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These stories are a few of many that will be created for Someone's PC on Patreon ( ). This is a joint collaboration that you may wish to visit, if you like any of my past or current works. There are three other authors (Arcane Reno, BRN.Quil, and Xianyu) as well as two artists (Dark Violet and CanadianBacon.) working together on this project to produce monthly content of stories, artwork, and more. Regardless, I hope you'll enjoy these stories as an example of what we have to offer and what else may come in the future.

(Just as an fyi, "chapters" may or may not correspond with previous ones.)

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AGNPH Valentine's Day Un-Official Theme Submission

Valentine's Day is the day that everything is supposed to be perfect: a day of love when the best thing ever is to have someone to spend an evening with. But prospects for that perfection don't look good for Darin, a trainer who has lost both his license and his girlfriend in rapid succession. Luckily for Darin, his rather precocious Delcatty, Fela, takes it upon herself to teach him the steps towards landing the right girl for that special day. Will Darin have all the right moves in time? Or will he be doomed to spend the most romantic night of the year alone?