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I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 27

Ch. 27

  Somewhere off in the distance I could hear the sound of someone yelling at me, but for the life of me, I couldn't understand what they were saying. It was like trying to hear someone speak from way off down a hall that was whispering or someone talking underwater. I tried to focus on the voice that seemed so far away but even through my focus I could only pick up on subtle things.

  'Is he....'

  'I do not....'

  'How long...'



  The voice went on and on for quite a while but still didn't make any sense. Everything about those voice was pretty scrambled up and nothing about them made sense. 'Who was it that was talking, why did they sound so upset, and how'd I end up like this?' My mind went through the rest of the W questions, but without a clearer mind to process things, I might as well give up and concentrate on something else. With the questions aside, I began to think about myself. Most of my senses were pretty dulled or not working, but at least my mind was starting to clear a little bit as if coming out from a deep fog.

  So focusing on my mind, I started to think back as what caused me to be in this situation. 'The last thing I remember was seeing some kind of orange flying type Pokemon burst out from some tree ahead of me, raise it's head to the sky, and then...' I couldn't remember the rest as it was all nothing but blank after I'd seen the orange Pokemon. 'Maybe something that that orange Pokemon did, caused me to be in this kind of situation.' With that settled I started to focus on other things.

  I quickly started to worry about possibly having amnesia since I couldn't recall what put me into this predicament, but a quick look back at some of my past memories proved that to not be the case. After a few minutes more, I finally concluded, with a happy internal sigh, that whatever Pokemon had done this to me must have knocked me pretty hard in the head which had knocked me out.

  A while later I finally started to make out the tones in the voices around me and realized that it was Lady Suicune and Trisha that were talking. 'I'm glad that those two are watching over me, since I know that they'll take care of me until I can get better or at least wake up from whatever condition that I'm in.' With that thought I began to relax a little then drifted off to sleep and hopefully recover a little more the next time I awoke.

  When I awoke for the next time, I was finally able to open my eyes and started to look about. I was within some kind of room that didn't make much sense to me until my mind was able to process what my eyes were seeing (After of course the whole room stopped with the swirling watercolors). I was in a room that had many machines that looked to be like incubation chambers that a few of which had a small Pokemon within. Ever so slowly my vision started to focus on the nearest thing and I realized that I was within one of those chambers themselves. 'Why am I in such a chamber? Couldn't I've just been recalled into my ball and then...' My mind slowly started to drift off again but I quickly focused on the present situation. I was in one of these chambers and I didn't feel like I needed any more of whatever these machines provided (Which was probably to promote healing). Looking around I saw a small switch on a control panel on the other side of the glass from me which said open and closed. Using my psychic abilities, I moved the switch on over to the open setting and the glass slowly turned around to retract into the opposite side with a slight hiss of hydrolics.

  Once the glass had fully rotated into it's base did I sit up and begin to look around. The whole place was quite dark and even looking at the windows at the far side of the room didn't show the slightest hint whether or not it was day or night outside due to some really dark blinds covering the windows. 'I bet it's probably way past nightfall right about now' I thought as I slowly swung my legs around to the other side of the machine and slowly lowered myself to my feet.

  'OUCH. WHO IS STEPPING ON ME!' Someone yelled.

  I was so surprised by the yell that I fell back upon the machine and then fell over the other side.

  'OUCH! NOW WHO JUST FELL ON ME?!' Someone else yelled.

  The next few minutes were a bit of a mess as the two people that I'd accidentally stepped/lay upon came around and started to fight/bite/attack me with different attacks. After a while though, the fighting slowly let up and I was able to see who/what was attacking me.

  'By the god Genii, I am so sorry. I had no idea that it was you that had...' Trisha said as her eyes went wide and looked down upon me.

  'Honestly Genii. You could have warned us when you wanted to get out of that machine before you decided to step on me and then end up falling over Trisha.' Lady Suicune said as she too looked down upon me with a bit of a scowl.

  "I'm sorry. I had no idea that the two of you were laying right next to that machine that I was in. For that matter," I started to look about this place and then finally back up at them. "Where in the world are we. I don't remember much about anything that happened after that thing jumped out of that tree ahead of me when I was looking about."

  Both Trisha and Lady Suicune looked at each other for quite a while until they both blushed quite heavily then looked down at the ground. 'I am so sorry Genii. I guess we just...'

  'We just were not expecting you to get up so early and actually step on us." Lady Suicune said in a superior tone and she huffed a bit and turned her nose up at me. She stayed like that for a while until she sighed then turned back to me and gave me a smile. 'Though, I am glad to see that you are doing a lot better. You took a nasty bump to the head.'

  I slowly got up to a sitting position and scratched at the back of my head and laughed nervously. "I didn't expect...wait a minute. What happened to me out there and where are we?"

  Both Trisha and Lady Suicune looked at one another for a moment then turned to nod at me, then began to tell me the tale. It turned out that the Pokemon that'd surprised me had thought that I was one of the things that stole her baby and had attacked me with blinding speed. Lady Suicune had said that she arrived shortly after and found me passed out with a deep gash to my head. Fearing for my life, she quickly picked me up and took me back to the nearest town/Pokemon center for treatment. Along the way she met up with the other Rangers, but unable to tell them much she was chased all the way on over to the center. 'Now all those Rangers are outside this room, awaiting your input on what happened out there.' Lady Suicune shivered a bit then looked back at me. 'Do you know what type of Pokemon that was that attacked you?'

  "Not really. All I remember is that it had blue under it's wings and most of it's body was orange or something like that." I told her as I tried to remember the orange like blur that shot out of that tree. "How long have I been here?"

  'Not really all that long,' Trisha said as she lay back down in front of me to which I began to scratch her behind her ears. 'Yaaaaaa, just like that.' She said as she began to lean into my scratching. 'After Suicune there arrived here and checked you in, she let me out of my ball and told me everything.' There was a slight pause in her story as I'd stopped scratching her, only to start again a moment later. 'After you were checked into the center we were quite afraid for your health and decided to stay by your side until you awoke.'

  Lady Suicune cleared her throat and the two of us looked towards her. 'If you two are quite done flirting with each other, I think it would be best if we all got a room and got some real sleep. I'd hate to think of what would happen if this little one would wake up from all this commotion.' She said as she jerked her head back to which both Triasha and I looked over and saw that the baby Cubone was asleep on her back and was starting to stir. With a nod amongst us all, the three/four of us walked out of the room and then down the hall.

  Most of the lights were out at the time, confirming that it was indeed night time outside, and there wasn't a soul about. "I guess that everyone's gone off to bed already. If that is indeed the case then, I'll just help ourselves to a key to a room and call it a night." The only problem with that thought was that of my psychic powers, which at the moment didn't seem to come to bare when I tried to lift one of the keys out of the cubby holes behind the desk. I struggled with that small task for a bit using more and more psychic powers until not one, but several keys flew out of the wall and hit me fully in the chest. Once I'd gotten my head about me again, I could hear the sound of laughter and saw that both Trisha and Lady Suicune laughing at my expense, only to be joined in my own laughter a moment later at my foolishness at using to much psychic power for such a simple task.

  Once I'd gotten out from under all the keys, did we finally head up to the rooms and into one that was at the end of the hall. Though I knew that they were all as tired as could be, I was still mildly awake. "I think I'm going to take a shower then join the two of you in bed." To which they both nodded to me. So going into the bathroom I slightly closed the door, but left enough of the door to remain open so that I could hear anything that was going on in the other room. A short while later after I'd gotten the shower to the most pleasant of temperatures, did I hear a tap at the door. Opening the door I found that it was Lady Suicune at the door and looking a bit none to happy.

  'Do you really think that you are going to take a shower before me?' She asked in her regal voice, making me feel like a heel for trying to take a shower before her.

  "My lady...I..."

  'Oh, save it Genii. I am just teasing you,' She said interrupting me before I could stumble over any more words. 'I just need to get cleaned up myself after all that has happened is all.' She walked into the room, brushing past me, and stuck one of her paws into the water to test it's warmth. I dropped my head in defeat and shook my head with a smile. I really didn't have a problem with helping her to get cleaned up, after all, I'd helped her plenty of times when I was still a Ralts. So helping her into the warm water, I began to help her bath in the pleasant feeling of the warmth of the water. While the two of us got cleaned up, Lady Suicune retold the story of what'd happened when she lost touch with me.


  'I guess we don't really have to worry about what it might be. I think I see it's antennae sticking out of the top of the tree.' I said down to Lady Suicune as I started to approach the tree.

  'I do not think (that) that is what you think it is Genii, Genii?' She said the last part in a questioning tone. 'Genii, I really think that we should be getting out of here. This does not feel ri...'

  'WHERE IS SHE! WHERE IS MY BABY!!!!' A voice shouted out that rang for miles around. 'I KNOW THAT YOUR IN HERE SOMEWHERE YOU BABY NAPPER, AND I WONT REST UNTIL I HAVE MY BABY...BACK!!!' Right after the voice reached Lady Suicune's ears, did she see a flash of orange for a moment, then heard a yell.

  'GENII!' She cried out as she desperately called out for him, only to get no reply. Searching frantically for him, she began to worry for his safety. 'If anything's happened to him...I have to find him.' She thought to herself as she used her Northern Wind ability and began to move quickly throughout the forest. It was shortly after that she came upon a heart-warming/breaking sight.

  As the forest started to thicken a bit more with more trees about did she come upon a small clearing/break in the trees. Through the canopy of the trees a single beam of sunlight shone down on what would normally be a totally dark scene. Within the clearing that was being hit by the sunbeam was a solitary rock and Genii sitting against it with his eyes closed and his head tilted slightly to the side.

  With a slight bit a sigh she slowly walked on over to him and smiled. 'I must say that you had me worried there for a bit Genii. When I had not heard...' She slowly stopped talking when she saw that he hadn't responded to her words and began to become a bit angry with him. She was about to mouth her anger at him when she noticed that his breath was a bit too shallow and that he looked a bit more pail than what a Gallade should look like (his green hair was a lighter shade and his skin looked was taking on a slight grayish tint).

  Walking on over to him she nudged him slightly with her paw. 'What is the matter Genii? Are you well?' Though she tried this many times to rouse him, he still wouldn't wake. Upon a bit harder of a nudge, this time with her horn, did he slowly slide to the side to fall upon his side and she saw the rock that he'd been sitting against was smeared with green blood, his blood. She let out a frightened yell at the sight of his blood upon the rock and looked down to see that he had a deep gash upon the back of his head.

  'By the god...I must get him some help.' Though before she could even take a step to do so, she thought the better of it and quickly picked him up upon her back and quickly raced off to the Pokemon center.

-----(Flash Forward)-----

  'I carried you the rest of the way here, the nurse took you back into the back where they put you inside of that strange machine. I later found your belt and released both the baby Cubone and Trisha. With nothing much to do after I had told her of everything that had happened out there, we both lay down upon either side to await the word of your revival.'

  Carefully reaching behind my head, I found that I now had a long scar running down the back of my head when I parted my hair slightly and touched my scalp. My eyes went a little wide at that, then a little bigger as I also felt another scar there that I'd totally forgotten about. 'That must be where dad was able to place my mind into this Pokemon's body.' I thought as I slowly brought my hand around to see a small bit of green crusted blood on my hand as well as my hand that was now shaking a little bit.

  "What happened to the forest?" I asked which got Lady Suicune to look down and shake her head.

  'It is not a pretty sight.'

  I slowly got up, made my way on over to the window, and pulled back the curtain. I was slightly blinded by the light of the new day as it shown over the horizon and I began to shake. Much of the area was covered in some kind of orange like glow which made everything look surreal. Looking up I could see that much of the sky was covered over in thick clouds and realized that, somewhere out in the distance, there was a massive fire burning and that the fire was raging out of control.

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