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I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 11

Ch. 11

Machines were hooked up to nearly every part of my body, as I stood within the middle of the training grounds awaiting the proper moment that my father would give me the ok to evolve. 'Today must be a very happy day for you Genii.' Suicune said as she sat a few paces away from where I stood.

I attached another sensor to the back of my neck and then one to my forehead, as I looked over to the stone that lay on a table that was about my height. The stone seemed to know what I was about to do as it shone ever so much brighter, almost enticing me to evolve without delay. "In a way Suicune, it is. From this point onward, I wont have to worry about people thinking that I'm a little girl due to this tutu any more." I said as I tugged at the little skirt that seemed to stereotype all Kirlia's as female. I even felt a little sorry for the male Gardevoirs out there, as they got the worst of it. A small shiver ran up the back of my spine as I thought of myself in that same situation.

A few moments later, I was covered head to tippy-toe with the sensors. I didn't believe that their was any way of getting another one of those suction cup things onto my body as I gave Suicune a gentle smile and looked up at my father. "I think I'm all ready father. How's about your end?" I asked as I saw that he running about the control room upstairs.

He didn't answer for a minute as he continued to run from one end of the room to the other. This was a moment that would propel his career into the record books, as nobody had ever recorded the data that he'd get from the evolution of a Pokemon . He eventually stopped running back and forth, to come and sit at his rolling chair in front of his desk, then hit the speaker button. "Just one more minute and then we can get started." He said as I heard the sound of a few other things being pressed or moved up there.

Once he was done up there, he gave me the thumbs up, to which I gave back (somewhat due to my lack of fingers). I slowly took a long breath and let it out just as slowly as I turned to Suicune. She had one of the most comforting smiles I'd seen on that lovely muzzle of hers. Just looking at it made me feel a little more at ease with this whole thing. "Well Suicune, I guess this is goodbye." Suicune's eyes widened with that and I couldn't help but chuckle. "Goodbye to the Kirlia that you once knew, because in a few seconds you'll be saying hello to Genii the Galade."

Suicune huffed but eventually gave me a silly smile. 'You just had to get in one more little side remark. You are just lucky that I can not tackle and tickle you for it.' She said in her sweet voice, as her tails waved a little faster in the air and her ears flattened back menacingly.

I was about to say something silly or smart back, but was interrupted when I heard a tapping noise from the speakers. "If you two are done chatting, I'd like to get started on collecting the data from your evolution K...Genii." My father said in an irritated tone. I just shook my head and turned to the opened case with the Dawn Stone sparkling within. I turned and gave Suicune a last wink as I reached out without looking and touched the stone.

As my two fingers touched the stone I felt an electric shock run through the tips of my fingers, but when I tried to pull away I couldn't. (Author: Ever felt the sting of a tazer? Ya, something like that) The sting quickly spread from the tips of my fingers to the rest of my body and with it, the blinding light of evolution engulfed my whole body. The changes were practically instantaneous as my body grew from the stones special radiation that only effected us male Kirlia's. The overwhelming power that flowed through my body was only a fleeting thing, but before it left my body I had a instant thought. 'If there is this much power from the evolution, I wonder what would happen if I kept some of it?'

So before the power from the stone entirely faded, I quickly started to gather the remaining bits of it. I didn't know what would happen from storing the energy, but hoped that it would help to make me a little stronger to 'protect Suicune'. 'Wait a minute, where'd that come from?' I thought but didn't think to long on it as the light from the evolution quickly started to fade and allow both Suicune and my father to glimpse my new form.

Many of the sensors that I'd placed on my body had been pulled to their limit and even a few more had been pulled off from the height change. Looking down at my body I could only smile at the stones results of altering me. From the waist down, I looked like I had on white pants with bellbottoms but was curious as to why I had such a large rounded waist. Much of my upper body from there was covered in green except by the two red horns that protruded from the middle of my chest and back. I brought up my arms and could see that the two had some sort of small point just about where my elbows were and knew that if needed, they could extend into a Gallade's long elbow-blades.

I slowly turned and looked down at Suicune as she looked me over time and again. I was about to say something to her about that when an overbearing urge suddenly hit me fully in the gut. I dropped down to a kneeling position and turned to look up at my new mistress. "My lady. Upon mine honor, I so swear that from hence forth I will devote my entire being to you." 'What? What did I just say?' I said then thought. 'What possessed me to say and make such a pact.' But then something else started to form within me, telling me that this was right, this is how things are supposed to be.

Suicune could only smile back to me as I made the pact with her. 'Well, now. Isn't this a nice surprise.' Suicune said as she walked over and placed a paw on my shoulder and nodded to me. 'I humbly accept your generous offer of your allegiance to protect me Genii, and thank you for it.' She said as a big grin quickly spread across her muzzle.

.....A few days later.....

Getting used to this new body was a bit of a challenge, and it wasn't just the height (which I now stood at an impressive 6' tall, which was the same height as Suicune which surprised me). One-it was the overbearing urge to protect Suicune from almost everything, Two-the extending elbow blades that seemed to lengthen at the worst possible moments (to the end of several lamps in the living room), and Three-the feeling of restlessness. I could see in Suicune's eyes that she was starting to feel the same way (at least the restlessness) as I was and I finally decided to do something about it.

Since my final evolution to my Gallade form, I'd pretty much stopped going outside do to my fathers request, and that may have finally pushed me into confronting my father about it. "Dad." I said as I caught him reading his newspaper early one day. "I think we've got to talk." Then sat down at the table in the chair next to him.

He gave me a smile then, politely folded his newspaper up and placed it down on the table. "Alright then. What is it that you want to talk about?" He asked in a curious tone.

Taking a long breath, I readied/gathered my courage and looked him strait in the eyes. "I think it's about time that we have a talk about my future."

To which he happily smiled and gave me a quick nod. "I couldn't agree more." He pushed his chair back, to stand up and place a hand on my shoulder. "I was always hoping that you'd join..." He didn't finish what he was about to say, as he saw me shake my head.

"Being a psychic type, I can tell that you want me to follow in your footsteps and become a Pokemon researcher, and if I was still human that is probably what I'd like to be. Seeing as I'm not a human, I'd like to see what other options are left open to me." Taking another long breath I gathered my courage for one final plunge, then stood up and looked him square in the eyes again. "I want to be a Pokemon trainer." I said with a strait tone.

My fathers eyes went wide in shock as this was probably the last thing that he expected. "What in the world are you thinking? Did that Suicune put you up to this?" He said as he looked around the room for the legendary dog. "Because if she is..."

He didn't finish as I quickly grabbed him by the shoulders and shook my head. "No dad, this has nothing really to do with her." 'Though I do hope that she will come with me when/if I go.' "This has more to do with the fact that your keeping me cooped up in this house all hours of the day. You wont even let me outside to get some fresh air and sunshine." He just gave me a blank stare, knowing that it was true.

"This way, I can get out and see the world and find my true place in it." I took several steps back. "Because, you know that wherever I go, people are always going to see a Gallade first, rather than what I truly am. I am a person dad. And I hate the fact that you've decided my whole life for me."

That seemed to shock him more than anything. 'When did he gain this much of a back bone? It must be because of the evolution to his Gallade form.' He thought, but just as he was about to say something back, a realization hit him. He had been keeping his son cooped up in the house all this time and hadn't really meant to. As a result, he had put himself in this situation and had to deal with the result. "Look, Genii. I do apologize for keeping you cooped up in the house all this time. If you want to go back outside then that's fine, but I will not allow you to go off on a..." He stopped in mid sentence as he knew what he was about to say and knew that it would only make his son that much more upset (Only trainers were allowed to go on journeys, and his son wasn't technically human).

He sat back down in his chair and scratched at an non-existent itch that was bothering him on the back of his head. 'I can't really keep him here forever. That would be like keeping him in a cage, and who knows what that would do to him. Wait a minute. I've got a great idea.' "You know what. Your absolutely right."

This got my eyes to go wide and I took a step back. 'This isn't right. When has he ever said that I was right.' "Alright. Who are you and what have you done with my dad?"

He just seemed overly enjoying the moment and laughed. "I was just thinking of the type of data I could get from your experiences out in the field." He lowered his head, crossed his arms, and nodded. "Yes, yes. I've already got all the data that I could amass from your training here. What's left is that data that I can get from your travels and experiences."

This caused me to smirk. "Always the scientist." I took a seat and sat down next to my old man. "Alright then. If you allow me to go on my Pokemon journey, then I'll..."

"Tomorrow." He said


"I said tomorrow. Tomorrow, I'll give you my blessing and have everything you need for your journey. Along with a few things that I want you to take along with you for my sake." He said as he stood up and started to mumble incoherently of many things that I should bring along with me.
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