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Misplaced by Taste by BlazerRaylock


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.I made this to clarify why Blazer is being chased by every and any type of girl in his story, while Leonick experiences every and any taste the girls his wife calls in.Also accepting other suggested pokemon girls in the story, just state what they're into and I'll see if I can fit it in.

The Mother Must Wait

Misplaced by Taste - Chapter 3: The Mother Waits

"Ugh..." I grunted as I shook my sight back to the waking day. The rays of light shining through the window, a new day has arrived. I feel my body heavy as I flick and started to arise off the bed. The thoughts of last night lingered in my mind. The scent in the room still had a hint of all of it. I was not one to fathom much, so much is coming though my mind but I knew well enough that I am not alone. I look to my right, seeing my mate, still huddled and sleeping, a smile on her lips as she slept peacefully and now the Machoke female behind her, the one that I fucked as much as I could is also asleep, a very wide smile on her own lips. My loins told me that it did much as it can that night but unfortunately, nature has its own business to make.

As I stretch my body, my cock grew to its foot long length, morning wood making its scene. I heard some of my bones crack and my senses return to me fully as I look around the bedroom. A smile crept to my beak as I slid silently off the bed as not to disturb my mate and her friend. I walked naked out and down towards the kitchen, trying to find me something to drink.

Getting a glass from the cupboard and looking through the refrigerator, I found a carton of OJ, milk or plain cooled water. I decided on OJ as my morning wake-up call. I was a fit male anyway, that and I was never fond of Coffee. As I drank to my fill, 2 glass full, as I place the used glass on the sink.

Not much to do for myself since ownership of the company is still under me and my son's names. Besides, the Board only calls on me when a serious case for the company would show itself, like my son leaving for his month long vacation. I just smile and laughed a bit as I walk back up stairs, sneaking in our bedroom, where both ladies are still asleep. I open the drawer, taking a pair of shorts and a good enough shirt as I made my way to the bathroom, 2 rooms away.

Opening and closing the door as I enter to the bathroom, I look at myself in the mirror once more, noticing that my feathers are all ruffled up, my long yellow feather hair pointing in other ways rather than an inverted "V" and my face showing a wide enough smile. "Being through fatherhood and finally beyond my prime, I still look so young." I laugh to myself as I started to mix and match my shower to a soothing warm temperature.

It wasn't long before I got it just right as I got in the tub and let the showerhead sprinkle me wet. It was relaxing and it was well worth it. I was relaxing in the shower, my body lost some of the tense knots that my body has kept for me, the feathers I have soon started to wet and meld down on my body as I comb my feather hair with my own talons. I just couldn't stop smiling, the relief getting the best of me as I somehow forgotten everything.

I was entranced by my own thoughts but I knew that I wasn't the only one that will likely use this shower. I rushed a bit, but it was thorough enough. I wipe and lather myself on the feather shampoo. It was actually odd that maintaining my own feathers and their own fixed patter to be so expensive. I was at the middle of my own work, just cleaning my own crotch for the moment when the door bell rang. It's ringing louder than I can remember it to be. I was only thankful that it was a short one as the house went silent.

"Great..." I sighed, a good enough response as I stop the water and getting my towel from the bar wall. Knowing my wife and oddly enough, my new lover, they were heavy sleepers. I got out of the bathroom door, feeling a slight chill as I made my way to the door, body a bit wet while the towel cover my lower half as I walked my way to the door, leaving wet talon marks on the floor.

As I reach the door, with a wet talon I turn the knob and was about to greet and ask when by the sudden change in wind direction caused me to look in disgust. By a whiff of the air just outside my door made my eyes water and even feel burnt. As the door swung open, my eyes fell upon a very thin, dirty, needy and exhausted Kangaskhan. She smelled like garbage, literally, and she even looked the part with her green tattered clothes, ripped up jeans and the most horrifying of the site was that she was carrying a very young Kangaskhan in her own pouch as it looked up, eyes of sadness but innocence. She stood a head taller, but shorter than Sandra. She was well rounded but in her hips, chest and belly only. She was a mother after all, her breast swelled to an extent but not too much as to add drag.

I stood my ground, not sure why I bothered to let the door open as I try my best to speak. "How may I help you?" I struggled as I cough a bit, my head facing away from her for a sec as I coughed. The Kangaskhan woman looked so nervous and even embarrassed as she stuttered to speak. "I-is t-t-his the h-home of Katr-rin-na?" As much as I wanted to speak, I did not answer as, politely, as I can as I look away for a bit.

"Yes, she's my wife." I answered, body struggling to move away from the source of stench. "I'm s-sorry. C-c-can I please have a b-bath...?" She asked. With my mind on bath, and me realizing that I have not finished my own bath, I knew well enough what I must do, even when it looks like it would be, ungentlemanly of me. I look back, holding my breath as I grabbed her paw. I ignored her screams of shock and panic as I close the door behind her.

I force her grip on her belongings to let go, I cradled the female and the small child she had in my arms, though crying for its mother right now. From there, I forced her body up the stairs and into the bathroom, still warm a bit. It was one easy task as she was both shy, timid and most of all, weak right now. I started to strip her down, the child placed back on her pouch. As much as I detest her dirty smell right now, I adjusted the water to a warm setting and before she could protest further, her naked motherly body in full view of my own sight, I could not help but remove the towel that had hidden my foot long erection.

Yes, even through the stench that she has, I still find her slender and very bountiful breast quite attracting. Without a word from me, but a large blush and defensive meek tone from the dirty mother, I pulled her with me, wetting both of us and her child as I took a bar of soap from the wall. "This will be long." I thought to myself.

In a moment of my time with her, my talons started to roam all over her body. It was one experience that I was quite not happy, forcing a woman like this but worth the sight. The water washed off of her body, the first layer of dirt easy to be removed washed and had been rinsed off. The second part of this, even though her silence and tense body did not help me. Somehow, my own senses changed in this course.


My talons started to roam her body, feeling her leathery skin against my own soft feathers. I felt as dreamy as I made my way at her body, the edges of my sight blurring some as I continue to rub the bar of soap. I felt her body, soft and hot as my talons started at her chest. I felt her breasts, circling around and teasing her nipples as my hard on pressed just between her ass cheeks. She twitched and froze to my touch. I was enjoying myself. I could feel my heart race and my breathing change as my body pressed against hers.

It was one thing as my talons moved lower down, feeling her body move and inch farther from me, only for the water pouring down on us to miss considerably. I move closer, trying to clean her body as she mewed and moan while the talon with the soap rubbed at her pussy. She moved her arms defensively, covering her baby; I knew her pouch was clearly what she was blocking.

"Please..." She spoke softly and pleadingly. "Please..." she repeated as my body responded the only way it knew how. Withdrawing my talons from her body, my free talon rested on her back where I slowly push, causing the motherly Pokefem to bend. Her body soon met the wall, a hand supported her while the other still circle around her belly, the baby oblivious to the act I was to commit on such a woman. Her dirt smell soon faded the smell she was giving off under all that was finally revealed to me and why I did such a thing.

While she did bend over, the talon with the soap bar cleaned my cock; the suds of it coated my foot long cock as I observe her. I smiled, a grin on the edge of my own beak as my soaped talon made its way on her tail, where it circle round on its base, coating the hole I intend to give this dirty woman. My body leans on the woman as I whisper to her. "You're in season, dirty woman." I started as my talons moved back, the soap placed back on the wall. My talons moved on either of her hips as my cock rested just under her tail, raised instinctively by her.

"But I don't plan on it..." I warned her, which made her moan a bit louder under her breath. "But I'm sure..." I trailed as my cock placed itself between her ass cheeks, its base rubbing aginast her back door. "...this..." I continued as my beak neared her ears. My talons moved back, holding her body as my hips met her ass. It was a slow rhythm, piston like wasn't the music we were making. I felt how hot her body suddenly felt against my red flesh stick.

I started to mock fuck her, my cock rising and rubbing against her tail hole and between her ass cheeks. She meeped and gasped, her bubbly ass cheeks tightening around my cock. The sensation was as great as if fucking her. I started slow, so as not to scare the child but I knew that the cub was too young and innocent to even understand what her mother is going through. My bucking started to gain speed; I could feel her rear cheeks tighten around my friend as it bumped against the base of her tail. I smirked some as her body tensed and pushed back against me, my talons slipping a bit off of her skin

Without a word off of my beak, I move back, my cock removing itself from her ass hug. I move, a step back, feeling the water pour on my chest as I saw her look back shockingly. Her eyes pleading, her mouth open and moaning as she looks back, her whole body screaming "PLEASE! PLEASE!" I look down at her as she spread her legs, showing me the prize that she plans on giving to me. I saw her brightly colored pink pussy. In its entire splendor, it was dripping wet from her juices.

My heart raced faster for a moment as I saw her own body turn and change. She no longer smelled dirty since I saw her, she no longer was a needy woman; she was now a lusty woman in need. I smiled some as my body moved on instinct. With a talon, I pointed my own love stick just at her dripping hole. Rubbing my tip at her own hole, she gasped and moaned. Her arm holding the shower wall, the other was still covering her baby that was oblivious to her mother's action.

I look down, finding her look pleadingly, blushed cheeks and even eyes that speak for her whole body, "Do me." She spoke. But somehow, I snapped back in the nick of time as Shook my head. It was one terrible thing and another annoying thing as I shook myself out of my instinct trance. Looking down at the bended female, my rational mind took back control, also wondering how I could have done this.


Without a word or even a say, I move out, yes out, leaving the Kangaskhan female and her daughter as I wipe myself dry and leave. From there, I only wore my home cloths, which was just a pair of shorts, and proceeded down to the living room, sitting there waiting for anything. I could hear the shower being in use but knew well enough that the Kangaskhan female would likely finish earlier. I frown to myself, not believing I did just that, my cock even started to tent the shorts I'm wearing.

"Why did it go to that?" I asked myself as I was not entirely sure. Before I could continue to think my mate, Katrina came down the stairs, rubbing her eyes some and still naked. Knowing her species, she already heard the shower being in use. "Dear, did you leave the shower on?" She asked me as her morning sickness still on her eyes. "No, I just let a Kangaskhan female in the house that needed a bath and was looking for you." I replied annoyingly as I look back at the events.

"Hmm?" was the only comment of my wife as she finally broke her morning spell. "Did this Kangaskhan woman have a large tit size, hips and ass?" She said surprised as she asked and somehow I knew she might have known her. "Yes to all three, her back is over there," I pointed just beside the couch, the large luggage of a bag with wheels was there, "and she has her daughter with her." I answered to my mate, as Sandra also appeared into the scene; she had the morning spell in her eyes.

"You're joking?" Katrina said as she looks through the luggage. "What did I miss?" Sandra started to ask as she sat next to me, her body still very muscular, large and bouncy breasts and completely naked. I kept myself silent for a while as the girls started to talk, but not without a sudden distraction of the Machoke female slipping a hand under my shorts and testing my hard-on.

"DO you remember Liana? The one being picked on in our class?" My mate started. "I do actually..." Sandra trailed, trying to remember while her hand grasped my cock's length, feeling her hands softly rubbing it. "Well, it seems she found our home... And stop enticing my mate." My wife replied while sternly saying without even looking at Sandra. In reflex, Sandra did remove her hand out of my shorts and stiffen on the seat.

"How did you?" She started to ask but my mate's answer was her nose and her ears when she looked back. "Well, that was embarrassing..." She said a bit worried that Katrina would do something drastic. "Don't worry, his morning wood is the best morning fuck there is." My mate boasted as she walked towards me, sitting on my lap, her ass rubbing my tented shorts. "He's a bit tired from last night; I suggest we keep him rested." Katrina said as the three of us heard the shower not in use anymore.

True to what my mate has said, the Kangaskhan female arrived with baby in her pouch, her body no longer smelling that bad as the three girls smiled at each other, a happy reunion I guess. From there, I was once more a shadow as the girls explained their time together as friends. Like Sandra yesterday, I was to get another talk of how they met and why I'm fucking the girl.

Liana, the name of the Kangaskhan female, was finally confirmed as the girls giggled and shared smiles. Liana was a dork, in the context of high school life, and was not looked at by that many males. Katrina was friends with her when being science partners and project friends. Sandra knew of her by helping her to shape up at some point as she started to gain some flab on her body. As time went by, junior prom was over and now senior prom was the largest issue for the girls.

Katrina wasn't one to attend a prom, Sandra was busy with a large project concerning school, and odd to hear that when Proms usually happen close to the end of the school year. Liana on the other hand was asked out by a male. The male in question was one of the Football team, Blocker if I heard that right from them, a Rhyhorn.

Liana, being dorky and getting pudgy on the side was excited something like this could happen, went for it. As time went on, Liana and the male went it off, became an item for some time. Finishing College was their goal and they hit it off, not in marriage but more of making a family. She found work as assistance in the mall close by. Now being pregnant was one of her happy moments with her boyfriend but they soon started to go distant. It seems the male wanted to have a less rounded female as his sex partner. Liana did suspect it but it was inevitable.

He left her for another younger and tighter woman, leaving the child who never knew her father and herself as she was left pregnant and alone. Time went on; she left her job, kicked out of the male's home, gave birth to the child in the public hospital and was alone. The only thing she needed was one of her friends and it would seem that Katrina's offer was on her mind that day.

And back to the present at hand, she is here as she has explained. In this moment I feel sad for her, and the fact that I actually took advantage of her. Katrina looked back at me as she smiled, knowing her, she'll make a few adjustments on my fuck schedule as she raced to the phone. Katrina soon was busy checking things out and it was one thing I only need to do. I got up, not wanting to hear anymore than needed as an encore was in order.


Back in the bathroom, looking myself in the mirror. "Again, fuck a female in front of your wife and still be loved... What kind of male am I?" I thought as I look at my handsome but sad face as I splash water on my beak and face once more. A knock came from the door as I look on. My mate came in as she looked at me.

"It's really not hard to say it but Liana has lost some weight. But I guess her ass, hips and breasts refuse to lose some." She joked as she saw me look at her sadly. "May I ask how many more there is?" I said, a hint of disappointment and shame as my whole naked body faced her. "I'm not spilling anything here Dear." She said as she started to leave. "Besides, where's the fun in that?" She asked rhetorically, leaving me to think.

"Great, another female, a mother at that and Sandra is going to live with us." I thought remembering that Sandra left this morning, planning on moving in with us. Katrina did so, inviting her to more opportunities of having sex with me and the possible, inevitable pregnancy with me. I sigh in defeat as I made my way, once more, like last night, to me and my wife's bedroom.


As I entered the bedroom, a sudden feeling of awkward entered my senses as I look inside. Once more, my mate has my recliner chair and the soon to be audience couch as requested from my mate and on the bed was totally not what I was expecting, empty. I look a bit surprised but seeing Liana lean on the wall some, naked and showing off more just beside the bed was already a sight. My cock sprang to hardness, not yet my foot long length, but impressive nonetheless. I saw the mother look back, legs spread, showing me once more her used, in a way, love box, her right arm covering her child and her left arm holding the wall for support.

"Uh..." I started as I heard my mate just point at the woman. Without much as a word, I walked my way towards the female. Though her scent was lust and horny, she wasn't in heat. As I close in on the female, I could feel her nervousness and tension. Once I had my body, semi hard cock close to her ass, she looked back, observing my length. I don't know her reaction, but I detect a relieved sigh from her lips. I stopped just about a second away, as my talons grasped her hips on either side.

Her reaction to this was different when we first had this position. She froze and stiffens as my lower half had bumped on her ass. A sudden feeling of rush poured over my body, my heart racing feeling a bit different from before. I did not say nor did anything anymore, as if my mind changed to the idea at a point. A thought enter my mind, a dirty one and a disciplinary way. With one of my talons, I rub my hardening cock lower, rubbing at the moist pussy lips of the motherly Pokefem. She was hot, and needy, her pussy was closing and trying to grasp my cock as it passed by, her moans and mine escaped out mouths as we did so. I continue to rub the tip, feeling my cock, leak its natural pre-cum as I hold feel my cock approach its foot long length.

I was feeling the small pangs of pleasure wave over my body as her pussy lips clasp and wet the tip of my cock. I could have plunged my cock then and there but with a talon on her ass, preventing her from moving her hips back to meet my cock further. I lean forward, so that I can speak a bit to her. "You want this?" I asked to the mother as she moans and gasps at my teasing cock. "Yes..." She answered as she ducked her head some moaning below. "But I ask you, what am I to you?" I asked which made her flinch.

This didn't surprise me, considering what I did with Sandra last night, she saw me as her first and possible mate. This Pokémon mother already had an unofficial mate and here I am, going to do what her supposed mate did to her. She took a long pause, a very deep one at that as she did not have any bodily or outer signals, which were until she looked back at me with a pleading look. "The male..." She started as her body returned to normal, as if she answered right.

Unfortunately, she answered wrong on my book. "That's it?" I said sharply, as I slap her ass hard. She cried a bit, surprised with the sudden action; her ass wobbled a fraction of a second before turning red on the spot. "Again, I ask you, what am I to you?" I repeated, once more, the same talon I used to slap her ass, got back to moving my cock, enticing her entrance. Though she moaned some, she could not smile as she thought more.

"You're my new male..." She answered, only for her ass to be spanked by me. "Try again!" I answered back; more sternly as she looks back more worried. "You're new..." She trailed, avoiding what she did not want to say, as evident by how much her body reacted. "...And...?" I said by impulse as to make her continue. "... You're new bitch..." she finally said, as she frowned some, feeling less of herself. True to the fact, that was right, I spanked her ass once more. "Not in that perspective!" I answered back as she cried a bit; shocked that that answer wasn't the one I was looking for.

She looked back, not sure what I meant but somehow, her baby started to wiggle in her pouch, how I knew this, was thanks to her reacting more worried and the fact that her arm on her belly moved. She looked down, looking if the baby was disturbed by her sudden actions, thanks to me slapping her mother's ass. She looked back at me, eyes ready to cry but I knew that she knew the answer. "To be my baby's own father...?" She answered questioningly as her eyes squinted, expecting a spank on her plump ass cheek.

Though that would have been nice, I moved my cock lower, slipping out of her pussy lips, quite wet from her own needy snatch as my cock found a nice little spot just between her legs, under her nether lips, where I started to buck my hips, withdrawing whenever I feel like it. She cooed and moaned some as my talons rested back on her hips, one of them rubbing her reddened ass cheek. "Correct..." I told her as I started to mock hump her, just like this morning. "Now, I expect my new bitch to be very supportive and in helping me raise our child." I said in a caring manner. I knew that which I did was a bit too much but worth telling her to a degree.

She smiled some as she looks back at me, I smirk back at her as my talons grasped her hips, moving her body while my own hips moved, meeting hers as my cock sips, rubs and enticed her pussy. How light but how thrilling this was as I felt my cock starting to be moist by her leaking pussy. To add effect to what we were doing, I started to speed up, making slapping sounds just by her ass on my belly.

I wanted to extend this small lesson again but Liana's child started to cry, surprising both me and my mate as she gasped from her seat. In an instant she stood, not caring that my cock was just inches away from entering her. "I'm sorry." She said as she reached down on her pouch, taking her baby out. She spun around as she looked at her. The baby cried to all she can, which worried the mother more as I stare at her, walking my way and seating on the edge of the bed.

She didn't panic as much but her naked body was astounding, now that I look at her. She soon cradled her baby on one arm, right below one of her available breast. As soon as she was there, the baby Kangaskhan started to suckle on the tit that she was presented, feeding on the available milk Liana can give. "I'm sorry can we please do this some other time..." She meekly said as she started to walk.

In this instant, I thought to myself, "My mate missed an opportunity to watch me fuck and dominate a woman. I bet she's an unhappy woman by this." I thought, looking at my mate on the seat. True to what I said, she frowned altogether. "Great, and now this woman is too shy yet accepts being dominated... What can I do?" I thought and asked to myself as I pondered, and my cock placed its vote on continue doing the mother. True to the fact of things, my mind made a very dirty idea. "That would work." I thought as I smirk on the side of my beak, or rather grin evilly.

Liana was pacing around, with baby on one arm as she breastfeed her child. "Liana, get over here." I said nonchalantly, as she did so, wondering what I was going to say. "If it's about doing any of the sex, I can't help you." She worriedly said she looks down on her child and me. I smiled by her modesty and innocence but I couldn't have that now with my mate about ready to call it a day. "Get down on your knees, woman." I commanded to her, not caring about her reaction or even my mate, they looked in shock and gasped respectively as they could not believe I said such a thing. "Excuse me?" Liana answered with a tone of disbelief.

"You heard me, get down on our knees and suck my cock." I said as dominatingly threatening as possible. She looked down, her eyes still not believing what she heard. "No!" She answered back, a bit angry at me. "Then you can leave this house now unless you get on your knees and suck my cock!" I said up to the female as she frowned at me. "Then I will!" She shouted back as she stomped her feet some. I could hear troubled sigh from my mate as she looks back at me.

I stood up from the bed; cock still hard but not as hard as it was, as I walked around the bed, closer to my mate. "It's quite dark out now. As much as I would love to see you out for not sucking my cock for my MATE'S own interest, I can't help you when some low life idiot would come stalking you, rape you for all your worth, kill your baby if ever he finds out and leave you to live or dead on the ground on some alleyway." I said with some hint of uncaring as this small explanation froze the Kangaskhan female looked back but at my mate as she looked worried.

"You're letting him threaten me?" She asked a bit angered at Katrina, a change totally different from when she arrived here. I interrupted my mate before she could answer, "I agreed on fucking what she wants to see. I'm fulfilling her wishes, but that doesn't mean she controls my life completely!" I said as I stare at the woman, who looked so furious at me. She was silent but considering her angered face, she was beyond the anger and at the insulted part. "You can leave as you wish, getting out of my house completely, but I'm still giving you a choice here." I said, somehow peaking a bit of interest from her, but her anger still painted on her face.

"You can leave, everything you brought here to this house goes with you, and I will not force nor try to shackle you in this house. But remember, I'm not going to help you once you're out, anything that happens to you out there is your entire fault and you might risk being an easy target for rapists and killers." I smiled some, as I could see the worry starting to appear on her snout, and the shocked look I had on my mate's own face. "But, IF, and that is a big IF, you stay here, you have a chance to stay safe, have a roof over your head for yourself other than pay for your hotel rooms, have food, a life and your child the father she needs right now..." I paused as I let the good sink in on her mind, which her face softens long enough for her to realize the father part of it all.

"All for just letting me do as I wish on you, your body, you following what I tell you to do, let me fuck you as long as I want, please my mate's wishes and letting me be the father to your child." I soon ended as she looks on at me, perplexed and confused to a degree, unsure as to how to answer. My mate too was not sure on how to answer as both ladies looked in confused faces..

As much as I would have let her think this through, Liana looked at me, checking me through the eyes as she walked back my way, baby still suckling on her tit. I smile to the side of my beak as she was just right in front of me. My smile only grew as her body went down, down on her knees, baby still on one of her arms as she looks at my semi-hard cock. She looks up at me, unsure as she worries about her baby, who is currently looking up, innocently observing the events.

She opened her mouth a bit, her tongue slipping out as it tasted my cock. How her tongue was hot and wet, I felt it circle about and lap at my cock, as it sprung back to its foot length, surprising the mother again as she moves back, again cradling her child on her arm as she sizes up my cock. Her stare of my cock was such a surprise. She looks up at me as I smile on. "Suck my cock until it's good and wet." I said commandingly and I maneuver it with one of my talons, "So we can get to make your baby know I'm daddy." I smirked at my own insulting idea as I knew she frowned at me. "You'd rue the day that you broke a child's innocence..." She spoke, her voice hinting a taste of disgust and disrespect as she did so. "Well, You, my mate and yourself, aren't that perfect. Besides, I did fuck my wife even when my son was just in his baby crib beside our love bed." I said a smile on my beak as I remember doing my mate as we were well aware of our young son.

Liana looked surprised and frankly shocked as she looks back at my mate, Katrina as she was starting to pant, seeing my cock just about inches away from Liana's lips, rubbing her cunt and pussy with both claws. Liana just looks back up at me as she stood back up. I look on, a bit curious with her sudden defiance.

She looks at me, then her own child who had stopped suckling on her breast. Somehow, the child, who had a diaper on, surprisingly, I just noticed it now, as the young Kangaskhan smiles and wave its young small limbs at her mother. Liana soon looked back at me her eyes changing some as she presented her baby, her sight looking at me as she looks up. "Then we need to make her know..." She said, her voice drifting some.


I know it wasn't my place to judge a woman, who happens to be a motherly type of Pokefem, and her choices. I smiled some; look at the child in her arms as I move my own hands towards the young Kangaskhan baby. I smiled genuinely as I take the baby off of her paws. Though the child cringed back for a second, shaking and looking back at her mother, I move her close to my own body, just below my beak as I look down on her. Once my body was touching, she stops acting against me. I smile some more as I look at the young Kangaskhan as she cuddles at my neck, as she smiles, laughs a bit, taking a grasp of my own feathers, painfully at some degree I might add.

With just this sight, though I'm surprised why this child did so in this manner, she looks up at me, curiosity I guess as she stares at me, her blue pure and innocent eyes stare to my sapphire blue eyes. For a time, I was holding my breath, as if she would place judgment on Liana's own decision concerning me. It may seem like mere seconds but to me, this little girl's innocence just proved how much she means to Liana.

As that small window of a second disappeared so did the appearance of the young baby's smile on her face. She started to laugh and her small hands and arms try to move her closer, cooing once she snuggled on my neck, close to a shoulder as if wanting to do so. I just smiled, sighing a bit in defeat as I pat the baby's back some and hearing her give a small but logical burp.

"Alright, you win Liana, I won't have sex with you tonight..." I said randomly, shocking my wife a bit as she stood up from her seat. "Wait, but I thought..." Liana started but I shush her a bit as I gave the baby back to her rightful mother, stunned a bit by what I said. "Look, I know I was being a bit sexually centered when I got here, al thanks to my wife being all cuckold on me, lusting to see me dominate girls some." I smiled a bit as the baby was placed back on her mother's pouch only to sleep soundly.

"Besides, there is tomorrow." I said in a sudden saying, though my cock was painfully hard as I neglected myself some kind of pleasure or good night fuck, I move myself out of the room, leaving the two ladies in baffled silence. I smirk again, "Can't believe I said that, though I know that would change her opinion about me." I thought as I took the red clean baby crib from the nursery and rolled it towards the bedroom, surprising the ladies once more.

"I'd say we get some sleep, I can fuck you tomorrow any time I want." I said proudly as I placed the crib beside the bed. "Wait, What?! I didn't agree to have my baby on any crib." Liana defensively said but I soon spoke with authority. "You agreed to do as I say, be the father of OUR child and let me do what I wish with you. So I tell you, get over here, sleep with me and my 1st mate and get this issue over with." I said so strictly that Liana and even Katrina moved on, Liana placing the snoozing child on the crib, a blanket over her body as she and Katrina was now under the bed sheets, waiting for me.

I smiled some, seeing Katrina take the middle spot, both shocked to find my authority back and, knowing her for so long and being a dark type at that, thrilled about me. I joined them even though we were all naked to begin with. "Alright, if any sex should happen tonight, I'm going to punish both of you." I warned them as they shook a bit. "Also, for the many times the baby woke ME up..." I trailed to let that sink in, "I'm going to fuck you, Liana so hard and make you cum as just as many times as I said in the morning." I said eyes with command as she cringed under the covers. I smile some as I rest my head on the pillow, while Katrina hugged me.

I look at the Kangaskhan mother as she looked both afraid at me, envious t Katrina and sad that she was left to herself. I admit a pang of pain on my heart as I motion Katrina. She looks up, a smile on her face. She knew what I was thinking and before I know it, she turned around, hook her arms on Liana's waist and force the mother to join us as we went into a more than friendly hug. Not caring what else happened as Liana, hearing her sigh, I guessed she was finally with a "family".
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