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A short flash-fiction story about a trainer and his Zoroark's nighttime antics.


The thrill of battle. It's what many trainers strive for and what many more use to motivate themselves. Top contenders in a special tournament hosting Mixed Martial Arts competitions between Trainers and Pokemon alike, Macy and her partner Pokemon Leon, a Hitmonchan, strive to win it all, and in the process, find a way to keep their growing taboo a secret...


My name is Jade and my story is one that may or may not be familiar to you. It is a story of finding love in the most unexpected of places. It is about the taboos of life and my struggles with guilt and temptation. It's a story that I'm sure you've all heard before, but not like mine. For my story is about the love I share for my most trusted friend Leo...

A Shiny Blaziken.



Every year, thousands of youths across the regions begin their Pokemon journey to become Pokemon Trainers. Some do it for fun, others for glory; whatever the motivation, all start fairly the same way: a trip to the local Pokemon lab to receive a "starter" Pokemon, the first of many they will encounter, battle with, and catch in their journey. At the age of ten, Krad Dashow is ready to begin his Pokemon adventure, but unknown to him, is the many twists and turns his journey will take him.

These are his stories.

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For as long as Kanto and Johto have known, the infamous group known as “Team Rocketâ€? has been a constant nuisance to the citizens all over the region. Not many know their origins and even fewer know their true motives. All that is known is there notorious thievery and misuse of Pokémon, with each branch being only inches out of the law's grasp. Every Rocket is a thief, every Rocket is a liar, and no Rocket can be ever trusted.

So what happens when a Rocket falls in love?