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    Artemus was a very troubled geneticist, troubled most by his past. In attempts to search for a cure to his genetic curse, he finds himself forced to adopt a new life, when things take a very sadistic turn on his behalf.

    At his side, his trusty companion is an Alakazam named Jonas, who uses a weighted staff to focus his psychic energies, and maintain his physical fitness.

  • Summary:

    Zero used to be a pokemon trainer, like most. As a Mewtwo, he has come to enjoy many of its perks. Thanks to winning a big wager, he now owned some property off of the Viridian Forest, and has an arena set up for non-traditional matches.

    Lyrum is a wet-behind-the-ears Kangaskhan, who's yet to have a joey, and well away from home.

    They find quite the bond together...

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