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Leon: Rebirth of a Hero by noxxi


Story Notes:

My first story.Please Review and comment on my mistakes so I can fix 'em!It starts out a bit short and bad on the earlier chapters, but rewrites for them are being done as I write this. So, if you don't get too hooked by them, please read on, and give this a chance.Reviews are very much welcome. But, if It's gonna be a bad one, please explain what went off so I can work on it. If It's just like 'Hey your bad I dun liek you 111eleven', then please refrain from reviewing.Anyways, enjoy.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.Comments, questions, or anything like that? I can be reached by pressing that 'contact' next to my penname and sending me an email.

Chapter 7

It was about 6 in the morning. The Midnight Fortress stood out in the darkness of the starless sky.
In its interior, several figures were gathered in a large room under a pale blue light . Unlike the ones in the other rooms, this one shone brightly. The room had about 8 chairs set up near windows, along with a gray Sofa in the center, and 3 white velvet cushions set around it. There was a fountain near the corner of the room, along with a table covered with all kinds of food.

"See? I told you I'd make us have a great time!" XVI was sitting on the sofa, hugging III's arm "And we're not done yet..."

"Well... You left it quite clear" III answered, looking at her "I look forward to it."
On the other end of the room, near the fountain, VI and VIII were talking to each other.

"How long do we have to wait?" VIII asked, clearly annoyed at what seemed to have been a long wait.

"Now, now" VI replied, the Frosslass' stare centered on the door to the room "They'll be back any minute now. You know we have to wait..."

"Seriously. They're all SO slow, I feel like we're the only competent ones!" The Weavile continued to express her displeasure at her colleague's delay. "Is it that hard to look for one Pichu? It's not like they're that common!"

"You have to consider searching Lizean is not hard, seeing how the whole city is basically ours. Well, except for those idiots from the resistance, but they're like, Blah. I don't worry about them."

"Well, Yeah..."

At that moment, VII and XIII came walking through the door.

"Vamos! What is it about me?" The Ludicolo was asking XIII, from the looks of it, they had been maintaining that conversation for quite a while.

"It's... I don't know. You're just annoying in a way I can't stand." XIII Responded, not even looking at VII.

"Well, look who's up!" VIII Called out at them "It's about time!"

"It ain't our fault" XIII answered as he sat in one of the chairs "Blitzheim's full of electric types. Through the whole day, we ran into, like, 50 Pichus. Not one of them was XV. But more than one of them "He said in a sarcastic tone "Either commented on my Nose, or made fun of VII's accent, or asked me where they can get an Armband like ours, or Stuck their tongue out at us. I'm telling you, Kids nowadays have got NO respect."

"Now, you see" VI commented, looking at her Weavile friend "THAT is a reason to be late."
As they kept talking, V and IV entered the room.

"Hello, Children!" V called out casually before sitting on the Sofa, next to III and XVI.

"You wouldn't believe it!" IV said excitedly "I think I saw XV at Ruby Plains! I didn't approach him, though."

"Oh, for the last time, IV, That was a pile of Sunflowers!" V seemed exasperated "How many times have I told you today?"

"Sorry, Sorry..." IV apologized "It's just you gotta keep your eyes peeled! He could be hiding anywhere..."

"Yes" XVI added "I'm quite sure XV knew that you'd mistake him for Sunflowers and deliberately hid there."

"See?! She agrees with me!" IV said, with a certain satisfaction, not noticing the Zangoose face palming behind him.

The wait moved on, followed by a moment of silence before X walked in, followed by XII.

"Hey, losers!" XVI greeted with a cynical grin "How'd it go?"

"Horrible" X answered, The Metagross' large Steel claws making an echoing sound in the floor with every step he took.

"Why?" III asked "Did you find him?"

"Nope" XII sighed "But, here's a problem for you: You have a Metagross and Aggron. You want them to find a Pichu in a Train that's half their size. We took a whole cart's space each." He continued as he sat on an exceptionally large chair "Man, I'm sore... What's so important about XV in particular that we have to protect him?"

"Excuse me?!" X interrupted "XV is one of our finest creations! It's the first time we create a Pokemon with an ability as exceptional as his! We should preserve him!"

"You mean he's the professor's creation" III added "All we did was Oversee his development. His creation itself was done by the professor."

"Oh, What do you know?" X replied in an annoyed tone "If it wasn't for my genius, you would not have XVI!" He turned around, heading for the door "I don't have to take these insults from you. If anyone needs me, I shall be in the Lab, Overseeing the creation ofâ�"" He fell in silence when he noticed III glaring at him.

"Shut up. No one else is supposed to know" The Lucario told X via mind speak

"â�"Something. I will oversee the creation of Something." The Metagross finished as he walked through the door, the loud clanking of his steps echoing through the halls.

"Hey... I thought we were supposed to stay here" XVI told III.

"No. We can go. But it's better to stay here. We were told that we are not to report our results until we are all here. Besides, X had always been a strange one. You weren't around back then, but, when work on XI began, he locked himself in the lab for 2 weeks, saying he wanted XI to be his living image. And look what we got."

"Hey, my ears are buzzing" Came from a Blaziken with a maroon band with the number XI on it as he walked in, followed by a Flygon "Whatcha saying about me?"

"Oh, III was telling me about the time X began working on making you, saying he wanted you to be his living image..." XVI giggled for a moment before continuing "Guess he got it wrong at some point, huh?"

"Well, that's something I'm Thankful for" XI responded as he sat in a chair next to the Sofa "I wouldn't want to be like him. I thought Metagross are fighters? Sure, they're smart, but that guy... He's a Geek."

"And I'm guessing, since you haven't said anything about it" V said "You didn't find XV."

"That's right" XVII Answered, spreading his wings "Nothing but a boring day in a deep, dark forest."

"Oh, a real shame." Came from behind XVII. He turned around to see a Houndoom. The Skull on top of his head seemed to have several dent markings, and a "XIV" carved on it. His voice was raspy and dark. "Had a boring day, did we?"

"Like you did better..." XII said from his chair.

"Well, not really..." A Vaporeon with a green "XIX" band tied around his left front leg walked into the room "Desina had no trace of XV." He continued as he laid on one of the Velvet cushions "Why couldn't the professor order us to search the beach?"

"So everyone's arriving now, huh?" said VIII, looking at the door "It's about time..."

"Patience is a virtue, you know?" A deep voice came from behind the Weavile, making her jump. I had just appeared in the room.

"Hey, I" III greeted "You know, we're going to have to report soon... By the way, X is in the lab, working on... our "Something"".

"The Mission was successful" came from the door as IX walked into the room "We found XV."

"And I hit a mob boss in the face with a rock!" XVIII smiled proudly.

"Well....Congratulations on both!" XVII said, his red goggles hiding the amused look he was giving his Rhyperior colleague.

"We got there just in time" IX continued, lying in another cushion next to XIX "Don Krow still managed to injure him, tough."

"How bad?" III asked.

"Terrible. He stepped in to cover a Buneary that was about to take a hit from the Don himself. The damage was significant... We gave her money and asked her to take care of him. Judging by how he covered her, I assumed they were acquainted, so she should be taking care of him. I must say, however, I am intrigued by the Child's strength. He survived the attack, even tough he was exhausted, and I must say... He defeated quite a good amount of Murkrow before growing tired."

"So... Now we just need II to come back and we can report back?" XIX asked.

"Oh, that guy, he ALWAYS takes so long!" VIII yelled impatiently.

"You cannot rush an artist" came from behind her, making her jump again. She turned around startled to see II floating in front of her.

"You're back!" VI greeted as she hovered towards him.

"About time..." VIII muttered.

"I see IX and XVIII encountered our little target..." II said calmly "And I can guarantee Don Krow will not disturb XV again..."

"Wow... You're good!" VI said, admired, as she kissed him. "Oh, you're hurt!" she noticed the Slash markings on II's side.

"Believe me, my dear, I have survived worse things... But I appreciate your concerns. Now, tell me..." He got closer to her and whispered "How are things going?"

"Good" she whispered back "They have no idea... However, me and VIII are still at a loss as of who we can... You know..."

"Yes. I was thinking... Perhaps XV can be of use here. He would not be aware..."

"Excellent idea! if we can justâ�"

"Hey! Whispering lovers!" XVI called them "We're going now!"

"Alrite, let's go..."

And they all left the room, heading for the usual Hall to report their findings...
Meanwhile, Far away from there...

"Leon! Leon, wake up!" Tiffany was shaking the Pichu, trying to make him wake up "Hello? Are you okay? Wake up!"

"I'm up... I'm up... What is it?" Leon answered, still half- asleep.

"You were shaking. A lot. What were you dreaming?"

"Uh... Nothing. Nothing really" He answered, but he wasn't very sure.

"Really? Are you sure?" she asked. Leon's squirming had woken her up.

"Oh, It's nothing" He said, getting up. "I always do that when I sleep."

"Well, since you were nice enough to wake me up at sunrise..." She got up as well "I'll go get us something to eat..."

"Oh, no, no, no. Please let me" Said Leon as he headed for the room's door.

"Do you even know where I keep food?" she asked with a sly smile.

"Right... Well, let me go with you. I'd be bored all here by myself."

"Sure, come along. I'd just be in the room right outside of this one, but fine." She answered as she opened the door into the sitting room.

A few minutes later, they were both sitting at a table by the window, each eating a plate of chopped fruit. Leon had taken out the book the Elder had given him, and it lay open on the table.

"Whoa..." He was left wordless at the book: It was worn out, and several words were missing from the text due to it's age, but several Illustrations (also worn out) were enough to understand what it said "Let's see what this says... " He closed in on the book to see what it said "It was way before our time. Before the time that this is written. Our land was at peace. Free from problems it was. Until he appeared. Until he came. The shadow which sought to engulf our world. The Evil that sought to consume us all." He moved the Book away from a moment "This is weird" He thought "Why does it say the same thing in two different ways? Well, never mind..." He closed back on the book "Hope was lost. Despair reigned. Yet the light had not disappeared. The darkness had not engulfed all yet. Standing calm, a light in the darkness, A valiant and strongâ�"" He flipped the page. "A valiant and strong? A Valiant and strong?" but the next page was too worn out to read. "Oh, man... Well, maybe later." He closed the book and put it away.

"So, Leon..." Tiffany asked "What are you going to do today?"

"I was... I was planning to take off today."

"Take off? Where?"

"I don't know... Travel around, help others in need. I want to be a hero. And to stop the Midnight Voices. That's a promise I made my friend."

"So, you've got nowhere to go?" She asked.

"Well, no. Not for now, at least." Leon answered "Why are you asking?"

"Because I wanted to ask you a favor."

"Well, anything for you" He said as he finished eating

"Can you take me to Lizean?"

"What? No!" He exclaimed "Lizean's such a dangerous place since the Voices took over. Can you imagine how I'd feel if you got hurt because I took you there?"

"I thought you just said Anything." She responded "I want
to find out if my mom's okay."

"But Iâ�""

"I know, I know... She might not be okay. She might not even be alive, but I still want to go... Besides" She added, pointing at the Bandages on the Pichu's chest "You're still hurt. You can't go traveling alone like that! So, please? A Hero wouldn't mind playing bodyguard for a friend!"

Leon sat there thinking. Tiffany had just made a very solid point: If he were to travel alone in that condition, things could get complicated if he met his former allies, or the Don's henchmen. The other way around it was to stay a little longer, but if he did that, he would put the Buneary in danger ... She had cornered him once again.

"Fine" He decided "I'll take you."

"Great! Oh, It'll be fun... We just have to take the train andâ�"

"If you're coming with me, we can't take the train" He cut his friend short "Lizean's Heavily guarded at all entrances, and the guys in charge there are after me. So, if we are to head there, It'll have to be from somewhere we can sneak by undetected. we're going on foot... If that's okay with you."

"Right. I forgot..." She was quiet for a moment before getting her resolve back " So I guess we'll have to stock up on things for the trip, right? Good thing I've still got some of the money that Rhyperior gave me!"

"Yeah... We should buy what we might need..." Leon answered. He was a bit let down. He was hoping denying the option of Train travel would make her change her mind, but she seemed too bright and determined to be stopped.
They both got up from their seats and headed outside into town to buy anything they might need for the long trip to the North...

"So let's see..." Tiffany told Leon as they went into a small shop at the base of a Tree "We can pretty much find everything here. This place has got it all, no kidding."
She was right: Everything they might have needed was for sale there: The walls were lined with several shelves and stacks full of all kinds of items: Berries, Maps, Novelty, Books, and even a few TMs, the rarest things in the Market at the moment. At the end of the store was a counter with a Sentret sitting behind it.

"So we're gonna need Supplies... Food... And, unless you want to sleep under the stars, we'll need a Tent, too."

"Alright, Let's buy it, then."

They went through the stacks, picking up everything they needed. And left the store after paying for it. Now was the start of their journey to the North.
After saying goodbye to the elder and stopping by Tiffany's home to lock the door, they left town and headed out into the forest.

"So tell me" She broke the silence as they walked through the forest "How long until we get to Lizean?"

"I don't know" Leon answered "I never really left the North Region... But it can't take that long. I'm guessing a week or so. If we travel quickly, that is."

"Well... since we got so much time to kill, why don't you explain things to me a little more in-depth?"

"In- depth? What do you mean?"

"You really didn't explain matters too well last night." She said. "Tell me some more about your life, for example."

"You mean how I ended up on the run from the guys I worked with?"

"Well, that too." She answered.

"Fine. But get ready for something long." Leon said as they passed under a large tree, its shadow covering the path. "I am XV. I was created by and worked for a group of incredibly strong Pokemon known as the Midnight Voices. Our goal: World Domination. We usually worked in a secretive way, taking out Heads of Power or other important ones who would oppose us. However" He continued as they left the tree's shadow. Sunlight shining on them again "6 Months ago we made our first great move and seized the city of Lizean. About 3 months ago, I came to the realization I really didn't like what I did. Truth be told, I just wanted to evolve. And I learned happiness was something Pichu need to evolve. And since I hadn't achieved that in 2 years, I made my choice and abandoned them. Upon my escape, I ended up arriving at Ruby Plains. There I was taken in by a Pikachu named Leon. He became my first friend. I worked with him. We'd do anything for money. In time, I grew accustomed to life in this world. I loved it. At first I knew the Midnight Voices, who I deserted, would be out to find me. But I was not counting they would find me. After a fight with number IV, a Nidoking, Leon died. I promised him I'd be a Hero, which was his dream, and that I'd stop the guys I abandoned from having their way. Make a difference, you know. And after 2 days of travel, I reached Riale, And that's where I met you. Since I didn't want to risk who I was being revealed, I took in my Friend's name. Honor him, and get a chance to hide. You can see changing my name didn't help, however. They still found me. And that's pretty much it until now." He finished, noticing they were out of the forest.

"Wow... That's pretty big..." Tiffany said as they walked up a path through the Green, clear fields. "Guess I shouldn't have asked you about it..."

"No, It's okay."

They kept walking through the fields until the sun began to set. At that point they stopped to set up the tent.

"It's like this, right? Leon asked as he held a pole in his small paws.

"I really don't know" Tiffany answered, she was holding another Pole.

"Yes, I think that's right..."

"No! Hold it!"

"C'mon... Just pass this over here..."

"Like this?"


"Now we justâ�"

"Not like that!"

"Oh, sorry. Like this?"


By the time they were done, Night had fallen... The fields were now dark and quiet, there was even some fog forming up under the Pale moonlight. The breeze made the grass rattle from time to time. Leon and Tiffany found themselves standing in front of a perfectly set tent.

"Yup. That's a fine piece of work!" she smiled, satisfied at what they had just built.

"Took us about an hour to get it done, but yes" Leon couldn't deny: Succeeding in something so simple felt incredibly satisfying.

"So let's go inside!" Tiffany said cheerfully as she leapt into the tent.

"After you" He Answered, jumping in behind her.

"Good Night, Leon." She said as she cuddled with him, again.

"Same for you" He answered, feeling sleepy already, the Bunny's warmth only making him feel so even more.

The Next morning they took down and put away the tent, getting on the way.

"So..." Tiffany asked as they followed the road again "Were you, like, important? You know, when you were with the Midnight Voices?"

"Well, given the fact I was one of them, and not a regular soldier, I was kind of a big deal... "

"So, you even had soldiers? Did they, like, obey you?"

"That's how the Chain of command went" He answered "Soldiers, Midnight Voices, and then The Professor. He was our boss."

"And how many of you were? A lot?"

"There were 19 of us. We each had a Unit we led."

"Really? You guys were pretty organized, then."

"You don't enslave the world letting everyone do as they please, sadly."

"And what was it like? You know, being part of a big, powerful army? What were the others you worked with like? Did you get along?" she asked.

"I really never managed to fit in." Leon answered "Most of them were rude at me, and others just ignored me. There were a few I got along with, tough."

"So, tell me about the others!"

"Well, there was I. I have no idea what Pokemon he was. He always hung around the Professor. I think he was more of a Bodyguard..."

"He was really strong, then?"

"Overwhelming. I only got to go on a mission with him once, but we were done in record time. Then there was II. He's a Mismagius. He could change the appearance of himself and others... He could make you see things that weren't there. His Illusions were really powerful."

"A real Mismagius... Like the ones in fairytales? Neat."

"Not so much. He was really creepy. Then we had III. He was a Lucario."

"A Lucario, like those really Heroic guys from ancient legends?"

"Like that. He was the only one I ever admired. And one of the few who didn't pick on me. Unbelievably strong, and incredibly wise. I rarely could hang out with him because XVI would tell me to go away... Then there is IV. He's a Nidoking. I hate him... He's the one who killed Leon."

"So that's him..."

"And there's V. He's a Gallade, and he didn't pick on me either. He was pretty laid back, but pretty tough... And VI. She's a Frosslass. I kinda disliked the fact she always referred to me as "Dearie" or "Sweetie"... As if I was some kind of baby."

"Well, you're cute like one, you know..."

"And next is VII. He's a Ludicolo with a weird accent and a mania for dancing. He was funny in a weird way... In small doses. And VIII. She's a Weavile. She gets this sadistic pleasure from watching others suffer and would always bask in our misery when something went wrong..."

"Some Pokemon can be SO evil..."

"And IX. He's the Absol you saw 2 days ago. The one who saved us from the Don. He would always ignore me, so I grew used to ignoring him as well. I can tell you, however: He gets the job done."

"He didn't seem so bad to me..."

"That's because he saved us from death. Next is X. He's a proud, self- involved, vain Metagross. He looks real big, but I don't think he's that strong. He calls himself a scientist and always refers to the ones that came after him as "His creations" He was annoying... And XI. He's a Blaziken. He's just as narcissistic and Vain as X. Difference being he's proud of his Strength rather than his mind. Which he seems to lack.

"All Brain, no Brawn, and all Brawn, no Brain, huh?"

"That's pretty much those 2. Then we have XII. He's an Aggron. He always kept bugging me about why I hadn't evolved. If it wasn't for him, I really wouldn't know why I hadn't Evolved. And XIII. He's a Shiftry. He's really sarcastic, and he likes to cheat on everything whenever he can."

"Uh-huh. Who's next?"

"Next is XIV. He's a Houndoom. He's a real Pyromaniac. And, from what I was told, He can smell fear... Nothing really out of the ordinary about him in any other way. And then you get me, XV. You've already seen me... And after that comes XVI. She's a Zangoose. She's not as cruel as VIII, but she has quite a temper. She'd usually throw me out of the room, literally."

"Sounds like she was mean..."

"Yes she was. Though sometimes she'd be really nice too. XVII Is a Flygon. You wouldn't believe how fast he is. He could travel this road we're walking down right now all the way to Lizean in about half an hour."

"He's that fast?"

"Like you wouldn't believe. And there's XVIII. He's the Rhyperior that helped save us from Don Krow. And last but not least, XIX. He's a Vaporeon. He usually shows little interest in most things and is quite relaxed... Unless there's water involved. He's at home there... And... That's pretty much it."

"Whoa..." she answered " You were quite a crew!"

"Well, we had our good times, in spite of everything... So, now It's your turn to tell me about you!"

"Sure. Although there's not much to say. This trip might be the most interesting thing I've done in my life!"

"Alright, let me think..." He was quiet for a moment before asking "You've told about your mother, but what about your father?"

Tiffany took a while before answering "I don't know. I never met him."

"Oh, I'm sorry... I didn't know..."

"No, It's okay. My mom used to say I shouldn't look into him... That he wasn't very nice."

"I'm sorry" Leon repeated "I'll just... I'll just be quiet for now..."

Their talk had taken most of the day, and, a few minutes later, it was getting dark. Leon couldn't deny, they had traveled a long way that day. The air was starting to get cold the more they advanced: Clear sign they were close to reaching the North. 1 or 2 more days should do it... He also began to realize her company made him feel somewhat happy. Perhaps her cheerfulness had indeed rubbed off to him. They finally stopped and set up the tent (much faster this time) to the side of the road.

Next morning, Leon was surprised to see he had woken up first. He got up as quietly as he could and left the tent. The Fields looked quite different at sunrise: A Grayish blue filled the cloudy sky, with the sun's orange emerging in the Horizon... Flowers opening to catch it's rays... And a certain cool breeze in the fresh morning air...

"Life's a real Blessing" he thought as he took a deep breath. "I rarely got to notice this before. But now..."

"Hey, you're up early" came from behind him. Tiffany had just woken up, holding a paw to rub her still half- closed eyes. "You didn't squirm around at all last night, you know? I guess you slept well!"

"I had a good dream, yes..." He answered, before thinking..." Did I? it was something good, but what was it? I can't remember..." He snapped back to reality, leaving the thought for the time being "So we should get going! If we hurry it up, we might reach Lizean's border by the end of the day!"

"Well, someone seems to be in a rush today!"

They quickly packed everything, and, after eating some bread they had brought along, they were on the way again.
The day had proceeded in a pretty dull fashion. Apart from chancing upon a bag with some money on the road, nothing interesting had happened. And, after a while of walking, they decided to stop for a moment to rest and sat down by the side of a Hill.

"Boring day, huh?" Tiffany asked. Leon nodded.

"Nothing interesting. At all." He answered.

"So... I just thought of something we can do!" The Bunny got up from the ground raising her paw "Why don't you teach me how to fight?"

"What?" Leon was a little startled at the Buneary's sudden request "Why?"

"Because I don't know how to!" She answered "I really never bothered trying to learn how to. You know, I didn't expect I'd ever need to! But, since I got an expert fighter here" She added, pointing at Leon "I might as well profit from it!"

"Well, I..."

"Don't tell me you're afraid a girl who doesn't know how to fight's gonna be better than you!"

"What?! No! It's not that, It's just..." He had never really thought about it before: III had taught him how to fight when he was born, but... He never expected he'd have to teach someone. "Well, maybe I could... If she's thinking of going to Lizean, she might need to know how to defend herself..." He finally answered: "Okay, Let's go!"

A few moments later, they were standing by the other side of the road. Leon had taken off the bandages, revealing he had healed perfectly well.

"So, let's start with something basic" He said in a teacher-esque way "Try hitting me."

"What, like this?" she asked as she approached him and gave him a weak Pound.

"Hmmm... Try hitting a little harder"

"Oh, you mean like this?" She hit him again, this time with more strength. He felt it a little this time.

"Yeah, good. Now, Let's try dodging... Move away when you see me coming... Here goes... " He ran toward Tiffany to hit her with a Tackle, which she failed to avoid.

"Now, see... You have to react faster!" He told her as he ran towards her again. This time, she stepped away.

"See? You're getting better already!" Leon said as he stopped a few feet away. "So now weâ�"

"Here goes! " She told him as she ran towards him, this time much faster, trying to hit him.

"Hey, wait! I wasn't doneâ�"

"C'mon! Show some skill, mister Teacher!" She said tauntingly as she threw Pound after Pound at him, before finally hitting him with one.

"Ow, Hey!" He stepped back a bit "Oh yeah?"He gave her a small playful zap, which caused some of her fur to stand from the static.

"Oh, you! Fine. I'll get you for this!" The Buneary said as she pushed him back a bit "See? I'm strong too!" She said as she puffed her chest.

"Okay! You asked for it!" He said as he jumped at her, sending them both rolling downhill, giggling all the while. They were a silly sight, sure. But neither of them cared: There was no one around to watch, and they were having so much fun....

That's when it happened. They both stopped at the base of the hill.

"Well that was fun!... Hey, Leon! What's happening to you?" She asked, startled as she stared at her frend, who began to glow, a bright light enveloping him...

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