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I deleted this to fix some of the major issues with it.

This is a story involving cub, twin males. Two Umbreon Males. I really like their names. Also this not my best work. I have had problems in the process of writing this. Mainly personal problems that had took an emotional toll against me so it much shorter than my other stories. I have been unable to think properly lately but I figure I close the scene here and post it anyway.

Please bear with the shortness of this story, I do apologize for not writing like I should, so keep any rude and heavy negative comment to yourself! I do not want any issues with other writers who feel they should talk bad about some because their writing is not Stephen King worthy. Like I said, I had an ass load of issues while writing this originally over a year ago.

Original Completion Date: 3-5-2009 (FA)
Posted Here Originally in Late 2010

Story Notes:

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  1. Dance Under The Moon (3129 words)

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