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I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 10

Ch. 9

"That's right Kirlia, just a few more reps and then we'll take a break." My father said over the speaker system that he'd installed a while ago in the training lab. He was talking into a microphone in a room that was pretty high up the small part of the rectangled room. The room that he was in, was a normal room, but had one wall turned into glass so that he could look down upon me while I trained.

"We'll take a break?" I said in a sarcastic voice. "Hey, who's the person doing all the training down here dad!" I yelled up at him. "All you've been doing is jot down notes while I've been down here working up a sweat. And for the last time, my name's not Kirlia, it's Genii!" I told him as I threw one of many weighted balls at him. The ball sailed through the air, but I couldn't maintain it's flight as he mental strength needed to keep it going proved to much and the ball fell short.

'Nice throw though. You almost got it up here.' Suicune complimented me. I looked up and could see her sitting next to my father at his desk. She was sitting down on her haunches and smiling down to me. Just seeing her smile at me made me beam with pride and try just a little harder.

Turning back to the task, I looked around me. All around me were several different weight balls. Each ball was identified what was in it by either their size or color. The one that I'd just thrown was a medium sized red ball. The reds were filled with sand, and could be pretty hard to lift since they were round and all, though that didn't compare to the blue ones. The blues were filled with either rocks or concrete, though sometimes it was hard to tell which.

Stretching out my psychic abilities, I reached out, picked up the red ball, and brought it back to me. Once back, I lifted it up and started doing lifts above my head with my psychic abilities. "YIPE!!!"

"SUICUNE!!!" I yelled as I looked up to the room, then realized that I'd lost my psychic hold on the ball. I quickly dived out of the way as the ball would have landed right on top of my head. Normally the ball would have left a decent sized dent in the rooms floor, but after the fifth time that happening with previous training incidents, my father had changed this room into a dirt battle field.

I quickly leapt to my feet and looked up to the room with it's glass window. Suicune was on her feet and growling at my dad. "Suicune, what's wrong?!"

'Your father just stabbed me with something.' She said in an angry voice, while her muzzle was turned up in a snarl.

"Darn it. And there goes another decent syringe." My father said as he held up a pretty big sized syringe.

I get up to my feet, brush off my body from the dirt that seems to like to cling to one's body when they do a body slide, then looked up to the window. I lift up one of the small sized red balls and throw it up to the window to where my father sits. 'Bam', The balls hit's the glass, making my father jump and fall out of his chair and land on the floor. In the past, there have been stray attacks or such that have hit the window and shattered it. So some time ago, he'd installed some Plexiglas windows to avoid said incident from recurring.

He recovers quite quickly and slams his palms down on the table. I could see him shouting something at me, but I couldn't hear him because he wasn't holding down the speaker button. Eventually I can't hold it back any longer and bust out laughing. I started to laugh so long and hard that I lost my balance and fall to my back, rolling on the ground.

"Damn it Kirlia! How many times do I have to tell you to stop doing that?!" He yells at me over he speaker system.

Finally I stop laughing and sit up, as I place my hands on my legs. "And what about you dad?"


"You should have known Suicune's would have reacted like that when you stuck her with that needle." I said to him. "How would you react if someone stuck you with a needle without you knowing?" This helped to lower his temper under control. He started to sit back down in his chair, only to realize that Suicune had moved it away and he falls back onto his butt.

He looks over to her and sees the chair is next to Suicune. She just snarls at him then turns her muzzle up at him. 'Humph. Serves you right for hurting me.' She says, which caused me to start laughing again.

'Nice one Suicune.' I thought.

He just lays there for a while, then gets up and tries to take his chair back from Suicune. Only when he does, she growls at him threateningly. He tries this a few more times only to end up with the same result. He eventually give up and comes over to the microphone and presses the button. "Kirlia..." I scowl up at him. "OOOKKKK...Genii. Genii, could you please tell Suicune to let me have my chair back?"

I look up to him and smirk. "Sure I could tell her, but I don't think she'd listen to me right now."


I place my hands on my hips. "Well what do you want me to do about it. You're the one who hurt her."

He looks over to her than back at me. His head drops and he looks back up at me. "And here I'm being lectured by my own son about courtesy, fine." He lets go of the button and turns to her. Eventually she looses her snarl and finally pushes the chair back over to him with her tails, with a huff. He nods to her then walks over to the table with it and sits back down. "Now where were we?"

"I was just about to tell you that we were about to take a break." I say up to him. "That was before you decided to stick her with that needle."

"Fine. Come on up then." I walk over to sink and fill up a cup that on the brim and drink down several gulps of water. Finally refreshed I enter a door under the glass window and make my way up the stairs to the glass room. I'm a few more steps away from the room when I hear another snarl. I quickly levitate myself the rest of the stairs up and quickly burst through the door.

My fathers back on his feet holding another large syringe, leaning towards Suicune. "Alright Suicune. You know what I want, and I'm going to get it. So be a good girl and hold still." He says with a wicked smile. He doesn't even take one step before she begins to growl a deeper growl and is on her feet.

Without any warning the syringe shatters into several pieces and falls slowly to the floor. "What the hell do you think your doing dad." I say as I quickly run across the room and place myself between him and Suicune.

He slowly straitens up and then holds up the syringe to get a better look at the broken glass. "Damn. These things aren't cheap." He says as he throws the thing into a trashcan under the table, then looks over at us. He places his hands on his hips and an angry look spreads across his face. "Well isn't it obvious? I'm trying to get a blood sample from your Suicune. Just like we agreed upon."

Suicune places her paw on my shoulder. 'Agreed upon? What is he talking about?' She asks in a shaky tone.

I turn to her and smiled. "I said that I'd talk to you about this remember." She looks up to the ceiling for a moment then her eyes go wide as she looks at him then turns back to me.

'That is right. You said that he wanted some of my blood and hair.' She looks up at him and shudders. 'But you never said anything about him being this crazy about it.' I sighed as I nodded to her.

"You're right." I turn and face my dad. "I think you forgot about something dad."

"Huh? What? What have I forgotten?" He asks as he cocks his head to the side and scratches the side of his head.

"I told you that I'd talk to her about this. I told you that it wasn't my decision and I needed to talk to her about this."

His eyes go wide as he looks over at me then over to Suicune. "Now wait just a minute. We agreed that if you let me get the blood, hair, and a few photographs that we'd only do lifts today."

"And again, I said that it wasn't up to me. You decided that I'd convince her to let you take those things. And seeing her reaction to not only once but twice, I'd say that she's not going to allow you to take those samples, dad." I told him.

This went back and forth for several minutes until he told me that if that was the case then I'd be put through the ringer today. He started talking about several more battles, lifting, and psychic tests.

"Fine. I'll do your tests. But you have to keep your..." I didn't get a chance to finish as Suicune placed her paw on my shoulder again.

'Genii, please...' She said as I could see tears start to pool in her eyes. 'You do not need to put yourself to the hazard for my sake.' She said as I turned and held her paw.

"But Suicune..."

She just shook her head. 'It is alright Genii.' She looked up at him and shuddered. 'If it means that you do not have to go through more tests for me...'

I shook my head. "You don't have to do this Suicune." I said again.

'It is alright Genii. I will do it. Just tell him to be gentle.' She said with a sense of fear in her voice.

I look over my shoulder at my dad and sigh. "Alright dad. She's agreed."

"Excellent..." But stops before he can say more as he looks over at me and sees that I have an intense look in my eyes.

"But if you hurt her in any way..." My eyes start their crazy glow again.

"Wow (He throws up his arms), K...Genii. Now calm down." He says as he backs up to a desk and only relaxes as the glow slowly leaves my eyes. "Jeeze, you've really got to stop doing that. That glow is really starting to freak me out." He says as he slowly turns to his side, keeping his eyes on me not daring to take them off me, as he gets out a new syringe and attaches a needle to it. After that, he takes out a cotton ball and dips it into a solution next to the jar of balls.

"Alright Suicune." He says as he walks over to us. I can feel her tremble a little as he walks over to us. "This wont hurt a bit." (Author: I know, it seems like all doctors know that line.) He kneels down and I offer up her paw to him.

Her paw is shaking quite a bit as he places the alcohol filled cotton ball to her foreleg, then rubs it around. He nods to me and I lean over and take her maw in my hands and turn her to me. "It's going to over really quick Suicune." I tell her as I rub her maw. She slowly starts to relax as her paw stops shaking. And just as it stops shaking he inserts the needle into a vein. When she tries to jump away from the sudden needles stick, she realizes that she can't. She looks down and sees that I have a strong grip on her paw.

"Don't worry Suicune. I have to do this to make sure you don't make the needle jerk around. If he doesn't do this right then he'll have to do this again."

'Again?' She whines.

"That's right. The first time he stuck me with a needle, I'd jumped and he had to stick me again in my other arm." I told her. Though I did leave out the part where he had to wait before sticking me again as he'd cleaned up the blood spurting out of my arm.

"All done." He said finally, as I could see that the syringe was filled to the brim with her red blood. "Genii, could you hold this to her." He said as he handed me a sterile bandage. I nodded to him and placed it over where the needle was. Once he withdrew the needle I applied some pressure to the wound. He stood up and walked away.

'Is that all?' She asked me in a disbelieving tone.

I smirked to her. "Yep. Pretty easy huh?"

'Actually, yes. I did not feel anything once he had the thing inside my leg.' She looked down at where he'd pushed the needle into her leg.

"I still can't understand why people are so afraid of needles. One little pinch then that's it. The only time when things start to hurt a bit is when something is put into you by a syringe. And even then, it's not all that bad."

"Now that's done, I just need some hair samples." We both looked up and saw him holding a pair of scissors and a small baggy of some kind.

When I looked over to Suicune, I couldn't help but laugh a little. Just like when he'd come at her with the syringe, she was shaking again. 'Do not tell me that he is going to stick me with that thing.'

I just laughed. "Of course not. He's just going to give you a haircut." I looked up at him and he smiled down to me. But when I looked over at her she was still shaking. "Oh Suicune. This time, there's nothing to fear. Getting a hair cut, doesn't hurt at all."

"I don't need a translator to tell me that she's afraid of getting a haircut." I just nodded up to him. He knelt down and smiled to us. "I have to admit, that I was afraid of my first haircut as well. Here, I'll show you that their's nothing to fear." He said as he snipped off a few strands from his own head.

Finally she nods to us and he slowly closes the sheers on her thick mane behind her head.

(Narrators point of view)

Looking at a small house out in the countryside. The sun is shinning down it's warmth over all the area as a gentle breeze blows past, making the trees sway. The Pidgey are cooing a happy tune upon the gently swaying branches of the trees, while Rattata scurry around the weeds.

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