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I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 7

Ch. 6

"Ouch." I said as I rubbed the front of my face. "Glad nobody saw me do that. I'd never be able to live it down if they had." I said to myself as I looked into the mirror of the bathroom. Right where my nose should have been there was a large indentation. Just like I'd arrived at the Pokemon Center, I'd traveled to fast and didn't stop myself in time to avoid the front of the door to the house. Now I was sporting a nice indentation from a decorative edge of the door. (Ever fold your arms over your watch for a while, then pull away? Ya it's like that.)

"I really need to work on my re-entry ." I said to myself once again as I tried to rub out the mark. After rubbing it for a little while longer, I gave up and jumped down from my stool and then walked back into my bedroom that was joined to my room, like a master suite at a hotel. After the whole incident with the front door, I'd gone upstairs to my room and released the Suicune on top of my bed.

'I wonder how long she's going to sleep for?' I thought to myself as I walked over to the bed and psychically levitated myself up, then onto the bed. I landed at the foot of the bed and looked over the sleeping Suicune. She seemed to be sleeping a little better as her chest slowly rose and fell with a steady rhythm. 'At least she doesn't seem to be having that nightmare anymore.' I gently smiled to her and grabbed the extra blanket that sat folded at the foot and covered her up. "Sleep well lady Suicune." I said as I covered her up and then rubbed her uninjured shoulder.

I was just about to jump to the floor when I thought better of it and used my psychic abilities again and levitated myself to the floor. 'She'll probably be hungry when she wakes up.' I thought to myself as I quietly walked out of the room and shut the door behind me. 'I wonder if we have any food that she might like down in the kitchen?' I thought again as I tapped my chin. I walked down the stairs to the living room and kitchen to begin my search.

I don't know how long I rummaged around through the cupboards but it must have been a while since the sound of dads car pulling into the drive startled me. 'Darn it. I must have been searching a lot longer than I thought.' I looked from the front door to the stairs that led up to my room then back again. 'I don't think I should really tell my dad anything, seeing as he's a scientist and all. He'd flip if he knew that I had a legendary Pokemon hiding in my room.' I quickly started closing the doors to the cupboards, but stopped when I was at the last one. 'Then again, maybe if I say things right...'

My train of thought was derailed as the sound of keys in the lock started jingling, then tumblers turning, and finally the slow sound of him opening the door. The door seemed to open in slow motion as I awaited for my dad to come in at the entrance to the kitchen. The sunlight that was coming in behind him would have made him look like a hero, but his stature was anything but. 'Man, he looks totally wiped out.' "Are you ok dad? You look really beat." He didn't say another word as he dropped his bag by the door while walking in, loosened his tie, then proceeded to flop into the nearest chair he could get into which was his recliner. "I can't believe those idiots. There actually cutting back on my expenses as well as calling me an psycho for my ideas. When proof of my ideas and research have already be proven plausible." He slammed his fist down on the arm of the chair.

'Maybe now's not the time to bring up the fact that I was almost attacked by a trainer again. Though I know that he would probably be really happy to know that I've got a legendary Pokemon here.' I thought for a minute. 'Then again, he is a scientist. If he knew that she was around...' I shuddered to think what would happen to her in her weakened state.

So for the better part I thought of something else. 'Better tackle things one at a time. Dad's beat from work and he needs to relax. Which means...' I rushed into the kitchen and started working on something to help him relax. A few minutes later I emerged from the kitchen and walked into the living room with a hot cup of tea and quickly levitated over him. The hovering I'd mastered a little while ago, and it had helped immensely when transporting glasses with liquid. Seeing as my extra garment that always seemed to try and trip me up when I carried a glass of something. 'Now what was that garment that parents make their kids wear during the colder months that cover all their bodies? Oh that's right, footy pajamas. Though mine seem three sizes to big for me.'

I hovered over to the coffee table, and set the cup of tea in front of my dad. "Here dad. I think this might help and settle your nerves a little." Lifting up the back of his head off the top of the chair, he looked down at me then looked over at the cup.

"Thanks Ralts. You know just what I need in times like this." He smiled as he took the cup in his hand, brought it up to his nose, took a long whiff, then a slow drink. "Ahhhh. Green tea with...what is that sweet taste?" He lifted the cup to his nose again and took a good long whiff again. "Hm? I can't quite place it, but whatever it is, I hope you remembered what it is." I couldn't help but chuckle at the simple ingredient, as he took an even longer drink. After nearly finishing off the tea, he set it down and I could feel him relax a great deal with my Ralts DNA.

"Well, I'm glad that you like it dad." I placed my hands on my hips and scowled up at him. "For all the times you get me to eat my disgusting vegetables, I can never get you to like...." He looked down at me with wide eyes. "Combee honey."

He made a sour face as he stuck out his tongue, and then looked down at the cup. "You can't be serious. This cup has Combee honey in it." He picked up the cup and swished the liquid around a few times. "That's funny. I can't see, taste, or even smell it at all." He took a slow drink, then drank the rest of it down in one go.

"I just used the same trick you used on me with my greens." I stopped scowling and started smiling.

"You covered it up? How?" He asked in a confused tone.

"You used cheese and butter on my greens, while I just placed a bit of honey at the bottom and then poured the tea on the side of the cup till it's full." He tiled the glass a little so he could see the bottom of the cup, and sure enough there was still a small bead of honey stuck to the bottom of the cup. "That way, it slowly dissolves as you drink it. I thought about pouring it right on top of the drop, but I knew that it would dissolve instantly and you'd be able to taste it." I levitated up and sat down on the arm rest.

This caused him to smile and then start to let out a full bellied chortle. "Though I may have failed to bring you up as a scientist. It would seem you've become a scientist of the kitchen instead." This got the two of us to laugh, then laugh harder as he asked for another cup.

A few hours later, the two of us sat down to a good dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes. We'd made idle chatter through dinner, but I knew that I needed to get back up to Suicune as soon as possible. 'I hope that she hasn't awoken yet.' I looked up at my dad and decided to take the first cautious step to completing the care of the Suicune.

"Say dad." He looked up from his piece of potato that he'd just cut.

"What is it Ralts?"

"Speaking hypothetically. What kind of food do you think dog like Pokemon like?" I waved my hand in the air, as if to signify that I didn't really care.

"Well that really depends." He lifted his spoon up and pointed it at me. "Your not thinking about going out and becoming a trainer are you? Because if you are..."

I leapt to my feet and waved my hands at him, palms towards him. "Of course not dad. I know what to expect out there, and I know that I'm not ready for traveling in my small stature." I slowly sat back down, drooped my head, and sighed. "I was just curious, is all."

He raised his eyebrow. "You know, you've always been a terrible liar Ralts."

I let out a defeated sigh, then looked back up at him. "Alright. I might as well tell you the truth." He nodded to me. "Dad. I was wondering if..." He nodded again. "I was wondering if..."

"Go on." He said while rolling his wrist.

"I was wondering if..." I took a long sigh. 'Here goes.' "I was wondering if I could have a dog type Pokemon as a pet." I visibly winced as if I was expecting to get hit over the head by something. After a while I slowly peaked an eye slowly open and looked over at him.

"So that's why you want to know what kind of food a dog type likes." I nodded. "Well in that case..."

"GROWL." The both of us froze in our seats as the sound of some large animal's empty stomach made it's presence known.

'By Mew. Please don't let it be...' I slowly sat up and looked over my chair to see...

"SUICUNE!" My dad said in shock as he quickly jumped to his feet.
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