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Nico the Bayleef confides in his friends Scy and Iggy on a love situation. After getting him back into spirits, the two decides Nico could use a special activity to make him feel totally better.

Original Finished Date - Oct 31 2004

Story Notes:

A request from my biggest fan, Nicodemus. Another friend was going to be in the part of Ignatius, but he didn't want to do it. I got a few nice ideas for this story as I wrote it, mainly with how the foreplay went about. And Iggy wanted to lick our tailholes. @_@ So... :P Heh. There's also a few other cameos, like Elazul wanted me to give him a lil part. ^_^ Overall I like it, and I fear what Nico is gonna do to me...

  1. Double Weakness (4856 words)

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