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AGNPH Valentine's Day Un-Official Theme Submission

Valentine's Day is the day that everything is supposed to be perfect: a day of love when the best thing ever is to have someone to spend an evening with. But prospects for that perfection don't look good for Darin, a trainer who has lost both his license and his girlfriend in rapid succession. Luckily for Darin, his rather precocious Delcatty, Fela, takes it upon herself to teach him the steps towards landing the right girl for that special day. Will Darin have all the right moves in time? Or will he be doomed to spend the most romantic night of the year alone?

Story Notes:

Thanks are due to ysrnty, who beta-read for me and gave me some great suggestions that made it into the final cut.

  1. Teach Me (21170 words) [Reviews: 2]

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    Reviewer: nerdpony
    Date:Dec 1 2014 Chapter:Teach Me
    I absolutely love this story. Firstly I'm a huge sap for romance and this story built its characters in such a way that the romance between fela and Darin was very satisfying. Likewise the sex scenes were quite nice, I enjoyed how it led up to the sex at the end with such things like kissing,foreplay and oral. Please keep being awesome.
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    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Mar 9 2015 Chapter:Teach Me
    *uses DoubleTeam to give you a standing ovation*

    Bravo sir! Excellent work! Words fail me. Quite a riveting tale from start to end. No mistakes, grammatical or spelling-wise, and the pacing flowed beautifully! Can't wait to see your next story.

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