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This story is based on Dsc's request. A little girl, all alone in an alley, and a Leafeon. (Warnings: Loli, first time, virgin)

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  1. Chapter 1 (778 words) [Reviews: 2]

    Well, this is the first part, and I will add to it later. Sexless for now, will add appropriate tags when they apply.

  2. Chapter 2 (1516 words) [Reviews: 1]

    Well, long in awaiting, here is chapter 2. This time, it has sex :)

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    Reviewer: jeirco
    Date:Aug 22 2013 Chapter:Chapter 1
    Just wondering if you guys are going to continue this fic, if not then it's a shame, fanfics like this are rare to come by
    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Sep 3 2013 Chapter:Chapter 1
    A nice start. Loli (with/out sex) fics are a rare thing here it seems, so you have taken a bold first step with this.

    However, the text seems a bit clumped together, and you were slightly repetitive when tge Leafeon was escorting the girl.

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    Lonely Child
    "Have a character come to the aid of an underage (
    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Sep 3 2013 Chapter:Chapter 2
    Once more great stuff. Getting slighty risky this time around, so I would keep an eye on what's being written if I were you.

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