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Chip buys a moonstone from Clefairy Tales Inc. so that his best friend, a nidorino named King, can evolve into a nidoking like he promised that he would.

However, there were a number of very unexpected changes that came with the evolution.

Story Notes:

Shinji mentioned to me that he has been hoping to find a good nidoking rule63 fic. So as a christmas present, and a thank you for taking one of my non-club-related requests, I decided to write it for him. As you can see, I missed Christmas. Oh well. Here it is. My second nidoking lemon...*clears throat* I make no money from this, I do not own pokemon. Gamefreak, Nintendo, and those guys *gestures vaguely* do. So yeah, don't sue me please.Neither is Spells-R-Us my creation, and as such it is copyright whatever pervert came up with it. God bless that sunovabitch. However, ClefairyTales Inc. is mine.

  1. Generic Porn Title Number 1 (6025 words)

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