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I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy

Chapter 8

Ch. 7

There she was. In all her grace and bandaged beauty, on the top of the stairs with her first paw on the first step down the stairs. We all froze as we just watched to see who would to make the first move, and sure enough, it was my dad. This must have been to much for him to take, as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and fell to the floor in a heap with a resounding thump of dead weight.

As I looked over to him, Suicune quickly darted back the way she'd come as she too must have been started. Looking between the two I sighed and looked towards the ceiling. "Not how I envisioned their first meeting." I jumped down from my chair and walked over to my dad, to make sure that he was alright. 'It looks like he might have a nice sized lump on the back of his head when he wakes up, but other than that he's going to be fine.' I turned and looked at the stairs. "Next comes the Suicune." I started walking to the stairs but remembered that she hadn't had something to eat in quite a while. So I ran back to the table, grabbed my plate and loaded it up with several slices of meatloaf, and then went upstairs . 'I wonder how she got out of my room?'

Once I got upstairs, I found my door to be closed again and a deep feeling of fear coming from within. 'Just as I thought. She's scared.' I knocked on the door. "Suicune, are you alright in there? I brought you some dinner if your hungry?" I waited a little while for a reply but heard nothing. "Suicune? If it's alright with you, I'm going to let myself in."

Using my psychic abilities I turned the knob to my room and slowly pushed the door open with it as well. What I saw would tear at almost anyone's heart. There she was, hiding under the blanket that usually lay folded up on the foot of my bed shivering. "Suicune?" I asked slowly as I placed the plate on my desk next to the door, then slowly walked into the room.

When I was half way into my room, she stopped shivering, lunged out from under the blanket, and pinned me to the ground. She had her forepaws on my arms, while she sat on my legs. 'You little bastard. You lied to me. You caught me so that you could give me to that human down there. I'm going to tear you to ribbons.' She slowly opened her mouth and lowered it down to my neck.

"HE ISN'T MY MASTER!" I shouted. This stopped her advance at my throat and then pulled back a little to look me strait in the eye.

'What? You had better start explaining, and quick.' She growled at me.

"Fine. If you'll get off me, I'll explain...I'll explain everything." I said as I was still expecting her to tear out my throat. She slowly got up off me and sat down next to me on her haunches. I sat up, rubbed the blood back into my legs, then levitated up to the bed so that I could look her in the eye.

"Man, I really thought you were going to hurt me their for a moment, but you wouldn't do such a thing, would you?" She didn't say a word, but awaited a response from me with a stern look on her face/muzzle. 'Definitely don't to do this again.' So taking a long sigh to right myself I looked back up at her. "Do you want me to tell you the long or the short version?" I asked her. She looked over her shoulder at the door.

'What about the man out there? Won't he come into here and disturb us?' I thought for a minute, then using my psychic abilities to lock the door.

"Not anymore. Now which shall it be? If it's the long version, it might take me a while for me to tell."

She thought for a while, then looked down at her bandaged as she held it up for a closer look. 'If my injuries are this severe, then I don't think I'm going anywhere anytime soon.'

"Well if that's the case, then I'll just grab your dinner." Jumping down, I quickly scooted across the floor, grabbed down her dinner, placed it in front of her, then levitated up to the bed again. "Now where should I begin?"

Suicune was an attentive listener as she allowed me to talk without interrupting. Every once in a while she would grab a quick bite of her dinner. I couldn't help but laugh when she took her fist bite as her eyes went wide with shock as she quickly wolfed down one piece of meat after another. 'Glad I grabbed several slices.' I thought, laughing to myself.

Eventually she started to yawn and I was too. 'So to put it simply, your actually a human in a Pokemon's body?' She looked at the door then turned back to me. 'And that man I saw down there, is the man you call father and your savior?' To which I nodded again. She leaned down and finished off the rest of her dinner, the proceeded to lick her lips that were covered in ketchup, almost making her look like she had on lipstick. 'Do you take me for a fool? Do you really expect me to believe all this and the fact that he's your father?'

"For the most part, yes. He did put me into this Ralts body which saved me, but he's not my real father." She cocked her head to the side in confusion. "We humans have a word for someone like him. He would be referred to as a step...father. Or in other words, he's stepped into my life to fill the role of my father that left/abandoned me when I was very young."

'You should be grateful then.' She lowered her head and said in a low voice, 'I never knew my father. And hardly knew my mother.' She went on to tell me that most of her life was either spent in hiding from other trainers or traveling to clean polluted water springs. Though she did tell me this, I could tell that she was leaving a lot of her history out.

"Why are you telling me this?" I asked.

She looked up at me and gave me a smirk. 'Since you're telling me your past, I thought it only right, to do the same. After all, you are my trainer.'

"Hold the phone. I'm your trainer?" She nodded.

'Well you did catch me after all. So that makes you my trainer.'

I jumped to my feet on the bed and then waved my hands at her. "Now just a minute. Why would I be your trainer? I promised that I was going to release you once you're all better, and that's what I'm going to do."

'I've been chased by humans for as long as I can remember. And since you are a human...'

"Was a human. Past tense. Meaning no longer one."

'I still don't comprehend what you mean by that. Are you a human or a Pokemon? You certainly can't be both.' She said a little irritated as I'd interrupted her.

I sat back down on the bed and thought for a bit. "I guess the best thing to describe me would be a cross between the two. A hybrid of both. The knowledge of a human, combined with the body and power of a Pokemon. I guess if you want to call me something, then it'd be an anthromorphic Pokemon, or anthro for short."

'An anthro Ralts?' She placed a paw under her chin and rubbed her chin. 'I guess that could work. But anthro doesn't really seem like a good name for a...whatever you are. Don't you have a regular name?'

"A regular name? I guess it would be Ralts. At least that's what dad always calls me."

'No I mean... You humans always have a name for something. Ralts is what you are, not what your...' I saw her drop her head and then shake it.

"Oh now I get what your trying to say. You want me to tell you my personal name, not what my species is called." She looked to the ceiling and shook her head. "Well then...I guess I don't have one."

'Well since you are part human. I guess you should have a proper name.' She lowered her head for a moment then looked up quickly. 'I've got it. You shall be named Genii. What do you think of that name?'

I though it over for a little. 'I don't think it really fits me as a Ralts. But as a Gallade...' "I don't know if that name fits me right now. Though when I'm a Gallade, I think that would be a perfect name."

'Well seeing as you wish to become one. Then I think it suits you just fine.' With that the two of us just started chatting about random things. Mostly about our pasts, even though she already knew mine since I'd told her.

"What about you Suicune? What was your childhood like?" I asked in general curiosity. Which was the wrong thing to ask, especially of her. I could see her face start to puff up, then utterly break down. Feelings of remorse, great sadness, and other pitiful emotions started to show not in her face but felt be me. I leapt off the bed and hugged her. Trying to console her. 'She must have had a pretty bad childhood if she's this upset about it.' Then I remembered about the trainer.

"Hay now. It's alright. Your safe here. That trainer doesn't have the slightest clue as to where you are now. So you don't need to be afraid of him any longer." I said as I rubbed her neck.

Eventually she pushed me away with one of her tails and used the other to wipe her eyes. 'It's not like that.' And with that said she began to tell her tale.

The furthest back memories she had was spending time with her parents or parent, since she doesn't recall her father at all. Her mother was a Suicune as well as her (obviously) and they had loved each other very much. She remember that her mother would often use her tails to tickle her or give her rides on her mothers back. Unfortunately those times were for not, as one day her mother disappeared and never returned.

She searched for what seemed like days to find her, but to no avail. She had to give up entirely as her searches usually took her to places where there were a lot of humans. At first she didn't know what a human was at first, other than tales told to her by her mother. So being the usual curious pop that she was, she decided to ask one for help. Unfortunately that had ended very badly as the human that she approached not only didn't understand her, it used a Pokemon that he kept in a ball to attack her.

Fortunately enough, the area that she had been searching through was an area of trainers that had just started out on their Pokemon journey. So the Rattata that the trainer released was very inexperienced and weak. After a quick battle and a win under her belt, she quickly gave up the idea of asking humans and continued her quest for her abandoning mother on her own. That was so many years ago that she has lost count of how many years ago. Though she was good at avoiding trainers for the most part, she fell ill one day due to all her searching and went into a human settlement to find help, as she saw many humans take their Pokemon into a red and white building, then emerge with their Pokemon looking all better.

Unfortunately that's where she met the trainer. As she entered the building to find out how these Pokemon did this amazing feat, a trainer attacked her. Though she was weak from the illness, she was able to fight off the human. Though that was hardly the end, as he continued to use more and more Pokemon to fight her. Though she was weak from the illness, she was able to push back nearly all the boys Pokemon, except his sixth one. The sixth one he released was what caused her to run as it turned out to be a Red Garadose.

She knew this type of Pokemon, but not of it's color. She also knew that due to the fact that it was a Garadose who was a water type like herself, that she was in trouble since most of her attacks were water based, plus Garadose's have been known to have tremendous strength as well as an overly short and fierce temper. So knowing better, she quickly darted out of the building without the knowledge she required as well as the treatment she desperately needed. Ever since then, she's been on the run from the trainer.

I wiped a tear from my eye. 'She's just like me. I've always been hunted by that girl, and abandoned/left by my true father and my mothers passing.' I hugged her closer and told her that she no longer had to be alone. With that the two of us cried together, sharing in each others grief and trying to console the other. Eventually with us crying out eyes out to the other, we were to tired to anything else, so we both got into bed and went to sleep together in each others comforting embrace.

Around midnight, my father finally awoke and grabbed at his head. "Ouch, my head." He rubbed a large lump that was on the back of his head. He looked around the room and then noticed the Grandfather clock with Roman numeral face against the wall stating it was a little past midnight. "What in the world?" He looked around the room. The lights about the lower floor of the house were all still on, but he did notice that his son was nowhere to be found. He was about to call out to him when he finally realized why he was on the floor.

'There is no way that my son has a Suicune in the house.' Just then it finally clicked. 'That's why he wanted to know about dog type Pokemon food.' He quickly leapt to his feet and took a quick glance at the food. 'I'll just clean that up in a bit. Got to go see if my hypothesis is correct.' So leaving the cold food on the table, he quickly mounted the stairs two at a time, then slid to a stop in front of his kids door. 'If he really has snuck a Suicune into the house, then he's probably got it in here.' (At least that's where most kids hide things that they don't want their parents to find them.) So slowly opening his sons door he was doubly shocked at what he saw.

Not only was there a Suicune in the same bed as his son, but now instead of a Ralts sleeping in his son's bed, there was a Kirlia in it. "I can't believe this." He said in an almost above a whisper. "I missed his evolution to that of a Kirlia." He cursed his luck but then remembered that he still had one evolution left. "I may have missed his first evolution, but I sure as Mew not going to let the next pass me by." So with a soft chuckle, he closed the door and started to plan for tomorrow.
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