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Story Notes:

I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 4

Ch. 3

"This is all your fault you know." The girl snaps at me, as both of us sit outside the principals office, looking at each other. Awaiting the decision that our teacher Miss Miller and the Principal, Mr. Richards come to.

"My fault. I fail to see how it's my fault." I snap back at her. "After all, you're the one who attacked me." I turn and face forwards and can feel the girl glare at me.

"Of course it's your fault...Ralts. Who wouldn't try and catch you." She faces forward as well. "If you'd allowed me to catch you, we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place." She says with a humph. "I still don't understand why they even allowed a Pokemon into the school to learn along with other students."

I turn to face her with an angry glare. "That's because I'm..."

"Children. You can come in now." Comes Miss Miller's voice, effectively cutting off what I was about to say to her. The two of us jump off the seats outside and walk into the office.

Personally I'd never been inside the principals office, so when I stepped into his office I let out a long whistle. The whole place looked almost exactly like a corporate executive person's office, as the whole place had a bright shine to it. Bookshelves with tons of books took up either side of the room, while there was just a single desk with two chairs facing it. The principal had his chin resting on his interlaced fingers, a passive look on his face, a white button up shirt with a silver tie, and a slicked back black hair due. Our teacher was sitting on top of the corner part of the desk with her legs crossed, and she too sported a passive look on her face.

It only took a moment before our teacher started to laugh. "It would seem that the boy thinks quite highly of your office Rick." I looked up and could see my teacher snicker with her hand over her mouth.

"How many times do I have to ask you not to call me that...'Delilah'" I then saw the teacher instantly stop snickering and look directly at Rick. Though I knew that Suzy couldn't hear the pet name that Rick had used for Delilah, but I sure could. And thanks to my newly acquired abilities from being a Rats, I knew that they both were just joking around as well as something, shall we say...more. Though I couldn't exactly pick up what there feeling for each other were, I knew this was all in fun.

"But enough about that. Why don't the two of you just take a seat and we can begin." Both of us did, then looked back up at the principal. "I'm sure that the two of you know why you're here." We both nodded though the girl gave me a scowl. "Without interrupting the other, I want to hear what the two of you have to say about this." He turned to Suzy. "You first Suzy."

And boy did she take her turn. No wonder she'd been so quiet while we sat outside the principals office. She'd been concocting this tale about how I'd attacked her and she had to pull out her pre birthday present that her parents were going to give her in order to defend herself.

"That's quite an interesting story there Suzy." She gives him an innocent smile as she just believes that she can use an innocent smile to sway the principal. Then he turns to me and nods. "As it is often said, there are three parts to every story. What He said, what She said, and the Truth." And with that I began to tell my side of what transpired. Of course Suzy had to get in her two cense of, 'He lies, and that's not what happened'. Of course the principal wasn't going to have any of that and began to scowl at the girl.

In the back of his mind I could feel that he was either egging her on, or putting the last few pieces of the puzzle together, so that he could get a clearer picture of what happened between her and me. "Thank you Ralts. I believe that now I've got a pretty good picture of what's actually going on now." He looked over to Suzy and shook his head at her. "Dear Suzy. You've spun off a pretty good tale here, but there's one thing that you overlooked." Suzy's eyes went wide. "You say that Ralts attacked you but you don't show any signs of it, whereas Ralts had to be treated for multiple attacks from your Poochena, next your parents know that it's illegal to posses or carry Pokemon unless you're a Pokemon trainer and you can't be one unless you are at least 10 years old...."

"BUT!" She interrupts as she jumps out of the chair.

"No interruptions young lady!" He points back to the chair and she sits back down in it.

"Continuing, you know very well that Pokemon are not allowed inside the school grounds." He stops and notions towards me with an open palm. "Except Ralts here who is a special case." I look over to her and could see that Suzy was starting to shake. "So adding all these crimes together and you're looking at quite a bit of trouble young lady." He leans over the desk and looks her directly into her eyes. "I was hoping that we could resolve this matter quietly, but I'm afraid that I'm not only going to have to contact your parents, but the local law enforcement as well." He leans back into his chair, while placing his hands in his lap. "Your looking at a minimum of suspension from school to possible expulsion, your trainers license postponed or just never given to you, and finally that Poochena might have to be put down."

Suzy's hands go up and cover her face as she begins to cry a river. (As they say) "Miss Miller." Says the principal.

"Yes principal Richards?" She slides off the desk and faces him.

"I need you to call Ralts father. Ralts has most likely missed his ride home and his father needs to be informed of the situation." He gives me a nice smile then scowls as he looks at Suzy. "As for Suzy. Both her parents need to be called as well as the local authorities. I would like to speak to all the parents and make a personal apology to Ralts father." To which she nods and escorts me out of the room. The last thing I could feel was the nearly held back anger from the principal at the girl as well as the girls fright at what was to come from her actions.

It didn't take long until both Suzy's parents, the authorities, and my father to arrive. Needless to say, even if I wasn't sitting right outside the door to the principals office, I'd probably hear Suzy's and my parents yelling from a few blocks away. I could feel that there was so much hostility in the room that you could cut it with a knife. My dad seemed the most angry out of all of them as he would not let up on the punishment for Suzy. In the end though, Suzy was (for a lack of a term) sentenced to a few months suspension from school, her trainers license postponed until further notice by the authorities, but thankfully the Poochena was only going to be kept as the families pet and not put down.

Eventually both my dad and I jumped into his car and drove home. Not a word was spoken between us the whole way, but once we got home...He picked me up under my arms and started swinging me around. "Oh happy day Ralts. Oh happy day." He quickly ran with me under his arm to his lab and set me down on a stool.

His lab was located underneath our home. Under a hidden trap door in the kitchen was a set of stairs that led down several flights of steps to the lab. He carried me as if I was a binder that you would keep under your arm. Once we got down to his lab, he started performing all sorts of different experiments on me. Most of the experiments were on my newly devolved psychic abilities, such as lifting blocks, moving heavy objects around the floor, and even a battle against a few low level Rattata and Pidgey.

And from that point on, that seemed to be my second life. After school everyday and on the weekends we could be found in his lab, him trying to gather as much data on my abilities. I was a little shocked at the intensity of his dedication to this, but I just chalked it up to his patience for when his experiment finally bore fruit, or in this case psychic abilities.

Though through all the battles, experiments, etcetera, I never evolved. I knew that I had been gaining levels quite quickly thanks to my dad, and the Pokedex telling me about myself. Though through it all, I was a little concerned, because I'd passed the usual level to evolve into a Kirlia. Then one night as we were sitting at the table having dinner I finally asked him. "Dad."

"Yes Ralts?" He said as he put down his fork of Pidey breast.

"Do you think I'll ever evolve into a Kirlia?"

He squinted a bit and rubbed his hands in his napkin. "That's an interesting question." He thought for a bit. "Through all the training that we've been through, I'd say that your close to your evolution to being a Kirlia."

"I've done my research, and it says that I'm supposed to evolve once I've reached level 20." I looked down at my plate for a moment, then looked back up at him. "Furthermore, I've passed that level a few days ago." I heard him chock. I looked up and could see that he had some Milktank's milk running down his chin.

"How in the world do you know that?!" He asked as he picked up his napkin again and wiped away the choked on milk. Knowing that that Skitty was out of the bag, I pulled out my Pokedex and explained the whole situation that happened with my teacher. "So I guess my hypothesis was correct, you can be captured, or could have been." He leaned back in his chair and scratched at his belly. "First of all, I'm glad that you've taken some initiative in solving your own problem, and that your one step closer to being truly..."

"Dad!" I said interrupting him.

"What Ralts?"

"What hypothesis?"

"Oh, sorry about that. Got lost in my own speech there for a moment. The hypothesis that I've come up with is that either, your going to evolve like a regular Pokemon at level 20, or the usual laws don't apply and that you'll evolve once you've actually turned 20 in human years. The third is that you might never evolve, since you are a human as well as a Pokemon."

My eyes went wide as I heard the second and third hypothesis, but I wasn't going to dwell on those. 'That means that I'll have at least another several years of people saying, 'Oh look how cute that Ralts is.' to me, before I actually evolve.' Just then a shiver ran up my spine. 'Wait a minute. If I evolve into a Kirlia that means that I'll be wearing a skirt around all the time and have countless people thinking that I'm a girl.' I visibly started to shake and grabbed at my sides.

"What's the matter Ralts. Is the food not sitting right with you?" He said in a concerned tone as he stood up from the table.

I shook my head and then took a long sigh. "I just remembered what a Kirlia looks like." I looked up to him and I could see him smile.

"That's right. If/when you evolve into one, you'll being wearing a skirt and you'll look like a cute little girl." He started to laugh as I could sense his full on humor of the sight of that.

"Come on dad. I don't want to walk around all the time, having people think that I'm a girl." Just then an even deeper shudder ran through my body as I grabbed either arms and hugged my body tighter.

"I wasn't really thinking about what it would be like for you if you were a Kirlia. I was thinking about what it would be like if you were a Gardevoir." Which got him to laugh so hard that he was grabbing at his sides.

I was so humiliated by the image that I just jumped down from the table and was about to run up to my room and cry my little eyes out. "Wait Ralts." My father yelled out as I had just reached the first step of the stairs. I slowly turned to him to see that he was wiping tears out of his eyes.

"I've already looked into all of this and have already come up with a solution to that problem." I took my hand off the rail and turned to face him. "Just wait there a moment, while I get something from downstairs." Pushing his chair back he stood up and walked into the kitchen where he disappeared down the stairs that were hidden under the area rug, to his lab once again.

A few moments later he reemerged from the kitchen, clutching something behind his back. "Why don't you come back to the table and I'll show you what I've got for you." Not knowing any better I walked back to the table and jumped back into my seat. "I know that I may have been a little rough with your training in the last few days, but I think that this will well make up for it." He pulled out a small package from behind his back.

The box was covered in a light green paper, with a deep green ribbon that wrapped around the middle, and a big light and dark green bow on top. He took away my plate and set the package down where my plate had been. I looked up at him and he gave me a quick nod.

It was almost like my birthday as I quickly tore the paper and ribbon off the package. Under the paper was of course a simple white box, so opening it up I found a small jewelry box inside that one. It was the size of a box that contains a nice necklace, so opening that up as well I found a nice sized yellow stone. The stone seemed to glow yellow with small flakes of orange in it.

I looked up at him in confusion. "It's a dawn stone Ralts. Once you evolve into a Kirlia, we just use this stone and you will become a Gallade." My eyes went wide as I realized that a deep wish had been fulfilled.

When the Pokedex had told me that I should have evolved into a Kirlia, I got curios and started looking up what else would happen to me as I evolved. So when I saw the Gallade, I began to wish with all my might that I'd get my hands on one of those stones and evolve into one of them. Using my psychic abilities, I leapt out of the chair and gave my dad a long and hard hug. To which he gratefully returned.

"I only have one request Ralts." I pulled away from him to look him in the eye.

"Name it." He smiled to me.

"That when the time comes. I would like to do some tests when you use the stone to become a Gallade." I couldn't help but smile even more.

Just the thought of me becoming a Gallade, couldn't dampen my spirits of more tests. "You've got it dad.
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