once again,
"Well, it looks like I get the Master Ball. Who would've thought it?" Vecransyh high-fives his friend,
"I really thought it was going to be me and you in the finals while I was watching your battle with Neo." Kazamaru shrugs,
"My Pokemon did their best so I have no regrets. I'd be pissed if I ended up in fourth after all the work they put in." Drake grins,
"Did you hear what happened in the Heavyweight division? There're only four people who had the requirements to register." Vecransyh looks confused,
"You need to have at least three full sets of badges. Kinda like how lightweight needs a full set. The years have really toughened up the gym leaders so I'm not surprised so few people signed up for both." Latias smiles,
"So you should be able to win fairly quickly." Drake runs his hand through his hair,
"I guess so but I'm a little worried about that one guy... what was his name I can't rememberrrrrr... ah! David. He's in heavyweight." Vecransyh and Kazamaru speak in unison,
"We get to see him fight?!" Drake laughs,
"Yeah, the pairings were released to the one's who were registered and me and him each have to do one battle before the final match. First and second place both get Ultima badges but first gets a trophy also. Win or lose I'm sure I'll at least get a badge if not the title of Kanto champion." That night Vecransyh is lying in his hotel room next to Xylina who had recovered enough to leave the Pokemon center. They lay on the bed embracing each other with light blushes on their faces. They lay there kissing occasionally and fall asleep in each other's arms knowing that tomorrow there was nothing that either of them had to do.
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