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I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 5

Ch. 4

Several years passed since my dad had told me that he wanted me to evolve into a Gallade. Though few things actually changed with me. I was still the same small Ralts that everyone had come to know around our little town. Though things at school had definitely changed since then.

Suzy had finally returned from her suspension and had a whole new look on her face. It was one of great envy. You see, since most kids actually go out on their Pokemon Journey by the age of 10, she was stuck without a Pokemon and a license. So the both of us had to watch as all the other kids go off, get their starter, and begin their Pokemon Journey. Though I had to say I was a little jealous myself too.

Your probably asking yourself, why I didn't go out and go on my own journey as well. I tell you why, it all has to do with my dad. He absolutely refused to let me leave on my journey, for that matter he also forbade me from traveling outside the city as well. Saying things like, 'I was to young, not truly old enough, ect...'. though I knew the real reason. He was blackmailing me. He had the only known Dawn Stone that was around these parts, and he knew that I didn't have enough money to go out and order one.

So in order to avoid being a Gardevoir and constantly being mistaken as a girl, I had no choice but to stay at home and await the day that I received that Dawn Stone. Though I guess it could have been worse. Suzy was just as well off as she was told that she needed to stay in school. I couldn't help but laugh at that since she had to repeat the whole grade over again due to her suspension being so long, whereas I was home-schooled by my father.

Through the home-schooling by my father was more like training/battling to me, since he would constantly put me up against other Pokemon, to increase my level. Though since the birth of my power/abilities, the level of my opponents had started to increase as well. Eventually he had me battling Pidgeottos and Ratticates, but even then I was easily able to defeat them. Unfortunately, all this battling didn't bring me any closer to becoming a Kirlia. 'I guess dads hypothesis was right. I won't evolve into a Kirlia until I actually reach my 20th birthday.'

How little I knew that destiny was going to make that time pass by a little more quickly.

It all happened one day when I decided to take a different rout home that led through the local forest, along a Rattata trail. Sounds of a great battle could be heard from the edge of the forest and being one person not able to pass up a good battle, I quickly followed the sound to it's source. The sound turned out to be coming from a clearing in the middle of the forest. I saw a trainer facing away from me, shouting orders and pointing at something in front of him. Being curious, I walked the perimeter of the clearing so that I could see who was battling whom.

The first Pokemon I saw was the large electric mouse Richu. It was on all fours firing off electric attack after electric attack at it's opponent. 'I hope that whoever is facing off against that Raichu isn't a water type.' So walking around to get a seat at the middle of the battle field I was shocked to see who the Raichu's opponent was.

"IT'S A SUICUNE!" The legendary water dog Pokemon. I was so stunned that I didn't notice the branch that was sticking out of the ground in front of me and tripped over it, which caused me to quickly fell to my face and smacked the ground pretty hard. When I looked up I could see that if that branch hadn't been there, I'd have walked right into a tree. 'Got to pay more attention to where I'm walking.' So shaking my head I quickly jumped back to my feet and quickly turned to watch the battle unfold.

"Gosh darn it Zeus. Why can't you hit that Suicune." I heard the trainer yell at what must have been the Raichu's name. The electric mouse paid no mind to it's trainer as it continued to release one electric attack after another, and while it did the Suicune just danced around the attacks.

It must have been up against many trainers with electric Pokemon as it seemed unfazed by all the electricity being shot at it. Eventually all the dodging started taking a toll on it as with one false step it was lightly nicked by one of the jolts. The Suicune let out a long howl as the type effect worked it's magic against the water type. "It looks like your starting to get sloppy Suicune. Zeus use Thunderwave and paralyze it."

The mouse scrunched up it's face as it let out what could only be described as threads of electricity that flew to the legendary. When the Suicune looked up from cringing it's eyes went wide when it knew that it couldn't avoid the attack. This time when the electricity struck it looked like the Suicune was a thunder cloud with electricity jumping all around it. 'Well that's it for the Suicune. It might have been able to avoid those other attacks, but now that it's paralyzed it's wide open to be hit once the paralysis takes effect.'

I was once again taken aback as the Suicune turned to me and whimpered at me. 'Please little Ralts. Help me.' The Suicune whimper sounded like a sweet melodious voice to me.

I was so shocked by hearing such a sweet voice from the Suicune, I fell back onto my backside and just stared back at undoubtedly feminine voice. 'Is that Suicune actually talking to me?' I looked around and didn't see anybody else around. When I looked back I saw that the Suicune was nodding to me.

"Enough of this Zeus. Use Thunder on it so that we can add it to my team of powerful Pokemon." But just as the mouse was building up the power required for the attack, Suicune let a roar that caused me to quickly cover my ears and cringe. When the roar was over I looked back at the field and could see the Suicune standing alone on the field. "Darn it Zeus." He said to his Pokeball that was on the front of his belt. He didn't waist a moment as he pulled off another ball from the other side of the buckle. "I guess I have no choice now. You may have called by Raichu back to his ball, but your not going to scare my next Pokemon with that Roar. Come on out 'King of the Sea!"

The trainer threw out a ball and I had to cringe again as what emerged from the ball, could only be described as the terror of the high seas. It was a red Gyarados, the most fearsome of all water types out there.

"Please help me Ralts. I don't want to be come this trainers Pokemon." Came the voice of the now desperate Suicune.

"Alright Davy Jones. I want that Suicune and I want it now! Use Hyper Beam to end it's pointless resistance." I watched on as the large red dragon raised it's head to the sky and began pulling in yellowish balls that began forming into a large ball at the front part of it's mouth. A moment later it lowered it's head and release the blast at the fully paralyzed Suicune. The blast looked like it was moving in slow motion as I was able to see the orange and yellow colors swirl within the shot. 'How in the world does that Suicune expect me to help her fight off a Red Gyarados at my low level.' I followed the beam as it struck the ground just in front of the Suicune, effectively throwing the Suicune deep into the forest.

I was brought back to the battle field when I heard something being slapped. "Damn it Davy Jones! You used to much power again. Now I have to go looking for that Suicune." It turned out that it was the trainer slapping the large serpent/dragon on it's side. He pulls out a Pokeball and recalls the giant serpent to it's ball and begins walking in the direction he believes that the Suicune had been blasted. The only problem is that he is off by about 20 or so degrees.

'By the velocity and speed that the attack...' I start crunching some numbers in my head as I try and figure out where the Suicune had been blown to. 'Right...there.' I thought to my self as my eyes glow a soft green color and I use the Teleport ability and zip off in that direction. Many people believe that when a Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir uses Teleport, that they disappear from one spot and re-appear somewhere else. Well I'm here to say that that is a whole bunch of baloney. In truth, we move even faster than an a Pokemon using extreme speed.

We use our psychic abilities to create a psychic bubble around us, then move that bubble so fast that it can't be tracked by any eye, even a Venonat's radar can't tract a teleport. So I re-appeared not far off from where the Suicune is lying battered and bruised. At a first glance I thought that the Suicune was dead, but when I saw it's chest move up and down a few times I took a long sigh of relief.

'Please' This time I knew that I could and would help the injured legendary Pokemon. I quickly ran as fast as my short legs could carry me over to the Suicune and fell to my knees looking over it's injuries.

"These injuries are quite bad Suicune." I pulled out a Pokeball and showed it to her wincing eye. "I need to get you to a Pokemon center, but I can't just lift you up by my self." Her eyes went wide as she saw the ball. "I just want to put you into this ball for a little while, so that I can transport you to the local Pokemon center." She looked up at me, to look deeply into my eyes as if trying to figure out why I had a Pokeball or if I was telling the truth, and slowly lowered her head back to the ground. "And once your all healed up, I promise to release you from this ball so that you can go about your marry way." I scooted a little closer to her head. "Is that ok?"

The Suicune barely is able to nod, but does. 'As long as you keep your promise Ralts, then I agree with you.' I gave her a smile and tapped the enlarged ball on her uninjured shoulder and watched as the capture process began. The ball wobbled a little in my hand for a bit, but eventually the ping sound was heard and I quickly used Teleport again, and moved off to the Pokemon center.
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