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I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 9

Ch. 8

I don't know how long I slept for, but I had to admit that sleeping next to a warm fuzzy friend was something that made it that much better, as her silky fur felt wonderful against my skin. When I looked over at the Pokeball clock on the nightstand next to my bed, it said that it was about ten in the morning. 'That must've been the greatest night sleep I've had in quite a while.' As I started stretching I must have accidentally touched Suicune as she started to stir.

Eventually she opened her eyes and sleepily looked over at me and gave me a smile. "Good morning Suicune." I said to her as I continued to stretch.

'And good morning to you too, Kirlia.' She said back to me in her angeli...

Kirlia? I stopped stretching and looked down at myself. At first I didn't notice anything different about myself, but when I threw the blanket off myself, I yelled. Sure enough, I was now sporting a tutu with a split in the front and wore what looked like green stockings. When I looked over at her, I could now see much easier as my hair was no longer hindering my view as it was when I was a Ralts, then I looked down at my hands and noticed that I now had two fingers now instead of the a long limb on either arm, then I reached up either side of my head and stopped when I hit my horns on either side of my head when before they were in the middle of my head.

I jumped out of the bed and saw that I was now at least a foot taller and could easily lift myself up to my bed if I wanted to. I quickly ran into the bathroom and jumped onto the counter and looked at myself in the mirror. That's when the whole thing finally sank in and I started to jump around with glee. That had must have been the most stupid thing, as I didn't see the wet spot still on the counter and slipped and fell off the counter.

Suicune must have followed me into the bathroom as I landed astride her back, much to both our surprise. When I realized where I was and had landed, I quickly jumped off her. "Oh Mew Suicune, I'm so sorry. I really didn't mean to land on you. I'm so...."

'It is ok Genii. I was just as surprised as you were.' She looked up at where I fell and laughed. 'What happened up there? Were you so excited that you'd changed into your new form that you slipped and fell off from up there?' She laughed.

"Hay now. Come on. It's not every day that you actually evolve into your next...." I paused in mid sentence as a look of horror quickly spread across my face.

'Genii? Is something wrong?' She asked in a worried tone.

I ignored her as I walked back into the room, levitated up onto the bed, sat down with my green legs dangling off the edge, hung my head and watched out of the corner of my eye and saw Suicune slowly walk into the room. I took a long sigh and knew what was coming as soon as I walked outside the door... "It's my dad." I said as I kept my head low and played with my tutu, trying to see if it really was attached to my body. "As soon as I walked out that door and he sees me, he's going to flip, and drag me down to his lab for more tests."

'Tests?' She asked in a curious/nervous tone, as her head tilted to one side.

"That's right. Tests. For years he's had me perform many tasks, testing my psychic abilities, to brain wave patterns, and practical uses during battles. I just don't know which he's going to do first." I shuddered, then looked up at her. "And then their's you. I can't hide you up here forever. One day he's going to find you, and do the same things to you."

'Your starting to scare me Genii. Is your father that awful? Is he really going to hurt me?' She asked as she started to shake, as she started looking around the room. Probably for a place to hide. She know knew that she'd escaped one hell from that one trainer, but was she now out of the frying pan and into the fire?

"Fortunately no. My father is very careful about not hurting me when he does his tests. Well at least to me that is."

She was just about to say something when their came a knock at the door, as we both looked at each other with wide eyes then looked towards the door. "Kirlia. Are you going to sleep all day? Come down stairs and get your breakfast." A long pause. "Oh and before I forget. Why don't you bring your new friend downstairs so that we all can get acquainted." Then came the sound of his squeaky shoes walking away on the hard wood floor, then the sound of him descending down the stairs.

We both slowly turned to each other. "Oh Shit."

A short while later, I hugged the wall as I slowly walked down the stairs to the first landing, slightly shivering. Once I was almost down I looked around the living room and found my father sitting at the table and reading the mornings newspaper. I froze there at the landing as I didn't know what he was going to do when he... 'How did he know about my evolution? And for that matter, Suicune?' I thought. 'Stupid. Of course he knows about Suicune. How couldn't he not after he practically fainted at the first sight of her descending down the stairs during dinner last night. But then again, how did he know about my evolution?'

"Come on down son. You and I both know that we've got a lot of work to do today." He said after he lowered the center of his newspaper and looked up to me. Then, after he said that he lifted the paper up again and shut me out. "Oh, and before I forget. Where's that new friend of yours?" A corner of the paper fell forward and I could see his sharp eye look at me.

I took a long deep breath, stepped away from the wall, and puffed out my chest. "NO." I said simply.

His eyebrow over the eye that he was showing beyond the flipped down corner of his newspaper slowly rose. "No?" He asked in a tone that either said that he didn't hear me, or just wanted to make sure he didn't mishear.

I took another long deep breath. "That's right...DAD. No." I walked down the rest of the way down the stairs, walked over to the table, and stopped right next to his chair. "I'm not bringing her down just so you can make Suicune into one of your lab Rattata's dad. You can experiment on me as much as you like, but leave Suicune out of this." I said in my most courageous voice. 'I almost feel like one of those hero's on the television, with the long red capes, and the sun shinning magnificently behind me.'

He set his paper down, folded it up, then turned to me and laughed. "You silly boy. Do you know how cute your acting right now? Acting all high and mighty with that tutu on." He continued to laugh. Eventually I even saw how foolish I probably looked and acted right then, and started to join him in a good laugh at myself.

If you can't laugh at yourself for something foolish that you've said or done, then you can't really laugh at anyone else. I eventually stopped laughing then looked up at him. "Please dad. Don't experiment on her. She's been through a lot and I just want her to recover and rest."

"Her?" He asked as he raised his other eyebrow.

Oops. 'Shit. Skittie's out of the bag now, Genii. Way to go. You've just told your father one of the most secretive secrets out there.' I mentally started kicking myself for my big mouth. 'Now he's probably going to start asking me about the sexes of all the legendary Pokemon out there.'

"Oh now this I've got to see." He said as he got up, walked around me, and headed for the stairs. "I bet that...SHE'S...still hiding in your room." I saw him reach into his pocket and knew that whatever was in it, it wouldn't be good.

I quickly ran over and put myself between him and the stairs. "No dad. This time, I'm putting my foot down." I actually stomped my new foot. "YOU...ARE...NOT GOING TO EXPERIMENT ON HER!" I yelled at him.

This seemed to catch him by surprise, as he stopped in mid step at the bottom of the stairs. "Well now, isn't this a first. Your actually standing up against your old man." He smiled and I could see that he was about to start laughing again.

"I mean it dad." I said as I placed either of the tips of my new hands together and started to gather my psychic energy. "Don't make me do this dad. I don't want to fight you on this. Since I've evolved into a Kirlia, you'll have your hands full experimenting on/with me. Please...just leave her out of this."

He dropped his eyebrows, then his head, and smirked. "I have to say, that this is a surprise. You've never been this enthusiastic or protective before." He raised his head and smiled to me. "You must really care about her. Alright, I promise I wont experiment on her." I took a long sigh as I realized that I'd been holding my breath. Placing my hand on my chest I started to breath a little easier. "But in compensation of not experimenting on her, I want something in return."

This caused me to gasp as, now I was in the hot seat. "And that is?" I asked in a shaky voice.

"Oh nothing much." He said as he walked around the room, then stopped when he raised a finger to the ceiling. "Just a few minor tests."

I placed my fingertips together again. "DAAAAAADDDDDDD." I said in a warning tone.

"Oh relax. I promised I wouldn't experiment on her. That doesn't mean that I wont take samples from her." He pulled out a pair of tweezers and a syringe from his pocket. "All I'm asking for is some hair and some blood samples. Oh." He rushed into the kitchen, fumbled around in there, then came out holding With everything else held under it. "And a few photographs." He said in a pleading kind of tone. "That's all I want. Just those. You can't believe on how rare of an opportunity this is for someone like me, or any scientist." He started walking around the room, talking to himself before turning back to me. "For a person like me to actually get their hands on a legendary, and have a chance to get all this kind of data on them..." He rushed over and stared directly into my eyes. "Just think of the possibilities."

I looked up at him then turned and looked back up the stairs. I knew that Suicune had been listening in on the whole conversation, but I didn't know if she actually understood what was really going on. "Weeeeeeeeelllllllllllll" I thought for a moment as I looked back at him. "I have to talk it over with her. I can't say yes as this concerns her mostly."

"EXCELLENT!" He said as he shook my hands. "For that. Were just going to do lifting exercises instead of everything else I had planned for your evolution today." He said then turned me around and patted my backside while he balanced the rest on his other hand. "Now hurry up and talk with her. I'd like to get started on the samples as soon as possible." He said as he turned and quickly ran down the stairs in the kitchen and down to his lab while babbling something I couldn't understand.

'He is so predictable. I should have known that this was going to happen.' I thought as I shook my head, turned, and walked back up the stairs to the waiting Suicune. I found her laying on her stomach at the top of the stairs, with her forepaws slightly dangling off the top step, looking a little worried and a little scared. I didn't say anything as I sat down next to her and stared rubbing her head around her horn.

'I heard what you and your father talked about.' She said in a whimper, then looked up at me. 'He wants some of my fur and blood.' She then looked down the stairs again. 'But I have to wonder...' She looked back up at me again and stared. 'Is all this going to hurt?'

I simply shook my head as I continued to rub her head. "Not really. I've heard that taking blood is like getting hit with a single Pin Missile, from a Jolteon for only a few moments, before it's pulled out." I said as I finally looked down at her. "And him taking a few hairs from you isn't going to be that painful either." I reached over and plucked a single hair from her body. She let out a little whimper but other than that she just stared up at me. "That's all. Oh and sorry about pulling out a hair..." I turned to her and saw her give me a scowl, but slowly turned back into a smirk.

'That is alright. You were just explaining.' He turned her head a little as I started to scratch behind her ears a little, leaning into the scratching. 'At least now things are going to be a lot better for you.' She said.

"How's that?"

'That Dawn Stone, remember. You said that once you evolved into a Kirlia that your father was going to give you that stone and allow you to evolve into a Gallade.' She smiled. 'Oh that feels nice. A little lower, ya that's the spot.' She said, directing my scratching a little.

I scratched her for a little while longer until both our stomachs started to let out their usual noises, telling us that we needed to get downstairs and have breakfast. So after a good laugh at each other, we walked down and noticed something quite strange. On the table was a large plate of some kind of nutty pancakes for me, while on the floor was a bowl of Pokemon chow for Suicune. The two of us just stared at each other for a bit, then went over and smelled our food. I was the first to take a bite of my pancakes, and then quickly dug into my breakfast as they . When she saw this she dug in as well and we went to town on our different breakfasts.

'I have to admit. This is much better than always having those berries for practically every meal.'

I looked over at her and saw her slowly chewing her food. As if savoring a tasty morsel. I finished my bite and smiled down to her. "You don't need to worry Suicune. While your staying here, you can expect a lot more meals like this." She looked up at me with wide/watery eyes, and I couldn't help but laugh.

She swallowed the piece of Poke-chow and I could almost swear her eyes got a little bigger. 'Really?' She asked in such an innocent voice that I couldn't help but laugh at.

"Of course. I promised that I would take care of you while you were here. And I meant it." With that, we went back to our breakfasts and continued eating. Once I finished with mine I looked down and was amazed at what I saw. Suicune was using her tails to move the food in her bowl. It seemed that since her bowl was under the table, she couldn't turn her head down to get at the food since her horn would lit the underside of the table. 'So that's how she got out of my room. She used those talented tail of her to unlock the door. I guess that makes sense, since she had to hide from the trainer and probably had to hide in places that you could only get into by opening a door.' I thought to myself. 'With those tails, I wonder if she can pick locks?' I laughed to myself.

"Ok Kirlia." Dad said from the trap door in the kitchen. "When you and your friend up there are done with your breakfasts, I want you to come down here and we can get started with your training and experiments today."

I looked down at my breakfast and sighed as I realized that I'd finished without knowing. So wiping my mouth I looked down and saw that she was done as well. "Ok Suicune. Lets get this over with." So I jumped down and placed my hand on her shoulder as the two of us headed to the kitchen and the lab below.
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