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Story Notes:

I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 26

Ch. 26

'Oh my god. It looks like a natural disaster.' Trish said as we hovered over a set of trees that were the only ones left standing at the edge of a burned area. It was like standing at the precipice of a desert as hardly anything was left of the area affected by whatever caused this.

The whole place looked like it'd been caught in a flash burn. There was nothing left of the trees in the area. Nothing was left but smoldering trunks and burnt brown grass that would crunch underfoot. I could hardly believe that anything could have been the cause of this, but then I began to think of how this was even possible as the whole area wasn't burned in a strait line.

'It looks like something did this from the air.' I said aloud as I looked down at the smoldering area. 'It hit somewhere in the middle and then spread outwards, like that of a wave...'

'A wave of fire.' Lady Suicune finished for me as she shuddered and the baby let out a little whine.

'What is that?' Trisha said as she nodded to the side with her horn.

I turned to look where she was pointing and saw that there was a small bit of people dressed in some funny cloths and pointing at the edge of the forest with a large amount of Blastoise shooting water at the remaining smoldering flames. 'Not really sure, but I think they look like rangers...Pokemon Rangers.' With a quick nod to the girls, we quickly were teleported to the small group of Rangers.

"Make sure that you don't miss a single ember." A man said as he pointed to another Blastoise. We landed nearest to him as he seemed to be the leader of the group. He was wearing a set of fingerless red gloves that matched his sleeveless vest, while under the vest he had on a black shirt with gold trim that matched his black shorts. The other people there looked like a bunch of kids who wore similar cloths only the Red vests were replaced by green one and the shorts/pants were blue. The younger boys looked like they were the older boys tutelage as they too had water based Pokemon around and convening instructions on to where to spray the water.

We watched the small group continue to work at the last of the coals of the flames until they were all out and the group took a long sight of relief. 'What happened here?' I asked mentally to the lead Ranger as the others seemed to tired to do much more than slump down and rest.

The lead Ranger slowly turned so that he was looking over his shoulder for a moment and saw our little group. He looked at us for a few moments out of the corner of his eyes and then turned the rest of the way to face us. "We're not really sure of that ourselves. Though it is plain to see that something that had some enormous power did this." He said in a bit of a concerned tone as he swept his arm across the burnt forest. "Places such as these have been popping up around this area quite frequently, and it's pressing our group to the limit to stop the blazes from spreading further than this."

I looked over to the kids and the water type Pokemon and could see that it was indeed true. Both the younger boys and girls dressed in green were slumped down on the ground and the water types looked just as exhausted. A few of the boys and girls would look up to the water types nearest them then whisper something to them, then place a finger on a computer like device on their wrists and pressed a button. A second later the Pokemon glowed white just as if being captured, only the glow faded fairly quickly and the water types left.

"This is the third time that this has happened in a month. There's got to be a reason why this keeps on happening." The ranger said as he too looked pretty tired. "We can't keep this up for much longer. All the water types in the area are all getting tired from helping us out as well. If this keeps up, we'll have to import other water types from the areas outside the effected areas.

'Maybe there is something I can do to help.' I said as slowly lowered us a short distance away from the rangers, then walked up to the ranger and stood before him. The ranger looked about him for a little while until he turned to look at his comrades and began to laugh.

"Alright you guys, enough with the tricks. I do appreciate a good laugh, but right now's not the time." He said in a tired like tone and sighed.

'This is no joke. The Gallade standing before you is the guy who's talking to you. Not one of those kids sitting down over there.' I said to him in a third person tone. This got the ranger to do a few double takes between us and the kids, then finally set his eyes upon me.

He took a long sigh and sat down while he leaned his back against a tree. "I guess that's understandable. Gallades are a psychic type and could probably use telepathy to communicate with a human." He said with his head lowered a bit, until he seemed to find his strength and lift his head. "You'll have to forgive us. We've been dealing with these blasted flames that keep on popping up everywhere for the past month. It's left us all pretty tired and in need of some decent rest."

I could only nod to the man as I took a knee in front of him, reached into my small backpack and pulled out a bottle of water that I offered to him. 'I guess I can understand that.' I said as I looked about the burn area then back at him. 'Do you know who or what cause all this?' I asked him as he took the bottle with a nod and took a quick swig.

"Not at this time. Though I do have my suspicions." He said as he took another swig of the water then offered it back to me, which I refused and pointed to the other kids. He handed the bottle off to another kid who took it with a nod, took a swig, then passed it along. "If we look at the facts, the Pokemon or person who'd done this had to of done this by the air, had a lot of raw 'fire' power, and seems to get his jollies out of leaving large amounts of woods burned." He finished with a bit of anger in his voice.

'I would have to agree with the first two assumptions of your accusation, but not the third.'

"Why would you say that? Just look at all this damage that this...thing has caused. It's horrible." He said back in a bit more of an angry voice.

'That's right, look. Look at the area...and take a good long look.' I told him as I swept my arm about to have him look at the area that was burned. 'This looks more like a clearing type of fire. Like one would use a broom to sweep up a pile of dirt.' I paused for a while to let that sink in. 'On that same note, there isn't even a single bodily remain of a Pokemon in the effected area to be found. That tells me that the Pokemon of this area knew what was coming and cleared out before the flames hit.' I turned back to him to see that his eyes were a bit wider as he realized what I was talking about, then he too looked about the area and nodded to me when he was done. 'If you add all that up, I'd say that this was done by a Pokemon who was or is looking for something or someone and had alerted the Pokemon of the area to clear out before it burned this part of the woods down to search for it's prey/target.'

The ranger did several more double takes to the woods then back to me before he began to laugh. "You know...for a Pokemon, your pretty smart." He said with a smirk as he offered up his hand. "The names Blake, Blake Fisher."

'Genii, Genii the Gallade.' I offered back as the two of us shook hands.

"Tell me Genii, how do you know all of this?" Blake asked me as he threw a thumb over his shoulder. "That kind of smarts comes from experience, and not just street smarts like these kids have."

I couldn't help but smirk, but stopped when I was about to give my answer. 'Go on Genii. You might as well let him in on a little of your past.' I heard someone say, which made me turn and see over my shoulder that it was Lady Suicune who'd said that.

Taking a long and slow breath, I nodded to her and turned back to him. 'My father, or should I say my 'Step Father' is a scientist. He taught me to look beyond what you first perceive and look deeper to get the truth of a situation, event, or experiment.' I could see him smile to me then begin to laugh.

"If I had a few more recruits like you, I'd be the top trainer of Rangers this side of the Pokemon world." He said with another laugh or two. "Maybe you could help us out a little more then." He said as he pulled out a map and started to point at some of the other areas that were effected/burned.

I slowly studied the map for a while until I saw that a pattern was starting to form. 'I don't believe this.' I said as my eyes lit up and I smirked.

"What is it? Do you see something?"

'Of course I do. Why else would I have said that?' I said as I pointed down at the map. 'Counting all of these burn areas that you've just shown me, I can see that they all add up or point out a clear picture.' I paused for a moment as I looked up at him. 'Do you have a pen on ya?' To which he nodded, reached into his vest pocket, and pulled out a black tipped marker. 'Let us...connect these burn areas with...the current area,' I said with a pause as I began to do just that. 'And you get the start of a...'

"Spiders Web!" Blake finished as he snatched up the map and looked at it. As the dots had been connected, they'd formed out an almost perfect spiral shell. "It's almost like, whatever is doing this is herding whatever it's searching for into the middle where it will be trapped." He said as he started to get up, only to have his legs give out underneath him. "Dang it. I'm to tired to go after this thing and put an end to all of this."

'Maybe that's where I can come in and help.'

-----(A half an hour later)-----

'How are thing down at your end my lady?' I asked as I sent a mental note down to Lady Suicune.

'Just about as much as at your end. Not much.' There was a short pause as I could tell she was slightly out of breath from us running about. 'Though I have been able to find out that all the Pokemon are pretty scared of whatever is doing this and would like it to stop, but are thankful at the same time that whatever it is does give them fair warning before it launches it's fire attacks.' She said as she bounded through the forest. 'How about things up there? See anything?' She sent back to me.

I hovered in the air for a moment, so that I could concentrate on what she said without plummeting out of the sky. 'So this is how a Lugia flies.' I thought mentally to myself as I hovered several feet above the trees. 'Not a thing so far, though that does have me concerned as well. We are nearing the area that should be the next place to be hit by the flash burn, but I'm not seeing anything, nothing.'

'You keep on saying that you do not see anything. Is that supposed to mean something?' She asked as she too stopped running across the ground.

'A bit, yes. I don't see any bird type Pokemon in the air and that is what has me worried.' I stopped talking for a bit and sent out my psychic senses and tried to pick up on at least one type of bird Pokemon. 'At this time of day, you'd think that they'd be all flying about, but I haven't seen a single one since we headed in this direction and that could mean something.' I thought to myself as I began to move about the area again.

Just as I was about to give up the idea of their being any bird Pokemon about, I notice that tree in the distance was starting to shake with movement. 'I think I've found someone. Maybe that flying type has seen whatever has been causing all this damage.

'Alright Genii, but make sure to not get to involved. At least until I get there that is.' Lady Suicune said as I started to move off towards the tree with the waving branches.

I had to admit that moving this way was a whole lot easier than dealing with the dense vegetation on the ground. 'Who knows, maybe from now on I'll just float up here and move from place to place. It would be a whole lot easier and it would stop me from that stupid rule of battling any trainers that meet my eyes.' I thought to myself as I drew closer and closer to the tree. I stopped about 20 feet or so from the tree and allowed Lady Suicune to catch up.

'Are you sure that this is the tree that you mentioned?' She asked as I could tell that she was checking out the same tree due to her voice coming from below me. 'I do not really see anything special about a shaking tree.'

'If you can't see anything making the tree shake like it is from the ground, then that means that there is something in it's branches, and that points towards it most likely being a flying type.' I said back as I tried to use my psychic abilities to probe into the tree, but didn't get anything that really stood out. 'It's times like these that it would be nice to be a Lucario, as they can sense the Aura of all things, and one could tell me what is exactly in that tree.' I thought as the branches continued to move around.

Just as suddenly as I'd first seen the tree start to move about, it stopped.... I didn't know what was about to happen, but I did know that it was a good idea that Lady Suicune had told me to keep my distance. Ever so slowly, I leaned my head forward as if that would allow me a closer peak into the branches, but I was quickly shocked when two worm like things popped out and started to move about through the top of the tree. Taking a long relieved sigh I placed my hand over my heart and tried willing it to settle down.

'I guess we don't really have to worry about what it might be. I think I see it's antennae sticking out of the top of the tree.' I said down to Lady Suicune as I started to approach the tree.

'I do not thing that that is what you think it is Genii. Genii?' She said the last part in a questioning tone. 'Genii, I really think that we should be getting out of here. This does not feel ri...'

'WHERE IS HE! WHERE IS MY BABY!!!!' A voice shouted out that rang for miles around.

I had hardly any time to react to the outburst as a pair of orange wings with blue membranes erupted out of the tree, then pulled out the rest of the massive bulking Pokemon into the air. I just stared at the Pokemon as it moved higher into the air and saw that it had a very pissed off look in it's eyes.

'I KNOW THAT YOUR IN HERE SOMEWHERE YOU BABY NAPPER, AND I WONT REST UNTIL I HAVE MY BABY...BACK!!!' Just then the large orange dragon lifted it's head to the sky and took in a deep breath.

"Oh shit..."

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