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I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 2

Ch. 2

"You will go to the principals office right now young lady!" The teacher said in a non-questioning tone, that somehow all mothers and teachers seem to learn from somewhere. She leaned over the girl and pointed to the back door of the room.

"But, what did I do?" The girl asks in an innocent tone.

"No buts. Now GO!" She glanced to the door then back down at the girl. "And to make sure that you don't cause any more problems, I'm going to hold on to your Pokemon and things until I arrive at there."

I looked around the teachers legs and I hugged them tight and saw the girl give me a snarling look, then watched as she stomped out of the room. Once she was out of the room the teacher pulled me off of her legs and turned to face me. "Thank Mew for you coming when you did Miss Miller. If you'd shown up just a little later..." Tears started to build up in my eyes, as I began to cry.

She leaned down, placed her gentle hands on either side of my body, picked me up, cradled me for a moment, then sat me down on her desk. To say the least I was quite surprised when she'd cradled me, but I didn't fight it as the feeling felt protecting in some way. "Now just sit there for a moment and let me get a look at those bits all over your body." She told me as she began to look over my body. Touching and rubbing a few sensitive bits that were pretty deep. "Well it looks like your in pretty good shape considering. I think I have..." She said the last sentence as she began to rummage through her desk.

Her eyes lit up as she found something in the desk and pulled it out. It was some kind of small spray bottle. The bottle part of it was colored in red while the spray part was yellow in color. "Here it is. I'll just use this on those nasty...little...bite...marks, and make you feel all better." She said as if she were talking to a two year old. Then began to spray the mist of the concoction onto my body.

At first I didn't know if this sort of thing was actually work, but when I saw the puncture marks start to fill back in..., (Just like someone's pushed a finger into a blanket, then someone pushed from the underside up flattening the surface back out) then the scratch marks slowly fade away, I became a believer that my body did truly react to Pokemon products. Which also meant that I'd probably could be captured by one of those balls. The tears began to flow again.

I was surprised when the teacher brought out a handkerchief and used it to dry my eyes. "Now no more tears Ralts." She placed the thing back into a pocket in her skirt. She looked about the room. "From the mess, I can take it that the two of you had some kind of battle in here." I nodded to her. "So before I go to the Principal and tell him what I can see here, I want to know what caused this and such." To which I told her everything since she burst into the room and everything after that.

"So you're afraid that she was going to capture you in a Pokeball and such." To which I nodded again. "Well I think I may have a solution to that problem of yours."

I cocked my head to the side and looked up at her. "And what do you mean by that Miss Miller?"

She smirked to me as she rummaged through another desk and pulled out a small box, then placed it on the counter. The box was about the size of a small alarm clock box and had a Pokeball symbol on the top of it. "The answer is rather easy Ralts. We just make you into your own Pokemon." She said as she lifted the lid off the top of the box and I looked inside.

Inside the box was a Pokedex and a set of six Pokeballs. "I still don't understand Miss Miller." I looked up at her. "How is a Pokedex and a set of balls supposed to protect me from someone catching me? Also why do you have these things in your desk in the first place?"

She just gave me a big smile, patted me on the head, then laughed. "Sometimes I forget how innocent you kids really are." She took the Pokedex, to which I noticed that it was a first generation one, and then saw her place it on my lap. "To put it more simply, we just make you into a trainer..." She then picked up one of the balls and showed it to me. "Then we use one of these balls and we register yourself as one of your Pokemon."

It was almost like one of those light bulbs just turned on in my skull as I realized what she was talking about. "And the other question?" I asked her.

"That one's even easier. I have these to give to my favorite student when they are about to turn 10."

Just then an alarm went off in my head. "Wait a minute Miss Miller. I'm not 10 yet. I can't be a trainer."

She took a long sigh then stood up and walked to the front of the desk and turned away from me. "Well then, that's is to bad. Because then that means that anybody can just come on up and catch you at any time." She looked over her shoulder at me, then looked up at the ceiling as she placed her forefinger on her lips. "It's such a shame then that we can't just keep this between the two of us then." Then looked down at me again. "I thought little boys like to keep secrets?"

"Are you sure that we can keep this a secret?" I asked her as she walked back to the back end of her desk and picked up the Pokedex.

"Of course we can. This Pokedex is an unlisted one as of right now, so I can register it to anyone I choose."

'What have I got to loose?' I looked down at the balls next to me and shivered. "But I still don't like the idea of being put inside of one of those balls though."

The teacher laughed for a moment before she rubbed my green hair. "That too can be easily solved. We teachers know a lot of things, and that doesn't just include those of math and history." She picked up one of the balls, enlarged it by pushing the center button, and then pried open the ball.

I don't think that any of the students in the class, or for that matter, the school has really ever seen the inside of a Pokeball. "Now pay attention Ralts." I jumped as I heard her voice. "See that silver thing at the bottom of the inside of the ball?"

I looked inside the ball and saw a small piece of silver at the bottom of it. It looked like a small microchip that had some sort of light that was currently turned off on it. I looked up to her and nodded.

"That silver chip is the registration chip. Once it attaches itself to a Pokemon, it sends a signal to the satellite in space, which sends a signal to the Pokemon Registration Center, where the information is stored of who owns what Pokemon. Or to put it more simply, tags the Pokemon showing who it belongs to." She picks up the Pokedex and shows it to me. "Step one, We register you with the Pokemon database. Step two, we register these balls under your name. Step three, we place this silver chip onto you and register you as your own Pokemon."

I looked from the ball to the Pokedex and back again, then finally back up at her. "Is it really all that simple?"

She nods her head with a smirk on her face, but then stops and holds up a finger. "There is only two things wrong with this plan."

I drop my head. "I knew that this was to easy to be true." She places a finger under my chin and lifts my head.

"Don't worry so much Ralts. These things aren't all that bad."

"And what are they Miss Miller?"

She takes a step back and hold up her pointer finger. "Number one, you CAN NOT go out and catch any Pokemon until you turn 10, otherwise our little scheme is ruined."

"And Number two?"

She lifts her middle finger along with the first. "Number two is, you can only carry five Pokemon with you at any time."

"Well I guess that makes sense." Just then I hear the teacher take in a sharp breath. "What's wrong Miss Miller, are you hurt?"

"It's not that. I need to take your story to the Principal and make sure that that girls not going to be doing anything like this ever again." She only takes a step before I grab onto her skirt, stopping her. "What's the matter Ralts?"

"Lets do it. Lets make me a Pokemon trainer." She smiles to me and picks up the Pokedex and flips it open. After five or so minutes she turns the thing over and shows a picture of a black outlined figure with the name Ralts at the bottom. I look at the picture for a moment before I nod at it and she shuts it in front of me. She places it down next to me and picks up one of the balls.

"Now for the final step." She tells me as she repeats the opening process and lifts the chip out with it stuck to her finger. "This chip is powered by your own Pokemon power, so you don't need to worry about it ever loosing power." She looks up at me and then stops. "So where would you like me to put it?" She asks me as she waves it around my body. "How about here? Or here? Or maybe over there?" She asks as she begins to poke me in my ticklish spots, causing me to laugh.

A moment later she stops torturing me and then holds it up. "I would like it here." I point to the spot just below my throat. She nods and then places the chip there. A few moments later I can feel a strange tingle go up my spine and then notice her smile at me.

"Oh that just looks like a glowing pendant." She says as she clasps her hands together.

I look at a button on her shirt that is reflecting my image back at myself and can see that there is a soft blue glow where she placed the chips. 'It really does look like a glowing pendant.' I place a hand over the chip and smile. "Miss Miller."

"Yes Ralts."

"Why are you doing this all for me?" She just pats me on the head again as she makes me look up at her again.

"That's easy Ralts. If you do decide to become a trainer. Then I'm going to be remembered being the person who started you off with yourself as your starter and on your way to be a Pokemon master. But in the mean time..." She walks to the back of the room.

I twist around and face her. "Wait Miss Miller." She stops and turns slightly back to me. "I think that the principal would believe the story a little more if I was there." She nods to me as she holds out her hand to me. I jump down from the desk, run on over, take her hand, then the two of us head down the single story school buildings hallway to the Principals office at the back of the school.

Pokedex Registration
Name: Ralts
Age: Unknown
Home Town: Unknown
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Starter: Ralts

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