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My Intimate, erotic, and sensual works!

    Mystical furry Genie
    Zana An
    Date:Jul 5, 2015 4:18 PM Title:My Intimate, erotic, and sensual works!

    Hey guys, these are just some things I've done, not been here for a long time so I thought I'd update a few pieces of art.

    Disclaimer for thread - All characters belong to their respective owners, aka I do not own pokemon, nor do I hold any ownership over anyones elses fursona. The characters I alone hold ownership to those I clearly express belong to me, if it's not said, then they're not mine. I'm simply an artist that chose to render a particular character in my own way.

    A raffle winner got this from me as part of free give away artworks, and this is Summer his girlfriends fursona-

    Meet Jasmine, who is part of a fictional collaboration between Captain Havoc, aka CaptHavoc123 and the co-star of Shooting Star



    This is Kaz the horny Bunny! 

    This character belongs to a friend of mine. Celestial being holds the respective rights to this girl. Her name is Kally

    Katt from Breath of Fire II was a request to be painted by Capthavoc123

    Mystical furry Genie
    Zana An
    Date:Jul 5, 2015 4:25 PM Title:Re: My Girls





    Sleep Harder~ ||=(>|3
    Date:Jul 5, 2015 11:07 PM Title:Re: My Girls
    It was a long time ago seeing you around MechaChick |=(:3

    Here, have a Rare Candy~! 'Cause last night I found out you have to dream sweeter~! |=(>;3c

    Friendly resident Cyndaquil
    Date:Jul 6, 2015 4:07 AM Title:Re: My Girls
    Long time indeed. Nice to see you're still hanging out around here!

    ~My fire shall always burn eternal~

    Mystical furry Genie
    Zana An
    Date:Jul 6, 2015 9:58 PM Title:Re: My Girls

    It was a long time ago seeing you around MechaChick |=(:3

    Hi, yeah, I came by curtest of Wilon who I was chatting to on skype haha. I thought I'd add a few things as he wanted to see some recent art I've done, so I thought why not. I also wanted to show him too ^^ It seemed a nice gesture just to throw them up here for him to see.

    Long time indeed. Nice to see you're still hanging out around here!

    Thanks, I'll add a few more pieces on here but I'm probably thinking of stopping art, I've kind of gotten bored of it. So probably returning more to the fictional side of things ^^ I have done an overhaul of the affections story which originally was only 4 chapters in total but is now 12. I'll post it up some time as it was received well. Not sure how it will be here but we'll see. I'm long forgotten as an author more than likely. :P

    Mystical furry Genie
    Zana An
    Date:Jul 6, 2015 10:21 PM Title:Re: My Girls
    Here's a few more for you guys to indulge. Let me know if you like any particularly.

    Just a quickie of Zana.


    Meloetta Anthro (She's pretty anthro as it is but what the heck, I wanted to add my own spin to her.)


    Cynder Anthro, A raffle winner's request.


    This is a birthday gift for belayalapa on FA.


    Another Raffle winner and his fursona Diantha.


    This is another Raffle winner that wanted to do my Sci-fi girl Z, so I let him in this piece. ;)


    Guess what? Another raffle win, yes XD This is Periosha's fursona, err I forgot her name haha.


    This is probably one of my favorite ones I've done. The raffle winner with my Neko Zana, her black renemon fursona being dominated.


    Mystical furry Genie
    Zana An
    Date:Jul 9, 2015 10:40 PM Title:Re: My Girls
    Let me know if you want to see more and I'll update more art if people want to see it when it's done!

    Mystical furry Genie
    Zana An
    Date:Nov 4, 2016 5:56 PM Title:RE: My Girls

    Here's something I forgot to upload last year but I've not done any artwork in over a year though. Hope you like! ^^





    This is another with my OC, the other characters belong to other people who won raffles etc which I painted. 


    snake demon/ human


    Let me know if you like! ^^

    Mystical furry Genie
    Zana An
    Date:Nov 2, 2017 1:13 AM Title:RE: My Girls

    Just some things I've been working on and here's the linework. Not painted in ages like 2 years... So I guess I'm rusty. These are all work in progress and will be painted come January. I'll be doing more linework in the meanwhile ^^


    Here's Minerva.





    Here's a Kitsune nine tailed fox thing, not the pokemon Ninetales. 




    Finally we have Jasmine the space mouse as I've not painted her in awhile. 



    Mystical furry Genie
    Zana An
    Date:May 24, 2019 11:25 PM Title:RE: My Girls

    Hi it's been forever since I posted anything here, but if there is anyone here that remembers me or enjoyed my stuff I'm updating it now ^_^ 


    Disclaimer, all art is fan art created by the artist, which is myself. I don't own any right to any characters, or am associated with any media or franchise. The only characters I own are Zana and Z (MechaChick) These characters all belong to their respective owners whom know who they are. 






    fan art.









    reworked artwork - 











    Let me know which one of these artworks were your favorite and what you'd like to see more of in your comment <3 These were from 2018, I'll update the 2019 art later ^_^