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Tyrants will always create their own worst enemy, the one to bring about their downfall rising from among the people they oppress. For too long, the pokemon world has suffered under the rule of one corrupt exploration team. This is the story of those who took a stand, and battled tyranny. It is a story of love and loss. Of lives, families, and friendships forever torn asunder.

This is a companion story to "Team Sea Forest Fire" By Poke Fan.
Written with permission.

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  1. Shadows, and something a little more Sinister (2239 words) [Reviews: 1]

  2. Moonlight Escapades, sans the Violence (2190 words)

  3. That Worn Out Time Traveling Lark (3106 words)

  4. Update (954 words) [Reviews: 1]

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    Reviewer: poke_fan2
    Date:Feb 12 2015 Chapter:Shadows, and something a little more Sinister
    If anybody is wondering why Sea Forest Fire has not been updated in so long, it's because I somehow lost access to Poke Fan, even after changing the pass word several times. It keeps saying the account doesn't exist, or the password is wrong. So I'm going by Poke Fan 2 now.

    Good work on your story, by the way. ^_^
    Reviewer: poke_fan2
    Date:Feb 12 2015 Chapter:Update
    Damn, sorry to see you quit the story because of me! I wasn't sure AGNPH was going to be around for much longer when I was writing TSFF, and only recently discovered it continued to exist as AGN.PH

    I've also lost access to my original account for reasons I still haven't figured out, even though I've requested a password change at least 3 times and it still doesn't work. In the future, I might continue the original story as Poke Fan 2, if I get enough motivation to do so, and if I can remember what the original plot I had in mind for it was. This was years ago, mind you.

    I'm flattered you would make a companion story to one of my stories, and I've actually seen another writer who saved one of my older works on the site. I didn't expect people to enjoy my work this much. So thank you for being a fan, and once again, I'm sorry you lost interest in this work because of me.