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Join the last Assassin, Tesla Nightclaw the Umbreon, on the most dangerous journey he will ever make.

Some unknown group, known only as the 'Black Shadow', has annihilated both the Assassin's and the Templar, leaving only one member of each group alive; Tesla, and a veteran Templar named Emily Renekta, an Espeon. When their paths cross a few weeks later, they both decide to team up to try and identify this new threat and take it down before it destroys everything.

However, the two lonely renegades soon become close, and they realise they must learn as much as they can about this strange enemy, or face utter destruction. With only a handful of allies, they must fight not only for the world, but for each other, as there is nothing as powerful as love and vengeance.


"Normal" isn't exactly a word Michael Lawson would use to describe his life. He's been expelled from 3 schools- but not because he's a troublemaker. Well, it wasn't his intention, anyway. Besides, the bullies deserved it either way, right?

Michael is looked at differently than others. He has strange golden, oval-like markings, one on each arm and leg. Now, that wouldn't really be much of a nuisance if they didn't somehow show through his clothes, becoming brighter the more they're covered up.

In the earlier years of his life, Michael had no friends because of those strange markings. Some of his classmates would make fun of him for it, but would soon regret it when his anger peaks and beats the stuffing out of them, then expelled for sending 4 or more kids to the ER.

In more recent times, his anger has been kept calm, and he has many close friends. They all think Michael's tattoos- or at least that's what they've been accustomed to be called- are actually pretty cool looking, and he is accepted for who he is, and is respected by many for his calm demeanor.

However, his role in this world is only beginning to be fulfilled...