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A collaborative work.

A pikachu girl fleeing from danger gets separated from her pack in the night. When she wakes, she finds out a raichu found her unconscious and brought her back to his den. Through various trials, they eventually form a bond.

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  1. A Pikachu's Plight (17730 words) [Reviews: 2]

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    Reviewer: wolf
    Date:Oct 4 2012 Chapter:A Pikachu's Plight
    NOOOOOO! It can't end! Damn you Zippas for making me love Sandy and Surge!.....In all seriousness though, I really loved the story; once I found out the fics section was back, your story was the first one I read. And now I want more of these two. I believe this is the first story I read from you, and I love it; I hope you keep up the good work.
    Author's Response:

    Thank you for the encouraging words. I did have fun writing about these two. There was a spiritual sequel of sorts that was written with the same co-writer as this one, but it's technically incomplete. Someday I may get back to it.

    Reviewer: ToriRune
    Date:Sep 1 2013 Chapter:A Pikachu's Plight
    This was very lovely and quite the read. Will it be continued?
    Author's Response:

    It's continued in spirit with Van's story.