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Story Notes:

This is my very first fanfic, as well as the first story I've ever posted to the Internet. Comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated!Also, if you don't want to repeatedly post reviews to chat with me, shoot me an email at [email protected] on hold.... Please see "Argh!" (A Letter to the Readers) for more details.

Chapter 2

I don't own Pokémon. This is what's called a fan fiction. I'm using some characters, locations, and concepts that I didn't invent as a means through which to tell my own tale, but giving credit to Nintendo and The Pokémon Company for creating the basis of this story. To paraphrase MC Hammer (whom I also don't own): U Can't Sue This.

Mewtwo's Legacy
Chapter II

By Shadomew

Sabrina rushed to catch up with her escort, who had impatiently taken off while she'd been giving her new friend a final good-bye. The two dragons both pumped their powerful wings, gaining altitude with haste. As fast as Goldie, the Dragonite, was flying, Sabrina was utterly shocked that Charlie, the Charizard, could keep up so easily while also carrying her adoptive mother.

As she finally began to significantly close the distance between herself and the dragon Pokémon, she was able to confirm something she was unsure of before: Charlie's head, back, and neck were pocked with large dark red rings. She could tell they weren't open wounds, but that still left her questioning whether these were raging bruises or something more benign.

"Hey, Charlie!" she called out over the deafening headwinds as she finally reached the large drake's side.

"Yeah?" he shouted back, briefly looking her in the eye before focusing once more upon the horizon.

"What are all those red spots?"

"What - oh, yeah..." he trailed off, muttering something too low for Bri to hear. Abbi was obviously close enough to hear the Charizard from within his embrace, and she rolled her eyes at him as he continued loud enough for Sabrina's ears. "They're just patterns on my scales. Your dad'll probably explain everything to you when we get there, I don't want to spoil anything."

"Spoil anything?" Bri repeated aloud, too softly for the others to catch.

Charlie cocked his head to the side, looking at Abbi, and whispered something to her, followed by a nod from the Absol. "Okay, so yeah," the drake yelled, "I'm gonna leave everything for your parents to explain, since Abbi never told you."

"Told me what?"

"All in good time, lass," Goldie affirmed softly into the young Pokémon's ear, somehow managing to rest a motherly claw on Bri's shoulder despite the fact that they were in midair and moving nearly seventy-five miles per hour. "Yer father'll keep ya pretty busy with all the'xplainin' 'e's got to do over the next few days."

Sabrina sighed, her anticipation now heightened due to the big secret everyone but her seemed in on.

When at last they arrived, Sabrina was blown away by what she saw. "My parents live in a CASTLE?!"

Charlie laughed raucously, resting his claws on his belly after putting Abbi down beside him. "Hahaha! Kid, you surprise real easy. Maybe I should let you in on a few more things before your jaw falls right off in front of your old man, hehe!"

"I thought we'd all agreed it'd be best for Mewtwo an' Felicia to explain ev'rything 'emselves," Goldie said, throwing the Charizard a warning look.

"I'm not gonna tell her that," he replied calmly, cockily raising a scaly eyebrow at her. "Sabrina, I just don't want you to piss yourself in front of your folks when you find out you're being assigned a personal servant, you've got a room to fit a queen, and you've got seven older siblings."

Bri was honestly surprised she didn't piss herself on the spot. "D-d-did you say... seven...?"

"Three brothers and four sisters, yep," he elaborated with a humored grin. "All Persians. Didn't think you had such a big family, didja, kid? Hahaha."

"I - th-that's... wow," she stuttered as the large dragon led her toward the castle.

"If that's too much for ya, though," the Charizard offered, "you can chat with my girl, Claire. She's eager to meet you at dinner. She's a bit older than you, but I think you'll get along fine."

"Umm, okay. Thanks."

When they finally reached the enormous front doors, Bri flinched as Charlie slammed his tail against the door, creating three explosive thumps. Shortly afterward, the doors silently drew back to reveal a blue, black, and yellow canine Pokémon, just a few inches shorter than Sabrina, who immediately bowed at the sight of her, his towel-toting forearm flat across his chest.

"Mistress Sabrina," the Pokémon intoned softly in a masculine, yet sweet voice, "your family awaits you in the dining hall." Standing back upright, he addressed the others. "Miss Abbi is welcome to join the feast as well. Sir Charlie and Madam Goldie, my lord sends his deepest gratitude and bids you both a pleasant evening," he finished with a curt nod.

"Well," Charlie rumbled, patting Bri on the shoulder, "have fun, kid."

"A little word of advice to ya, Bri," Goldie said quietly, leaning down next to the psychic's head, "they may be royalty on this island, but just be yerself. If ya hafta go outta yer way to be proper, don't worry about it."

With that, the two dragons said their good-byes and flew off in opposite directions, leaving Sabrina slightly puzzled as the canine servant ushered them inside.

"Hey, M-er, Abbi?"

"Yeah?" the Absol replied, smirking at her adoptive daughter's difficulty in grasping that she wasn't 'Mom' anymore.

"How come they didn't go together?" Bri asked. "Charlie and Goldie, I mean. They went towards different caves."

"Oh, they're not mates, if that's what you're getting at," Abbi replied. "Charlie's got a mate and at least one kid already."

"Charlotte passed away eight years ago," the servant murmured soberly. "Sir Charlie has only one child, Claire, and has not taken a new mate."

Abbi froze in her tracks, causing Sabrina and the canine to look back at her when they realized she wasn't beside them. "Did... did you just say Ch-Charlotte's... dead?"

"I'm afraid so," the male confirmed. "She fell to an illness I believe my lord referred to as 'cancer'. While he is a skilled physiologist, Lord Mewtwo could do nothing to cure Miss Charlotte."

"That's... so sad," Abbi mumbled, her eyes watering as she resumed walking beside Bri and the servant, now staring at her feet.

Sabrina, meanwhile, took the silence as an opportunity to examine her surroundings. All the talk had made her miss the atrium, but the hallway they now passed through was unlike anything she had ever seen before. In some ways, it was much like what she had seen of human dwellings: walls made of stone, cut to be perfectly straight; miniature artificial suns hanging from the ceiling in what looked like flowers carved out of thick ice; various items chiseled from wood, some for decoration and some which surely had some practical use that Sabrina couldn't fathom. The floors were coated with lustrous red fur, and at the meetings of the floor and each wall were rounded bars of gold.

The hallway had many dark wooden doors leading off from each side, but the canine Pokémon led Sabrina and Abbi directly forward to the largest of the doors at the end of the hall.

"This is the dining hall," the servant explained, stopping in front of the large doors to face the females. "The meal is currently being prepared, but I'm sure your family will keep you busy."

Bri's heart skipped a beat. My family... She had no idea what to expect. The mystery of what lay on the other side of those double doors was both enthralling and terrifying at the same time.

"You ready, kiddo?" Abbi asked warmly, a compassionate smile on her face.

Sabrina took several deep breaths before answering. "O-okay. Let's go."

The male bowed his head and opened the left door.

Through the threshold, Bri could see a large room, decorated with various abstract golden sculptures and designs on the backdrop of more marble walls and deep red carpet. Several Pokémon had been talking amongst themselves a moment ago, but had all immediately turned their attention to the entrance. Bri counted a Hitmonlee, a shiny Charmeleon, four Nidoqueens (three of them abnormally small), eight - eight! - Persians, and...

Her heart stopped again. At the head of the table, staring back at her with a similar look of mingled shock and joy, was a large gray and purple feline Pokémon who could only be her father.
Chapter End Notes:Cliffhanger! Yay!

Yes, I know, this chapter's kinda short, and doesn't get much accomplished. I've been having a hard time finding the time to work on Mewtwo's Legacy lately. I keep coming home wiped out from job hunting and house work.... The job hunt's looking up though, so maybe things'll be better for me shortly. ;)

Anyhoo, I haven't a clue when the next chapter will be out, but one way or another, I'm gonna make sure it happens. Let me know what you think.

Also, I want to put in some non-clone Pokémon, but I'm having a tough time figuring out which. If you have any character ideas (or, I dunno... *coughsexscenerequestscough*), feel free to post in a review.

Thanks for reading!


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