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Chapter 1

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Mewtwo's Legacy
Chapter I
By Shadomew

Two adolescent Pokémon stood in a clearing in a lush forest, angrily starting each other down as a crowd of other teens watched with anticipation. To the north was a young Kirlia named Kelly, unusual in that her hair and some areas of her dress-like skin were a pastel blue instead of the usual green, her eyes and horns a vivid citrus orange.

The Pokémon opposite her had a feline body type, but with a tail as thick at the base as her hips; a very thin neck; and three long, bony fingers on each forepaw. Most of her short fur was a pale gray color, though her belly and tail shared a regal shade of violet with her large, intelligent eyes. Even this Pokémon herself couldn't identify her species; she could only be identified as Sabrina.

Both girls were sweating profusely, their labored breathing giving off the false impression that they had been performing strenuous physical exercise. An outsider unfamiliar with the two would think that they had been simply glaring at each other, stationary, for the last eight minutes, but the spectators gathered around knew what was really going on.

Sabrina and Kelly were waging a brutal war on each other in the realm of Aura. Only those gifted with psychic abilities could perceive this extra dimension in which all raw energy could be 'seen'.

Sabrina's eye twitched slightly as her opponent suddenly sent a rapid trio of threads of power at her barrier, prodding at the weak points. She managed to react in time to deflect these tendrils and retaliate with a fiery arrow of her own aimed between the two thin shields Kelly had conjured. As she had done with many of Sabrina's previous attempts at this attack, the Kirlia shifted the two walls so that they overlapped just before the strike. However, Sabrina noticed a very brief and subtle clue to Kelly's condition -- she was tiring just a little faster than Sabrina. The odd feline took the initiative to wear her down faster.

Before the Kirlia could attack again, Sabrina halved her barrier, using the freed mental power to launch nine separate offensive spears of Aura at her rival's shield. Just in time, Kelly angled her two walls of energy just right to block every single attack. However, she didn't have the time to fight back before Sabrina collapsed the last of her shield, focusing the power into a single brute force strike.

When Sabrina's attack struck the edges between Kelly's barriers, they immediately shattered, allowing Sabrina to penetrate the Kirlia's mind and use forces that affected the physical realm to thwart her opponent. Sabrina caught a quick rush of thoughts, emotions, and memories before her overpowered attack launched her enemy's body into a tree thirty feet away.

Sabina gasped and stood upright, coming out of her trance, to find all of the Pokémon in the clearing staring at her with expressions of utter shock on their faces. All except for the shiny Kirlia, who lay unmoving at the base of the largest tree in the border of the clearing. After a moment, two of the Pokémon in the crowd -- a Jynx and a Glaceon, Kelly's closest friends -- rushed forward to help the woozy Kirlia to her feet.

Kelly now sported a nosebleed and a slowly swelling inflammation on the back of her head. When she finally got to her feet, leaning on her friends' shoulders for support, she looked up at the odd feline that had bested her. Where Sabrina expected the usual cold glare, the Kirlia's face instead betrayed incredulous curiosity, and her eyes... admiration? No, that can't be right, Bri thought. Why would she admire me?

The cat glanced around the clearing to find that those few Pokémon who hadn't already left the scene had all trained scathing glares upon the oddball who had harmed the most popular female in the forest's adolescent community. Not wanting to find out which ones were actually planning on doing something about it, Sabrina immediately launched herself into the air above the dense canopy of oaks and maples that composed her home forest. Her eyes began to sting with the coming of tears as she realized the gravity of what she'd done. Mom would be furious....

Sabrina arrived home sobbing softly and floated straight into her room unannounced, plopping herself face-first into her grassy bed. I'm such an idiot, she thought. She's called me a freak a thousand times before.... Why did I snap today?

"Bri?" her adoptive mother called. "Are you crying? What's wrong, dear?" Sabrina felt her bed scrunch on one side under the Absol's weight as she lay next to the psychic.
"I'm fine," Sabrina mumbled into her bed.

"Right, well, 'fine' Bri doesn't cry into her mattress after coming home without saying hello," Abbi mused, rubbing her daughter with the blade-free side of her head. "What happened, dear?"

Sabrina sniffled a few times before lifting her head from the grass, still not looking at her mother. "I... I got in a - in a f-fight...." She briefly glanced at Abbi, whose expectant look prompted her to continue, "Kelly was t-teasing m-me... again... and I - I called her a... a...."


Sabrina sniffed loudly before blurting, "I called her a bitch!" She then immediately burst into tears.

Abbi rolled onto her side and pulled the feline into a kindly embrace. "Shh, Bri, shh...."

When Sabrina's throat opened up enough for her to speak again, she went on: "Then sh-she tried to u-use Confusion on m-m-me...."

"And you not only defended yourself, but retaliated too?" the Absol finished for her.

Bri buried her face in her mother's shoulder sobbing. "Yes! I'm sorry!" she cried. "I'm so stupid! I never should have--"

"Shh, Sabrina, dear," Abbi cooed, "you're not stupid. Everybody makes mistakes. I make mistakes. Mina makes mistakes, no matter how perfect she may seem to you. Kelly makes mistakes -- you should know that well," she offered consolingly. "And you make mistakes too. It's perfectly natural."

"But what's natural about me?" Sabrina asked, her voice breaking up. "She's right. I am a freak! Nobody's ever seen a Pokémon like me! I don't even know what I am! I'm freakishly powerful, and I can't even control it! I blasted her into a tree, and all I wanted was to paralyze her for a second so I could leave!!"

"Honey," her mother sighed, "you are not a freak. You're a little different from everyone else, but I love you very much, as do Mina and Jake."

"Jake likes me because I'm weird...."

"Then doesn't that make it something to be proud of?" Abbi inquired with a smile. "Your closest friend makes the best of it. Why do you care what your enemies think?"

Sabrina took a deep, shuddering breath. "I... I guess you're right," she mumbled into her mom's shoulder. "But what about Kelly?" she asked, looking the Absol in the eyes. "I bet she and her friends'll be all over me tomorrow! And if her parents find out...."

"Bri, dear," Abbi said softly, "we can talk to her parents about this if it comes up. And if her friends try to harm you... I think you're perfectly capable of defending yourself," she assured Sabrina with a wink, causing the cat's jaw to drop. "Now why don't you get your head on straight while I prepare supper, hmm?" she suggested, licking off her daughter's tear-stained cheeks before she sauntered out of the room.


"Good night, dear," Abbi said after dinner. "Are you sure you're okay with Mina staying the night with me?" she asked in a tone that suggested Sabrina ought to be disagreeing. "I've always gone to her den before. You haven't heard us scr--"

"Mom!" Sabrina whined, flinching slightly. "I get it! If you're... t-too loud... I'll yell, okay?"

"Your mother's just giving you our courtesy," said Mina, a Mightyena who stood about three inches taller than Abbi at the shoulder. "We wouldn't want to disturb you in any way," she offered kindly.

"It's okay, Mina," Bri replied. "I know you two are... lovers. I won't stop you from... you know, d-doing what you n-need to do," she stuttered. "If it were someone else, maybe, but you know I approve of you, Mina." It was true -- Mina was the only one of Abbi's girlfriends that Sabrina had ever really liked, perhaps because the wolf Pokémon had acted as her mentor since long before she declared her love for Bri's adoptive mother. "Go, uh... be... happy together. A-and stuff."

Both adults snickered before simultaneously kissing the feline's cheeks. "Good night, dear," Abbi repeated, walking off towards her bedchamber with Mina in tow.

Sabrina turned around to float to her own room, flinching when, instead of the reddish-brown baked-mud wall she expected, her vision was filled with a large amount of white and blue. With a sudden rush of adrenaline, she sent a spear of psychic energy at the intruder, who immediately deflected it.

"Sabrina, stop!" Kelly cried. "I'm not here to hurt you!"

Bri was instantly on guard, summoning a barrier of Aura with all her might. "Liar."

"No, really," the Kirlia insisted, raising up her hands. "I came to apologize."

The feline sent a tentative probe at her foe's mind, finding, to her surprise, that the shiny Pokémon wasn't even defending herself, and was indeed telling the truth. Sabrina sighed and relaxed -- but only a little. She kept up her barrier at half strength, just in case. "Fine," she mumbled. "Let's talk in my room."

"Okay, first thing -- what's with the sudden change of heart?" Sabrina demanded, glaring coldly at the blue-haired humanoid leaning against the wall. "Five months of constant insults, then suddenly you can actually speak to me without using the word 'freak'?"

"Look, I'm really sorry--"

"Because you got your ass kicked," Bri interrupted.

"No!" Kelly cried. "I'm serious!" She looked down at the floor with an expression of regret. "I never wanted to hurt you.... I've just been... fitting in with... my... f-friends...."


"No, really!" the Kirlia whined, looking into Sabrina's eyes with a saddened countenance. "You wanna know why I pick on you all the time?" Sabrina's response was simply raising an eyebrow. Kelly sighed. "I... I used to be a - a... f-freak. When I was little and living in a colony of mostly Gardevoir families, I always got teased for being shiny. I was 'that little blue-haired weirdo," she admitted. "When I moved here, I - I had to fit in... somehow. And since everyone who was anyone was trashing the outcasts...."

"So you're trying to convince me that it's nothing personal?" Sabrina asked with a tone of irate disbelief. "You're just trying to be 'cool'? 'Cuz being a jerk all the time is so not cool."

"No, I know, I just... ugh," Kelly sighed, closing her eyes and rubbing the corners. "But... it wouldn't be... a hundred percent true to say it's... not personal...."

"Well, what have you got against me?" Sabrina asked, suddenly affronted. "I've never done anything against you before today!"

"Do you know," Kelly asked, "why everyone messes with you so much?"

"'Cuz I'm a freak," Bri replied in a 'duh' tone.

"Because they're afraid of you," the Kirlia explained. "Believe it or not, you scare them because you're mysterious. Nobody knows what species you are, so how would they know if you're not, like, a legendary or something?"

"Oh, whatever," the feline drawled. "And what do you mean, 'they'? All of the sudden you're not among them?"

"W-I..." Kelly stuttered, "what I mean by that is... they all fear you, but I - I... I... admire you."

Bri's jaw dropped. "I.... Run that by me again?"

"I admire you," the blue-haired girl replied. "I like you. I just can't admit it in front of... m-my... friends."

Sabrina blinked several times, staring off into space as she tried to digest this information. "Y-you.... But then why are they your friends if they don't even know you for real?"

Kelly swallowed silently before responding. "I was just... trying to fit in. They were the... cool ones...."

"They're a bunch of assholes!"

"I know," the Kirlia whined. "But what can I do about it now? If I just suddenly stop being preppy and bitchy and fake... then everyone will hate me. All the decent Pokémon already don't like me, and my friends...."

"You must have a few decent friends," Sabrina insisted, beginning to sympathize with her enemy. "And really, what are you afraid of? You won't get teased about your color here. Everybody here thinks you look cool in blue."

"I..." Kelly started, blushing and looking down at the floor. "That's n-not... the only reason I-I was teased before...."

The feline sighed, floating up to Kelly and resting a paw on her shoulder. "What is it?"

Kelly exhaled loudly, blushing more deeply and avoiding Sabrina's eyes. "Well, I'm sure you could guess h-how the others would r-react if - if I... told them that... y-you c-cracking my mind a-and blasting me into that tree... r-really... turned me on...."

Sabrina flinched. "Dah - I - ah - what?!"

"Sabrina," Kelly whimpered, twitching her shoulder out of the feline's grip, "I - I have a crush on you!"

Sabrina scoffed quietly in awe. "B-but... I'm a girl!"

"And I'm a... lesbian...."

"But what about all those males everyone thinks you slept with?"

"I... I did," the humanoid muttered, a profound shame coloring her voice. "I actually did have sex with... most of the males in the forest.... Hated every second of it...." She looked up at Sabrina, still flushed, and asked, "Can you forgive me, Bri?"

"I - I... guess," the feline stuttered, trying and failing to take in everything she'd been told.

A tear slid down the Kirlia's cheek as she stepped forward, embracing Sabrina. "Thank you... so much, Bri...."

Sabrina patted Kelly on the back, still staring off into space as her former rival buried her face in the feline's neck. Kelly responded by stroking Sabrina's back and sides. Bri was snapped back to awareness when she felt Kelly's soft, thin tongue slide up her neck.

"What the hell are you doing?!" she cried, jumping backward away from the shiny Kirlia.

Kelly's eyes began to water. "I - I just..." she trailed off, subsequently crying with her head in her hands. "Aaah!" she exclaimed in frustration. "Now you hate me," she sobbed.

"Kelly," Sabrina sighed, "I've always hated you." Seeing that this didn't help at all, she hastily added, "But I respect you now!"

"Umm... wha...?" the humanoid vocalized in disbelief.

"Listen," Bri said softly, "I appreciate you coming to apologize, and I'm - I'm really flattered... that you... l-like me.... I just... don't... like... girls that way, y'know?"

"I - alright...." Kelly slouched and began to walk out of the room, stopping when the feline Pokémon's hand once again rested on her shoulder. She whirled around, looking into Sabrina's eye with a blend of fear and hope.

Bri hesitated for a moment, looking down at the floor. "Kelly," she said, looking back up at the girl, "do you want to have lunch with me tomorrow? I'm turning fifteen. My moms are taking me and my friend Jake - he's a Zigzagoon - to the Petalburg beach tomorrow morning," she elaborated. "We're gonna eat and hang out until--"

"Wait," the Kirlia interrupted, "did you just say moms? Like, plural?"

"I - yeah," Sabrina replied, caught off-guard by the interjection. "My mom - well, adoptive mom - she's gay."

"Oh," Kelly murmured, her face brightening slightly. "S-so, you... are you cool with...."

"I don't care that you are," Bri reassured her. "I told you, I just don't swing that way myself. Anyway, you wanna come?"

"For real?" the Kirlia asked, smiling widely and wiping away the last of her tears.

"For real," Sabrina confirmed, returning a warm smile.

"D-does this mean... we're friends?"

The feline looked off to the side for a moment, thinking, before her smile returned. "On one condition: You have to be this you, not popular you," she said, pointing at the Kirlia's heart.

Kelly's smiled widened even further. "Thank you! Thank you so much! I - I've never had any... real friends," she muttered bashfully.

"Well, head on home before your parents get worried," Bri suggested.

"I don't really have a curf--"

"Not the point," she interjected. "I wanna go to bed, okay?"

"O-okay," Kelly replied. "So I - I'll see you tomorrow... Bri!" she stated happily. They waved good-bye to each other as the Kirlia skipped out of the den.


"Oh! There she is!" Sabrina exclaimed cheerfully, pointing at the closest dirt road into Petalburg City. Kelly had just walked out of the human settlement, her eyes scanning the beach for her new friend. "Over here!" Sabrina yelled, floating up in the air and waving her arms widely.

Kelly smiled and broke into a run. "Sabrina!"

"What's she doing here?" Jake asked scathingly, his brown and tan fur ruffling, as Sabrina came aground again.

"Umm, she and I made up last night," the feline stated, rubbing the back of her neck bashfully with a paw. "She's not really all that bad."

"Are you kidding?" the raccoon asked in an accusatory tone. "You hate her. Everybody hates her! She's a total meanie!"

Before Sabrina could respond, Abbi interrupted, "Jake, sometimes people aren't always as they seem. I think we should give the girl a chance."

"Oh, alright..." the Zigzagoon muttered grumpily. "But I don't trust her."

"Grow up," Sabrina said, rolling her eyes.

Just then, Kelly came to a sliding stop in front of the group, kicking up a little sand by accident. "Hey, Bri. So who are your friends?"

"Come on," Sabrina replied, "we'll chat over lunch."

They gathered around a checkered blanket that lay flat on the beach not far from the short cliff that separated sand from grass. On the blanket were dozens of berries of several varieties, encompassing a wide range of flavors and textures. The Zigzagoon positioned himself between Bri and the Mightyena, while the Absol sat close to the canine opposite Sabrina. Sitting down between Sabrina and Abbi, Kelly took a single Chesto berry for herself and glanced expectantly at Sabrina.

"Okay, so," Bri began, "everyone, this is Kelly. Umm... former worst enemy?" she said with a chuckle. Kelly blushed slightly at this, looking off to the side. The Absol and Mightyena both laughed softly, while the Zigzagoon simply glared at her. "Kelly, that's my adoptive mom, Abbi," Sabrina continued, gesturing at the Absol beside Kelly, "her lover, Mina," she said, pointing at the Mightyena next to her, "and my friend, Jake," she finished, patting the raccoon Pokémon on the head.

"How did you and Jake become friends?" the shiny Kirlia asked after finishing a bite of her berry.

Sabrina smiles, her eyes betraying amusement. "It's funny.... As weird as it may seem for me, the first thing my best - and only, until just now - friend ever said to me was, 'Wow, you're the strangest Pokémon I've ever seen!'"

"But I liked her for it," Jake added with venom, pointedly glaring at the Kirlia.

Sabrina frowned at the boy. "Jake, chill," she whispered. "She's alright."

"Yeah? Whatever," the raccoon retaliated. "Why do you like her? Just sucking up 'cause she beat you senseless?"


"Listen," Kelly said sadly, "I know I've always been mean to you guys. Just give me a chance to explain." When the Zigzagoon grumbled and went silent, the Kirlia proceeded to explain what she had told Sabrina the previous night. By the end of her recount, all the others seemed a little more at ease, including Jake.

"Hmm... typical bully behavior," Mina mused. "Nearly all Pokémon who intentionally cause others pain do so to relieve their own pain in a way they understand," she said wisely. "It seems your conversation with Bri last night has opened your eyes somewhat. There are better ways to dull your emotional stress."

"And I want you to know," Abbi added kindly, "that you're among friends here. Hell, we're all outcasts in our own ways."

"What do you mean?" Kelly inquired with a slightly confused look.

"Well," the Absol replied, "I'm far from where my species normally populate, and a lesbian to boot. Jake tends to be really hyper, which drives most Pokémon he interacts with insane...."


"You know we love you," Sabrina reassured him, stroking the jagged fur on his back.

"Sabrina is unique -- her father is the only other member of her species that ever existed, believe it or not. You yourself are unusual in your coloration and sexual orientation."

"What about you?" Kelly asked, pointing at Mina with a pinky.

"Well," the Mightyena mused, chuckling as she leaned closer to the Kirlia, "aside from the fact that I'm homosexual... the females of my species are often looked down upon because most people misinterpret us as hermaphrodites."

"What?" Kelly said in disbelief. "Why?"

Mina hesitated, exchanging a glance with Abbi, before explaining, "When I am aroused, my clitoris stands about four inches in length. Many Pokémon think it's a penis."

Kelly stared at her open-mouthed for a moment, a slight blush discoloring her face. "O-oh.... That's... interesting...."

The Mightyena smiled slyly. "Most Pokémon misjudge me, but Abbi," she mused, leaning against her lover, "seems to enjoy the... possibilities."

"Mina!" Bri whined, looking mortified. "Not in front of my friends!" Everyone laughed at her for a moment before Sabrina finally broke down and joined in the merriment.

Shortly after they had finished eating all the berries they could handle, a shadow passed over them blanket. Sabrina looked up to see a Dragonite and a Charizard spiraling down toward them. "Oh, boy," Bri whispered to herself, both excited and nervous.

The dragons landed nearby, blowing a lot of sand into the air around them. "Sabrina?" the Dragonite called out, looking at the feline through the dust. "Is that you?"

"Who else could I be?" she retorted good-naturedly.

"You must be Goldie," Mina ventured, addressing the Dragonite, "and Charlie?" she finished, looking at the Charizard.

"Aye, that'd be us," Goldie replied in a thick Irish accent that nearly made Sabrina giggle. "Abbi, lass, it's so good to see ya again, and Sabrina -- my, yeh've gotten so big! Yer father'll be so happy to see ya, don'tcha know?"

"Your dad's coming?" Kelly asked Bri. "When?"

"Oh, no," the feline corrected her, "he's not coming here. I'm going to his home."

The Charizard stepped up next to Sabrina, placing a clawed hand on her shoulder. "That's right," he said gruffly, "and the sooner we leave, the sooner you can finally meet your family, kid."

The Kirlia's mouth fell open in dismay. "I - you - y-you're leaving?"

"Oh my gosh, did I forget to tell you last night?" asked Sabrina, putting a hand up in front of her mouth. "I'm so sorry! I meant to say so. Mom's been promising me for years that when I turned fifteen, I could go meet my real parents."

"Oh," Kelly intoned sadly, her shoulders drooping considerably. "Well, you'll be back soon, right?"

"That depends," Charlie answered before Bri could reply. "If she decides she likes life on the island better, she's welcome to stay as long as she wants."

"So I don't know if I'll ever be back," Bri finished dismally. "I'm sorry, Kelly...."

"Aww... just when I finally got to know you...."


Charlie cleared his throat loudly. "We'd better get going. Your old man wants to see you before dusk."

"Okay," she murmured, following Abbi, Charlie, and Goldie to the edge of the beach. She took a backward glance to see that Jake had already bolted into the woods, Mina lazily following, while Kelly skulked off toward the nearby human city, her head hanging low and arms drooping listlessly at her sides. "Umm, just a second. I'll be right back."

Before the others could respond, Sabrina flew over to Kelly's side, turning her around with a paw on her shoulder. Whatever the Kirlia was about to say in reaction was cut off as Bri pulled her into a sloppy tongue kiss, embracing the shiny girl tightly. Kelly quickly took control of the kiss, realizing Sabrina obviously had no experience in this area, and held the back of the feline's head firmly.

When at length the blue Kirlia gently pulled away, she began to ask, "What was--?"

"Don't lose hope, Kelly," Sabrina said softly. "Screw what your so-called 'friends' think. Just be yourself. Then you'll make some real friends."


"And I know you like me," Bri continued, "but believe me, some day you'll find someone - a girl - who treats you like you want to be treated; who really cares about who you are inside; she'll be everything you ever dreamed of, and you'll be so happy, and look back and realize I was just a silly teenage crush. Don't give up."

Tears of mingled joy and sadness welled up in Kelly's eyes. "I - oh - th-thank... you...."

Sabrina smiled, planting a brief peck on her former foe's forehead. "Good-bye, Kelly."

With that, she turned around to see that the dragons had already taken flight, Charlie carrying Abbi on his muscular back. Sabrina couldn't quite tell from this distance, but she thought she saw splotches of red among the Charizard's dull orange scales. She immediately flew after them, looking back at Kelly one more time with a farewell wave.

Chapter End Notes:Woot! First chapter done less than a week after the prologue, I'm on fire!
So in this chapter, we got to meet Sabrina and learn about her past, her environment, et cetera, just in time for her to be yanked out of it. But will this modest country girl be able to fit into the mysterious new lifestyle of her regal blood relatives? Only time will tell...
I got a few positive reviews on the prologue, yet most of the comments were on my grammar. As much as I like the praise, I would like to receive more comments and criticisms regarding the story itself, my style, etc. so I know if there's anything I can improve on. And if something in the story reminded you of something else, don't hesitate to say so. I like finding obscure connections and the like.

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I'm a little unsure what exactly I'm going to do with the next chapter right at the moment, so I can't guarantee I'll have chapter two up next week. Who knows, it might be a month before I've got a solid plan, or I might have the chapter ready to post tomorrow. Either way, keep an eye out!

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