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Misplaced by Taste by BlazerRaylock


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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.I made this to clarify why Blazer is being chased by every and any type of girl in his story, while Leonick experiences every and any taste the girls his wife calls in.Also accepting other suggested pokemon girls in the story, just state what they're into and I'll see if I can fit it in.

White Light Path

White Light Path

My mind was blank for a while, tired and annoyed as my body try to sleep further. But time in reality did not help me so. I open my eyes, to the yellow bright light of morning sun as I could feel my own eyes try to shut and open at the same time. I groan under my breath, shifting my body to my right looking behind me and in front of me for my mate and made mate. Somehow, in the middle of the night, I find my mate, Katrina the Weavile just behind me as her black glistening fur, the sunlight helping in making her shine like crystal, was sprawled on bed, she frowned as she tries to sleep, her chest rise and fall to her breathing.

I look to my front as I saw the large body of Liana, her ample breasts cushioning against my Blaziken beak as she snore, a frown also onto her face. "Now... how many times was I woken up by that child...?" I asked in my own thoughts as I try to remember. Last night, Liana and I was about to do some serious action, which is of my wife's interest. She really didn't want to do so, she was already a mother to a dependent daughter and she did not want to do things against her interests. Thus, lead to conflicts between me and her, escalating to me to threaten and imply options and their gain/loss. She can go, but I'm not so sure how long she can last outside and if she stays here safe while having a life.

But thankfully she chose to stay, accepting the deal that she despises already but knew full well that safety is the better choice. I move my aching body off of the couple's bed, me and my wife's, as a push of my right arm against the bed lifted me so. I heard a crack of my bones as they feel so free from still and pain, my muscles loosen to a fraction for me to wake properly and my sights giving me more than enough reason to wake my mind.

I rub my eyes with a 3 talon-fist as I yawn as low as I could, to not wake my mates. But it would seem that my mate, Katrina, has her eyes open just as I sat up. "Morning..." She whispers towards me as she slid off of the bed, yawning as well. "Got any sleep dear?" I asked her as she silent made her way to the door. "Not really, that baby of hers kept us up..." She said as she opens the door somehow in silence, the wedges not creaking an inch. Then my mind went once again back to last night remembering what I had promised the female, "How many times did she wake us up?"

Katrina stopped for a second as she pondered. She smiles at me as she looks at me and with her lips moving slowly. I read her lips, she said three. And with that, she closed the door oh so silently that I was left with Liana. Her large but attractive body was there, moving in with her breathing as her face show content and happiness. As much as I wanted to do her, my morning wood still strong, I decided otherwise.

"I might be denying myself a chance for another pussy, but I still am not sure why I agree to this." I signed to myself as I got out of bed, making sure that I did not wake her from her sleep. As I slid off, I made my way to the drawers and found myself a pair of shorts. Not caring for a shirt, I made my way down stares where the waffling smells of breakfast. I sniffed a bit, finding the aroma strong as I made my way to the couch, taking the TV remote and proceeded to watch the morning news.

"See TV news first, Newspaper next." I thought a bit as I stared at the screen. Though, I admit nothing was fairly interesting as of late, except for the report on my company. "I really hate these things..." I grumbled under my breath as I stare at their report. They say that when my company started to go global, most of the Charity shifted extremely well to us and most of the people from afar are happy about it. A smile crept on my beak. Furthermore, they explained that this motion had the support of many other Pokémons out there as my company helps environmentally and those who are really in need.

At the end of the report, I was grinning at it as I made my way to the kitchen, turning the TV off while I was at it. As I made my way to the kitchen, I found my Weavile wife, cooking Breakfast in her favorite pink apron. But what got my attention most of all is that her bare ass was showing right at me. "She's a nudist and a cuckold, what else can I add to that?" I thought as I made my way behind my mate.

She was humming a song I don't know, but she sure was happy in doing so. I lean down, my talons cupping her ass cheeks as I kissed her forehead from above. "Calm down dear..." she said cheerfully, as she used a claw to try and swat me away. To her small attempt, she succeeded, but not until I reflexively rubbed my lower half just at her ass cheeks, surprising enough, she kept her tail up all this time.

"So my naughty wife, does your tail being raised high mean something?" I asked her seductively at her ear as I felt her cold furry body shiver against my warm feathery one. "Please dear, not now, I'm cooking" She pleaded while mewling a bit under her breath, both tense and holding her. I smiled at her reaction from my sexual approach; it has been so long since we have done this, "Ok... Don't get burned now." I answered as I made my way to take my seat.

The dining table isn't really big; the size of it would be compared to 2 chairs by 1. My seat just happens to be one of the 2 chairs that were on the width of the table. As I sat, I found myself staring at my mate's lovely shiny cool red tailed ass. She may have been small compared to me but her ass was one kind of cushion I could never let go. She has a cute ass, a description she hated most of the time. She would fume calling her cute when her kind was known to be harmful and closely deadly. She would show her fangs and teeth at me when I describe her cute ass, which I quickly make her moan as I knew she had a small weakness for sitting on my lap and a ride.

I smiled some, seeing the way her ass is being displayed by my nude mate as she hummed and swayed her body to a rhythm I could not tell. She was smiling away from me as she cooked the meal known as breakfast. The scene in front of me reminded me of when we were younger. A smile creeps to my beak as I remember those moments, an idea I intent on doing. As she was about done, the food moved safely to a plate, hot pan ready to cool, she was about to lift the plate for breakfast, I made my move.

"Your ass is still so cute when you sway them." I spoke flirtatiously and as suave as I could. She reacted by fidgeting a second, almost grasping the plate. "Don't ever call my ASS-EEP!" She spoke but her reply was most expected but was quickly halted as a talon of mine sneaked a feel between her thighs moving up, passing her special spot, and moving between her luscious rear cheeks. She shuddered and froze, her mouth forming an "O" shape as she silently moan, that I knew she does so, paws left hanging in the air just in front of her chest as she reacted.

"Get's you every time." I said triumphantly as I see her turn a bit eyes staring fiercely back at me while her body stayed put, shivering a bit from my feel. "You-!" She fumed a bit from my own intrusion. "I couldn't resist feeling your soft furry ass my dear." I spoke once more, the same way I complimented her ass a bit.

"You and I know very well, I don't like that!" She snarled and sneered at me as her pose went back to normal. "Now, behave or I'll wiggle my ass on your tent." She started, as if countering my own intrusion. "Dear, I said cute, not sexy. My morning wood died when I was busy looking at the news." I informed her as I pushed my chair back a bit to show her that my shorts did not have the telltale sign of my cock hard pressed against my shorts. I just laughed a bit as my wife just huffed back to the plate and placing it softly at the table.

"I can't believe you still do that to me." Katrina whined at me as she started to undo the knot that led the apron to hug her middle. As she did so, she removed the apron off of her black furry body and fixed her red feathery headdress hair. "I couldn't help it, you're a nudist and you love me being like that." I started at her as she just looks me indifferently. "At least I respect personal space." She lecturing said to me as she walked around the table to the fridge.

"I'm so sorry Mrs. Cuckold, I didn't know you respected "Personal" Space." I spoke back, mockingly. She once more fidgeted by my remark as she looks back. "Dear, I admit to being a Cuckold, but I'm still faithful to you, you hunky piece of Cock." She smiled and displayed her ass a bit as she took out a carton of milk and Orange juice. "Well, that is the term for a spouse loving to see their mate be taken by another... unless I read that the wrong way." I said a bit worriedly.

"Don't mind that dear, I'm sure you got it right." She said caringly at me as she placed the items down on the table, and proceeded to walk her way to me. "Besides, you don't really have to worry about anything else." She said happily as she asked me to move the chair back some more. As I did so, I knew what she had in mind. She soon sat firmly on my lap, her ass hugging close to my crotch as her tail feathers somehow meld well, but not colorfully, to my fierce red feathery belly. "I'm sure Liana would love to have a good breakfast for having a real home now." She cheered happily and true to the fact, Liana came loudly down the stairs, her pads hitting more profoundly than what me and my mate can do with our trained footing.

The Kangaskhan mother made her way down yawning as she went. Her baby is now being carried as of this moment in her pouch as she saw us seated for breakfast. Without a word, she made her way and sat beside me and my mate, the seat to my left, on the chair on the length of the table. "Good morning to you." I greeted her to which she looked my way.

At the moment, her eyes looked at mine and somehow, I did not know how to answer or how to reply as her eyes was sending a message to me. What I could read from her eyes, from the feeling I got from her needy but safe aura, she was grateful and she was blissfully happy about the things now. With a huff from her we ate our breakfast with ease, a dash of silence and a pinch of giggles from the ladies. Another boring day is upon me.


After the sweet breakfast, and the many rear groping I gave my wife as we washed the dishes made the morning happy and quite safe, all for Liana's expense as she sat back down on the living room couch, attending to her own child. As I see it, a happy family is what Liana and her daughter needed. A smile crossed my beak as the atmosphere felt relaxed within the house, which my wife started to smile at me for accepting her wishes. The atmosphere only increased as Sandra, the Machoke female I deflowered the other night, arrived with a few bags on her.

Liana was surprised and happy to see another familiar face, expanding the mood within the house. It was somewhat swell for me, as a male to have 3 ladies under my roof and happy that my wife's wishes somehow fulfills the other ladies. The morning was escaping fast, and that noon was about to enter. Lunch was about to be cooked when the phone started to ring. "I'll get it!" I told the girls as they smiled some at me, thanking me as they continued to do girl talk... though I can't really call it womanly discussion now that they keep giggling about the things they say.

The ringing wasn't really that annoying but I picked up the phone, lined the speaker and receiver and answered, "Hello, you reached the Incinasius Household, Leonick Speaking" when I heard the voice from the other line, somehow my hearing went faint, my body stiffen and my blood chilled.

"Sir, I am here to inform you that your son, Blazer Incinasius was into an accident and is in a state of a coma. He is presently under the New Volt Beach Shore Hospital as of this moment and is being treated. He suffered from harsh and strong impacts to the back, neck and head. We may need you and your family to please come. Again, your son is in presently in our hospital..."

The whole time I listened, I could not fathom what has happened to Blazer, a few days ago were just moving to the beach house he had rented a room for. Now hearing this, my body could not move as it shaken with fear and even with chills that the worse could happen. Before I knew it the caller asked, "Did you get that sir?" "Yes, I understand, we'll go there immediately." I answered as I placed the phone down; thankfully, the phone was in the kitchen where my wife has just entered.

"Who was it dear?" She asked, her voice happy and cheerful at the moment but soon her smile was fading away as she noticed me. I was frowning, staring deeply into the phone; I could see she was worried by the corner of my eye. "What's the matter?" She asked me, coming closer, but knowing her, she could feel the atmosphere and even the mood that I was giving off as she approached me.

I turn my head for a second and true to what I expected she was frowning, worried and staring up at me. "It's about our son..." I said as deep and as quietly as I could. Again, knowing my wife, she wouldn't like the way I said what needed to be said. In a quick flash, I find myself, my wife, my 2 other ladies in the car, dressed accordingly, driving just below the speed limit as we made our way to the Beach side Shore, my mate crying in the back seat, as Sandra and Liana tries to cheer her up and the baby Kangaskhan that was affected by it.

To me, my only thoughts were about my son, only Arceus would know what happened to him. As we sped away, so did everything else I saw on the way. Before we knew it, we were at the front desk asking for my son. "He's in room 207" The nurse at the desk answered. We made our way, rushing past a bit, as Katrina wanted to dash her way past everyone. Thankfully, I was there to stop her from pushing, clawing or even barring her teeth at those in the hallway. Once the room we wanted was within view, I turn it and open the door, only to my shock, find Katrina Dash about, ignoring everything else as she cried her way.

At this, I find myself looking at a number of ladies in the room. About 4 in total were in the single bed patient room. One is a Garchomp, another is a Flygon, a Charizard of all places and a Noctowl, they looked worried and quite shocked to see me, not my mate, while all of them were female. "My son is too lucky for his own good..." I thought as I looked at them

As I entered, so did Liana and Sandra behind me as they take a peek at my son, as he was lying down on the white clean sheets. From this angle, you would see him asleep but knowing what the phone call told me, it was worse than it looks. Katrina soon was down to her knees, crying, holding onto our son's talons as she shook and shake it, begging that this was not happening. Though we were about to introduced ourselves, my Wife clearly snapped.

"WHO'S FAULT IS THIS!?" She shouted and true to her nature her claws were ready and was about to lunge at any of the others that was close to her, the Noctowl was stunned as she was the closest as of this moment. Katrina was in midair and much to my annoyance, was not currently needed at this moment. With a dash, I grasp both of my wife's claws with just one talon as I spun her around, my other arm wrapped around her waist as I hug her to my chest, claws down.

"Dear, no more outbursts..." I spoke softly as she stopped shaking and just sniffled up, tears still flowing out. I turn around, finding mouths, jaws and a beak agape. "Sorry about that." I apologized with a smile as I spun around to the large assortment of ladies. They were speechless for a while but it was the Charizard female that started to speak.

"Yes, well, I'm Ms. Vanity Crest" She said, as she looked at me, her eyes clearly worried as my wife soon quiet down a bit. "I'm Lorna Windstrum" Started the Noctowl. "I'm Leonick Incinasius, Blazer's father. You also have met, and seen my wife, Katrina's concern over this news. What has happened to my son?" I replied and answered politely to the two at they look at one another. "We were the owners of a dorm, which, your son had interest in using our gym facilities. WE had allowed him finally to this but an accident occurred..." They answered though they silenced themselves a little, fearing that something was missing.

"The accident in turn caused my son to go to a coma? Tell me, who was involved and or what was involved in this accident?" I asked to the two business looking ladies, considering their attire. "Well, it was with a treadmill, going about 50, a barbell stand, barbells included, a bolted on the floor bench and..." They trailed as if worried at what I was about to say if I heard so, which I might if they did not give me the answer. "An... Infernape..." Lorna answered to me as she tries to avoid eye contact. From the mention of an Infernape with the incident, the girls, including my wife flinched, paused and froze.

Now, their reaction isn't all that strange, it has become public knowledge that Blazikens, Infernapes, and Emboars have a slight peeve with the mention of any of the other two species. But I'm not one to care about that rivalry, basically, I didn't care. I just sigh as I let my mate down on her feet as the room was a bit tense, as if they expect me to react accordingly to the aforementioned Specie involved.

Again, I sigh as I look at the two. "It's fine, I'm not that kind of Blaziken" I assured them, to which all the ladies sighed their own relief. "That is good to hear, though the Infernape wasn't the only one that made the mistake." Vanity said to me, a sign of guilt on her face. At this point, Sandra and Katrina had seated themselves at one side, while Lorna stood behind the two, hugging her... our daughter in her arms.

"Can you please elaborate?" I asked the business like ladies. To which Vanity answered shakily, "My sister made this occurrence happen." She spoke to me as if concerned to an extreme. "And where is your sister?" I asked but was obediently replied by a voice that range from nowhere. "I'm here, it was my fault." The speaker soon appeared from behind Vanity as if her shadow had made its own body. "I am Sanity Crest, I'm the sister of Vanity and is also the other guilty person here." Sanity spoke to which I raise a brow in curiosity.

"I see, so you must be the Crest sisters from 20 or so years ago. Well, considering that I'm meeting a genetic breakthrough here, I'll pass you and the Infernape's faults." I spoke as calmly and as politely as I can think, suppressing my anger. My own answer shocked not just the sister but every lady in the room. "Why are you so forgiving?" Lorna asked as if it was one abnormal trait in any Pokémon. "There is no reason to dwell on something that is entirely a fault of something, not someone. Besides, my son is more important right now." I said, dashingly in my wife's point of view, to the ladies.

Everyone was somehow staring at me but I just put a smile and looked at my sleeping son's form. "He's more important now." I said softly as I made my way behind Katrina and my other ladies. "I see..." Vanity said calmly, as if understanding what I said and what I meant right now. "Then, We'll leave you be." Sanity added as the business ladies left the room, leaving the Garchomp and the Flygon. "Let me guess, Gar and Flin, the owners of the house my son rented for the remainder of the month?" I suddenly answered, remembering my son's plans and him being in a house of girls.

The two flinched some but composed themselves. "Yes, and it is a pleasure to meet our tenant's parents, especially the acclaimed Mr. Incinasius." The Garchomp female said as she looks down at me. Now I know how my son felt when he met her. "It's great that you are taking care of my son in your home." I replied back at the land shark female as she smiles. "It is of no problem sir, he did convince me and my friend here very well." Flin answered as she zoomed beside Gar. "We heard about Blazer's accident and felt that this was our fault for not assisting your son more." Gar spoke, more saddened as she looks at my son.

"Don't be, I'm happy that you ladies are concerned, but since his parents are here, there is nothing to worry about." I said proudly at some degree as I smiled through this as if the occurrence will blow over. The two dragon females looked at each other with smiles. "Then, you do not have any grudge at me and Flin?" Gar asked concerning a different situation. "Because of our misconduct, your son is in this condition." Flin added as the two ladies tensed a bit. Knowing my son, my wife's "family secret", I was worried about this.

"I'm not angry at you ladies, just please, do not force yourselves to my son. I mean it, don't go pushing your own interests with him." I spoke sternly as if I was ready to make a strike if they would flinch to which the two dragon ladies lean back some. "But, there's a contract and we-" I interrupted Gar from there, "Even with a contract, I expect you ladies to respect my son, considering he had to endure you ladies, and then some, even when he has accepted it." I lecturing like said as the ladies nodded their heads.

"Furthermore, my son needs a vacation; I hope you ladies can take care of your tenants well... and to solve your own situation with dignity." I spoke as if I knew what their problem was. The two dragonesses were frozen in place as if I hit the mark. Before they could speak, I pointed to the door to where a Froslass stood, inching back away from me. The two ladies sigh as if saying "You got us." "Don't worry ladies, I'm sure my son has it under control, or at least, giving you ladies some time." I said a bit jokingly as that perked the ladies from their stupor.

The two dragonesses just smiled at me, "Then, we'll be off. Need to get going." Gar said as she looks down at me. While she did so, Flin gave a loud yawn, which was heard by all the current occupants of my son's medical room, excluding the Froslass as she left when I did stop pointing at her, through the door I might add. Soon, the two females left the room; leaving me, my wife and my 2 other lovely ladies in the room as the evening sky roll on through. "So... we're staying for the night?" I asked to which my wife could not answer, her concern answering me enough.


That night, I was deep in thought; it took some talking with the staff and even the Hospital heads about me and my wives to stay. Thankfully they agreed for this one night and soon I was laying on one of 2 hospital beds. Liana insisted that she have her own with our daughter while Sandra and Katrina wanted to cling close to me. At this time all the girls are asleep and the night darkness filling the room. Some of the hallway's light still had a grasp of seeping into the room as the hospital needed to function 24/7.

I just relax over trying to recollect my thoughts when suddenly, I heard faint voices. I stayed quiet for a bit, trying to discern if I'm being haunted by a ghost type, a prank of their interest at this time. I looked left, right and even at the door as the faint voice started to become clearer and closer.

"Finally, you are here. We must speak, but not here. It is not safe here from those who listen intently." It said, a bit shilling but soft at the same time. I wanted to reply but I refused to speak as I would stir and wake Katrina and Sandra from their sleep. I stayed awake as if I could find the speaker but soon my eyes were starting to get heavy. "What the fuck!?" was all I could think about until I fell into a deep sleep.


"Wake up, sir Incinasius, I need to speak with you." A soft and serene voice spoke, as if waves of the sea singing happily with shells. "Who's there?" I spoke reflexively as I "open" my eyes to a brightness both searing but blessed. As my gaze was fixing itself, I found myself staring at a site that I thought impossible. There in front of me, stood one of the most beautiful female I have ever lay eyes on, not even my wife could compare.

I was staring straight at a Lugia, a very rare sight to see, even rarer still is to find one voluptuous and naked. In instincts, I had a hard-on, the hardest that I could ever have as this is my first to see such a legend stand before me while the second that my cock has achieved solid mode.

The Lugia female giggles at me as she looked down. "An impressive feat. I'm sure my mother chose right." She said as she continues to blush, bite her lip and even giggle at my pride and joy. Somehow, I could tell that she wanted me but my train of thought broke when I heard a most familiar voice.

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