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I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 12

Ch. 12

By the next day, I had everything packed and ready to go. Clothing wasn't an option any more, since I felt perfectly fine in my own skin and didn't really have the notion for modesty. Plus, who ever heard of a Pokemon who wore cloths. This left me with a lot of room for other things, such as the things that I would need to care for Suicune (several brushes, soaps and shampoos, food for several days for the two of us, and plenty of different potions). Dad had provided me with several notepads and a digital camera to record and document the day to day activities, as well as setting up a line of credit with which to pay or get funds from battles.

My dad stepped back and looked the two of us over and smiled. "This is the start of something brand new for the two of you, and probably the whole world. I can't wait to hear the news of when the world gets wind of a hybrid Pokemon who is striving to be a Pokemon master." He said with a bit of glee in his voice. "This will definitely show those other people at the university, that I was in the right."

Both Suicune and I looked at each other with a bit of a confused look then I turned and looked at him. "Actually dad. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do once I get out there." This seemed to shock him as she stopped his ranting and raving about how famous this was going to make him. "I haven't really even discussed this with Suicune yet either."

He looked at me with a shocked look on his face as he also turned and gave the same look at Suicune. It was one of those looks that said only a few words but meant volumes. He must have realized that it was true that Suicune had not influenced my decision to leave, but rather a young mans eagerness to get out and see the world in which he was brought into. To a normal person, this would probably be defined as a 'Road Trip', but in reality it was a Pokemon Journey plain and simple.

"I really don't understand then. What is it that you're planning on doing once you get out there. Surely I thought that you'd become a scientist like me, or strive to become a Pokemon Master at least." He said, but when he was about to say more he stopped due to my chuckle. "What's so funny?" At that, even Suicune started to giggle in her own dog type way.

"Sorry. Just a silly thought is all." But he made a rolling motion with his hands and indicated that I should be let in on the joke. "Alright. I was just thinking about what it means to be a, 'Pokemon Master'. Does that also mean that..." I chuckled. "I'm going to me a master of myself as well?"

He just stared at me for a moment until he too started to chuckle as well. When he did, we all broke into laughter at my dads words and were glad that the thin ice of the moment had broken into such a joyous mood. If there is a way to part, it's always best to part on good terms and this is one of the ways. 'Leave them laughing', a comedian would say after a performance (Or was it, 'Leave them in stitches?'). With the tension broken, we gave each other a quick hug and a pat on the back.

"Well whatever. Just make sure to call home once in a while and send your notes and such to me through the mail." He said as we broke the hug and gave each other a happy smile.

I gave him a formal bow. 'Where had that bow come from?' I thought, but shrugged it off when I saw the look of wonderment on his face. Turning to look down at Suicune, we gave each other a quick nod then exited the house.

Before we got to far, I turned and look over my shoulder to see my dad still standing at the entrance to the house where I grew up. I waved to him once more, then turned back to the road, which in turn was now my home. Though I seemed to have mixed feelings about all of this, Suicune on the other hand seemed like she was overly eager about the whole thing.

'I can not believe how good if feels to be outside and free like this again.' She said as she would periodically jump from one side of the trail to the next, sniffing anything and everything that could produce a scent. She stopped off at a berry bush and bit off one of the berries and happily ate the blue thing that made a bit of a squishing sound when she bit into it. 'It is like coming back to an old friend.' She said after finishing off the berry with a lick to her lips.

Though she seemed pretty happy to be back, 'In the rough', I was a little confused on everything as it was all still new to me. I'd never imagined that my father would have allowed me to leave so easily like he'd done. I expected him to fight me tooth so that I'd stay there and continue to be his lab Rattata. So while Suicune continued to increase the distance between us as well as the house, I allowed myself the chance to think. 'All kids want to do when they hit the age of 10 is start on their Pokemon journey. And here I was, over 20 years old and just stepping out on my own for the first time. Most would have already gotten all their badges by now and going up against the elite four and the final tournament. Maybe it's because I'm so much older than those kids, that I'm looking at this in a bit of a broader range than those kids?'

So keeping my head lowered I continued to walk until the two of us stopped at sunset to set up our camp and have our dinner. The fire was warm and inviting, so I sat pretty close to it with my knees tucked close to my chest, looking deep into the heart of the flames. 'As I have heard the humans say, 'A Poke-buck for your thoughts.' To which Suicune giggled at the saying.

"Huh?" I turned to her and saw that Suicune was looking at me from across the flames from the opposite side of the fire. She nodded to me and I looked back into the flames. "I don't know how to explain it. I never thought that my dad would allow me to actually go out on this journey." I laughed to myself. "All I ever thought about was getting out of that house. Never really thinking about what I'd do once I was actually out here."

Suicune got up, walked around the flames, and sat back down next to me. 'You did not plan very well when it came to this, did you?' She asked as I shook my head. 'A lot of people would call that, short sighted. I think it would be a good idea to think of what you should do now that you are out here.' She gently leaned against me and gave my side a nuzzle with her horn.

"And that their-in lies the problem. I just don't know." My hand fell on her long silky hair and I subconsciously started petting her. It was as if doing so was right and proper. "What about you Suicune? I seem to recall that I made a promise to you about releasing you when we came out here."

Suicune's head quickly shot up and saw that I had her Pokeball in hand and was rolling it around in my palm. She just looked at the ball for quite some time, as if trying to grasp the entirety of what I'd just said. A smirk slowly appeared on her muzzle that quickly turned into a smile. 'Hold on to it.' She said as she looked up to me. 'After all. You are a trainer now and I would hate for you to suddenly end up without a Pokemon to defend you ag...oops.' She giggled. 'I guess I am going to have to get used to the fact that you are not only a trainer, but a Pokemon as well. Shoot, I would probably wager a few bags of berries that you could probably take on some of the stronger evolutionary forms and still not break a sweat.' She said with a confident tone.

"Though that hardly answers my question, though I do appreciate the compliments." I said as I shrank the ball but still kept it in my hand, just rolling it across the tips of my three fingered hand.

'Still wondering what your going to do now that we are out here?' She asked, in a downed tone.

"Ya." I said as I grasped her ball and held it up to the sky as the stars were starting to come out. "There are just so many things that I can be, that it's just hard to choose." I turned the ball a little ways so that I could see Suicune and the fire in the reflection of the Pokeball. The way that the fire danced along her horn and fur, truly made her look like that of a goddess. "I could be a breeder, but I don't really see the idea of a me forcing a Pokemon to breed with another one. A contest coordinator where I could enter a Pokemon and dress them up (Suicune blushed at that notion but it was lost to her deep blue fur and how dark it was outside), but then again I don't know the first thing about contests. Of course a trainer, but I don't really feel like forcing a Pokemon to fight for me just so that I can earn a badge to fight against other harder trainers."

'Who said that we would just fight for you, so that we would could earn badges.' I looked down at her and saw that she was staring at me. 'Is not enough that we would like to see you happy and I am not just referring to myself in general.' She turned her head to look out at the line where the edge of the firelight was and pointed a paw at the edge of the light. 'I am fairly sure that if you do decide to catch other Pokemon, that they would be just as happy to see you happy, which in turn makes them happy as well.' (now theirs a brain/tongue twister)

'Though for now, I recommend that we get some sleep.' She opened her muzzle wide to emphasize the point. 'Maybe by tomorrow, you will have decided on what you would like to do now that you are the master of your own future. Though you should know, that I will support your decision on whatever you decide. Though I do hope that it wont be a Breeder.' Suicune slowly rose to her feet only to stretch out her back legs then turned and pushed her way past the unzipped door of our tent to go lie-down.

Though she may have been tired, I sure as heck wasn't. Especially on the emphasis of what I was going to do with myself now that I was out of the house and a man of my own course. Or more to the point that thinking on what I was going to be was probably going to keep me up most of the night. "Goodnight Suicune."
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