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Trying to find 2 fics

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    Date:Jun 27, 2014 6:30 AM Title:Trying to find 2 fics
    Both stories i have read before but now i can't find them again. both are male/female.

    First one was a about female Raichu on her birthday when her trainer sent her a bayleef made of chocolate and is shocked that he is alive.

    the other is a trainer has only 3 female pokemon but he get's picked on by other trainers for not having a male pokemon. he tries all kinds of ways to catch a male and finds a new spray that would attract certent gender depending on pokemon's gender but he ends up getting a larg amount of the stuff on him and ends up in 4-way with his three female pokemon.

    If any can help me find these stories then that would be great.

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    Date:Jun 27, 2014 7:30 AM Title:Re: Trying to find 2 fics
    Unfortunately, I don't recall either of those two fics in the old fics archive. I haven't read through every single one, but it doesn't ring any bells.

    Do you know if it used to be on the AGNPH fics? If not, you might have more luck on FA or SoFurry.

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    Date:Jun 27, 2014 7:34 AM Title:Re: Trying to find 2 fics
    I could have sworn the love spray one was on the old angph site and i think they both predate gen 4 games.

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    Date:Aug 2, 2014 2:02 PM Title:Re: Trying to find 2 fics
    I do believe the second fic is Attraction Reaction by Charkonian.

    I also believe it'll be hard to find online, as if i recall Charkonian removed most of his stories from online.

    So here's this:

    Attraction Reaction by Charkonian
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    Table of Contents
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    Attraction Reaction

    Pete was a boy of 18 that you would know and trust, if given the chance. He was also very inventive; trying new things when you thought it couldn't be done. And it was this inventive quality that got him into the greatest situation that he has ever had in his entire life.

    Pete had three pokemon: A bayleef, a blaziken, and a vaporeon. All three of these pokemon were females, but that didn't bother him. He liked female pokemon; they were sensitive and fragile, and so very helpful. Pete loved each one of them, and trained them hard, just like any other trainer would. They respected him, and were very obedient. And, even though they were females, they one almost every battle they entered, especially if it was a team event; they were good as a team, and pulled off stunts that nobody would have dreamed was possible. They were his greatest treasures, and shared a bond that could never be severed. And although he loved his females, he wanted a male too. He had tried to use his females to his advantage, and use an attract potion to get one, but every time, something went wrong. Every time he tried to make one, the solution either smelled very bad, or just didn't work. He never did have the money to buy a real one, so he was stuck. But he never gave up, not even today.

    Pete was out one day, taking a look inside of a pamphlet he had found on the ground. It had several advertisements, but a really interesting one caught his eye. A page with a sparkling bottle of attract potion was shown to him. He looked at it for a second, and then at its description.

    ‘The Pokeplus Attract potion. Comes in three different strengths: light, average, and musky. Just spray on one of your pokemon, and the opposite sex will come flocking to it
    in no time! At you nearest retailer.'

    "The Pokeplus Attract potion, huh?" Pete said to himself. He looked at the balls on his belt clip. His three females rested safely inside. Pete had always wanted at least one male on the team, a nice big and strong one, like a machamp, to keep the females happy. But he could never find one. In fact, he was even teased about it, and people started calling him names like "Miss Proper Pete", saying that he was too weak to catch a male. He hated that, but it wasn't the female's fault; he just had a bad stroke of luck. But this potion could change all that. All he had to do was buy a bottle, and the males would come storming in! He turned around, and started to run to the nearest pharmacy he could find.

    Unfortunately for Pete, the nearest pharmacy was about a mile away, and by the time he arrived, he was very out of breath. He saw a billboard advertising the Pokeplus Attract potion. He ran inside the store, almost hitting his face into the automatic doors. He looked around, and to his amazement, there was an entire aisle lined up with the product. He could smell the potion coming from the pink bottles, and grabbed one off the shelf. It was very decorated, with heart patterns and lips, and lots of squiggly lines. He saw the word ‘light' near the title. Pete frowned. He needed something stronger than that. He grabbed the bottle on the next lowest row. It read ‘average'. Pete knew that he would need a very good attract potion if he wanted to turn things around for himself. He went to the lowest row, and picked up a heavy bottle. It read ‘musky'. But how musky was it? He continued to frown, and decided to buy all three. He ran over to the counter, and put the items up. The cashier scanned the items, and rang up the price.
    "That will be eleven dollars and twenty-three cents please." She said.
    Pete dug into his pocket, and pulled out the money, while the cashier bagged up the items. He placed the money on the counter, and dashed off. He hoped that he had counted correctly, because he couldn't wait to test this stuff out.

    Pete arrived at his home, unlocked the door, and headed straight for his basement. There was nothing down here but a small desk, some beakers and test tubes, and a gunsen burner. He unbagged the newly bought bottles of attract potion, and set them on the desk. He had a brilliant idea...if he couldn't make a decent one, why not buy one and make it better? He took the three balls off his belt clip, and tossed them onto the ground.
    "Come on out, girls." He said, as the balls hit the floor. All three popped open, and revealed Pete's three pokemon. They stood in a line in front of Pete, waiting. The blaziken looked somewhat upset, but the other two were smiling. Bayleef actually walked up to Pete's chest, and started to rub it with its head. The vaporeon just sat there, looking at Pete with a sincere smile. Pete looked at blaziken, and could tell what was wrong with it; he had accidentaly spilled a glass of water on her yesterday, and she was very upset because of it.
    "Blaziken...I'm sorry, okay?" Pete pleaded. "I know it hurt, and it was an accident...please forgive me, because I need your help."
    The blaziken looked at Pete and his sincere face. She sulked, and then she smiled. Pete smiled back.
    "Good. I'm going to need you girls to help me make a good attract potion..."

    All three pokemon backed away from him, fear in their eyes. They had helped him with these kinds of things before, and someone always got hurt or defiled in some way. Pete had tried to make a potion one day, and when he sprayed it on Bayleef, it only attracted grimer, and she was very smelly for a few days. On another note, he had tried to form an energy drink, but feeding it to vaporeon only proved it to be nothing short of a dehydrator, for her skin went very dry, and she constantly needed to be near a body of water. Blaziken had never been in an accident...yet...but she didn't want to start. Not one of them would move an inch closer to Pete.
    "Now look...I only want you to smell this...that's all..." Pete said softly. The three girls still didn't move.
    "All right about I buy you a dildo...will you help me then?"
    The girls seemed rather excited about that prospect, and went over to him immediately. Pete took the bottle labeled light, and put it to their noses. All three took a large whiff from the bottle, and moaned a little.
    "Okay...what about this one?" Pete uncapped the bottle labeled average, put it to their noses. After another large whiff, the girls moaned again, and started to fondle with their tail bases. Pete looked on rather uncomfortably...he had better not let them sniff the third bottle. He went back over to his desk, and pulled a beaker towards him, pouring some of the ‘light' solution inside. He then mixed in a little of the ‘musky' scent, and swirled it around. He held it back up to the pokemon's noses, and they whiffed it. They backed away quickly, shaking their heads. It wasn't a good smell.
    "Darnit! All right then...we'll take some of this...and add this, and heat it for a minute...okay. What about this?"
    The pokemon sniffed the beaker. All three of them sneezed together. That wasn't good. Pete sighed, and tried another mixture.

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    Date:Aug 2, 2014 2:05 PM Title:Re: Trying to find 2 fics
    And so, it went on like this for almost an hour, Pete making another solution, and the girls sniffing it, coming out with all kinds of reactions, like crying, burping, hyperventilation, and sleepiness. After what seemed like an eternity, Pete had finally come up with a good solution. He could tell because the moment the girls sniffed it, they fell to the floor, grabbing between their legs, which was leaking as though they had an orgasm. Pete was amazed at the outcome. If this was the effect on a female, imagine what would happen to a male? He put the solution into a spray bottle, and sealed the nozzle on. He had finally done it. He looked into the pinkish-purplish fluid, wondering what kind of male he should get. Maybe a charizard, or a kangaskhan...he forgot about it and ran back upstairs; he could get to that later. Right now, he had to go get that dildo he promised the girls.

    The very next day, Pete set out to a trail where no trainers were around. Since nobody was around, no one could tease him for screwing up, or make fun of him in the process. He took the three pokeballs off his belt again, and let out his female friends. They stared at him and the bottle he was carrying. He told them to line up in front of him, and when they did, he went behind their backs.
    "Okay, girls." Pete started. "When I spray this on you, walk around for a minute. If you find something, let me know." He pointed the bottle to his Bayleef, and sprayed it. She started to smell very good, but that was for Pete. It seemed to drive away Vaporeon and Blaziken from her. That was perfect. He then shot Vaporeon and Blaziken with the mixture, and after pausing for a long whiff, he sent them out on their own. Now all he had to do was wait.

    Fifteen minutes...
    Pete was still patient. He knew that things like this take time.

    Thirty minutes...
    Pete yawned. He was getting rather bored, and his pokemon had come back a couple of times.

    An hour...
    Pete started to go to sleep, but was awoken by his Bayleef, who looked pretty tired herself.
    "Keep'll work...I hope..." Pete said lowly. Bayleef went went back out.

    Two hours...
    That was it. It wasn't working. Point blank. He called his pokemon back from the field. They were very tired, bored and everything else that's dull. Pete sighed. Another day's hard work, and he was still nowhere near closer to achieving his goal. But he still wouldn't give up. Maybe...maybe he just didn't use enough. Yeah, that was it. He didn't put enough on! He took the bottle, and held it towards his Bayleef. He tried to spray it, but the trigger wouldn't go down. He pressed harder. It was stuck.
    "Oh...come on!" Pete yelled, as he tried to force down the trigger. This was ridiculous! It was just working a second ago! He pulled harder. Nothing. He held the bottle upside down to see what was wrong with the nozzle. He couldn't see anything wrong.


    The cap came straight off the bottle, flooding Pete down to the toe with the attract potion. The pinkish-purple fluids ran over his black hair, over his ears and nose, down his chest and back, wetting his pants, shoes, and socks. He was drenched. He threw the bottle down angrily.
    "Just great..." he said. "Another month's worth of savings...wasted." He was still dripping with the solution, wishing that he would have been more careful. There was nothing left to do. Going home and cleaning up was the only priority. He would just have wait until tomorrow. Reaching for his pokeballs, he turned around, and faced the girls.

    He stopped immediately.

    All three pokemon were looking at him with lustful smiles on their faces. Pete took a step back. That stare they were giving him wasn't normal.
    "Are you guys...okay?" he asked. The vaporeon ran over instantly, and tackled him onto the ground. Pete gasped in surprise. She never did this before...what was going on? The blaziken came over, and started to rub Pete's head with a gentle touch. Bayleef began to rub her head against Pete's crotch. That was it. Something was very wrong here. He looked down at himself, and almost died of stupidity. He was still drenched from head to toe with the attract potion. And he was a male. That meant...that...

    ...They were being attracted to him...

    "Oh, no...uh-uh! No way!" Pete said loudly. "Knock it off! You guys are just playing around! I know you are! Stop it!"

    They weren't listening. Bayleef had stopped rubbing Pete's leg parting, and started using her vines to unbuckle Pete's belt. Pete gasped again. But his breath was cut short as vaporeon lowered her head to kiss him. Pete was kissing a pokemon. This was so wrong, but her mouth was actually a little sweet. And as much as he hated to admit it, he was getting a little turned on by their actions. The weight of Vaporeon was a little painful, but he could endure it, not that he wanted to. He struggled to try and get back up, but Vaporeon was so heavy...he couldn't do it. Blaziken continued to rub his head, smiling at him with closed eyes. Bayleef was just about done with his belt. This was going way too far.
    "Knock it off!" Pete yelled. "This isn't funny anymore! Quit it!"
    The females continued to taunt him, ignoring his every request. Bayleef finished with his belt, and threw it aside. Pete looked up into Vaporeon's eyes. They were very compassionate and lustful, showing her sinful desire. Pete got scared. There was no way that he could let this happen...uh-uh...just no way. Bayleef took her vines, and started to pull down Pete's jeans. Pete was very turned on by this, regardless of the fact that these were pokemon. He felt himself start to harden. He tried to hold it back, but Vaporeon started to rub his chest with her paw, murring a little. Pete loved that touch; her soft blue skin made it all the better. Pete didn't wear shorts, so the only thing left was his briefs, which had a rather large lump in them. Vaporeon smiled as she used her tail to pull them down, kissing him at the same time. Pete's manhood, fully erect, came flopping up to hit her back. She jumped from the impact, and smiled as she turned around to get a good look. Blaziken and Bayleef also came over to look. Pete felt very embarrassed right now, not being able to see anything but the sky. Who knew what they were up to?

    "Hey! What the...ooooohhhhhh..."

    Pete moaned as he felt his member being caresses by something warm, slick, and smooth. It felt awesome...he had never felt anything like it before. He tried to look down past his chest to see what was going on. Luckily, Vaporeon had finally moved off of his chest, so he could see. Blaziken had started to suck right on Pete's manhood, driving him nuts. There was just no way that this was happening...but it was, and it felt amazing. Bayleef and Vaporeon went back to Pete's head, and Vaporeon kissed him again. Bayleef had went behind Vaporeon, and after a few seconds, Pete could feel Vaporeon stiffen dramatically. Bayleef had used one of its vines to dive inside of her hole, pleasuring her greatly. Pete could not forget the treatment he was receiving from Blaziken however. Her warm mouth clutched on his member with such ease, making him shiver in sensation. He felt her tongue slowly go along his length, licking him up and down. It was a pleasure beyond pleasure. She started to bob on it, and Pete actually began to buck with her. It was incredible. Vaporeon had stopped her kissing, and instead turned around to start licking Bayleef's hole. Her tail leaned to the side, so upon tilting his head back, Pete could see her wet vent right in front his face. He could see right inside, going all the way to her womb. Pete didn't know what was coming over him, but he felt somewhat enticed to explore it. He took his finger from by his side, and pushed it inside. The once wide spread slit contracted madly on his finger instantly, and Pete was scared somewhat. Vaporeon moaned into Bayleef's cunt. Pete knew that he was pleasing her very much, but not nearly as much as Blaziken was pleasing him. Pete was approaching his climax very quickly. He moaned and gasped over and over again, feeling Blaziken begin to move faster upon his throbbing manhood. Blaziken licked every corner of it, moving her lips upon the massive shaft swiftly and cunningly. Pete couldn't take it anymore. He cummed straight into mouth, and she lapped up every last drop that flowed from him. He had never felt anything like this before, and it could only get better by the second as his orgasm continued, shooting his seed into her constantly. Blaziken devoured the spilled essence wanting more as she sucked on his shaft. Pete continued to thrust his finger into Vaporeon's hole, feeling her moan and buck with him. He felt Blaziken take her mouth off of him, and she stood up. She then walked up to him, so that her legs were on both of his sides. Pete watched as she lowered herself right back onto his shaft, hearing her scream in pleasure. Pete moaned too, as this was so much better than the treatment from before. Her tight slit encompassed him completely, and for the first time in his life, he knew true pleasure. Bayleef was enjoying the licking from vaporeon, and vaporeon was definitely enjoying Pete's fingering. Blaziken was now sitting on Pete's crotch, her mouth quivering from the thickness of Pete's member, as pokemon were never made to be compatible with humans. However, she started to lift herself, and come back down in rhythm, sending shockwaves of overwhelming pleasure to Pete. Pete started to gasp at the feeling, seeing how his cock was guided in and out of her so smoothly. Bayleef, getting very close from Vaporeon's mouth-work, couldn't control her body's actions, and started to release her vines. Pete saw them waving past him, and grabbed one out of the air. He lowered it to his mouth, and started to suck on it. Pete her Bayleef begin to yell out, the sensation bringing almost too much pleasure for her to control. Blaziken's bouncing was getting a little faster. She began to hold her chest with one arm, using the other to stable herself on top of Pete by pressing it down on his chest. Pete used the hand that wasn't grabbing the vine to hold onto Blaziken's waist as he pumped into her. This was the greatest feeling on earth. Her insides were so warm and slick, and with every thrust, Pete could feel them tighten on him, compelling him to go faster. Blaziken screamed and screamed, feeling Pete plow into her relentlessly. Pete held Bayleef's vine in his mouth by sealing his lips, so that he could use the other hand to focus more on Blaziken. All three pokemon, were nearing their climaxes, and Pete was going for a second. Pete was pleasuring all three of his pokemon at once: He was pounding into his Blaziken, fingering Vaporeon, and sucking on Bayleef's vine. Pete was ready to climax any second now. But what he wasn't ready for was the orgasm that all three of his pokemon hit at once. Pete could actually hear the splashing of their love fluids as they careened from their bodies. Vaporeon licked up every drop from Bayleef, and Pete felt Vaporeon's juices flow into his black hair. Pete felt Blaziken's already tight hole tighten more as she brushed up and down his cock, and she yelled out even more. That was all that he could take. Pete came a second time, filling Blaziken with his seed again, this time in her dripping hole. Blaziken continued to hump Pete, and he loved every bit of it. The vine in Pete's mouth started to squirm uncontrollably, until it popped right out, too energetic to control. Blaziken finally slowed down, and stopped, too tired to continue. She fell onto Pete's chest, collapsing from extreme pleasure as Pete's seed continued to trace its way into her system. Vaporeon and Bayleef stopped their bucking, and rested on their bellies. Pete was exhausted. He could hear all three of his female partners panting from the session, not to mention the beating of their hearts. Pete was still connected with Blaziken, and she smiled as she nuzzled down her head, and went to sleep. Pete couldn't do anything until she woke up, so he figured that he should go get some rest also, and fell to sleep on his back, Vaporeon's liquids running along the bottom of his head.

    It was a miracle that nobody had seen that, but even after the little fun they had the other day, for the next few hours, Pete's three pokemon followed him wherever he went, trying to get him to mount them at every opportunity, even after he took a shower. Eventually, the potion wore off, but as soon as it did, Pete found himself going back to that very same pharmacy. As he put up three more bottles of Pokeplus Attract potion, the clerk looked at him suspiciously, wondering how he could've used so many bottles in just one day. However, she bagged up the items as Pete counted his money again.
    "That will be eleven dollars and twenty three cents." She said. Pete slammed some money on the counter, and dashed out the door. He hoped that he counted correctly, because all because of yesterday, he couldn't wait to get home.

    The End

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    Date:Aug 2, 2014 2:49 PM Title:Re: Trying to find 2 fics
    thank you Raw

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    Date:Aug 3, 2014 5:57 AM Title:Re: Trying to find 2 fics
    i cant find a story too it is m/f and the female is a purugly a boys sister get stung by beedrill and the parents leave but he stays and one thing leads to another.

    life is like a cabinent that no one been in for over 5 years you don't know if whats in side bites,stings or scraths but thats what makes it random just like me. o.-