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"Am I... dreaming?" Here is a compelling story about a woman named Rachel who talks to fictional people in her head. One of them is named Clyde. A water bending chameleon from a video game who loves to kill. One peaceful day Rachel finds herself wound up in a weird alternate reality where she meets up with the titular reptilian. Clueless and a little afraid, the devoted two embark on a quest to leave the bizarre world.



Xeron Sylphia is one of the most decorated soldiers in the Pokemon world. An Elite Infiltration and Stealth Operative, he has taken on and beaten numerous enemies in order to protect the innocent, and is always supported by his girlfriend, Emily Wildfire.  

But when an old friend turns rogue and threatens his very existence, he must battle against nightmarish creatures and former allies in order to not only protect himself and Emily, but to also uncover a corrupt plot to destroy the Pokemon world.