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Chapter 6

Ch. 5

"NURSE JOY! NURSE JOY! I need your help." I yelled as I finished my Teleport and was practically thrown through the Pokemon center doors by the speed I'd been traveling at. If anyone witnessed my entry they would have laughed so hard they would probably wet themselves, as I came tumbling head over heals from the doors to the middle of the center. "Ouch. That was stupid. Have got to remember to slow that Teleport down as soon as I arrive at my destination." I said to myself as I lifted myself up only to sit down on my backside while rubbing the back of my head.

The sound of laughter quickly filled the room as I looked around at all of the trainers that I hadn't seen while doing summersaults into the center. 'Damn. I guess they did see my tumbling act.'

"It's good to see you again Ralts. Have you come to get a checkup today?" I look up to see nurse Joy standing over me. She had on the classic white slip on shoes, pink dress with a white apron on, pink hair with it done up into two circles in the back, and a white cap on the top of her pink hair.

I quickly leap to my feet to quickly tug on her apron. She leaned down and I whispered into her ear. "I have a very special Pokemon that needs your immediate help nurse Joy. It's been badly hurt by a trainer and I need you to heal it." The nurse stands up and nods to me.

"Alright then. I'll just need said Pokemon's ball and I'll take great care of it." I handed her the ball that I'd carried with me through the Teleport, but didn't let go of it when she grabbed it.

"Please, could you also not tell anyone here, what, my new friend is. I'd greatly appreciate it nurse Joy." She just gave me her usual smile with a nod.

"You have my word. But I'll need to talk to you afterwards, due to all this secrecy." I gave her a quick nod back and let go of the ball. The nurse walked back to her desk and collected a few other balls from some of the other trainers and went through a set of double doors behind her.

Not having anything else to do while I waited for Joy to return, I went over to one of the couches that faced the nurses station and sat down to think. 'What was I going to tell her? That I caught one of the most elusive/legendary Pokemon out there. No way.' I took a long sigh. 'The best thing would be to tell the truth, at least that's what my father always told me to do when I was still young.' I looked up at the door and nodded my head. 'If I say things just right, I might be able to get the nurse to be my lookout for that boy. Surely he'll come here at some point looking for the Suicune.'

I looked towards the entrance doors and shivered. 'He surely knows that she's been injured, that there is a small chance that someone has captured her, and taken her here for treatment. That means that once I've talked with the nurse, I need to escape this center as quickly as possible.' I turned back to the doors behind the nurses station and sighed. 'But that leads up to the question. How much time until he comes here looking?'

About an hour later, the nurse finally emerged from the double doors with a tray of several Pokeballs. All the other people that had been sitting on the couches with me, stood up, collected their Pokeballs from the nurse, and left. 'Huh. I guess they really were all trainers then.' I was a little frightened when all the people left, that there was no ball left on the tray. 'Had someone taken the Suicune's ball by mistake, or did they know that I'd brought in a legendary and deliberately taken her?' I quickly jumped off the couch and ran over to the nurse.

The nurse just bowed to the last of the leaving trainers then stood up and smiled to me. "It's alright Ralts. In order to keep your Pokemon a secret, I didn't bring it out where people might mistake it for one of their balls." She turned sideways and held her right palm up towards the doors. "So I'll need you to follow me, so that we can discuss your Pokemon in private."

'This nurse thought things through.' I thought in relief. "Of course nurse Joy." The two of us walked behind the nurses station, and I saw her flip a switch on the desk.

"Relief nurse to the nurses station. Relief nurse to the nurses station." Said a voice over the intercom. I looked up at the nurse, but she didn't look down.

"In order to keep us undisturbed while we talk about...your Pokemon. I'll just have one of the Chansey's cover for me." She explained as she finally looked down at me then smiled. She walked back to the doors, held one of the double push open doors for me, and we walked inside. A short walk later we arrived at a regular door that the nurse opened for me. I walked through the door and saw the Suicune lying on a bed, slowly breathing in and out, while lying on her right side facing away from the door. "It took a little bit of doing, but I finally managed to subdue the Suicune to treat it's wounds."

I looked up at her. "What do you mean subdue?"

"When I released the Suicune to get a look at it's wounds, it started to panic. It ran all around the room as if looking for something or someone. Knocking nearly everything to the floor with it's long tails." I turned and looked at the nurse. "In order to help the wounded Pokemon, I had to release some sleep powder into the room." I took a quick deep whiff of the air in the room, and could detect the light scent of the powder. I staggered a bit as I too was effected by it, as my head started to fuzz over a little.

Quickly shaking my head, trying to clear my nose of the stuff, I walked over to the bed, climbed up to the top, and looked at the Suicune's wounds. There were places on it's/her body where her fur had been cut away so that they could be cleaned and bandaged. 'She is not going to be happy when she learns about those.' I looked over at the nurse and she nodded to me.

"I've cured the paralysis, cleaned and dressed it's wounds, but all those pail to compare to the real problem." She told me as she walked over to the foot of the bed, picked up a chart from the end of the bed, and looked at some of the papers it held.

"And that would be?" I said as I rolled my hands around each other.

"Exhaustion." She said a she looked up from the clipboard to me. She then set the thing back on the hook at the foot of the bed. "As it turns out, your Suicune is mostly suffering from starvation, dehydration which was quite surprising for a water type, and exhaustion." She walked over to me and shook her head. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say that it was running from someone or something for so long that it didn't have the chance to actually rest."

I looked over at the Suicune. 'It must have been that trainer that was battling her. He must have been chasing her relentlessly for so long that she couldn't run anymore and decided to fight with the last of her energy.' I thought as I rubbed her shoulder a little. She whimpered a little in her sleep and I knew that she must be suffering some kind of nightmare of being chased by the trainer. Slowly shaking my head I looked back up at the nurse. "I guess the only to do now is let her rest here and..." I didn't finish what I was saying as I saw the nurse shake her head.

"I think it's about time that you told me the full story about how you came by this Suicune." I didn't see the harm in it so I told her nearly everything that had happened. Of course I left out the fact that I could actually understand what the Suicune had said to me and a few other small details, but other than that... "I see. Well that definitely clears up a few things." She said as she paced the room a little, while tapping her chin with her head lowered.

"Now you know why I didn't want you to tell anyone about Suicune." I said as I looked at her.

She stopped pacing the room and turned to face me. "I guess I can. You didn't want anyone to see it, then accidentally say something that the trainer might overhear, and then come after the two of you." I nodded. "And out of the grace of your good heart, you brought Suicune here for treatment." She walked over to a counter and started to move some things around, then looked over her shoulder at me. "So what are you going to do now? Surely you know that that trainer will come here looking for the Suicune." She said in a concerned tone.

"I was hoping that..." I didn't get the chance to finish what I was saying as some sort of person started shouting outside the doors.


Both of us looked over at the door in shock. "The nerve of some trainers." Joy said as she looked over at me and saw that I was starting to shake. "What's wrong Ralts?" She asked as she placed a hand on my shoulder.

"It's him. It's the trainer that did this to Suicune." I quickly started looking around the room for somewhere to hide. I heard the sound of a window being pushed up and looked to see that the nurse had opened a window on the far side of the room.

"Then if you wish to keep your friend a secret. I suggest that you get going." She walked back over to me and pulled out a pokeball from her apron. She leaned over and handed it to me. "You should probably head home, as I'm fairly sure that that trainer doesn't know where you live at least."

"But what about?" I looked towards the bed then back up at her.

"I've taken care of the actual injuries. All that's left is the rest. Your friend can get that at your house." She placed both her hands on my shoulders and quickly turned me around to face the window. "Quick now. Recall your friend and Teleport out of here." I only took a quick look at her then nodded.

Once Suicune was safely recalled into her ball I quickly ran over to the window and tried to jump up to the windowsill, but failed every time. 'Darn it. Why do I have to be this small still?' Just then a pair of hands grabbed me by either of my sides and lifted me up, to deposit me on the windowsill. I looked over my shoulder and could see the nurse. She gave me a quick smile then a nod.

"Make sure that your friend gets plenty of rest and I'll see if I can't send that boy away."

"But what about the bandages? I don't think my dad has any..." I didn't need to say more as the nurse quickly grabbed several bandages, a few other misc. things, and then stuffed them into a sack that looked like it could hold someone's cloths. Quickly walking back to me she put the bag diagonally over one shoulder so that it hung on the opposite side of my body.

"Now off you go!" She said in an earnest tone. I didn't give her another look as I put the Suicune's ball into the bag and Teleported out of there.
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