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I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 28

Ch. 28

          No matter how much rain that you can bring to a fire that's running out of control, there never seems to be enough. Now add onto that that all the water types that are in the area are totally watered get the picture. The rangers had come up with the idea of creating a back burn area to try and combat the blaze and all seemed to work pretty well for a while, until that strange Pokemon had come out of the woodwork again and started blasting the area outside the burning area to high hell.

          "Enough is enough," One of the younger rangers said as he stood up in the meeting area at the Pokemon center and clenched his fist. "We should just go out there and deal with the real problem rather than trying to clean up the mess that it's making." This was met with a few other nods and other agreements by some of the other rangers.

          "I can't believe what I'm hearing. Take on a Pokemon face to face. That's the job of a Pokemon Trainer, not a Ranger. Have you forgotten our solemn vow?" Several of the Rangers dropped their heads in shame while one or two didn't. "We rangers exist to promote relations between Pokemon and the rest of the world. What your suggesting is to break with the code of being a Ranger and in that break all that we've been striving for."

          The lead Ranger walked forward and stood before the man who'd first recommended the idea. "If you are so dead set on doing this, then you might as well turn in your styler right here and now and pick up a trainers license." He held out his hand to the young boy awaiting for him to turn over his styler, only to see him turn his head away in shame. "There's only one way to deal with this and that is to find this Pokemon's lost offspring and return it to it." He looked on over to the other Ranger who hadn't dropped his head and shook his head. "Either that, or we need to try and convince it to stop it's rampage of the area in some way and work with us to find it's child."


          'I guess that's my cue.' I said as the four of us walked down from the stairs and onto the main lobby floor. 'I can probably help out there.' I sent mentally to all of the Rangers that were sitting in their semi-circle around the main Ranger, many of which quickly looked up and/or around the Ranger towards us.

          The lead Ranger slowly turned around and when he saw us a smile slowly spread across his face. "It's good to see you again...Genii right?"

          I nodded to him. 'That's right Blake and it's good to see you too.' I said as we walked towards one another to shake hands.

          "I have to say that I was a bit worried when I learned of what happened to you out there." He then reached up and tapped his head. "Sounded like you took a pretty nice thump to your skull back out there. Are you sure that you should be out of bed?"

          I couldn't help but laugh at that. 'If I stayed in bed all day, I'd end up with bed sores all over my backside,' I rubbed my backside. 'And let me tell you, those things hurt like their's a Crabby grabbing you there with it's largest set of claws.' With that the two of us just started to laugh and finally after that we both walked on over to a table and he slowly stopped laughing when he looked down at it.

          "I'd love to keep laughin' with ya but we've still got a problem with that rampaging Pokemon out there," He then placed both his hands down on the table and pointed to the latest red circle that was drawn upon the map. "And we still don't know what type of Pokemon is doing this."

          I looked down at the map and could see that their was now a few more circles on the map than the last time that he showed it to me. It seemed that in my absence that this Pokemon hadn't let up on it's rampage. "I'd hate to ask you this, but...before you were knocked out, did you get a even a glimpse of whatever was causing this?"

          I nodded to him. 'Though my memory of the even is still a fuzzy and my head is still ringing from smacking into that rock or tree, I do seem to recall somewhat of what that Pokemon might be.' Just then I heard several chairs being tipped over and I looked over my shoulder to see that many of the younger Rangers had quickly stood and were giving me a disbelieving look or one of shock. When I looked back to Blake he too had a eagerly awaiting look on his face.

          'At first it looked to be that of a Dragonite, but I noticed that it looked to large to be your average one.' This seemed to drop a few people back into their seats with defeated sighs as if that's what they had thought the Pokemon to be, as well as a few to fall over their chairs that they hadn't realized that they'd knocked over when they'd stood up. 'Then I started thinking about the color arrangement and thought it to be a Moltrez, but I shook that idea off too as far as we know...can't have offspring.' This dropped the next half of young rangers and a few curses from the ones falling over their chairs.

          "If it's not a Dragonite or a Moltrez, then what could it be?" Blake asked as he looked over his map and stared to rub his chin.

          'I'm not sure but I'm more determined then ever to find out what it is and how to put this all to an end.' I looked down to both Trisha and Lady Suicune. Lady Suicune looked quite worried (Probably worried that I'd be knocked senseless again by whatever this Pokemon was) but Trisha was looking over her back at the baby Cubone that was cutely sucking on it's bone as if it was a pacifier.

          An hour or so later, found both me and Lady Suicune outside the Pokemon center with Trisha standing just outside the doors. *I still do not understand why I have to stay behind. You know that I can fight as well as any regular Pokemon.* She complained as she was told the news of her staying behind.

          "Because someone has to watch over the little guy and..."

          'I'm the best suited to deal with a fire type.' Lady Suicune interrupted me as she stepped forward to gently nuzzle the little Cubone as it happy said something in it's baby like language, then giggled as she tickled it under it's chin with one of her long white tails. 'Plus,' She said as she walked over back to me then turned around to face Trisha, 'If it is indeed a legendary Pokemon, like Genii thinks, then it's best to have a legendary vs. a legendary.' It looked to me like she was just trying to rub in the fact that Lady Suicune was a legendary Pokemon, but I had my mind on other things as I thought back to a person that I saw inside the center.

          After we'd settled things with the Rangers, the three of us headed towards the exit, but not before I noticed a certain trainer that was complaining quiet adamantly with the Nurse Joy. "I don't really care what your safety regulations say. I am going to leave this center today." He said with a strait forward tone.

          The nurse, though she had that oh so innocent face, just kept on smiling and replied to the young man. "I can understand that you are upset sir, but regulation state that, 'In the case of a rampaging Pokemon that is within the area, all trainers must remain within the Pokemon center until the local authorities or Rangers are able to handle the situation." She then leaned over her counter and gave the boy a forced smile as her eyes squinted towards him in a menacing way. "Failure to comply with this regulation will result in said trainer being arrested for his safety as his/her Pokemon placed into storage for the duration." The boy obviously not expecting this kind of innocent anger quickly backed away and moved off to sit at some chairs with several other trainers.

          Though I'd go on over and shake that nurses hands, I noticed that the boy had a strange thought pattern that focused on one of his most recent Pokemon that he'd caught.

          'Earth to Genii...come in Genii...' I heard a voice say, breaking me out of my brief flashback. 'What are you thinking about Genii?'

          "Huh?" I looked around and saw that it was Lady Suicune who was looking up at me. "Oh, sorry about that my lady. I was just thinking about that boy that I saw in the center."

'That may be all well and good, but I need you to keep your head here and now. I do not wish a repeat of what happened the last time that you tangled with that Pokemon.' She said in a bit of an annoyed tone, as if not wishing to carry me back to the center if she could avoid it. With that settled she quickly dashed off into the woods with me Teleporting myself over the trees to try and match her ground speed.

          'So let me try and understand this. You say that we should try again the same tactic that we used the last time to try and flush out this Pokemon?' Lady Suicune said in her mind as she ran along the ground to try and find the Pokemon there while I hovered over the tree tops.

'Not in the least,' I said back to her using my psychic abilities to talk to her. 'I learned my lesson from the last time that that tactic was just...'

          'Stupid.' She finished with a bit of a chuckle.

          'Not exactly the word I'd use, but ya, stupid.' I took a long sigh then looked over the area that I was hovering over. We'd decided to check out the area that I'd been hit by that strange attack that knocked me out, but all that we found was that of another burned out portion of the forest. Slowly lowering myself back down to the ground I stopped next to Lady Suicune and shook my head. "So much for that idea." I said as we observed the area.

          Though it'd been only a day or two after I'd been hit by that attack, the area still smoldered in places and had the stench of burned things, but like all the other places that were like this...this place didn't have a single sign of a burned up corpse. "I guess the only thing to do now is to go to the second spot and see if we can beat this Pokemon to it." With a nod from Lady Suicune, who quickly dashed off as fast as the wind, I quickly took to the sky and Teleported myself to our second point to check over.

          Slowly hovering down towards the ground, both Lady Suicune and I were happy to see that an overwhelming presence of Pokemon within the area. Though we were glad that all these Pokemon were alright, they on the other-hand were not in such a...joyous mood.

It was really hard to differentiate one voice from another, but the main topic was clear. 'How long is she going to keep on burning our forest!' I was surprised to see how many different types and Pokemon there were there. 'Can you blame her though. I would probably do something just like this if it meant finding my own child.'

          Both Lady Suicune and I looked over the whole group and then finally back to us. 'It would seem that everyone is in the same situation here as back at the Pokemon center.' Lady Suicune said as I nodded to her before she decided to go forward and started talking with the closest group.

          Several of the Pokemon just ignored her for a while, but when she cleared her throat for the 5th time or so did they finally come around to noticing her presence, but when they all turned to look at her it was with nothing but unhappy faces. 'Oh great, another legendary. So what is it this time, here to tell us that we need to move again?' A Standler said as it shook it's head in disgust.

          The conversations went on and on like that, with every one of the Pokemon complaining and most even blaming it all on legendaries and the way that they all, 'had to have it their way' (To which I couldn't help but laugh at the Poke-Burger motto). But finally she was able to get them all to quiet down and tell her what was going on.

          About 30 minutes later she walked back on over to me and I could see the shocked look her eyes as she looked over her shoulder to the group, as if checking to make sure what she'd been told was indeed the truth. "What did they say? Did they tell you what Pokemon is doing this?"

She nodded as she brought her head back around and gave me a strange look. 'Oh, they told me alright, but your not going to believe who it is that is doing this.'

          I looked towards the group of Pokemon then back towards her. "Well. Don't keep me in suspense, who's doing this to them?"

          'Mew.' She said simply as she looked up to me with that weird look again.

          I only stared at her for a few seconds before a bubbling laugh quickly came up and I slapped my knee. "Dang Lady Suicune. I didn't know that you had such an interesting sense of humor. Mew, the little ball of fluff is doing all of've got to be....." I stopped laughing as I looked deep into her eyes and saw such a defeated look that it took all the laughter out of the situation. "Your serious, aren't you." She nodded.

          Then it all made sense. The size of the Pokemon (as Mew could assume the size of any Pokemon), the strange coloration, and the Power. I slowly slid down the tree that I'd been leaning against and fell down to an audible thump onto my backside. "Mew. The legendary mother of all Pokemon. The one that most trainers will most likely never see in their whole training careers. The embodiment of innocence and child like nature; Mew."

          Lady Suicune nodded to each and every single one of my descriptions then put a paw down on my lap. 'The one in the same.' She then walked around and lay down next to me. 'I think your reaction pretty much sums up my own when I heard who was doing this too. Who would have ever thought that Mother Mew could ever be driven to break her own very nature.' I couldn't help but nod at that too.

          "How in gods...sorry," I said as I couldn't help but laugh at the thought/irony. "How in the world are we supposed to stop her? I don't think that anyone/anything could even stand up to her."

'I would have to agree. Not even I would dare to go up against her in a foul mood.' She then turned her head to look up at the sky and shook her head, but stopped in mid shake as her eyes went wide as well as mine, then we both slowly turned to look at each other then said in unison. 'Who's the child?'
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