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This story is an old one that I had started and then never finished until today. I sorta back burnered it while work on stories and things. I am happy as to the way it came out but it is a bit short as compared to the others of the "Dark Passions" series. I blame it on conflicting styles since this story started with my intermediate style at it's first stage as I say. And I got tired of looking at it incomplete. For those how view the .rtf version you'll think that 9 pages is not short compared to some my others which are 6-7 pages but believe me I have written a 'Dark Passions" story at 10-12 pages.

This story starts with Xialyn a pink and white Vulpix coming home from being on vacation. While walking, she falls victim to a male, deeply rooted in the ways of "Dark Passions".

Original Completion Date: 6-12-2010

  1. Chapter 1 (4944 words)

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